Disgraced Reality Star Josh Duggar Comes Out of Hiding to Announce He & Wife Anna Are Expecting Fifth Child

“A sex scandal is no reason to stop making blessings, y’all!”

Josh Duggar has been keeping an extra-low profile recently, but the disgraced 19 Kids and Counting star surfaced on Friday to make a big announcement: he’s about to become a father— again!

Josh and his wife Anna took to the Duggar Family‘s website to reveal that Anna is currently pregnant with the couple’s fifth child, a boy due sometime this year. 

The Ashley had suspected that Anna may be pregnant, based on a photo of her taken on New Year’s Eve 2016 in which she appeared to have a small baby bump. It wasn’t until today, though, that the Duggars confirmed the pregnancy.

In their confirmation, Josh and Anna addressed the turmoil in their marriage.

“For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family,” the couple said in a statement. “Doing so is never easy after a breach of trust. We’ve learned that a life of faith and rebuilding a life together is simply done one day at a time. As we continue our journey as a family and rebuild our lives, we are delighted to share with you that we are expecting a new baby boy later this year. Beauty comes from ashes and we cannot wait to see and kiss the face of this sweet new boy!”

This pregnancy announcement was much more low-key than those of Josh’s sisters, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, who have announced their most-recent pregnancies via videos and social media posts.

While Anna has appeared on the Duggar family’s new show Counting On, Josh has not been seen on-camera since 2015, when he was involved in numerous scandals. He was caught cheating on his wife via the website Ashley Madison.com, just months after a bombshell tabloid report revealed that he had molested four of his sisters when he was a teenager.

After the cheating scandal broke, Josh was shuttled off to rehab, but he has been home for almost a year. In that time, he has not made any public appearances, and, although he attended sister Jinger Duggar‘s November wedding, his face was concealed in the footage that aired during ‘Counting On.’

Josh and Anna already have four children:  seven-year-old daughter Mackynzie, five-year-old son Michael, three-year-old Marcus and daughter Meredith, who’s nearly two. The couple has chosen to give all of their children names that begin with the letter “M,” so it’s likely their unborn son will get a name that follows this pattern.

It’s probably safe to say “Madison” (as in Ashley Madison) is out as a name possibility for future Duggar girls.

While the Duggar family expressed their happiness about the new “blessing,” ‘Counting On’ fans were less-than-enthused, and many expressed it in the comments below the announcement posting on Facebook.

“How sad for Anna,” one person wrote. “She is beautiful inside and out. He is a scumbag.”

“I do not get for the life of me how anyone can say they are happy for them,” another fan wrote. “I mean, not even the affair but he sexually abused his SISTERS. If he is capable to abuse his blood sisters, I wouldn’t trust him with his daughters.”

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  1. What he did was not just a “breach of trust,” as they state in their announcement. He committed crimes! He molested his sisters multiple times. This is not on par with cheating or lying or spending too much money at the casino. He is a nasty criminal that should be in jail, and no one should be having sex with him ever again. I cant believe that Anna is so brainwashed by the Duggar clan and their ridiculous misogynistic wifey rules that she not only stayed married to him, but lives with him, allows him to be around her children (especially her daughters), and continues to have sex with him! How messed up and beaten down is she?!

  2. I stumbled across this site one day. I can understand hatefulness and mockery from atheists, who admittedly claim to have no God-given moral compass. But if some – if any – of you are truly Christians, I am astounded. Yes, I know this is a site for snark and mockery, and everyone gets their few chuckles and moves on to another site, uncaring. What I don’t understand is why any of you (mainly women) would be willing to mock victims of sexual abuse. Or how anyone who had seen season one of Counting On could watch those first several episodes, and Anna’s obvious pain, and proceed on to mock her for trying to adhere to what she feels called by God to do – stand firm in her marriage. Her relationship with God is the most important thing to her. That your most important thing is Starbucks or Nora Roberts novels shouldn’t affect your ability to have a heart for a lady who is different from you.

    Anna is seriously one of the strongest women I think I’ve ever known. To have Josh do what he’s done, but for her to find her way through to forgiving him – that’s admirable of a Christian. No, he doesn’t deserve forgiveness, and he doesn’t deserve her, but we’ve all sinned at one point or another and we all don’t deserve to be so forgiven. Christ paid the price that we may be forgiven. Please think before you post such hateful comments for her to read. Please. Because one day she might.

