‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed This Weekend (Tuesday Edition)

“Hold up! I’m gonna need to catch up on my ‘Teen Mom’ news, y’all!”

While you were “all up in da club” this weekend (or, you know, sitting on your computer taking yet another Buzzfeed quiz in hopes of learning which Pokemon character is your spirit animal), the casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 were busy causing or dealing with drama!

The Ashley understands that it’s hard to keep up with all the ‘Teen Mom’ news, especially on the weekends, so she hopes this week’s ‘Teen Mom News Pile’ will get you up-to-speed! She has included Monday in this week’s “Pile” because…it’s, well, why the hell not?

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 things that happened over the last weekend…

Kail Lowry had a book signing…and came face-to-face with her haters. 

They just need a farmhouse and a pitchfork…

Kail spent the weekend promoting her newest book, Hustle and Heart. She attended a meet-and-greet with fans at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where she signed copies of her book and took photos with fans. A steady line of ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans came out to meet Kail, as did two non-fans…in semi-hilarious T-shirts.

One of Kail’s haters somehow convinced her mother to go along with her to the book-signing wearing shirts that clearly showed they were not fans of Kail.

“Team Javi Puta,” the shirts read, along with a photo from a ‘Teen Mom 2’ scene in which Kail says, “My kids come first” and a surprised Javi replies, “THEY DO?”

When the shirts were brought to Javi’s attention, he at first said the shirts were “epic”…but soon had a change of heart.

“At the end of the day that isn’t cool,” he tweeted. “That’s my sons mother. We’ve put everything behind us to raise our son the right way.”

Kail seemed to take it all in stride: she smiled in the photo with the haters (who stood on either side of her, in some sort of weird ‘Teen Mom’-hating “American Gothic” pose). She even had the last laugh: in order for the haters to get into the signing, they had to purchase her book and wait in line with a bunch of ‘Teen Mom 2’ fangirls.

Briana DeJesus has been radio-silent about joining ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“I just can’t say!”

Last week, The Ashley delivered the bombshell news that ‘Teen Mom 3’ star Briana will be joining ‘Teen Mom 2’ for the show’s upcoming eighth season…and the regular ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls are NOT happy about it. While the story certainly caused an uproar in the ‘Teen Mom’ world, Briana has remained totally silent on her new venture, despite being asked on social media by multiple fans to confirm the news.

The Ashley still stands by her story. Stay tuned for more info on this…

Farrah Abraham wants to be your boss.

“Work for me!”

If you live in the Austin, Texas, area and are in need of a job, look no further: Farrah is hiring! The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star announced over the weekend that she is currently looking for employees for both her Froco yogurt shop and her Sophia Loren Laurent Children’s Boutique.

The Ashley finds it “shocking” that Farrah is having a difficult time keeping employees at her businesses!

Employees looking to work at the children’s store can expect to bank $13 an hour, which is well above the $7.25 minimum wage in Texas. However you will have Farrah and eight-year-old Sophia as your bosses so….it kind of evens out.

And–don’t forget–by working for Farrah you’ll be working for “a top celebrity in the nation” (according to the actual verbiage on the Froco website, written by Farrah, naturally).

“All employees who apply must be okay with being on TV if it comes up and must be responsible for their own actions and behavior comfort levels while being filmed,” the site reads.

Leah Messer wants to be a writer, too.

“Mama’s busy writin’ her stories! Now git!”

Leah is currently one of the only girls from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise who has not yet released a book about her life, but it appears that may be changing soon. On the “100 Things About Teen Mom 2” special, which aired on Sunday night, Leah mentioned that one of her goals is to finish her book.

Most fans weren’t even aware that Leah was fixin’ to write her autobiography, but those with great memories will remember that, back in December 2014, Leah mentioned that she was working on her memoirs. At the time, she was embattled with her ex-husband Corey Simms.

“Each and everyone out there will learn a lot by reading my book that will be coming when the time Is right,” she tweeted in 2014.

It appears that Leah has once again picked up the No. 2 pencil and is continuing to work on her “stories.”

Leave your suggestions for Leah’s book title in the comments section of this story!

To read The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom News Pile’ from last week, click here!

(Photos: MTV, VH-1)

42 Responses

  1. Can we please take a moment to talk about jo and vee’s daughter’s name? I assume it is pronounced “Vee Vee?” So “Vee” named her daughter “Vee Vee?” Wtf is that about?? It’s weird enough that Leah has a kid named Aleah, but Vee and Vivi is a whole different level of weird!

    1. I actually think it’s pronounced vivi as in Vivian.

      Ambers daughters name is Leah Leann, that’s also kind of weird.

  2. Apparently, that Girl is admin of “teen mom fix: unscripted” on Facebook (that I’m banned from lol) and they had already spoke to Kail and the producers ahead of time about the shirts and it was all just a “joke”.

