‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Accuses Rival Farrah Abraham of Using Cocaine & Doing Other Shady Things

“Oh no she did NOT!” “Um, yeah I did!”

The catfight between ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood continued last week, with Amber hitting back at Farrah for some comments the Backdoor Teen Mom made about her and some of their cast mates. (Farrah said Amber looked like a “cheaper hooker” in her wedding dress, among other things.)

Round 258 of the ‘Teen Mom’ Feud started when Farrah posted a photo on Instagram that showed her and her sometimes-boyfriend Simon Saran flipping houses. When fans began to accuse Farrah of “copying” Amber in the house-flipping venture, Farrah attempted to set the record straight… in her own special way.

(The Ashley has not edited Farrah’s comment because she enjoys “Farrah Speak.”)

“First off – we flip in San Fran, 2. I love everyone wealthy or not!” Farrah wrote in the comment section of her photo, before insulting Amber and her fiancé Matt Baier. “3. B**ch hate & watch & take notes so you can make $$$$$$$$$$ lol like amber & Matt wish they could “AHH” I love admirer’s we do it better then everyone & my friends on HGTV & All networks will agree 2 that – Enjoy !!!!!! Stop commenting when you don’t know s**t . #Drabtofab #HoodtoHip”

Amber must have been told that Farrah was talking about her on Instagram, as she chimed in to offer her own comments in the photo’s comment section.

“Don’t comment on a real woman sweetheart!” Amber wrote. “I gave you family bootcamp lol and I make money on my houses…I don’t lose money like your other house.”

(Amber is referring to the fact that Farrah was, indeed, the third ‘Teen Mom’ girl approached by WEtv to do Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition. As The Ashley told you, Jenelle Evans was approached to do the show, but she turned it down. The network then approached Amber, who also turned it down. Finally, they asked Farrah and her family because, well, they never turn down a reality show offer!)

Next, Amber started spilling some tea on Farrah.

“This is why you shouldn’t do cocaine and drink all the time okay honey,” Amber wrote. “Your forgetting things like you know That guy you met online in NY?? Keep it up and I will literally stop all this with one interview and text messages. Don’t play with a true Queen sweetheart try me!!”

Please pray to the ‘Teen Mom’ Gods that Amber leaks those text messages!

(Photos: MTV)


18 Responses

  1. Ah, finally, someone starts to talk about the camel in the room!
    Farrah is often high-high-high.

  2. I keeo typing comments it doesnt take them. But i just want to say Farrah you do make big mistakes & bad decisions & the biggest one is you removing your mom from your life. That is a decision that will haunt you for the rest of your life. And what kind of message is that sending to your daughter to hate her grandmother which by the way she was treating her horrible before she left last time because of what you taught her. You are a horrible person. Amber we love you dear! You are a darling! Keep doing what your doing. Let Farrah copy you maybe you can teach her a few things like kindness & sincerity. Love you girl! MTV plz take Farrah off the show. She only sends negative messages.

    1. You are fresking joking, right? Ambie is a train wrecked on every level. I’m certainly not advocating for Farrah but come on. Ambie is not any better!

    1. They are all stunted developmentally in some way, doesn’t mean they can’t function in society or even eek a decent living, but in the end it will crash down around them.

  3. This is all so dramastic!

    Please Amber, do all of us who live for this TM drama a favour and leak those messages.


  4. Can someone tell me in NORMAL PEOPLE LANGUAGE what she actually tried to say?! Lol, if you are trying to insult someone, at least do it coherently!

    I hate Amber’s “real woman” talk too. She said at the reunion, she is A REAL WOMAN because she defended her man?! REALLY, AMBIE?! Defendind a serious breeder, molester, cheater, frauder and everything else doesn’t make you a real woman, it makes you look dumb.

    So yeah, I hate them both and hope they get off media and stop the petty fights. At least we can take as a plus that they both only have one kid and hopefully it stays that way for long.

  5. I really don’t understand how Farrah has such a poor grasp on the English language. HOW in god’s name is she unable to put together a coherent sentence?

    1. *sniff COCAINE *sniff
      The brain moves faster than the mouth or texting thumbs. Also, she is what I like to term “hyper dumb” where ignorance is overshadowed by a complete lack of interest in anything that doesn’t immediately give you money. It is a common problem with society today but can be acutely observed in Farrah’s craziness. You would think that with Youtube, young folks would be less impressed by being broadcast, be it tv or internet but no, that is why these idiots try to sing into the Live PD cameras and pose provocatively as they all think they will be scooped up by some sugar daddy. smh

  6. This whole situation is such a hot mess and I hope those messages do get leaked! I also find it hilarious that Farrah tweets like a 12 year old on AIM.

    1. Lmfao I wouldn’t be surprised if that was Farrah ??‍♀️ Except whoever posted seems to have a reading level above that of a 6 year old, so I suppose we can rule Farrah out…

  7. Omg lol- could this be a reference to Farrah’s supposed “prostitution”? I never believed it, but it sure does sound like that’s what Amber is insinuating. Praying Amber gets mad enough to spill the rest of the story ?? Knowing Farrah, we won’t have to wait long. She won’t be able to stop herself from firing back and all hell will break loose.

    1. Id love for Amber to spill it. I think Farrah is an escort to be honest. I think that’s what all her ambiguous traveling and meetings are all about. That fight she got into with the Uber driver last year, she claimed she and Simon were on their way to a “friend’s” house in the Hamptons. Uh yea…at 2 am…full hair and makeup. Sounds like she was going to meet a John or a sugar daddy. I also am not shocked to hear Farrah gets HIGH HIGH

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