Watch Farrah Abraham Insult 8 People in Under 9 Minutes

“What can I say? I’m gifted!”

Farrah Abraham will be the first person to tell you that she is good at everything. However, one of the Teen Mom OG star’s greatest talents is having the ability to insult the people in her life, and keep the feud between her and her MTV co-stars going strong!

In an Facebook Live interview on Thursday with In Touch Weekly, Farrah really outdid herself, in terms of how many people she was able to throw shade at in just nine minutes!

Let’s take a look…

She implied that Tyler Baltierra is gay.

When the reporter brought up the recent rumors that claimed Farrah’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star, Tyler, was cheating on his wife Catelynn Lowell, Farrah wasted no time in taking a swipe at Ty’s sexuality.

“[He’s the type to cheat] probably with a gay guy!” Farrah says gleefully.

“OK, that’s my thoughts. You may need to digest that,” she tells the bewildered reporter.

She said Amber Portwood looked like a ‘cheap hooker’ in her wedding dress.

Even though Farrah says that her ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star has apologized to her “many of times,” Farrah couldn’t help but get in a jab at Amber, who was shown on a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ trying on a wedding dress.

“I must have fast-forwarded right through that because I don’t even know what it looks like,” Farrah said before lowering the boom on Amber. “I think her pink hair took away from the whole dress. I mean, it looks like cheap hooker…I mean, if you want to get married like that, it’s your choice.”

She revealed that she and Amber haven’t spoken since their on-stage Reunion rumble.

“I don’t speak to criminals,” she said. “Her and her criminal convict whatever she’s into, she should have that time in her life and I’m totally far separated from that.”


She basically called Matt Baier a pedophile…again.

Farrah and Simon Saran’s 2016 comments that Amber’s fiancé “looks like a pedophile” were what started Farrah’s brawl with Amber. Months later, Farrah says she doesn’t regret making the comments.

“I mean, if someone’s a pedophile it’s a pedophile,” Farrah said of Matt. “I mean he continues to act like it with writing books about me, using outlandish things that are not true but they ‘know Farrah more’ than anybody.”

Does Farrah even know what a pedophile actually is? Can someone inform her that someone writing a book about her doesn’t qualify as a pedophilic action?

She scolded Kail Lowry for getting pregnant again.

“I am not about the drama, nor do I encourage other Teen Moms to continue to have unplanned pregnancies and situations like this,” Farrah said of Kail, who is pregnant with her third child. “This is why I’ve started the show. This is why I continue to do the show. I am more about talking success and women striving to do their hardest and turning things around and I welcome and I’m happy for everybody else who gets pregnant on Teen Mom.”

She said she can’t stand being around her parents.

When Farrah was asked what the hardest part of filming ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition’ was, she revealed that she has a hard time just being around her parents, Debra Danielsen and Michael Abraham.

“[The hardest part] in general is just being there with them,” Farrah said, adding that she does believe that appearing on the show helped her family.

Farrah also revealed that Debra (also known by her alias, “Debz OG”) actually left the ‘Boot Camp’ house to “go get engaged” to her boyfriend, Dr. David Mertz. That, of course, pissed Farrah off.

She said that Chad Ochocinco Johnson is not worthy of dating her.
Farrah told the reporter that her ‘Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition’ co-star, Chad Ochocinco Johnson is “crushing on her” (of course), but there’s no way she’d date him.

Farrah didn’t specify why Chad was not someone she’d date, but fans with good memories may recall that last year, Farrah stated that she doesn’t “date black guys” and really ruffled peoples’ feathers when she was quoted as saying that dating African-American guys is more of a “Kardashian thing.”

She implied her on/off boyfriend, Simon Saran, isn’t worthy of her either.

Farrah claims that, since she had to buy her own engagement ring, she doesn’t really need Simon. In fact, she said she may just ditch Simon all together and marry her true love: herself.

(No seriously, she actually said that.)

Watch Farrah’s full interview with In Touch Weekly below:

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38 Responses

  1. It’s really sad that she has grown to be more mean and hateful. I always hoped she would get the therapy she needs, but I think it’s too late now.

  2. When will this dumb hooker have a life-depleting accident??? She serves no purpose other than a placeholder for a decent human that could be inhabiting this planet.

  3. I think the reason Farrah likes to down her ADULT costars who are in ADULT COMMITTED relationships that are having children is because she can’t find anyone that wants to have a kid with her! Case in point…Simon. If you can’t lock down a slimy gross douchebag like Simon..I’m pretty sure…you won’t find anyone else that can tolerate your mean, bratty selfish diva behavior. It’s disgusting. Farrah buys her own engagement ring and can’t even get reimbursed for it. I guess money really can’t buy everything, huh? Maybe instead of buying plastic surgery and businesses Farrah needs to open up her eyes and see how horribly she treats people.

