‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed This Weekend

“I’m just ova here catchin’ up on all tha ‘Teen Mom’ news!”

The stars of the Teen Mom franchise keep the drama level high– even on the weekends! You were probably busy living life over the past few days, so it’s likely you may have missed some of the ‘Teen Mom’ stories that broke this weekend.

In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Monday Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 things that happened over the last weekend…

The former Mr. Jenelle Evans was released from the slammer.

The happy couple back in 2012…

Courtland Rogers, who remains the only man that Jenelle has every actually made it down the aisle with, was released from prison on Saturday, after spending over a year behind bars. Jenelle and Courtland, who had a drug-filled, chaotic relationship throughout 2012 and 2013, officially divorced in 2014, but now that Courtland has been sprung from the clink, it remains to be seen if the exes will be in contact.

Want more details? Click here!

Farrah Abraham made another questionable parenting choice.

Sophia better hold on tight to those heels; otherwise Grandma Deb may steal them!

This weekend Farrah got criticized by ‘Teen Mom’ fans for allowing her eight-year-old daughter, Sophia, to wear platform heels. In a photo posted by Farrah to Instagram, Sophia is shown wearing high wedged heels, and fans voiced their concerns that, not only are the shoes are too “adult” for a little girl, but also that the shoes may physically harm Sophia.

“Growing children shouldn’t wear heels,” one person commented. “It’s really bad for their spine.”

“Isn’t she like seven and she’s already wearing heels?! SMH,” another wrote.

This is just the latest in a long line of parenting decisions Farrah has made that have caused her controversy. In the past, Farrah has been criticized for waxing Sophia’s eyebrows when Sophia was only three. She also allows Sophia to wear makeup to school, despite the fact that administrators at the school expressed their concerns about it to Farrah.

Javi Marroquin may be dating a ‘Real World’ cast member.

Does the prom pose make it official?

Javi has been enjoying the single life lately, and over the weekend he posted numerous photos to social media to hint that he may have a new ‘special someone’ in his life. While in Philadelphia, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad was hanging out with former ‘Real World: Skeletons’ cast member Madison Walls.

Madison and Javi have a lot in common. Both are parents of young children, and both have gone through public breakups. (As you may remember, Madison dated fellow ‘Real World’ star Tony Raines after their season of the show. The couple has a one-year-old daughter together, but split in part due to Tony’s cheating.)

Javi and Madison have yet to comment on the rumor that they are dating. However, Madison did post the above photo to Instagram, showing her looking awfully cozy with Javi.

There may be trouble in paradise for Jenelle Evans and her soulmate, David Eason.

Will we be seeing David being shoved into a police car screaming, “Why am I a guy?” any time soon?

Rumors began swirling over the weekend that Jenelle and current fiance David may have hit a rough patch in their relationship. When Jenelle changed her Facebook profile photo from a photo of her and David with their daughter Ensley, to a photo of just her and her daughter, Jenelle’s haters took notice. They also discovered that David had mysteriously deleted his Facebook page over the weekend, adding to the suspicion that something was awry in the Evans/Eason home.

However, Jenelle still has a photo featuring David as her profile photo on Twitter, and she still lists herself as “engaged” on her Facebook page, so things may still be OK between them…for now.

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)



  1. Sophia’s shoes barely registered to me, it’s what’s going on under her shirt that caught my eye.

    1. I noticed that too, but it’s her ribs. Farrah is making her do that stupid pose that all those IG hookers use to try to make their gross asses look bigger. I don’t think anyone should be worried about what those shoes do to her spine, they should actually be worried about what that pose will do to her spine and posture. That poor child, I feel so bad for her… until she opens her mouth. You know Farrah is making her stand like that for hours, just to get the “perfect pics”. Someone needs to punch Farrah in the face. The End

  2. Hey ya’ll, after last nights episode I’ve figured out was Kail Hulk’s fertility issues are: baby fever.

    Cant wait to see her eat her placenta again. Throw some ketchup on that!

      1. Ive been calling her Hulk Kail ever since she shook Javi’s head like some battered wife from a Lifetime movie.

        1. Hulk was used frequently on the teen mom junkies website before that turned into a dumpster fire due to technical issues with the host or some BS like that. We called her Hulk and Karl, since her name autocorrected from Kail to Karl all the time. I was going to refer to her as Karl but figured no one would understand who I was referring to.

  3. Legitimate question (not being a smart ass)–can anyone remember a time on the show when Jenelle took responsibility for her actions and didn’t pass the blame onto someone else? It feels like we have watched Jenelle blame Barbara, soulmate of the month, Barbara, drugs, ex-soulmates’ new girlfriend, Barbara, former friends, MTV, Kesha, more soulmates of the month, the states of North and South Carolina, Dr Drew, the credit card company, and anyone (or anything) possible for anything and everything wrong in her life. Am I mistaken?

      1. Chelsea, Ty and Cate, Farrah, every cast member, producer, MTV employee, Jace’s school, the cops, the judge, random person who said something wrong and many, many more…
        But her absend dad is called ‘daddy’ and she hoped he would come running for her. He was like ‘Im in the phonebook’. Well, that apple did not roll far….

    1. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with Jenelle. Imagine living like she has to with her mental and behavioral issues.
      She lacks the emotional intelligence to heal her issues. Many people have told her to get help. Many have said her behavior and life is not healthy but she refuses to get help.
      I pitty those kids, she is on her own as long as she doesn’t get help as far as I am concerned. She owes it to her children to get help.

