‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Announces the Upcoming Release of Her Second Book: Get Details

“I’ve got lots more to say, y’all!”

Another day, another Teen Mom book!

Maci Bookout announced today that she has written a sequel to her 2016 book, Bulletproof. Maci’s second book, I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof (Lessons I’ve Learned So You Don’t Have To) is set to be released on June 27! 

(Of course, technically, this could be considered Maci’s third book, as she did release a coloring book of her wedding photos last year but…let’s not talk about that.)

While Maci’s first book was the story of her life and teen pregnancy, this new book will apparently be more of an advice book.

The cover of Maci’s second book…

According to Amazon (which currently has the book available for pre-order), the book “offers down-to-earth, practical advice on how to navigate life, love, and everything in between.”

“In I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof, bestselling author Maci shares with readers the truth behind her Teflon exterior and offers fun, inspirational advice for everyone,” the description reads.

“As she traveled across the country, speaking to young people and sharing her inspiring story, the one comment Maci kept hearing over and over was, ‘You’re so strong. You make it all look so easy.’ But Maci was not born ‘bulletproof.’ She taught herself to be strong despite her struggles and to turn adversity into advantages.”

Maci is the second ‘Teen Mom’ to write an “advice” book. Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry recently released her second book Hustle & Heart, which also gives the shows’ fans life advice.

The cover of Maci’s new book features a picture of her (dressed in her “Things That Matter” finest, naturally) with a slight smirk on her face, ready to impart all her knowledge upon the show’s young fan base…or something.

The hardcover book contains 160 pages and is being published by the ‘Teen Mom’ crew’s trusty publisher, Post Hill Press.

Maci’s book will be just one of three ‘Teen Mom’ books that will be released this summer. Her ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star Matt Baier is due to release his (highly controversial) book on June 6, while ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans will release her memoir on July 25.

If you’d like to learn more about what the ‘Teen Mom’ stars can and cannot write about it their books, click here!

If you’d like to pre-order Maci’s new book, The Ashley has provided a link below for you to do so!

(Photos: MTV, Post Hill Press)


  1. Honestly thought she was going to have baby No. 4 when I saw the word “annonunce” I give it six months …

  2. So what exactly has she done to b so inspiring? Came from a rich family (so didn’t have any hardships), Entered and dropped out of college more times then anyone can count, all of her kids were “oppsie” babies, supposedly drank while pregnant, always has a beer can in her hand, never really had a job, dumps her kids on Ryan’s parents. I am waiting for when the inspirational part comes in?

    1. You ain’t never lied. Anytime your friend gives you a 6 pack as a gift, beer is way too important in your life. She most definitely drank while pregnant, no supposedly. What’s infuriating about the Ryan parent babysitting thing is, when she’s pissed at Ryan or in a shitty mood she’ll say she doesn’t have to take Bentley over to see them, it’s not her responsibility etc, but the moment she needs a sitter, Jen and Larry on speed dial. Ryan even mentioned this. She only lets him have Bentley or they see her kids when it’s convenient for her. I don’t think she’s done shit in her life worthwhile. A vanity project pleather pocket t shirt line is hardly worth mentioning.

  3. Like anyone would want Maci’s advice. And what is with the smirk face on the book? That is dumb! And Teflon exterior?? No honey you aren’t “tough” you are selfish.

  4. I’m pretty sure I won’t need this book since I know how to use birth control. She angers me so much by claiming fertility problems. Speaking as a woman who has PCOS and fertility issues I take serious offense to her bull shit.

  5. INSPIRING STORY?! You got to be kidding me!! How is it inspiring to preach about birth control when you don’t use any and you have TWO “oopsie babies”?! And the title, she put a lot of thought in it if she just added “I wasn’t born…..” in the first book’s title!

  6. I’m annoyed that these young women want to give advice. They haven’t really lived very long to be giving advice. I always hear great things about Kailyn’s books so I tried reading her first book. It’s horrible and the “advice” she gives is heavily based on her warped personal opinions. The whole book was dark and that chapter on religion? It shows her immaturity. These “kids” are too young and inexperienced to be giving advice.

  7. “Ladies, if he won’t put a ring on it, fake fertility issues and make a ‘surprise’ trap baby. If the first one doesn’t work, try, try, and try again.”

  8. Did anyone else see the recent People article where Maci says she and Taylor want to adopt and/or foster children because “why not?”??? I mean, sure, they call their kids “sh*t heads” in front of them, whine about how many kids they have, only take half responsibilty for their kids on a regular basis, drink beer 24/7, would be subjecting them to MTV cameras and C-list fame, and are mid- to late- 20s adults who have never held down real jobs, but sure, those poor babies could use a “stable environment!” Give me a break.

    1. It’s free income and the state pays for their daycare. It’s a system that’s highly abused by people who are lazy but put on the charade of trying to be good people. Not all, but a lot. And you get more money based on the kids special needs.

      They’re not cut out for it. At all. Focus on your oopsie miracle babies. That would be a good start.

