Amber Portwood Says She’s Inviting All Her ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars to Her Wedding– Even Her Rival Farrah Abraham

“An invite to your wedding? Well, isn’t that lovely! I have the perfect white dress to wear!”

Has a truce been called within the Teen Mom OG cast? It appears so, judging from Amber Portwood‘s latest interview with People.

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star told the magazine that she and her fiancé, Matt Baier, are planning on sending wedding invitations to all of the people associated with the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise…even her arch rival, Farrah Abraham.

“Every single ‘Teen Mom’ star will be invited,” she said in regard to her October 8 wedding. “Every single one from Teen Mom 2 and ‘Teen Mom: OG.’

Farrah and Amber haven’t always had the best relationship. In what may go down in ‘Teen Mom’ history as the most epic cast fight ever, Farrah and her sorta-boyfriend Simon Saran accused Matt of being a pedophile, which resulted in a physical brawl between Amber and Farrah and Matt and Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham.

Months after the epic fight, however, it looks like Amber is moving past it and focusing on the positive. She said that although she is stressed about the wedding, she is still trying to stay calm.

“I don’t know if I feel frantic or anything,” she said. “I’m kind of scared–not for any particular reason- just the fact that I’m getting married. We are on time and we pretty much know exactly what we want to do. We’re just trying to stay level-headed, because there’s just a lot going on right now.”

Matt, who has been married at least twice before, is very excited to walk down the aisle again, according to Amber.

“Matt is completely into it [planning the wedding], even more than me,” Amber told People. He is writing down the guest list and we already have 200 people on it, I don’t even know 50 of them!”

Amber said that, although it’s been a crazy ride, she is happy with where she ended up.

“The one thing to always remember, is that the reality world is a gamble; you never know when it’s going to end and I feel like I am really blessed with what I have today,” she said. “I am going to use all my resources to make sure that my life and family’s life is going to be blessed even with all the bumps in the road.”

So, will Farrah attend the wedding?

As soon as the news broke, Farrah’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Simon went straight to Radar Online to give his opinion on the topic. He said that he if he is invited to Amber and Matt’s wedding, he will attend with Farrah…but of course he had to throw a dig in there.

“I haven’t been to a circus in a while, it could be fun,” he said.

‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers will surely get to see all this drama play out on the show’s next season, which premieres next month.


  1. I have not cared for farrah at all. She is not a nice person. I do not get why she thinks she is better than every one. She needs to worry about her own back yard instead of every one else’s. She needs anger management classes. I feel sorry for her little girl. GET HELP FARRAH!!!!!!

  2. I’m reading that they want drama at their wedding so it can be caught on camera. And that Matt is planning on spending all of Amber’s money inviting people she doesn’t know and “planning”

  3. Yikes, she admits to being “scared” about her wedding and marriage. Not nervous, scared. She feels like “reality tv is a gamble and might not last forver,” so shes cashing in on this relationship now by marrying this jerk and getting a wedding special, bc if she holds out for Mr. Right, MTV may have cancelled Teen Mom by then and she wont get to have a big, expensive, TV wedding that she actually gets paid for. I also think this is why we’re getting “being Matt,” so that viewers might come around to liking or at least not hating this guy before the big, happy wedding special. Sad, sad, sad.

  4. Oh stop it with the flower child, i love everyone spiel Amber! no one is buying it, especially after the last reunion show. You’ve got issues with Farrah, Simon, Farrah’s parents, Gary (even though he was treading very lightly). You did NOT seem stable on that show. You do not seem like a happy person in a good place. Just sayin.

  5. Well, she’s been cautioned and cautioned about Matt. It’s on her, now. Clearly she is just determined to learn lessons the hard way. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to seeing a divorce, before. (sigh)

  6. 200 people invited and you don’t know a quarter of them? Yea that tells me MTV is paying because if she and Matt were footing the bill..ya us mere mortals, she wouldn’t be paying per plate for 50 people she claims she doesn’t know. I fucking can’t…

    1. Omg that got me too!! I didn’t know of 3 people on my husbands list and I said absolutely not. 6 years together and I’ve never met them? Not coming to my wedding lol.

      This sounds more like a reunion party for Matt and his friends/family than a wedding. 50 people she doesn’t know?!

  7. I’m sorry but Simon is the biggest joke of them all. He pretends that he doesn’t want money or fame from this show but he will do just about anything for attention, including pretending to like Farrah Abraham and being publicly castrated on national tv. He lives for the arguing because it allows him a place in the narrative. Utterly pathetic.

    1. Match made in Hell for sure. They deserve each other (Farrah and Simon). While Simon would be willing to go for the money and fame, I doubt Farrah will. 100% she’ll say she’s too busy and Amber’s being ‘fake’. Which she is, considering Matt devoted a good portion of his ‘book’ to her and her family.

    1. I actually doubt it. None of the other girls invited Farrah. And Farrah’s boyfriend didn’t accuse and of their fiancés of being a pedophile. I hope that Simon isn’t invited.

  8. It is really nice that Amber wants to invite everyone, and it’s sad that Simon used this as an opportunity to be hateful. He’s a terrible person and although Farrah clearly has a personality disorder I still think she can do better. He is using her for fame.

    As for Amber, if you won’t listen to all of the fans please at least get a prenup. I hope the producers at MTV are really pushing her to as well. It is only ethical that they help cast mates look out for the children’s best interests, especially since they have been exploiting and profiting off them since they were in the womb.

      1. Yo Kaiser’s Escape Plan… That’s been my name until the pregnancy announcement of Ensley. Is this coincidence?

  9. “He is writing down the guest list and we already have 200 people on it…” so Matts inviting all of his children and all of his baby mamas?

  10. HAHA, can you imagine Matt hitting on Farrah again (now in person) on his own wedding day?! (And Farrah telling that to her but she marries the jerk anyway?) LOL, can’t wait for that to happen.

  11. So basically Matt just wants to ensure it’ll be the biggest drama fest ever so he can hopefully become even more of a “celebrity”?
    Lol I’m so sad for Amber that she’s marrying this creep. More sad for Leah that she has a mom who can’t be bothered to see her since she’s too busy on the couch with this layabout (but glad she has Gary & Kristina as a stable family).

    Also LOL to that Farrah white dress comment hahaha.

    1. Maybe they’re hoping if they have so much drama happen they will have to make it into an hour long wedding special and get a bonus or something like that???

  12. Well…that was very mature of her….maybe they are all starting to grow up since they are nearly 30 years old now!

    1. I think Amber also believes that the more Teen Mom people, the higher her paycheck from MTV will be.

  13. If Farrah showed up to this sham, there’s no way she would allow Amber to have all the spotlight.
    As much of a joke as it is, she would be so green with envy that she’d look like she just fell off the back of a St. Patrick’s Day Parade float.
    She wouldn’t be able to get past the fact that Amber was getting married before her. She would probably make a big deal out of Derrick being dead.
    Amber would be CRAZY to allow Farrah and guest to attend.

    However, it would be GREAT viewing for us. Until you think about Leah. Then it’s just all sad.

    1. I hope Farrah gets crazy jealous about Amber getting married before her, but I really hope Simon gets attacked by Farrah à la “why are we not engaged yet?!”. Simon really deserves his own freak circus going at him!

  14. Amber is no baby she will be 27 in May, and really is still a mess. Very co-dependant, anger issues. Lousy mother, that puts her need to have a man ahead of her child’s welfare. This ‘marriage’ will last as long as the MTV paychecks do, not a minute longer, she’s a stupid pathetic woman, noting more needs to be said!

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