    2. The closest she’s ever come to POSSIBLY accepting responsibility for her actions and making it seem like she cared about Jace was when she got pregnant the second time by Courtland and aborted it under the reasoning of “it isn’t fair to Jace.” Then that all got thrown out when she made it glaringly obvious that she only had the abortion to date and sleep with Nathan and have HIS baby within two weeks of meeting each other. So no I’d say you’re pretty spot on ?

  4. Ashley, will you PLEASE recap tonight’s shit show of an episode? The half-behind the scenes, half-reunion, episode? I really really wanted to reach through my tv and slap some sense into Jenelle. Pregnancy hormones, my ass. What made me so angry was Jenelle and the custody of Jace bull shit. Not one time in all of her ranting did she make any statement that could possibly lead anyone to believe regaining custody of Jace had anything whatsoever with what was in the best interest of Jace. Every comment was against Barb or all about Jenelle. Barb also talked about the custody battle but each of the comments I heard showed her deep concern over the well-being of Jace and trying to give Jace stability and support.

    I’ll save the rest of my feelings for the recap (nudge, nudge, Ashley?)

    1. That was insane. I was texting a friend all throughout watching just saying how frustrating it is to watch Jenelle cry and scream and talk about how life just isn’t fair to her, and … someone needs to slap a b*tch. It was infuriating. And then to have the producers coddle her and run after her etc – if she doesn’t want to film, STOP PAYING HER AND LET’S MOVE ON.

  5. Maybe Courtland asked either his ex wife or his friend from jail to crash on their new couch for a while? No idea who he asked or who was on his side.
    You can’t make this stuff up, engaged to your ex husband’s buddy from jail.

    1. I had a pair of plastic platforms for playing dress up when I was Sophia’s age. Yes, they were my size. The problem is that you can’t compare the two. You also add in the fact that she allows her to wear makeup and it’s all too much for a little girl. Where is her childhood?
      Elementary school kids shouldn’t be “putting on their face” before they go to school. You combine all the things Farrah allows Sophia to do and it’s just asinine. Farrah’s excuse was that Sophia wanted to put on makeup. It was her idea. That’s beyond bad parenting. If she wanted to eat cake and ice cream for breakfast every morning would that be okay too since it was what Sophia wanted?
      You add the fact it wasn’t for a special occasion or anything and it’s too much too soon. I can’t imagine what she’s going to allow her to wear or do by the time she’s in 6th grade.
      Sophia is DOOMED! !

      1. all these kids are doomed for one reason or another: daddy issues, emotionally manipulative parents, many have already been through some kind of “trauma” in their lives. this show is supposed to be exposing the struggles and reality of being a teen mom, but the root causes for all of them being teen moms still exist in their lives, their children’s lives particularly, so i imagine many if not all of them will be very young if not teen parents. they’ve watched their parents suckle from the MTV teet for years and years so where are they learning their life skills from? the parents that sit at home and do almost nothing all day long.

  6. I have no problem with the heels. They’re wedges, they’re not that high and they are obviously her size so I don’t see the big deal. My 4 year old wore small platforms when she was 3. My proble, however, is what does she have under her blouse?!

  7. I can’t stand Farrah. But the fact that she let her little girl wear shoes with a little platform/heel isn’t a big deal. Some little girls like stuff like that. I did. I remember as a kid I badly wanted my own platform shoes. I idolized the Spice Girls and I remember begging my mom to buy me a pair. She said main pair of outdoor shoes for school had to be running shoes, for practical reasons. But for my birthday, she bought me a pair of shoes with a little platform and I wore them when I could.

    1. Same here! I was a “glamorous” child from pretty much birth, and not because my mom was like that either! I remember when I was 3 I had those awful, blister inducing plastic lattice work “pumps” and I wore them EVERYWHERE. With a purse and loads of plastic jewelry. As you do! ?

    2. Agreed with you both 🙂 Even at that age, the child will probably find them to be less than optimum for running around and climbing etc. No problem with kids playing dress up as they change their fashion on a daily basis lol. Ugh, Farrah is still a disgusting person just not for that reason.

  8. On the scale of shit bag parenting from the Teen Mom franchise, Sophia’s shoes barely even register as questionable.

    We’ve got Kail-hulk adding a third, mysterious baby daddy (with whom her relationship has already failed) prior to being legally divorced or a college graduate; Jenelle keeps having anchor babies and none of them actually keep the baby daddy around but she still hasn’t gotten custody of her first child yet and she doesn’t understand what the problem is. Jenelle, the problem is that your life until now (and possibly now) has been a trainwreck and has been documented by MTV for the world to see. What kind of grandmother would toss her grandchild into a mess or potential mess like that??

  9. OK so this may be the one and only time this happens but I don’t see the huge deal with the Farrah and sophia heels…..when I was little the spice girls were huge and all the little girls wore horrible platform shoes myself included. They’re wedges and not that high…if they were 6 inch stilettos that’d be another story. I think people will jump on Farrar for any choice she makes (mostly fair to do) but this is just dumb. Sophia probably took them off to play and “do her own thing”

    1. I see the same type of shoes for little girls all over. I personally wouldn’t dress my kid in them but it’s not as big as everyone’s is making it out to be.

    2. It looks like they’re having fun playing dress up. I see a lot of joy in that photo. It’s almost a refreshing photo lol. Also my 5 year old begged for heels for her birthday and it was exciting when her auntie got some for her and she never wears them but the dress up joy was worth it.

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