Mama June Shannon Says Ex Sugar Bear Is No Longer in Daughter Honey Boo Boo’s Life

“Y’all don’t know the real Bear!”

Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson was desperate to have his daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, attend his wedding on last night’s episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, but his ex, Mama June Shannon, is claiming The Bear is hardly a devoted dad.

In an on-camera interview with Life & Style Weekly, Mama June revealed that Sugar Bear does not currently have much of relationship with Alana and “he never has.”

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Alana talked about kind of father Sugar Bear is.

“He calls me every once in a blue moon, so if there’s a blue moon outside, he’s going to call me,” she said.

June added that Sugar Bear has made negative comments to Alana about her weight.

“[He said] ‘It wouldn’t hurt if you lose weight,’ and I think that was the most ignorant thing that he ever told her,” June told ET.

Mama June stated that her relationship with Sugar Bear is also “non-existent” meaning that she has no contact with him or his new wife, Jennifer Lamb. She did, however, have some advice for The Bear’s new bride.

“Watch out,” she said. “I promise you what you see on the outside [is not what’s on the inside.]”

“There was just so much emotional and physical abuse,” June added. “I just choose not to put my kids through that.”

After the first season of ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ ends, June said there will be a special all about Sugar Bear.

“You saw a little bit on Marriage Boot Camp, but this shows the real true side of Sugar Bear and when the special comes out y’all are going to be like ‘what the hell,'” June said.

‘Member the good ol’ days when the whole family was getting along and doing the “Honey Boo Boo Bop?”

A premiere date for the Sugar Bear special has not yet been announced.

(Photos: WEtv)



  1. Sorry but even a “size 4” [btw I’m not buying that shit at all] she’s still fugly. Just as much on the inside as the outside.

    Please stop giving this idiot attention. She needs to crawl back into the swamp she came from.

    1. Most of the time when these reality people use the word “ignorant” they are showing their ignorance by not using that term correctly…

  2. Alana is a bright and sensitive little girl. Is there no one who would mentor her to lead a good and wholesome life in her social network? She seems to be falling between the cracks as attention has shifted to her mother and even her father. These are Alana’s formative years, won’t someone please step up to befriend her and guide her!?!

  3. Is this bitch serious?!? What about her daughter who was molested at 8 years old? Her attacker gets out of prison, then immediately into bed with ‘Mama June.’ Its disgusting. What kind of mother does that? If anyone ever touched my kids like that, you can guarantee that they will NEVER be near my kids again. Take this trash off tv…

  4. “I just choose not to put my kids through that.”
    Really Mama June? How’s Your daughter Anna doing?

  5. “It wouldn’t hurt if you lose weight” yeah…what a horrible father! How dare he suggest something that could improve his daughter’s health? Monster!
    He should follow Mama June’s example and worry about his own needs and wants first.

  6. This whole family is an absolute mess but how was Sugar Bear telling Alana it wouldn’t hurt her to lose some weight “ignorant?” It’s not ignorant, its the truth.

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