‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Says She’s Not Having Any More Babies

“I’m kind of a Fertile Myrtle though, so we’ll see!”

Jenelle Evans recently starred in [an incredibly awkward] commercial for a device meant to help make child birth easier, but it looks like the Teen Mom 2 star won’t be using the device any time soon.

In a recent interview with E! News, Jenelle, who is the mother of infant Ensley (by fiance David Eason), as well as three-year-old Kaiser (by ex-fiance Nathan Griffith), and seven-year-old Jace (by Andrew Lewis) declared that she is not having any more children.

“David and I talked about it one day recently and how complicated things can get with Kaiser and Ensley together. They remind us why we are done,” she said.

“It’s pretty hectic!” Jenelle added. “I get a lot of help though. Having a 3-year-old and a newborn at the same time is the hardest part.”

David has two children from previous relationships to add into the mix. (He currently has full custody of his daughter Maryssa, and will soon be allowed to see his young son that he was previously barred from having any contact with.)

Jenelle claimed that David is more than just her soulmate; he’s also an ideal father figure to all of their kids.

“David is amazing with my children,” Jenelle said. “He’s not afraid to change dirty diapers. He loves to make sure to tell them the importance of school, staying out of trouble, worrying about being a kid.”

Even if Jenelle doesn’t have any more children, we will always have the opportunity to watch her awkwardly pretend to be in labor by watching the cinematic masterpiece below:


  1. I honestly hope that David really is Father of the Year, like Jenelle claims. I’d also like to own a stable full of unicorns, but that’s not very likely, either. I hope Jenelle never receives custody of Jace and I hope he one day realizes how fortunate he is/was to not be raised in the craziness of Jenelle’s irrational, manipulative, neglectful dungeon of a “home”. I also hope Jace grows up to be a healthy, well-adjusted adult and breaks the cycle of insanity that is the Evan’s family.

    PS–in that stupid “ask the moms” special with Nessa (gotta say, I’m not really a fan of Nessa, sorry), I was kinda dying when the moms were asked about a recent time when they were embarrassed by the children in public and Jenelle’ “embarrassing” moment is when Jace told someone in the grocery store he and Jenelle were the stars of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle’s mock embarrassment retelljng the story was (in my opinion) pathetic and on-par with couples who claim their biggest argument is over who loves whom the most–complete and utter bull shit designed to make yourself look good. I wish wish wish Jenelle would grow up. It’s time, honey. Grow up

  2. Yea. Well I wish we could believe this bullshit ! But sadly we can’t ! Fuck Jenelle ! And I’ve been boycotting E! News for awhile now, due to them contacting Jenelle for stories! Jenelle Evans and Creep David Eason are the lowest of the low! Shame on E! For continuing to try and paint Jenelle in a good light ! Fuck her!

  3. Isn’t it said she only reacts to rumors that are true? And usually says the opposite from the truth. So yeah, lies. Even if David and she last (hang with me here, not because they are so in LOOOOOOOOVE but because he is a creeper who won’t let her leave), he will make her knocked up maybe not even to her knowledge because she is so dumb.

  4. I love how it took her having 3 kids to realize parenting is hard (not that she really parents). These people have babies and then are shocked when they actually have to ::gasp:: raise them!

    1. Further, she’s saying how hard it is to have a 3 year old and a newborn but Jace was 4 when Kaiser was born… I guess it’s easier when you’re pre-schooler doesn’t live with you.

  5. I hope she’s done. Enough children have suffered. I don’t believe her though.

    Of course, the right to have said is “I am not having any more children. My priority is being in Jace’s life. I don’t want more kids when I don’t have him back.” Buttttt that will never happen since Jace is an afterthought to her and always has been.

    1. What gets me is that she did say almost exactly that, years ago when she decided to abort her pregnancy with Courtland. And then she met Nathan and that all went out the window. It’s like she almost could make decent decisions and then lets that all fall to the wayside as soon as she’s involved with a new guy. I’m with you, I want to believe her now and that she’s FINALLY starting to wise up but if things don’t last with David, who even knows what she’ll do to blend in with the life of her next soulmate.