  3. Girlses, Pillses, Honkey Tonks and Hootnannies: A cautionary tale

    By Leah Messer Sims Calvert Messer

  4. “The Schools Aren’t Well Here: From Cornbread,Dickses,Pillses,Cheetoses,and Lunchableses. The Leah Messer Sims Messer Calvert Messer Story.”

    (My brain hurtses from having to type in Leah speak.)

  5. Re: the photo of Kail’s “haters” at her book signing… As a die hard TM2 fan, I think those t-shirts are hilarious but… anyone else think it’s weird that those women aren’t wearing them ironically? Those ladies look super serious. Especially the older lady. What are they doing with their lives? For real. They took the time to make those t shirts and they waited IN LINE on what I can only assume was a weekday….to meet Kail….and didn’t even crack a smile! Ai ai ai…… what has become of this world. PS where can I get one of these shirts

  6. A title for Leah’s book, “Ridin the dickses for the pillars to calm my nervses so I can raise my girlses”

  7. If Leah comes clean about her drug use in her book, then it will show she can learnt from her mistakes. If she can’t admit it, her book will be a book of lies.

  8. Ugh. I’ve kind of grown a conscience and it’s the worst feeling but I have to say…All that spray cheese, cold soup, brightly colored beverage consuming has had some sort of impact on Leah. She’s come a long way and I’m finding myself rooting for her.

    That being said, bring on Briana and her surgical reconstructed self! Her crazy train makes Leah’s look like The tiny one at the mall and I CANT WAIT to watch Barrel down the TM2 tracks.

    1. I’m ambivalent about Briana joining the cast. From what I remember of her on TM3 she and her family were just awful. And not in a funny/interesting to watch kind of way, just… “ugh, so these people exist” kind of way.

      Her mom was a misandrist shrew, and her sister seemed like she just wanted to be left the fuck alone, and not have to babysit instead of being 20, which of course, pissed Briana off because “No one is HELPING me!” Yeah, well, she used birth control, so she gets to be a young adult, fucking deal with it you entitled whiner.

  9. Hahaha that picture with Kailyn is hilarious! Those people look so mad 😀 I mean, I’m not sure what they expected, but it seems like they thought at the very least they’d upset Kailyn. I’m not a fan of Kailyn’s, but she definitely demonstrated how to deal with people like that in a respectful way, which is nice to see. I’m really not looking forward to seeing Brianna on the show, judging from the stories I’ve heard about her in the past couple years, but hey, I guess that’s just adding more to the craziness of Teen Mom, so bring it on MTV 😀 Thank you for the news pile The Ashley 🙂

    1. She dealt with it respectfully ? No, it is a means to an end for her, and for her is it all about herself and her “hustle” for money and fame. She should be embarrassed.

  10. “Driving to Zaxby’s: The Life and Times of Leah Messner”
    “Cold Soup in a Frisbee: Teaching Your Child to Self Soothe”
    “The Adventures of Whatever that Kitten’s Name Was and Captain Jack Sparrow”
    trying to keep it clean…

  11. Options: “I Don’t Want No Cornbread,” “Canned Frosting, Cold Soup, and Splenda Packets: A Single Mom’s Guide to Proper Snacking,” “The Girl Who Couldn’t Stay Married,” or “It Was Anxiety: How to Explain Your Illicit Drug Addiction.”

    I haven’t read the TM’s books, either, but I heard Kailyn admitted to being homeless at one point after having Isaac and revealed that she became pregnant due to rape before Isaac, and her mom had forced her to have an abortion.

  12. I hope Farrah & co. contacted an attorney before drafting that job posting…if not…well…I hope she’s in responsible for her behavior and comfort level when getting sued. Seriously? This girl lives in her own backdoor dream world.

  13. Kailyn seems to be good at not taking crap from anyone. It’s for the best because of her children. She still is a horrible partner to be in a relationship with.

    I have not read any book from the teen moms. I doubt they are great anyway. But for the most part I wouldn’t believe everything that they say, especially when jenelles comes out. On a side note does anyone have any key big moments in their childhood that was put in any of the moms’ books. Like kailyn had some major stuff happen to her right, anyone know? I just don’t want to read the books lol

    I want to know how these mom’s and their kids grow up in the next 20 years, especially farrah and sophia.

    1. Oh I am quite sure Farrah and Sophia will keep us posted via TMZ 😉
      I almost want to put money on this one: When Farrah goes bankrupt and all that anal money is gone, she will try to petition Obama for a bailout lol.
      *This post is in no way meant to be political other than the facts that Obama was a president and gave the banks and auto companies bailouts when they went “bankrupt”. I also thought it would be funnier if Farrah was asking an ex-president for something like that haha.

      And yes, agreed Kail is a raging trash goblin at this point…

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