“16 and Pregnant” Season 4 Stars Hope Harbert & Ben Lagle Welcome Second Child

Meet the newest member of the “16 and Pregnant” family!

It’s a girl for 16 and Pregnant couple Hope Harbert Ben Lagle!

The couple, who starred together on the show’s fourth season, welcomed their second child earlier today, according to Hope’s Facebook fan page. Hope and Ben named their daughter Meia Grace, in honor of Ben’s grandmother who passed away a few years ago.

Baby Meia joins the couple’s son, Tristan, whom Hope gave birth to during her “16 and Pregnant” episode, which first aired in May 2012. Hope announced her second pregnancy back in November.

In cute photos posted to the Facebook page, Hope is shown holding her newborn daughter. In another photo, Tristan admires his new baby sister.

Hope’s caption to this photo is too cute: “He said mommy she’s so beautiful and stared crying. Then the nurse came in.”

Hope and Ben are one of the few couples from “16 and Pregnant” still together today. Unlike many of the couples from the show, Hope and Ben have not gotten married, which may be the reason they’ve been able to remain together.

Currently, only four of the 12 girls featured on Season 4 are still with their first child’s father. (Those girls are Hope, Mackenzie McKeeJordan Howard and Myranda Trevino.) Even fewer girls from the other seasons are still with their original baby-daddies.

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(Photos: Facebook)


  1. Love the name and I think it’s great her and Ben are still together. I remember on a catch up special when Ben was sleeping in a tent in her parents yard but I think Hope later revealed that was a little exaggerated.

  2. Getting married has nothing to do with a relationship falling apart. If it’s going to fall apart when people get married they probably had no business getting married in the first place.

  3. It’s remarkable they are still together especially since their son was conceived from a one night stand. I hope they get married soon now that they have two kids.

    1. You’re thinking of the wrong one. This one they hooked up several times, pull out didn’t work. He was three sheets in the wind for the first part but finally came around. Her mom Betsy ( with the blue eyeshadow) said she didn’t have the finances or room for Hope and the baby to live with her. So Ben wanted her to move in with him a ways away from her mom. And she started working at a pizza place to try and get friends.

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