  6. Am I the only one that thinks it is odd that he can full custody of one kid but be banned from seeing another? And how bad is Maryssa’s mom if David is the better choice? Confused.

  7. Maybe she is pregnant again and she has this statement come out about not wanting anymore kids, then when fans suspect she might be pregnant she can be like no no I said I didn’t want anymore kids. This I say is true so I simply cannot be pregnant. Yet her belly grows and she still denies like the last pregnancy. And then she does another gender reveal and she will day I just wanted it to be a surprise.

    I can see that happening. I think she knows she shouldn’t have more kids but David will probably push for having one and she will be like ok….

  8. So Maryssa lives with them full time? I feel bad for her…she seems like such a good kid and looks so sad all the time. Just like Jace.

    1. How much do you want to bet Maryssa is the built in babysitter. I wouldn’t trust Chinelle around a little girl. She seems like that evil stepmom that’s jealous of daughters and would hurt Maryssa or mistreat her when no one is around. I get that vibe from her.

  9. She is the fucking worst human on the planet. Right next to Farrah. These poor children will be in therapy their whole lives. Give them ALL to Babs. Jenelle’s, Farrah’s, Kailyn’s. None of these bitches deserves to be a mother.

    1. I do agree and I think Babs has stepped in big time with her grandchild(ren) – She helped Jenelle and Jace immensely and I have no doubt that both, Jace and Jenelle, would be much worse off if Barb hadn’t taken over as primary guardian of Jace. But sometimes I wonder if she was that great of a parent to Jenelle. Jenelle couldn’t have fucked herself up this badly by herself, could she? Sometimes I hear snippets on the show such as “Your mom doesn’t want meme around” or “she always treats meme badly and makes meme cry” that make it seem like Babs is manipulating Jace just as Jenelle is. Which is vastly unfair to a seven year old child that shouldn’t be part of a fight between his mother and his grandma. And I don’t mean give Jenelle custody (I don’t think that one is able to take care of anybody, not even herself, sadly) but I’m just not convinced that Babs is mother of the year either.
      Same thing goes for the delusional Deb Danielsen – the more I see of her, the more I understand how Farrah became such a angry sociopath, seemingly unable to give and receive authentic emotions. That woman is one big bewigged mess…

      1. Wasn’t Jenelle diagnosed as bipolar at some point? Or did we take that diagnosis back? If so, I could see how Jenelle’s behavior is largely her fault, albeit chemically, but….

        Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll get the truth once Jenelle’s book comes out (insert eye roll here). I’m sure Barbara knows she wasn’t perfect. Anyone who’s a parent (a decent one anyway) constantly worries about not being perfect and if you’re f*cking up your kids. Maybe she tried to help Jenelle out when Jace was born because she knew she messed up earlier in her life and was trying to make up for it. It’s a tough spot to be in…knowing you didn’t raise your kids in an ideal environment…how do you fix that later?

        1. On their first reunion show Drew asked Babs to say 3 things she learned loved about Chinelle and she laughed saying she couldn’t think of any. There is definitely a dysfunctional dynamic there. I would know. My mom treated me like shit growing up but she spoils my son. I think she’s trying to make up for how shitty she treated me

  10. If, with a lot of help, things are still complicated and pretty hectic, even though neither have full time jobs, are they really sure this is the best place for Jace to be?

  11. She has to be super fertile. Somebody on reddit posted info on David’s condition with his immune system and one of the the symptoms was difficulty having children.

  12. Until it’s over with UBT and finds another soulmate. Very predictable.
    When it’s over then she’ll claim he beat her.

  13. Funny how she says that David always tells the kids they need to be kids yet they both expose those kids to adult situations. Jenelle is constantly screaming about something while David says terrible things about Kaiser’s father in front of him and I don’t even want to think about all the things those kids are exposed to that we don’t see.

  14. Hope she is done it doesn’t seem like she has any interest in forming a bond with any of the kids she has I honestly don’t think she should be saying how hard it is with two kids because she should be raising three kids she needs to stop saying things like this because one day jace is going to grow up and read everything she’s ever said about this

  15. Of course she’s done having kids. She got the girl she was gunning for so nothing else matters now. Same reason Kail is going to keep having babies until she has a girl. #eyeroll

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