“16 and Pregnant” Dad Eric Kennemer Finally Home After Spending Two Months in Hospital

There’s finally some good news for this “16 and Pregnant” couple!

It’s been a rough few months for 16 and Pregnant Season 4 stars Myranda Trevino and Eric Kennemer, but this week, the couple finally had some happy news to share: Eric has been released from the hospital, after nearly a two-month stay.

Eric, who, as The Ashley previously told you, was in a car accident back in January, was seriously injured and spent a good deal of time in the ICU. In February, Eric was sent home from the hospital, only to suffer a stroke one day after arriving home. He had been in the hospital ever since.

On Thursday, Eric’s mother posted an update to the GoFundMe page that has been set up to help Eric and Myranda with Eric’s medical costs. In the update, Eric’s mother said that Eric is still working to recover from the stroke he suffered.

“Eric is coming home today!” Eric’s mother wrote. “He still has a long road ahead! He will still be in therapy and rehab as he is still recovering from his stroke. Trips back and forth to therapy are going to take time and money. Please help if you can! Any amount helps! God bless!”

Eric and Myranda are the parents of two little girls—Kaylee (who was born during Myranda’s episode of “16 and Pregnant” in 2012) and Rylee, who was born in 2014. They are one of the few couples from the show who are still together.

Eric and daughter Kaylee after he arrived home from the hospital…

On Thursday, Myranda posted a sweet photo of Kaylee cuddled up to Eric.

“Someone sure is happy to see their daddy back at home!”  Myranda captioned the photo.

If you’d like to make a donation to help Eric, Myranda and their daughters, click here! To date, their GoFundMe page has raised $2,115 of their $10,000 goal, thanks in part to two generous donations by Morgan J. Freeman, the executive producer of “16 and Pregnant.”

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  1. Did he or the other party not have auto insurance? I don’t understand why they would be paying for it out of pocket unless someone was uninsured…..

    1. $10k is reasonable request. In the US many health insurance plans are high deductible which means he could be paying thousands up front. For example with my health insurance I pay the first $5k THEN I pay 20% of the costs up to $13k, after that I am fully covered. But you also have to consider loss of wages and other costs that may not be covered. Also in my car accident I didn’t get a dime in insurance money for over a year until I could submit ALL of my medical bills for settlement.

    2. Thanks, I live in the US too.

      But if he had injuries due to a car accident, it would be covered by either the other drivers policy or his. Unless someone wasn’t insured. You shouldn’t be paying out of pocket unless there is an issue with coverage. Health insurance doesn’t ever enter the picture and won’t touch it if it’s the result of a car accident. And auto policy will also consider loss of wages, too.

  2. This is the third time i posted this comment??whats going on here.

    Why the down vote for a possative kind comment??
    GG I second your comment ??

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