Amber Portwood Weighs in on ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Star Farrah Abraham: “That Is A Hateful Woman”

Oh to be a fly on the wall when Farrah reads Amber’s quotes…

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble! It’s time for the Battle of the Teen Moms, Round 346!

Amber Portwood took a shot at her Teen Mom OG (and arch rival) Farrah Abraham yesterday during an interview with People magazine. Amber, who, along with Catelynn Lowell, was doing media to promote the upcoming new season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ held nothing back when she was asked for her thoughts on Farrah, whom she has been feuding with since last year.

“I do not want kids today who are watching the show to think that [Farrah] is a strong woman,” Amber told the magazine. “That is not a strong woman. That is a hateful woman. That is not what you want to be like.”

Amber and Farrah’s years-long, on-and-off feud came to a head last year during their infamous brawl during the taping of the most-recent ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion. Since then, the girls have traded digs via social media and the press.

“She’s just not a person that I want to attach myself with,” Amber said.

Amber recently stated that she was planning to invite all of her ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-stars to her October wedding. When Farrah heard that, she lashed out at Amber in the press.

“They lie and they need to stop using me to get attention for their wedding and [Matt Baier]’s book,” Farrah told Radar Online. “I want nothing to do with their criminal behavior or lying evil groups of people they associate with. I’m happy both the scam artists can be a happily married criminal couple.”

Amber says she’s not exactly all broken up about Farrah declining her wedding invitation offer. In fact, Amber told People that Farrah and Simon “were never quite invited” to the shindig after all.

Finally, when asked to use one word to describe Farrah, Amber chose “sadness.”

“She’s trying to be something that she’s not,” Amber said.

Farrah will surely be firing her own catty comments back at Amber after she reads the interview. Stay tuned!

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28 Responses

  1. okay just watched matt’s show I’m sorry I’ve been saying this since last season every single show she looks and acts hopped up on drugs getting worse each time including matts show this week

    1. ESPECIALLY for Matt & Simon. Seriously, just shut those ‘men’ up entirely. No one needs to read that crap.

  2. Lol as much as I hate Farrah, I have to side with her on this “feud”.
    Amber, YOU are not a strong woman. Try actually being a parent to Leah and dropping Matt in the nearest trash bin and we can begin to talk about being strong.

  3. Seriously why is TMOG & TM2 still on? The kids are like 7/8 now & girls are approaching mid/late 20s.

    Time to grow the fuck UP & get real jobs.

    If MTV really wants to help in teen pregnancy prevention they should revive 16 & Preg. & instead of following 8 girls in 1hr episodes follow 4 girls for an entire season starting from their pregnancy to the child’s first birthday. Then you can do yearly follow ups or something.

  4. All this crap is so obviously staged. Honestly they are getting really bad at it. That fight was totally staged. You could tell by the look on Simons face. Also how so quicklyAmber was able to get out there on stage fully miked within seconds of Farrah trash talking Matt. Amber knows what happens when you assault someone on TV and why didn’t she face any assault charges this time. Simon even said why they broke up recently is when cameras are rolling she is different then when the cameras are not. So I will believe that these feuds are as real when Hell freezes over. These girls are not reality TV anymore they are actors.

    1. Agreed. This is to drum up excitement for the new season that premieres next Monday, 4/17!! Get excited guys! They’re still awful human beings like they always were!

  5. I never thought I’d be team Farrah but I am in this case. Farrah was nice to Amber when it came out that Matt was trying to hook up with Farrah and Jenelle before he moved on to Amber. Amber tried to attack Farrah for saying something she didn’t like and what a lot of people have thought about Matt. Amber is choosing a liar and a conman over her daughter. I’m just glad Gary has custody of Leah and pray she never has a child with Matt.

  6. First, what the F does Amber’s boyfriend’s behaviour have to do with what kind of person Amber is? Second, Farrah is the sluttiest, most ungrateful, entitled, spoiled little narcissist the world has seen in quite some time.

    1. Because Amber surrounds herself with all of Matts bullshit. She knows the type of person Matt is but yet still continues to choose him over Leah. Farrah isn’t all that great but Amber is no better.

  7. Who the hell would let their kids watch this mess…they really think highly of the show don’t they

  8. I watched a compilation on YouTube about Ambers worst moments. I can’t believe I had forgotten about how mentally and physically abusive Amber was. It was stomach churning.

  9. Hopefully no one who watches Teen Mom thinks ANY of these girls are strong women…I think, possibly with the exception of Farrah, they’ve had moments of maturity, but at the end of the day, we’re talking about girls who are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for no reason other than that they got pregnant in high school and are now living in such a way that keeps them “entertaining” enough to stay on the air, which means none of them have their sh*t together.

  10. So Amber and you’re saint?! Stop with the act, you have a serious breeder for boyfriend who lies, cheats and made some girl kill herself. How can YOU live with yourself?! You are not a person who people should look up to either.

    1. Say what you want about Amber, but Farrah is a thousand times worse than any of them. I seriously feel sick thinking about Sophia and how troubled she is going to be when she’s older.

      1. Ofc Amber is the lesser of two evils. But I still think they both are terrible mothers. Amber acts like she is Leah’s friend instead of a mother. Thank God she has Kristina. Hope she always stays in Gary’s care, he grew up and is a real father. (even if he looks like a potato)

        1. I’ve read elsewhere other posters describe Matt looking like a thumb.

          Clearly Amber doesn’t date for looks, or personality.

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