‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You Missed Over the Weekend

“I just can’t keep up with all this ding-dang drama, y’all!”

The Teen Mom cast certainly stayed busy over the last weekend—what with all the feuds, photo shoots and fiance drama!

In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the weekend’s ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Monday Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 things that happened over the last weekend…

Jeremy Calvert & Leah Messer stirred up a lot of drama by posting a few photos online.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars sent the show’s fans into a tizzy on Friday night when Leah posted several pics of her cuddling up to her ex-husband Jeremy at a local bar. The photos, which were posted to Leah’s Instagram and Snapchat, made fans wonder if the couple was giving their relationship (which was filled with bacon slappin’, deer cam cheatin’ and “wersher and dryer” arguin’) another shot.

Jeremy’s on-and-off-again fiancé, Brooke Wehr was apparently very unhappy about the photos that were posted of Jeremy and Leah. She retaliated by posting a photo of herself in bed with a dude with bad hair (as you do), and posting several negative things about Jeremy on Instagram.

The Ashley spoke to Jeremy to get his side of the story. You can read that interview and get all the rest of the details by clicking here.

Kail Lowry inspired a lot of young girls.

Pregnant Kail Lowry took her college graduation photos on Saturday, posing in a cap and gown with her baby bump on full display. Her cap was decorated to say, “Mom of 3 + a degree.”

Mom x3 + a degree ??‍? new blog post up on kaillowry.com of my grad pix shoot we did yesterday with the boys ?

A post shared by Kailyn Lowry (@kaillowry) on

Although Kail has received a lot of criticism over the past few months for getting knocked up and having three babies by three different guys, she did earn the respect from some of her haters for obtaining a Bachelors degree. None of the other girls from ‘Teen Mom’ have earned a four-year college degree. (Farrah Abraham claims to have a bunch of college degrees but…it is Farrah, so they may be from the College of Froco for all we know.)

On her blog, Kail discussed how proud she is to have achieved her goal of graduating.

“If you follow any amount of the show, you know I’ve been struggling to get through school and earn my bachelor’s over the last 6 years… Yes, 6 years,” she wrote. “Between teen motherhood, financial hurdles in the beginning, then moving to a new state, marriage, babies and divorce… and then of course just wanting to give up, I (barely) held on and I’m FINALLY graduating May 13! This has been an extremely long and emotional road for me and for my family.”

Ashley Salazar confused a lot of young girls.

Ashley, who starred on the second season of “16 and Pregnant,” recently gave birth to her second child, a boy she named Phoenix. Ashley has been documenting Phoenix’s life on her social media accounts and, over the weekend, took to Twitter to express her distress that her son has not yet said his first words, unlike her daughter Callie (whom Ashley placed for adoption during her “16 and Pregnant” episode). Ashley claimed that Callie was chatting up a storm when she was still a newborn.

“A little disappointed, my son is 4 months and hasn’t said his first word yet. Callie said hers at 2 weeks. Oh well! Gotta love em!” Ashley tweeted and posted on her Instagram.

When some of Ashley’s confused followers pointed out how ridiculous Ashley’s story sounded, Ashley insisted it was true, even stating that her daughter was in the Guinness Book of World Records because of it.

“She said ‘how are you’ and my name,” Ashley tweeted.

“If you posted this as a joke, you have too much time on your hands. If this post was for real, you’re just an idiot,” one of her Instagram followers wrote.

This may have been Ashley’s attempt at making a joke, or she may really believe that her two-week-old daughter spoke to her. Either way, the whole thing was just strange.

Amber Portwood accused Farrah Abraham of doing drugs.

The feud between ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Amber and Farrah just keeps going! This week, Amber fired back at Farrah, who last week told a magazine that Amber “looked like a cheap hooker” in her wedding dress.

On Instagram, Amber accused her co-star of being fond of the “bugger sugar.”

“This is why you shouldn’t do cocaine and drink all the time okay honey,” Amber wrote on Farah’s Instagram photo.

To get all the details and see what else the ladies had to say, click here!

24 Responses

  1. By the way, am I mistaken or has Leah’s nose changed?
    She denied she had any cosmetic surgery done not that long ago.

    ‘Monkey’ subject?

