Old-School Contestants to Return For Next Season of ‘The Challenge’ (Report)

“At this point it just goes without even saying that I’m gonna be on the next season, right?”

The old-school vets are coming back to reclaim The Challenge!

Filming of the 30th season of the long-running MTV reality show is now in progress, with trusted Vevmo sleuthers reporting that cast members for the next season are currently in Los Angeles and about to go out on location to start filming ‘The Challenge.’ While the current season of ‘The Challenge’ features a few “old-school” ‘Challenge’ stars like Darrell Taylor and CT Tamburello, Season 30 will reportedly feature a bunch of ‘Challenge’ stars that haven’t appeared on the show in years!

(And of course, there will be a few who show up on every season. Cough, Johnny Bananas, Cough.)

The location and theme of Season 30 has not yet been revealed, but here is the season’s rumored cast list, according to Vevmo.


Aneesa Ferreira (Real World: Chicago): Age 35

She has not done a ‘Challenge’ since 2015’s “Battle of the Bloodlines,” but Aneesa holds the record for most ‘Challenges’ ever done by a female. This will be her 12th season! To date, she has only made it to a final twice.

Jemmye Carroll (Real World: New Orleans): Age 28

This will mark Jemmye’s first time back on ‘The Challenge’ since her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Knight, passed away in 2014. She starred with Knight on “Battle of the Exes II” in 2015, which was the last season she did. In 2014, she stated that she would no longer be appearing on ‘The Challenge,’ but she must have had a change of heart.

Veronica Portillo (Road Rules: Semester at Sea): Age 39

Veronica was a ‘Challenge’ staple for years, but after 2009’s “The Ruins,” Veronica stopped appearing on the show. She has won two seasons of the show: “The Inferno” and “The Gauntlet.” Veronica is currently tied with Evelyn Smith for female cast member with the most wins.

Derrick Konsiski (Road Rules: Extreme): Age 33

Derrick is making his first appearance on ‘The Challenge’ in seven years for Season 30! He last appeared on 2010’s “Cutthroat,” and before that, he had won three of the nine seasons he competed on.

Darrell Taylor (Road Rules: Campus Crawl): Age 37

Darrell made his triumphant return to ‘The Challenge’ for Season 29, which is currently airing, and he will reportedly be back for Season 30. Before appearing on the current season, Darrell had been out of the “Challenge” scene for seven years. The last time he appeared was in 2010 for “Fresh Meat II.” He has won four seasons to date (and is still in the running to win Season 29.)

CT Tamburello (Real World: Paris): Age 36

CT came back to the show for the current season (and is still in the running to win). Before Season 29, though, CT had taken time off from the show following the death of Diem Brown in 2014, whom he partnered with on “Battle of the Exes: II.” This will be his 13th season.

Camila Nakawaga (Spring Break Challenge): Age 28

Camila is back…again. She is starring on the current season, and is still in the running to win Season 29. If she does, that will be the second time she’s won a season. Season 30 will be her 10th appearance on the show.

Cara Maria Sorbello (The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2): Age 30

Rarely is there a season of ‘The Challenge’ that doesn’t include Cara Maria. She appeared on the current season, but has already been eliminated. Season 30 will be her 10th appearance on the show. To date, she has one win.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (Real World: Key West): Age 34

Johnny holds a ton of show records. He will have competed on 14 seasons of the show (as of Season 30), which is more than anyone else in show history. He has also made the most money from the show, at over $685,000. (No one else even comes close! Wes Bergmann– who has banked $248,000–holds the second place title in terms of prize money won overall.)

Here are the other reported Season 30 competitors:


Jenna Compano (Real World: Explosion)
Latoya Jackson (Real World: St. Thomas)
Marie Roda (Real World: St. Thomas)
Cory Wharton (Real World: Explosion)
Dario Medrano (Are You The One? Season 2)
Jordan Wiseley (Real World: Portland)
Leroy Garret (Real World: Las Vegas 2)
Tony Raines (Real World: Skeletons)

New Schoolers:

Alicia Wright (Are You The One? Season 5)
Amanda Garcia (Are You The One? Season 3)
Ashley Mitchell (Real World: Explosion)
Britni Thorton (Are You The One? Season 3)
Kailah Casillas (Real World: Go Big or Go Home)
Tori Deal (Are You The One? Season 4)
Christopher Ammon (Real World: Go Big or Go Home)
Derrick Henry (Are You The One? Season 5)
Devin Walker (Are You The One? Season 3)
Hunter Barfield (Are You The One? Season 3)
Nelson Thomas (Are You The One? Season 3)
Shane Raines (The Challenge: Bloodlines)

 MTV has yet to confirm the cast list.
(Photos: MTV)

30 Responses

  1. Garcia is not so newcomer, this would be her third challenge, so she may be on the “middle school” team probably, and all the newcomers on the “new school”

  2. What ever happened to Katie (Doyle? Was that it?). She was always wildly entertaining. Rachel Robinson too!

  3. I just realized Ashley is on this list. That girl is so annoying. Coming up with the word “poli-d*cking” doesn’t make you smart. It makes you a ho.