      1. As a foster parent I can say that the stipend you receive for the children is next to nothing. It barely covers expenses for diapers, clothes etc. my husband and I always spend more of our own money because we want our babies to have what they need and more. It’s true the kids get medical coverage and are entitled to a lot of free services but otherwise there’s just not a lot of money. I don’t understand the “foster” parents who think the very small stipend is theirs for income.

      2. I knew someone who had two foster kids and got $700+/month per kid. Plus she worked a full time job. Kids were school aged too, so no diapers or formula. I guess it varies from state to state and then maybe county county.

    2. Yeah I saw that and it sounds like she is doing what I call the “Duggar song and dance” with all of that. The Duggar girls say in almost every interview now that they are going to adopt and then pop out another “blessing” rinse and repeat. She is doing that same thing. I bet she will do this song and dance and then all of a sudden another miracle baby will pop up.

    3. I can’t put them down for wanting to foster or adopt children. It’s actually amazing. They would not be doing it for the money and with their celebrity status, it could shed light on how the system works and encourage others that aren’t able to have children. It’s not like she’s a terrible mother either. She’s one of the best ones on the whole series.

  9. Well geeze – I’m so sad that Maci’s life advice wasn’t out there when I was younger. I would be in SUCH a better spot if I got knocked up twice by 2 different guys, took 6 years to get a 2 year degree, and married a leather-pocketed-tshirt visionary/magnate.

    She may have some pearls of wisdom here or there – but I wouldn’t expect her to be a role model to anyone that isn’t in her position. Seems like such a niche market it wouldn’t be worth the effort to actually write a book. Though maybe she just had some time on her hands – it is gauche to pound back the beers before 12:00pm.

  10. I respected Maci a lot when she was a teenager. She never kept Bentley from Ryan, even when he was a deadbeat over and over. She seemed like a really great mom, despite her age, and I thought she had a good head on her shoulders and attainable goals in life. Now that she’s an adult, I have zero respect for her. She and her husband are completely lazy. I get that they really don’t *need* jobs thanks to MTV, but that really only works if they spend money wisely and save, which I don’t think any of them are doing with their nice cars, huge homes/home remodels, latest phones, frequent vacations, etc. The t-shirt company is a joke. I went to its website once and found the description to say something along the lines of “focusing on things that matter.” …? Like what? Literally no explanation of a) what exactly the things are that matter, or b) how this company is making any kind of difference in promoting said things. (Unless what matters is being a stay-at-home couple with no responsibilities and being able to party and take vacations constantly because, you know, they TOTALLY deserve it.) Did she ever even graduate college? Maybe she did – I don’t remember – but I know she was on year five or six of her associate’s last time I checked (or something like that). This isn’t even touching on using infertility as an excuse, which infuriates anyone who actually struggles with fertility. I noticed that Jayde was “a complete surprise” when Maci was pregnant with her, but after having Maverick, “Jayde wasn’t 100% unplanned.” YOU DON’T SAY. And she expects us to believe that she didn’t know she was pregnant with him until 21 weeks. I stopped watching the show, but I am sadly invested enough to keep wondering how they are doing. Thanks, Ashley, for keeping me updated! 🙂

    1. Oh, and by the way, can none of them afford a good photographer for the covers of their books? I think half of them were taken with iPhones. (Amber’s was straight-up a selfie.)

  11. When you read the headline ‘Teen Mom Maci Bookout announces’ and assume as you scroll further down, that the next line will be ‘surprise pregnancy’ #disappointed

  12. Paraphrasing here- Maci Bookout and two of her Teen Mom costars, Jenelle Evans and MATT BAIR will all be releasing books through the teen mom publishing house.



    Dude- you’re like 40 something! Get a life!

  13. I used to respect her then she drank through almost her entire pregnancy and lied saying she did not know she was pregnant with an obvious bump. It could be believable if this was her first kid but I’m not buying it it was her third child. She was angry she got knocked up so soon after birth of her second child so she drank almost all her third pregnancy. I would not take advice from and alcoholic, without a job, who barely has her kids, and drinks while pregnant. She’s a joke will not be buying this book!

    1. Maybe she just thought the bump was a beer belly – Bud Light ain’t exactly calorie-free when you drink it in large quantities.

  14. Oh for goodness sakes! I hope this is not a continuation of the same drivel of her last book. I swear Bentley wrote that last book. That wS so so so so very dull and stupid. I about shot mysrlf a quarter of the way into the book. I had hoped it would get better but…it didn’t. Those girls should just stick to what they do best. Making babies!

      1. That’s always the excuse it’s kind of unbelievable that people believe her (and other teen mom stars that have used the same excuse) and think they can overcome it and could have a Child when they have legitimate issues getting pregnant these girls who preach about protective sex just don’t want to admit to a surprise pregnancy truth is I and I’m sure other people would respect them more for being honest

  15. Jesus H. Christ. Didn’t she explain this in the last book? Enough. I can’t believe people care this much about what these yammerheads have to say.

    1. Sorry I accidently hit the down thumbs!! A pop up ad kept coming up on my phone! Agree with your comment!

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