MTV Freaks Out Over Matt Baier’s About-to-Be Released ‘Teen Mom’ Book (Exclusive Details)

When you’re biting the hand that literally feeds you but it’s still no fair…

Matt Baier will release his tell-all book soon, but MTV is reportedly angry that the Teen Mom OG star is trying to portray the network in a negative light.

Page Six broke the news yesterday that, after MTV caught wind of what Matt was planning to print in his book, the network sent its attorneys in to do a major editing job. The site reports that MTV is demanding Matt remove about 15,000 words from his book before it’s published in June.

“Sources say that most of the offending copy — which accounted for some 20 percent of the original manuscript — was about the network itself and [Amber] Portwood’s nemesis,
fellow cast member and sometime p0rn star Farrah Abraham.”

Page Six also reported that some of the topics that got MTV execs “in a tizzy” revolved around Matt making the network look back, such as in a passage where he implies that the network’s ever-present security guards mysteriously “disappeared” during Amber and Farrah’s infamous Reunion brawl, making it seem like the network “wanted there to be an altercation.”

“See? Nowhere in my contract does it say I can’t bash MTV….oh….wait…”

A few weeks ago, a Twitter account released numerous pages of what is reportedly Matt’s book, pre-MTV slash-up. It can be assumed that these leaked pages are what sent MTV into “a tizzy.”

The Ashley can offer a few exclusive details on how MTV deals with the books of its ‘Teen Mom’ stars.

  • All ‘Teen Mom’ stars that wish to write a book must get permission from the network before any book can be published. This is per their MTV contracts. All of the girls who have already published books– MaciKailAmber, etc.– had to get MTV’s blessing before proceeding.
  • All of the girls have used Post Hill Press to publish their books. (Matt is also using the publishing company.) The Ashley’s sources tell her that, while the cast is not required to use that company, it is definitely easier for them to do so.
  • MTV sometimes makes a profit off the casts’ books, but not always. The earlier books– such as Farrah’s My Teenage Dream Ended and Kail’s Pride Over Pity, were published under MTV’s book department. Therefore, the network received a portion of the profits. Later titles from the girls were not published under MTV Books, so the network did not make a profit. (To find out if MTV got a portion of a ‘Teen Mom’ book, flip the book over. If it doesn’t say “MTV Press” or “MTV” on the back cover or inside title page, they most likely didn’t. ) It’s unlikely they’ll get a portion of Matt’s book profits.
  • All of the girls are also required, per their MTV contract, to allow the network’s execs to see the copy before it goes to print. They do NOT have a choice in this. They are required to remove anything the network asks them to. If they do not remove the content, they can be sued for breach of contract.
  • The cast can NOT talk badly about MTV in their books, blog posts, etc. Matt knew this going in, so it should come as no surprise to him that MTV is squashing the content about the network. The only way someone can write a true “tell-all” book about the show is for that person to not be under contract with MTV.

Matt’s book, You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life, is due to be released on June 6. If you’d like to pre-order it, The Ashley has provided a link below to do so.

(Photos: MTV)


  1. He’s already writing tell all’s….what the heck does Ambo think he’s going to be doing once they break up?! Like COME ON! COMMON SENSE.

  2. Okay, this guy is a loser. Yes we all know that, and we all agree. But can we pause for a moment and address what he allegedly said about MTV? Apparently MTV also asked them to research Simons background. I believe him on this. MTV produced this fight, they created it. While the two sides probably legitimately hate each other now, they likely would have been fine without being egged on by MTV. This is interesting. I wish they would leak all 15,000 words cut.

  3. You’re right Matt, I have no f-ing idea about your life….and I don’t f-ing care. You are a predatory loser who doesn’t care of his children and mooches off of an unstable almost teenager. You do nothing. Grow up.

  4. I hope this book is a huge hit and I hope it out-sells any book written by any Teen Mom person.. And I hope alllllll his baby mamas are lined up to get their cut of the checks for it leaving Matt with NOTHING.

      1. His one baby mama said recently on twitter that she caught Matt up, but now he’s behind again. Shocking! ?

  5. He may be “naked” in the picture. Trying to make everyone think he’s letting everyone see all about his life. But…he’s still wearing sunglasses. Clearly hiding something. Shady shady shady….

