Tori Spelling’s Bank Accounts Reportedly Emptied of $707k by IRS

“I need to make a couple more Lifetime movies, ASAP!”

Reality TV stars seem to have a hard time understanding that, even though they’re famous, they still have to pay their taxes just like everyone else! (Did ya hear that Richard HatchAmber Portwood?)

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott are the latest reality TV stars to learn the hard way that Uncle Sam will always get his fair share.

Page Six is reporting that Tori and Dean are once again having money troubles, and that the IRS recently emptied the couple’s bank accounts of over $707,000.

“In July 2016, it was reported that the couple were slammed with a federal tax lien for $707,487.30 in unpaid federal taxes for their 2014 bill alone,” the report states.

And that’s not all. Page Six also reports that Dean’s ex-wife is threatening to send him to jail for not paying child support for their 18-year-old son. During a hearing in March for the child support, Dean told the judge that he and Tori had “fallen on hard times.”

Tori is the daughter of late multi-millionaire Aaron Spelling, but that hasn’t stopped her from having her fair share of financial troubles.

In her 2013 book, Spelling It Like It Is, Tori tried to explain why she is always struggled to get control of her spending.

“It’s no mystery why I have money problems,” she wrote. “I grew up rich beyond anyone’s dreams. Even when I try to embrace a simpler lifestyle, I can’t seem to let go of my expensive tastes.”

Four years after the book was released, Tori still hasn’t managed to get her spending under control.

Last year, Entertainment Tonight broke the news that Tori was being sued by American Express for an unpaid credit card bill of over $87,000. American Express also sued her  earlier in 2016 for an unpaid bill of nearly $38,000. (Why the company keeps giving Tori credit is a mystery!)

Back in 2016, Tori’s mother, Candy Spelling told TMZ that she pays for Tori and Dean’s house, the kids’ schooling and even puts food on the table for Tori and her family.

However, their money troubles haven’t stopped the couple from expanding their family. In March, Tori and Dean welcomed their fifth child. Even with their bank account balances going down, Tori and Dean may not be done having children yet.

“All of my kids have their little pair, so I would be open to one more,” Tori recently told People. “But whatever is meant to be, will be.”

Not everyone agreed with Tori and Dean’s decision to keep trying to have more kids, despite their financial woes.

“Oh please for the love of God stop procreating and take care of the kids you have!” one person wrote in the comment section of the People story.

“You should probably focus on being able to pay your bills…… It’s totally irresponsible to keep having children you can’t afford,” another person wrote.

It has been reported that Tori had hoped to parlay her fifth pregnancy into another reality show, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening…yet.

(Photo: Lifetime)


    1. She’s going to be screwed when her Mom goes, and leaves her nothing.

      Candy Spelling seems like she’d rather leave it to charity, than give it to Tori to squander.

      Perhaps the grandkids will get something, but I bet Tori and her brother dont.

  1. The IRS doesn’t just up and seize money from your bank account! We were audited one year and owed the IRS $10,000 because of a mistake made by our accountant. The IRS didn’t just rip it out of our accounts. They worked with us on paying it back, and we made payment arrangements and everything. She must have been avoiding the IRS for a REALLY long time in order for them to seize that much money from her bank account! How irresponsible! She needs to grow up, and pay her bills and stop having kids!

    1. That for one, second, why the hell did they not pay their bills and child support?!
      What a bunch of idiots, have they never heard of interest and the extra costs when you don’t pay your bills?
      Or… they are willingly on the road to bankruptcy. Some people do that. Live large, file for bankruptcy, bills are mostly gone, people to help them and/ or cash hidden away and hooray…

  2. Her and Deans karma for their affair is priceless…the hits just keep on coming. Money trouble, infidelity, and now possible jail time….Their ex’s must be loving this. I just feel bad that they’re bringing so many kids into this.

