Jon Gosselin Announces His New Gig as a Male Stripper: “It’s a Blessing!”

“Come and get it, ladies!”

Get your singles ready because… Jon Gosselin is now a male stripper.

We’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

The former star of Jon and Kate Plus 8, has had many career changes in the years since he was booted from his family’s TLC reality show after divorcing Kate Gosselin, but it’s safe to say that this may be his craziest job yet!

The 39-year-old recently  confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that he has hung up his apron (he was working as a cook at T.G.I. Friday’s last year) and is about to start working as an exotic dancer! TMZ was the first to break the news.

“I work at Dusk Nightclub [at Caesar’s] in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I’m a member of the Senate DJ group and I also help with promotion,” he said. “I DJ at the club sometimes, but I find promotion is more rewarding both financially and emotionally. I like taking care of people and making others feel welcome.”

He will be “taking care” of the herds of screaming cougars and tipsy bachelorette party-goers while working as a dancer for the Caesar’s Atlantic City Men Untamed Revue Show. For now, Jon is only scheduled to perform on one night: April 1.

The soon-to-be-“untamed” Jon Gosselin is thrilled with his new gig.

“I’m an integral part of the show,” he said. “Being a part of something is a blessing. Since I joined Senate DJ I’ve felt like I belong to something and I’m not just out there on my own—I feel as if I’m part of a fraternity or brotherhood.”

And it seems like the club is thrilled to have Jon dancing around in his Fruit of a Looms on their stage!

“Jon has been rehearsing every week,” the club owner, Eric Millstein, told People.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending how you look at it), audience members will not get to see Jon stripped down to his birthday suit. He will only be undressing down to his underwear.

“It is R-rated, not X-rated,” the club owner told People, adding that the show will feature elaborate costumes and Vegas-style choreography.  “It’s not cheesy or sleazy.”

He compared the show to the 2012 film “Magic Mike,” and added that the show is emceed by women. Jon is the first of many “celebrities” that Eric Millstein says he will be featuring in the show.

But the question on everyone’s mind is…will Kate be in the audience (throwing child support summons at her ex-husband?!) Kate, never one to miss a chance to take a jab at Jon, has remained uncharacteristically silent since news of Jon’s new gig broke.

How do Jon’s eight children feel about his new gig as a stripper? Jon recently told Page Six that they know all about his aspirations to be the next Magic Mike, and they’re apparently fine with it.

“My kids know everything that’s gonna go on,” he said of his six 12-year-olds and two 16-year-olds. “I cleared it with them before I did anything…They’re teenagers now. They understand this stuff.”

If you are interested in watching Jon strip down to his skivvies, it will cost you 40 smackers!

(Photo: Twitter)


  1. I just can’t. Remember when he was the normal parent? A pushover and somewhat apathetic for sure, but seemed like he loved his kids and was a relatively normal person. It’s like he got pushed over the edge and has never been able to come back from it. He seems like an absentee dad at best. Doesn’t contribute much or see them often. The kids used to adore him, but now it seems like they, especially Mady and Cara, hate him. And there is no way they’re ok with this.

  2. “It’s not cheesy or sleazy.” Honey, you have a failed reality “star” who is a father of 8 kids who don’t speak to him and he doesn’t pay child support. Let’s be real here.

  3. How are you going to strip when you won’t even take off your shirt for a flyer? I’d rather watch Chris Farley & Patrick Swayze ?

    1. YES!!!! Barney and Adrian are definitely better than anything Jon’s got hiding under all that clothing.

  4. Would not have known that was John Gosslin if you hadn’t said it in the caption

  5. I’m conflicted about this because if he’s giving his money that he makes to his children and they’re child-support then good for him but if it’s just a desperate attempt a hold on to fame let it go man let it go

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