It’s Over…Again! “90 Day Fiance” Star Ashley Martson Files for Divorce From Jay Smith

“Take a hike, Jay! And this time I mean it!”

For the second time in four months, Ashley Marston is sticking a fork in her marriage to Jay Smith!

The 90 Day Fiance star— who is set to appear on the upcoming season of the show’s Happily Ever After? spin-off— filed documents on Tuesday in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, to obtain a divorce from Jay (whose real name is actually Conroy Saint Christopher Smith…who knew?!) 

The documents, which were posted to the social media accounts of “90 Day Fiance” blogger John Yates, state that Ashley is suing Jay and that he must take immediate action if he wishes to defend himself against the claims Ashley made in the documents.

This marks the second time Ashley has filed for divorce this year. In January she filed, but withdrew the petition 11 days later.

The documents also state that the couple— who were officially married in May 2018—have the right to request the other party attend counseling sessions. However, Ashley wrote that she feels the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” 

The reason for that is, according to what Ashley wrote in the documents, that Jay allegedly committed adultery during their marriage. 

While the documents did not go into further detail about the adultery, Ashley did on her social media accounts. As Starcasm previously reported, Ashley has claimed that Jay knocked up another woman during their marriage. (There’s even text messages that were supposedly sent between Jay and his future baby mama, as well as a sonogram of their lovechild floating around the Interwebs!) 

Fans have been skeptical to believe both the baby story and that Ashley sincerely is divorcing Jay, given that it appears that Jay’s own sister didn’t know about either thing.

 “Are these true?” Jay’s sister wrote in the comment section of the post with the divorce documents, tagging Ashley’s Instagram handle.

“Call your brother?” Ashley replied. “Did he not tell you he has a whole new family?” 

An impending divorce is not the only problem Jay is currently facing. On Monday, John Yates posted copies of an arrest warrant that the Department of Homeland Security reportedly issued for Jay. On the document, it states that Jay– who is from Jamaica– was only permitted to stay in the United States until June 2018 and has overstayed his welcome, in a sense.

“You remained in the United States beyond June 3, 2018, without authorization from the Immigration and Naturalization Service or its successor the Department of Homeland Security,” the document states.

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He is required to go before an immigration judge on May 8  to answer to the warrant.

Ashley and Jay will be appearing with several other notable “90 Day Fiance” couples on the upcoming fourth season of “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” which premieres April 28 on TLC.

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13 Responses

  1. Asley, if you read this: your 15 minutes of fame are over. Give it up. Nobody cares about a liar.

  2. So Ashley went and attacked Nicole about Azan (who we all know is using her) when her boytoy *husband* was impregnating someone else? I mean, Ashley’s admitted to faking stuff for ratings and attention, so we will see if she sticks with the divorce – but that’s some hilarious karma right there. Also it’s been a long time since June, so that whole time Ashley and Jay were just so busy being happy she/they didn’t bother to file the necessary paperwork for him to stay?

    … Guys, I’m starting to think Ashley orchestrated this whole thing for attention. She never wanted to really marry him, maybe the sex was good, but she saw an opportunity to be on TV. I bet they never would have gone through with the marriage if 90 Days didn’t pick up thier story

    1. Agreed although I think this time she’s trying to get attention for her party this weekend as well as the new season starting. There’s no way that someone who’s already a mom wouldn’t know that the sonogram was fake. I saw something earlier too allegedly from Ashley’s ex that said her previous weddings were canceled because she cheated. And apparently she cheated right before she went to Jamaica to bring him over. So I think you may be right. Especially since she’s faked her death

    1. Hmmm . . . and the premiere is on Sunday. What a coincidence.
      They’re both liars and grifters, I don’t believe them.

  3. Also the sonogram that said knocked up woman posted is clearly from Google. The baby is way further along in the picture than the woman claims she is

  4. She’s drumming up attention for her birthday bash in NYC. Bet Monday she’ll be in the hospital dying or withdrawing the divorce.
    Cue the GFM

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