  2. Right on!
    4. Brooke needs to learn to either keep her legs or her mouth closed.

    1. Dangit (mom), that was meant as a reply to the first comment all the way down.
      Sorry, again. Reloading issues.

  3. Putting aside the bonkers ridiculous idea that Ashley’s first kid spoke basically immediately after her birth…anyone else disturbed that she’s negatively comparing her newborn son to the daughter she’s very publicly regretting giving up for adoption? Fictitious facts aside, you can’t compare your two kids, let alone on a public platform where people are tracking your life. That poor boy is in for a lifetime of being compared to Callie, in both real and imaginary ways. Just sayin’…

    1. What was the record? First adopted baby to talk sense into the bio mother?
      (Xcuse me but that door was opened by her)

  4. When Kailyn posted pics of herself pregnant, she referred to the baby as Baby Lo and she still does. I think she might call the baby that in reference to her last name, Lowry not so much the father of the baby. I do think Chris Lopez is the father though. I just think Baby Lo is might be referring to herself.

    1. Supposedly the Lo meant “little one” according to one of her friends but she did confirm today that Chris Lopez is the father.

  5. If your two week-old asks you how you’re doing, in a compete sentence, the answer is “sleep- deprived and hallucinating.”

  6. ” She retaliated by posting a photo of herself in bed with a dude with bad hair (as you do), ”
    Literary gold right there. I laughed so hard I started my husband and baby hahah

  7. Kailyn,kids have good fathers with extremely supportive paternal families. I think people give Kailyn way too much credit and the fathers get way too little. Suzie’s home was very clean too and well decorated as I remembered. Kailyn is OCD. In sure her a neurotic neat freak but her kids seem closer to their fathers and stepfathers than they are with Kailyn.

  8. As much as Kailyn is a a horrible person I will say out of all the girls shes one of the best moms. Her children always look clean and taken care of. Both her children are well behaved. Her home always looks clean and she is the only teen mom with a 4 year degree. Congrats to Kailyn. She may be a bad wife and girlfriend but she is a good mom!

    1. The reason her children are so well behaved is because they’re afraid of their mom. They grew up witnessing more than once how Kail came for people seemingly out of nowhere. They know exactly how easily she can be triggered by pretty much anything, so they keep quiet and play along to avoid her wrath. She’s got a controlling personality and I’m not talking helicopter mom, I’m talking OCD/mind games/puppet mistress. At least, with Chris leaving her now, she won’t get a chance to push her children on yet another man as their new “Daddy” the same way she did it with Isaac and Javi after her split with Jo.

      1. I have to agree she is expressing more and more crapgoblin behavior. I personally think she and Javi kinda deserve each other but feel bad for the kids. They will never be normal though because if she badmouths Javi even 5 minutes more to them than she does on camera, then they are poisoned against him and confused already.

  9. I am glad Kail is finishing school. With that said as I was reading this I remembered when she asked Joe to borrow $600 to pay her tuition in the 1st or 2nd season of teen mom because her financial aide hadn’t come in yet. They were broken up, but Joe lent her the money. I do believe this was also the time when she was lying about taking Isaac with her to meet up with Jordan. I could be wrong about that part though. She was also living in Joe’s basement at the time and his family was all pitching in to babysit Isaac while she was at school. That’s back when joe had a real job too.

  10. Oh my gosh Ashley come on! She thinks she knows everything about parenthood. Callie is not her kid, she is the kid of her aunt and uncle. No baby talks at 2 weeks. And when would Callie have been talking that Ashley would have heard – when Ashley was calling her mother at work to ask how to clean up the baby after a dirty diaper or when she was shuffling her back and forth to her new parents?? Take several seats Ashley!

  11. I really think Ashley is (almost) as crazy as Farrah. We just don’t hear about it as much because she isn’t as well known.

  12. I don’t think farrah is on drugs. I think all that crazy is her. I think she has a long way away of acting pretty normal. She seems very stressed out. There has to be something behind the scenes of farrah life that made her act this way. It doesn’t come out of nowhere. She needs help and she can’t get a better life with her parents around, her bf Simon, her friends or any of the careers she has going on. And also her lifestyle and huge house. She is going to be like that for a very long time.

    As long as kail knows what she is getting into with 3 kids with different dads I don’t think it matters. Maybe she is just not the relationship type. But she is good at taking care of her kids and keeping up a house. To me she does a good job. But she is not a good partner.

  13. 1- I’m not a fan of Kail’s, but good for her.

    2- Ashley is mentally ill. I’ve always known it, this just further proves the point.

    3- I would not be surprised to learn that Farrah is a coke head.

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