  6. How old is this guy? Such a classy title and photo on the cover. I have second-hand embarrassment. Time to grow up! Even if I wanted to read his book, I’d be embarrassed to have it anywhere in public where people would be judging me over that cover…he’s losing sales just from that alone. Idiot.

    1. Agree! I am sure his 8,988 children are mortified at the title and the cover. Especially when he will be “stepdad” to a young daughter he had to put a bleeped out F word in the title. Classy Matt.

  7. Why on earth would anyone read Uncle Creepy’s book? Why would he think people care about him?

  8. Hm, is this an indication he is leaving her? Because if he is banned from the show because he wrote this, he won’t have any money from MTV (or Amber) anymore! Maybe he has enough money now and doesn’t care anymore, time to find another (presumably reality star) to steal money from! Or better, he makes his own talk/reality show about his numerous of kids and gets famous because of that! (that was sarcasm btw)

  9. he’s a con artist remember y’all? he wrote 1,500 words about MTV so they would be upset about what he wrote, people would comment/report on it, and he would create more buzz about his book… i got to give him a little credit actually for making his plan work out thus far

  10. For someone who apparently has gone through so much and lived such a tough life in his 30+ years, why does he need to devote a chunk of his book about his fiancee’s reality show? Oh wait, because no one is interested in him besides his connection to the show.

    Amber needs to wake up and realize she’s engaged to an attention hungry con-artist. Once the cameras stop rolling, he’ll be off her couch and onto the next girl.

  11. This guy is a leech who found a sugar momma to buy his b.s. Amber took the bait hook, line and sinker. Free publicity is all this is pending the release of his “book” lol. MTV would not let this pre-release slip through their fingers. Publicity stunt. The guys is a looser

    1. More like 1,000 words and the name “Farrah” was used the other 4,000 times.

  12. In matt’s diseased mind.I’m sure the purpose of him being partially nude on the cover of the book, is to try to get women to see how,”sexy,” he is and either come on to him or,”understand,” what amber sees in him…gag!!!

  13. What a skeeze! Get a clue, Matt! I’ve never read any of the moms books, but I would assume they were written and published to be a form of inspiration as teen moms that overcame certain obstacles. Which that in itself is laughable, cause most of them wouldn’t have without MTV. But here comes Matt, weasling his grown ass into the life of the moms and publishing a book for the fans of teen mom?! Ewww! Wake up Amber!!

    1. This book might actually do the trick op preventing pregnancies. After seeing that book cover I don’t feel the need to share the bed with anyone for a looong time. You must be a strong (wo)man if you can look at that and not be scarred.

  14. “You Have No F***ing Idea”

    Because if I did have a f***ing idea, I’d probably be a witness for the prosecution.

  15. Matt and Amber sink to lower lows every week. Haven’t heard much about that haute fashion line lately, nor the house flipping. It would be lovely if everyone boycotted on purchasing the book but based on comments from her instagram, that won’t happen. She blew a great opportunity to make something of herself after prison and has thrown it all away for some quick alleged attention.

  16. It’s always someone else’s fault. Matt and Amber as well as just about every other teen mom and teen mom cast members are just too immature to take responsibility for their lives and the mistakes they make. I just don’t understand why MTV deals with the bullshit. Just watching the recent Teen Mom 2 final show about them getting together for the reunion show. I was shocked that MTV was actually putting up with all the bullshit with the girls calling the shots and telling MTV what they are and aren’t gonna do, when they will and won’t film and how they expect MTV to cater to them. And then the scene where Babs made MTV chase after Jace when Jenelle took him. Seriously MTV is it that worth it? Those girls would be NOTHING (although most of them are still nothing) without MTV. Seriously MTV stop embarrassing yourself like this. MTV clearly has NO respect for the producers by allowing the girls to treat them like they do. It’s time someone puts all them bitches in their place. You KNOW that’s what they would love to do!!!!

  17. Nooooo why do we have to be subjected to matts half nakedness. I know it’s a play on the title but still think of the children

  18. I wouldn’t really be worried about it I don’t think a lot of people are going to read it but come on man don’t bite the hand that feeds

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