  4. I just don’t get why Are You The Ones are here while they have THEIR OWN COMPETITION SHOW! Before I thought fine but with Second Chances on, they have already something like The Challenge. I guess a lot of Real Worlders are through with Challenges (Road Rulers even more, there are only three here, where is crazy Abram?!) so they must fill the gap somehow. Their show is becoming boring tho so with all of this new kids I don’t even know, it is pointless watching for me. Only care about the Old Schoolers (and some kinda new-Schoolers) here.

    1. I just saw the cheating bastard is on it ofc. Just watch how long will it take him to cheat on Alyssa (idk if they are still together or not tho). At least he does his Challenges to afford knocking up every woman who crosses his path HAHA.

    2. Probably because they are running out of new blood from The Real World, they are not doing Road Rules anymore so they have to bring new blood from somewhere else. I wish they revived Road Rules! the challenges were more interesting when it was Real World vs Road Rules

  5. I don’t know but even for Johnny that isn’t excellent pay. 14 seasons over how many years? How much does MTV pay them just to do the show? It seems la lot more prosperous and stable to just get a real job and work hard to advance.

    1. But I think it’s more than the pay. It’s also the experience. MTV flies you to some crazy location, you get to do these insane stunts and party with “friends,” nevermind the fact that they pay you AND you have a chance of winning even more. Who would choose a “real job” over that opportunity? Most of them have real jobs anyway.

  6. Veronica, Darrell and Derrick are appealing, but I just don’t think that’s enough to make me look past how ungodly sick I am of seeing Johnny Bananas, Camila, Cara Maria, Cory and Tony (among others). And I fucking hate Aneesa, so that does nothing for me. It hasn’t even been that long since she’s been on. I remember her getting all butthurt about Cory so that had to have been relatively recently.

  7. I love CT. If you’re watching the current season, you can see how much he has matured. I don’t know if it’s because of Diem’s death or the fact that he now has a son, or a combination of both, but he’s like a totally different person. Team CT.

    1. I have always loved CT. Well, maybe my love arose when he wore a Bananas backpack! I have rewatched that scene so many times! I agree that diem’s death and his son seem to have helped him grow up.

  8. I’m excited to see Veronica back. I wish Coral and the Miz would come back, and Tonya. Great to see more vets!

      1. Tonya won’t be back. She accused Evan and Kenny of assaulting her with a toothbrush and sued MTV. @theashley did an article about it a while back.

        1. Wow! i didn’t hear about that, but i definitely believe it. Tonya and her kidney stones were a little loopy.

  9. I’m glad Leroy is back. I know he was only gone for one season but I felt so bad for him when he had to go home early 2 times in a row on Bloodlines and Rivals 3 due to injuries. He’s good guy. I hope he wins this time. And what’s up with Veronica returning? She’s almost 40 and nobody likes her. I’m also disappointed to see Amanda returning since she’s such a bitch but she’s good tv so I guess that’s understandable. I don’t really understand why they keep asking Dario back. He’s boring and really brings nothing to the show.

  10. Damn I hope nobody breaks a hip! JK! But some are a little old for the house shenanigans and hook ups now I do believe.

  11. I won’t watch another season unless Mark Long comes back. I don’t care how old he is, he’s my fave.

    1. Coral is the best! I would love to see her and the Miz return…just one more time. I’m tired of all these slutty girls getting wasted and crying all season. I want to see Coral come in and put them all in their place.

        1. One of my friends told me that he’s hosting the reunion for season 29. I know that’s not the same but probably all his wwe contract would allow

  12. Nope.

    None of them are enough of a draw to pull me in. Try next time to get some real old timers to come. You know, those over 40. There’s plenty of them to choose from.

  13. Haven’t watched any of these shows in years, yet was a long time real world fan over a decade ago. I always felt like the cast was OLDER than me. Yet I see myself right in the mix of their ages… fml I’m old.

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