  4. Can someone who actually cares about Sophia ask the court for a drug test please?
    (I am looking at her grandparents and aunts here.)

  5. DebzOG & her apple share the same weird behaviors & interactions with others. I think its funny that she can’t stand her mother, because she is EXACTLY like her..especially when she parents Sof.
    As for her disses? She just has no filter. Lots of people think Matt looks like a pederass, ambie is sloppy druggy ho &Tyler -who knows what that kid is into but he is not Happy. But ppl don’t usually say this stuff out loud. I had a friend w no filter once. I’m not her friend anymore & she jumps from group to group of friends because no one wants to stay friends w an obnoxious asshole

  6. The comments on this topic are as funny as the article. Thanks for a couple of great laughs, Sophia’s pony, Deb’s blond wig and word salad!

  7. Considering she’s gotten all this therapy (granted it’s essentially fake therapy in which the therapists can’t get through to her or kick her to the curb for noncompliance), she certainly has not made any improvements in her mental health, attitude or interpersonal skills. I would LOVE to see an IQ test for her. Stupid is as stupid does

  8. Farrah has never and will never get it. She lives in her own demented reality. They irony is her always talking about how negative everyone else is and she has to be one of the most unhappy people I have ever seen.

  9. Did Farrah just say Simon speaks fluent Punjabi? Lmafo that would not be Asian it would be Indian!!
    She is not only crazy as the day is long, she’s dumber than a box of rocks…
    One example of that is when she severances her relationship with Kiana at FroCo.
    Or that Farrah has her own life and that babygoo has her own life and does her own thing-quote
    Or when Sophia lost a tooth and Farrah said loosing your teeth should be special, I like to add passion and something special to everything…the years are flying by..-quote
    Or I feel if I can’t show my true self, and I can’t explore who I am, then it would be lieing to myself and stunt my growth-quote
    Or when Maci stops lieing being immature like the rest, ect…ect..ect
    Anyway she’s 100% delusional, she can do all the therapy she wants.
    Drs can’t fix stupid..
    And she’s also looking a little bit chubby, just sayin…

  10. She’s trying to insult people but most of what she says doesn’t even make sense. She sounds stupid. I can’t wait until her 5 minutes are up (which should’ve been 6 years ago).

  11. She reminds me of one of those precocious children who ends up embarrassing hersefl and her family because she says far more than she should for attention and laughs.

  12. My favorite thing about Farrah is how she continually says she doesn’t want drama in her life and doesn’t start the drama but then she goes and does shit like this which is literally starting all the drama

  13. I 100% believe Farrah would marry herself or have a wedding type celebration for herself.

    And can she stop throwing the pedohile word around?! As much as I despise Matt that’s a strong accusation..deadbeat, creep, d-bag, any other word could be used to describe him. Someone please throw Farrah a dictionary..preferably at her face!

    1. I agree. But Farrah has no clue what that word means. I wish someone would ask her what it means. Lol. That would be great!

  14. Sometimes I wonder if Farrah is pulling a Spencer and Heidi and just being insane for the camera. I can’t believe someone can actually be this unstable and crazy.

  15. Im a black woman but on behalf of black men everywhere, they don’t want to date you either. Chad doesn’t count. Don’t ask me why he doesn’t, he just doesn’t. Considering she called Blac Chyna a monkey last year, Id also venture off and say that maybe Farrah doesn’t even like black people.

    1. Didn’t Farrah date a black dude when Sophia was really little? Like maybe during the first season of Teen Mom. I think he was a football player or something. Did I just dream this?

  16. A person that is as mean and hateful as Farrah is very mentally screwed up. What is even more crazy is that she is completely oblivious to how she is. I feel bad for her more than anything. I feel even worse for her poor daughter.

  17. So did I hear her right? In the interview she said there is going to be a “Being Simon” special now? That guy is barely even on the show, and he’s not even related to anyone on the show! Why should he get a special? Who is going to even watch that?

    1. if simon doesnt deserve a special than the same could be said about deadbeat dad matt, but he got one anyways.
      i like simon and i cant wait to watch it

  18. Wow I agree with her comments about Matt, Tyler, and Amber…I never thought I’d agree with Farrah!

      1. But god help anyone criticize Farrah
        She goes mental is anyone calls her out on her behavior and actions.
        She dishes it out but can’t take it.

        She’s a fucking nasty horrid grotesque bitch, she is a waste of oxygen

  19. Farrah needs to worry about her plastic face becoming scarier and scarier before worrying about anyone else. Also, for the love of God would someone please teach Farrah English instead of the constant word salad that she continually vomits.

  20. Surprised! No! I do agree about Kailyn tho.Why r they still on the show n still promoting safe sex when they r still getting pregnant without marriage first. I don’t understand. SMH!

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