    That’s all. Just please think before you post.

    1. You’ve got to be kidding. I respect her relationship with God but I wish it had made her strong enough to leave that absolute creep of a husband and be independent.

  3. Does he even have a job to support and these kids or is he “working” for daddy. I don’t know who would legitimately hire or admit to hiring this loser!

  4. I don’t understand how she could still be married to he POS let alone have him touch her. I would never trust him with my daughters.

  5. The only shocking thing about this 5th pregnancy is that it took this long to happen. Again they are all stoked about a boy but when they were expecting girls it was like “meh” we are having a girl.

  6. Ew. Those poor kids. Imagine growing up knowing your dad is a hipocritical, child molesting, incest perpetrating, religious fanatic, piece of shit?

    1. Ohh, those kids won’t know (unless he victimizes them, and let’s seriously hope not). They will be completely cut off from the world and find out in their twenties.

  7. Anna is a brain washed idiot. Why bring another innocent child into this world with a scumbag narcissistic a-hole like Josh Duggar…..Whats this lunatic gonna do once he cheats on her again?

  8. Well that’s good. The best way to fix chronic adultery and porn addiction is to have another baby right…

  9. So they will keep bringing new children into their chaotic marriage. Despite him being a molester of his own sisters and a cheater. (So strange none of the mistresses got pregnant by him, since he doesn’t believe in birth control, I guess the women were smart enough to be on the pill). I don’t feel sorry for Anna, even the Bible says divorce is okay in her case. She is totally scared to be alone because in their world she is the sinner so who would want her then?! Such a sad life she will have. Do you think he will be faithful now?! Can’t wait for an extramarital child by some random chick, it is bound to happen sooner than later. WILL THAT FINALLY BE A WAKE-UP CALL, ANNA?! Does he need to try to murder you or sth?!

    1. I’m right there with you A! I have little to no sympathy for Anna. She is a grown woman and she makes a choice to stay with that creepy child molester so she is no better than him. Dragging another innocent child into their sham of a marriage to be brainwashed.

      1. I’m especially sorry for this kid and all of their future kids (I’m sure there will be a few more). They will be deemed “redemption babies” like how he changed bla bla bla and the Lord blessed them with another one bla bla bla. But honestly, I don’t buy it. If he won’t cheat again, he is still a prick for molesting his 5-year old sister who is getting married this year! Disgusted by this man and Anna still sleeps with him.

  10. I was reading the comments and something popped in my head.. What if Anna did contemplate divorce and Jim Boob and Michelle somehow made her feel threatened?? Answering myself , I’m sure they did to a degree … Considering how she was raised and taught I’m sure Anna feels like that nasty thumb looking arse cheated because she want being the wife she was taught to be. I was hoping she would meet outsiders and escape . I bet they are praising her for staying with douche and having a second child like it’s her gift for believing in her faith and Josh the joke…

  11. He makes me cringe, always has, even long before news if his scandals broke. Can you imagine this fat slug on top of you?! Probably reeking of tater tot cassarole. WOOF.

  12. I’m not surprised but I’m sad. Anna is so brainwashed that she will always “joyfully” be a wife to this goober. She will never leave and now she’ll be a Fundie martyr for standing by her “husband” and having a whole litter of kids. Josh literally has no future, he is a social pariah, has no job prospects and has serious sexual problems. Problems that could have and SHOULD have been addressed when he was a teenager. Pathetic.

  13. I see people making excuses for this lowlife perv all the time. “He was a teenage boy, he’s not a pedophile.” It’s ridiculous, do these people think pedos start offending in middle age? Disgusting! How could she bring herself to have a sexual relationship with him, or any,relationship at all.

  14. Ew. Just ew. He is so so gross. Ugly pasty doughboy digger. Anna has a choice. Brainwashed to be a dumbass. Nice example you’re setting for your kids, especially your girls. Vomit

  15. I really can’t imagine how terrible this poor little boy is going to feel one day when he realizes the circumstances around his conception and birth.

