‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Ashley Iaconetti Accuses Tommy Lee of Assault, Then Recants Story

“WHOA, guys. I said ‘assault’ but I didn’t mean ‘assault!'”

Bachelor in Paradise star Ashley Iaconetti recently made some serious accusations against Tommy Lee, but now the reality star is recanting the statements she made that the rocker once “basically sexually assaulted” her backstage at a Mötley Crüe concert.

On Monday, Ashley appeared on the radio program “The Tomorrow Show” and told the hosts, while laughing, that Tommy “basically sexually assaulted me…in a weirdly strange way.”

“He like pushed me against a couch very similar to this, and, like, licked me from my chin to my forehead, which apparently I found out is something that he just does.”

Ashley said that she told Tommy that she had a boyfriend and asked him not to touch her.

“Then he grabbed me by my shoulders and he said, ‘I’m gonna have my way with you right here on the floor in front of everyone.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I think I’m going to leave now.’ And then I walked out of the room…Yeah, it was kind of creepy.” (She then tried to pawn Tommy off on her sister, apparently.)

On Tuesday, Ashley recanted the claims in an interview with Page Six.

“She told Page Six on Tuesday that she didn’t actually feel she’d been assaulted and was ‘just really taken aback and really out of my comfort zone,'” the site states.

“I was a fresh 22 years old, only kissed a handful of guys, super innocent, was used to going to [New Kids on the Block] and Jonas Brothers concerts,” Ashley told the site. “I fully expected backstage at Mötley Crüe to be a completely different and sort of scary experience.

“We laughed about [what happened with Tommy] as soon as we got into the car and still do to this day. It’s just a funny story to tell,” Ashley added.

Tommy Lee’s rep apparently did not reply to Page Six‘s request for a comment.

Watch Ashley’s full interview with The Tomorrow Show below:

(Photo: The Tomorrow Show)

6 Responses

  1. Tommy, Billy, and Donny are just being boys. That’s what red blooded guys do. Just get over it and move on, they ain’t gonna change to political correctness, whatever that is to so called feminists. Jezz!

    1. Whatever Ashley says did or didn’t happen, it doesn’t give you the right to say sexual assault or intimidation is just boys being boys. That has nothing to do with political correctness, but with the law, cause that is illegal! No means no and if you don’t listen to that, you’re wrong. And that counts for men as well as women.

      1. If men are rich enough, laws don’t really apply. Just get with the real world, not some “should be” fantasy dream world.

        1. That’s the kind of attitude that keeps this kind of behaviour “alright” in society. You might get away with a lot when you can afford good lawyers (looking at you, Jenelle), but you are not untouchable! I can think of a certain celebrity who thought he got away with rape for years and years and look where he is now:hated by the whole world despite all the money he’s got.

          Despite what people get away with, don’t ever think it’s therefore okay what they do. An offense is an offense, a felony is a felony and despite Keiffer’s famous quote, that IS illegal!

          Also-also, I live in the real world, thankfully in a place far away from yours, because where you live the law isn’t being taken seriously, apparently.

          1. You’re correct about where I live, the law is not being taken seriously by or for the rich and powerful and they get away with usually just about anything. If you don’t mind, what is the name of your country that’s so different from mine? I can only guess…..Has to be Iceland? I’ve heard many good things about it, lucky you.

          2. Well, yeah, I’m lucky to live in a country where crime is low and the law is being taken seriously, where we have health care and education for everyone despite their income, but that doesn’t mean I will just sit and watch people in other places think sexual assault is just “boys being boys”. After all we are all human and we all live on the same planet, so whether people can get away with sexual assault in the USA or Iceland (I live in neither by the way), it doesn’t make it okay and I will stand up when people say those kind of things.

            I am still offended by what you said, because you said it’s a feminist thing. As if fighting for freedom of your own body is a negative thing only meant for women who aggressively fight against patriarchal society. Freedom of who touches your body should be everyone’s freedom, so please don’t condone that kind of behaviour. You don’t have to be a “bra-burning feminist” (although they never actually burned their bras) to stand up for your rights 😉

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