  3. Perhaps getting rid of and selling off the countless storage units of this gal’s hoard would be a good start. I can’t feel sorry for someone who makes the same stupid and selfish choices again and again.

  4. I suspect a similar path will be in the future for all other rich kids like Saint and North West, Sophia Abraham etc. She should really be shown the value of money when she was still young.

  5. Why doesn’t she have a reality show where she goes to overspending counseling and pays off her debt and sells all her stuff except for the essentials?

  6. For the life of me I do not understand why people have more kids than what they can afford. I see friends struggling to afford food and nice clothing for one child and then they going to have another baby just because they want another baby. It’s completely irresponsible. If you’re struggling to afford the kids that you have, do not have any more. If you want to collect something, try candles.

    1. Right? I’ve got two kids, but I know more kids would strain our budget. We live comfortably and would have loved more kids, but we are responsible so we can continue to provide a nice life for the kids we already have.

  7. At some point, Tori should have grown up and realized she’s not rolling in daddy’s dough anymore. Start taking responsibility for your own life and stop blaming your faults on your parents.

    1. Yes! Exactly. We are sticking with one for now because it is comfortable financially. Two would strain us and even though it’s not “all about the money” sometimes it is something that needs to be considered.

  8. Candy is a classy lady with a heart of gold, she has went above and beyond with Tori. That’s what great mother’s do, they protect their children as much as possible. There are somethings even perfect mothers can’t fix.

  9. I know she owed over $707k in unpaid taxes but I doubt there was actually that much in any of their accounts for the IRS to have seized that much. I think the IRS emptied their accounts but I’m sure it was nowhere near what they owed. I’m sure they still owe alot more on that balance.

  10. I always wondered what it was like for deans first child to see all the siblings get whatever they want whenever they want and apparently he wasn’t even paying child support for him it had to be tough… Although I got to say if you can’t afford your kids why are you having them that’s really not fair to anybody in the situation Tori and Dean seem to have no consequence for any of their behavior it seems like Tori has a child/teen like way to look at life it’s just not right when you’re an adult and have actual responsibilities to the children you decided to bring into this world

  11. (Why the company keeps giving Tori credit is a mystery!)

    Because if you have no money, you’re a poor person – but if you’re seven or eight figures in debt, you’re a rich person with a minor cash flow problem.

  12. Their own reality show is over but who wants to bet we see these two either on a couples therapy bootcamp show or Tori and her mom on a family therapy show?

      1. Omg lol yes. That woman never existed. Even the name sounded made up, Emily Goodhand. That just sounds fake. Entertainment reporters and others have tried to track this so called person down for months and nobody ever existed by that name. No one is that below the grid. I remember in 2013 Tori and Dean planted a story about a leak sex tape that his biker buddies stole off their laptop. Another lie. That lie died once nobody bought it and gave it any attention. On the positive side, I can’t wait for the kids to write their tell all one day

      1. Why would Candy give Tori whatever she wants? She’s lucky her mother is even paying for her house and kids schooling. Tori is an irresponsible brat who is in charge of 5 children. She can’t even get her act together for her children, it’s pathetic. She puts materialistic items before her kids. If I had to choose between a new designer handbag or groceries, I would choose to feed my family. This brat hasn’t grown up, and has the mentality of a teenager…

      2. Candy doesn’t have to give them anything. That was Tori’s problem from the start. She though she could live off her daddy’s money forever. Now she needs to grow up and suck it up.

      3. Candy actually pays their bills so the kids have a place to live and eat. She admitted it. She even pays for their private school tuition for 4 kids. That’s why Tori keeps spending money she doesn’t have because her mom bought her a house, car, and pays all the bills in the house and groceries. So she has this attitude that “well my mom will pay for it” If I was her mother I would say you want me to keep you afloat you have to get your tubes tied or the kids come live with me til you two can figure it out. I get why she is doing it so her grandkids are hungry and homeless but enough is enough. Oh BTW that tax bill was just from 2014 alone.

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