Abby Lee Miller Explains Why She Chose to Get Weight-Loss Surgery Right Before Her Fraud Case Sentencing

“Clearly I don’t always make good decisions!”

Former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller recently underwent weight loss surgery, despite the fact that she is only weeks away from being sentenced to the bankruptcy fraud charges she plead guilty to last year.

Abby Lee, who, of course, allowed Entertainment Tonight to bring in a camera crew to capture her sleeve gastrectomy surgery  in all of its gory detail, told the show that she saw nothing wrong with getting major surgery even though she could soon end up behind bars.

“I think this is the right time,” Abby Lee told ET in an interview before the surgery. “People are saying, ‘But your sentencing is coming up in a couple weeks…and that is true, and I’m really nervous about that, more than the surgery. But there’s no right time. Maybe this is some miraculous way that someone is telling me, ‘Hey, do it now so that whatever happens, maybe you’ll be a little bit healthier. Maybe you’ll be a little more in shape.’ Who knows?'”

The surgery, which saw the removal of about 80 percent of Abby Lee’s stomach, will require the out-of-work reality star to totally overhaul her diet. Of course, Abby Lee claims that she had previously tried to eat healthier– even trying a vegan diet at one point– but she says the folks on the ‘Dance Moms’ set kept sabotaging her by bringing her hoagies.

Dontcha hate when that happens?!

Since Abby Lee is no longer working on ‘Dance Moms’ (she quit the show in March and was almost instantly replaced by Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke), she can focus on her recovery from the surgery…at least until her sentencing on May 8.

If you’d like to see some graphic video of Abby Lee’s surgery, you can check out her YouTube channel, where she’s posting videos relating to her surgery (or as she calls it “spilling her guts–literally.”)

If you’re not into watching gross surgery videos, you can watch a (blood-free) clip of Abby Lee’s interview with ET below.

(Photo: Entertainment Tonight)

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  1. My brother and sister in law had gastric bypass surgery. Guess what… They’re both FAT again. It’s not a quick fix. You still have to watch what you eat after having it done.

  2. Only two celebrities get sympathy from one is Rob Kardashian and the other is Abby. I really eant here to find a good husband, someone who truly loves her. Because how are you going to hate on and be mean to someone who has no mother no father no siblings no cousins and no pets no children. If you have one of thoses things you have way more than her.

    1. It’s all ultimately a rich man’s trick with little justice for the run of the mill people.

  3. I don’t get gastric bypass. I always watch my 600 pound fat ass life. That dr makes them lose 50 pounds or so every month in order to get the bari-fat-tric surgery. And they can do it. They can lose weight when they want something or when their family stops enabling them. Then they gave the desire, willpower and miraculous ability to lose the weight. You need will power to lose the weight with or without surgery. If you don’t have the willpower, desire and discipline BEFORE having the surgery you won’t miraculously get it after the surgery. That is why a huge portion of the surgeries fail. This does not guarantee you a lifetime of slenderness. You will always have to work at it. Regardless of her size though she will always be a disgusting pig because of her personality.

  4. I totally get that losing weight is hard but…come on! Unless the Dance Moms people were forcefully shoving the hoagies down her throat, I don’t think she can blame it on them.

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