Two “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Girls Announce Second Pregnancies

“Oops, we did it again!”

The 16 and Pregnant baby boom continues!

Aleah Lebeouf and Courtney Ames, who both starred on the show’s fifth season back in 2014, announced their second pregnancies over the weekend.

Courtney, who is best remembered for being the “born again virgin” from her season, is reportedly due to give birth this October. She and the baby’s father, Scott Snoddy, are already parents to son Dayton, who will turn four this December.

The couple broke up after their “16 and Pregnant” episode aired, but eventually reconciled. They got married on January 17, 2017.

Courtney’s sister Brittany expressed her excitement to become an aunt again by posting a photo to Instagram that showed how Courtney and Scott announced their pregnancy.

The post shows two Easter eggs, one with “Hitched 1-17-17” and a photo of the couple’s wedding rings. The other egg had a sonogram photo and the words “Hatching 10-14-17.”

Courtney’s “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 co-star, Aleah, also officially announced her pregnancy this weekend. (Her episode was memorable because she had diabetes, which complicated her pregnancy, and because she was acting as a stepmom to the young son of her boyfriend at the time, Shawn Burke.)

On Sunday, the mother of daughter Peyton posted an Instagram photo showing a bunch of positive pregnancy tests.

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“Well here it is everyone,” she captioned the photo. “I’m going to be a mama to a second wondorous miracle. To be honest I was scared to death when I found out and wondered if I could share the endless love I have for Peyton with another child. As it turns out, I can and I already do. So here’s your first introduction to the world, my sweet little baby. We love you already.”

The father of Aleah’s baby is her boyfriend Drake, whom she started dating in October. (Aleah and Shawn split sometime last year.)

On Sunday, Aleah posted that she was in the hospital, due to complications with the pregnancy.

“Here you have it,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m pregnant. I’m currently in the hospital doing all I can to keep my baby safe & growing inside me. Peys so excited!!

Courtney and Aleah are the fourth and fifth girls from their “16 and Pregnant” season to have a second pregnancy. Their cast mate Summer Rewis had a second baby in 2016. Savannah Mooney also had a second pregnancy, but chose adoption for the son she gave birth to in June 2016. Millina Kacmar, who also starred on Season 5, was pregnant last year but miscarried.

Just recently, Jordan Ward of Season 3 announced that she’s pregnant with her third baby, while Season 4’s Hope Harbert gave birth to her second child over the weekend.

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  1. Not trying to be a prude, but in today’s world why do these girls jump into bed with every guy that shows a little interest in them? Sex has become as meaningful as a good-night kiss on the first date. It’s no wonder STD’s are spreading like wildfire. My grandchildren thought something was wrong when they are the only kids living with both of their natural parents…one mom and one dad. And it seems like all of the fathers want to be kept men. Do any of them really have careers? Jenelle (David) seems to of gotten it together, but needs to run fast from David. I have the feeling he is violent and controlling behind the scenes. Why lie as to were you fighting or not and then looking at her like you are gonna get it when the cameras leave cause you told on me? What a jerk. She can and should do much better!!

  2. Randomly weird but I thought the second egg had a note that said “flat lining” instead of “hatching” because of the strange looking H and it took me awhile to figure out what it really said.

  3. Oh wow, another two girls pregnant in a series that is supposed to promote safe sex. Screw you, Dr Drew! It has just become a message: “Go pregnant and you will become rich!” or “See, when you start dating someone, you can soon get pregnant by him!” Such BS, I can’t even.

    Courtney and Scott’s announcement is actually funny and cute (don’t know if it was their original idea or they copied it from somewhere). They are married and expecting a child. SEE?! IT CAN BE DONE IN THAT ORDER! (Speaking to all Teen Mom girls who got engaged and got pregnant before the wedding)

    Aleah, I mean, dating since October and already knocked up?! That has got to be a new record! Srsly, smh. (And DON’T become a new Mackenzie, nobody needs that!)

  4. Ew why do these girls always get pregnant right after they start dating someone? They need to invest in some better birth control.

    I’m on the pill and have never had an oopsie pregnancy with my boyfriend of 3 years. Like EVER. It’s really not hard at all to prevent pregnancy. These girls are all idiots

    1. It’s crazy, isn’t it?! It makes me laugh how Dr D always pipes up with statistics of teen pregnant going down! I bet if they did some kind of stats on all the 16 and preggers girls, it would be a different story…

  5. Didn’t Aleah even get a tattoo of the boyfriend’s son’s name? I wonder if she is still in contact with him. It would be sad if she isn’t because they were very close.

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