    1. I really can’t imagine how terrible this poor little boy is going to feel one day when he reads Internet boards.

    1. Side note- what is with the alarming number of downvotes on these comments? WHO is downvoting these really valid comments?

  16. Subservient . That’s probably been pounded in her head since she was a child to forgive your husband no matter what he does to you so, that’s all Anna knows is to be a doormat and keep having babies. Having another baby doesn’t fix your marital problems. Pitiful

    1. It has been pounded into her since birth. That is the Gothard method. Men are saintly and women are subservient. Men can do no wrong, and women are always flawed. There is no other way in this cult. Sadly, as much as I want to blame Anna for this, I have some level of sympathy for her *because* I have firsthand experience with this cult, and this type of cult. It’s so much more damaging, and sometimes those teachings are more permanent, than people realize. For Anna, there is no other way, there is no divorce, there is no raising her children on her own, there is nothing…That has been beaten into her since the day she was born. Not everyone escapes those kinds of cults, and those that do, certainly do not do so easily.

  17. Anna is deeply brainwashed. Notice after the scandal came out Anna didn’t stay with her family, she stayed with the Duggars. They were certainly never going to encourage her to do what was best for herself or her children but probably used her fragility in that moment to further indoctrinate her. I feel bad for her. She will be miserable, and Josh will never work again. They will be completely reliant on Jim Bob and Michelle.

    1. She stayed with her family first. They wanted her to divorce Josh.
      Unfortunately, she became the victim of the Duggar’s damage control system and they got her and the kids to live at their house so they could manipulate her.
      And now she helps them promote fixing adultry, sex addiction and sexual assult is ‘simply done’ when you follow Jim Bob’s lead.

      1. No. Anna’s brother was the one who wanted her to leave and divorce Josh. Her parents were of the same belief that she should stay with her husband and fix her marriage. Her parents did not want her to divorce.

  18. Just out of curiosity, where does it say the baby is due this summer? All I see is “later this year.”

    1. I think on the announcement on the website it did say it was a baby boy coming this summer 99.9% sure it was something along those lines

  19. I can understand if Anna doesn’t think she deserves better. But surely she knows her kids do. How could she go ahead and bring another child in to the world with a known child molester with a history of committing incest, all while living in this crazy and controlling cult of theirs? It’s not fair. No child deserves this.

  20. Why are people have a “poor Anna” pity party she chose to be with Josh after he molested numerous girls. She chose to get pregnant by a pedophile and expose her children to him on a daily basis. Anna is a pathetic excuse of a mom. I can only hope CPS investigates her family. The only people I feel bad for is Anna’s children and Josh’s victims. Josh and Anna are vile human beings how sick!

    1. Layla while I agree with you about Anna I also feel that maybe she has been brain-washed and trapped. Not just by the Duggars (although mainly them) but her parents as well. She has probably been so torn down and abused not only mentally, but know Josh, physically too. She probably feels it’s best for her and the kids to go along with the “program.” However if I were her I would have run long ago! I don’t think very highly of her. God wants us to forgive, yes, but we shouldn’t forget nor would Gidvwant us to continue living in the same mistake/sin.

      1. God may want forgiveness but not for a pedophile. that also does not mean sleep and reproduce with a child molester. He didn’t lie to someone he molested numerous girls and I would never forgive a pedophile. Some sins are unforgivable, being a pedophile is one!

        1. You also aren’t a part of the cult she was raised in. You haven’t had certain things beaten into your brain since the day you were born. You weren’t likely taught that men can do no wrong, and that women are always wrong, no matter what.
          While I can, fully, understand where you are coming from here, I also have firsthand experience with this cult, and similar cults. It’s so much more complicated than most people could ever understand. Breaking away from it, for the VERY FEW that manage, is a lifelong process, not just months, or even a few years…but lifelong.
          So, yes I do have some level of sympathy for her, though of course more for the children involved. I still hold her responsible for her own actions, and her own mistakes too, but I can see why she would feel more stuck than most believe she should feel.

  21. It sounds heartless but I don’t feel bad for her. She is the adult and needs to do what is right for her family but is so brainwashed. I feel terrible for their children. My heart breaks for them!

  22. This is unbelievable and truly sad that his wife doesn’t seem to realize her own value and worth she and her children deserve so much better and to be treated with love and respect

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