‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Finally Reveals the Father of Her Third Baby

“OK it’s him!”

Kail Lowry has finally revealed the name of her baby’s father!

After months of keeping quiet about who fathered the baby she’s currently pregnant with, the Teen Mom 2 star randomly decided to reveal the man’s identity. When OK! magazine mistakenly reported that she was taking a DNA test kit to find out the identity of her baby’s father, Kail used the opportunity to correct the misinformation and reveal the truth.

She tweeted that Chris Lopez, who many fans have suspected for months to be the baby-daddy, is, indeed, the father of her third child.

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have been speculating about who fathered Kail’s baby ever since Kail officially confirmed to The Ashley back in February that she was pregnant.

“I know this isn’t the ideal situation, but those close to me have been very supportive and understanding,” Kail said at the time of the pregnancy announcement.

Although we now know that Chris is the father of the child, don’t expect to see him on ‘Teen Mom 2’ any time soon. As The Ashley previously told you Chris, 23, is not interested in filming for the show. The producers have been trying everything to get him to sign on to film, but so far he has not agreed.

Chris has refused to sign a release form for the show, which means that MTV can’t show his face or use his name on any episode. Last month, the show’s producers offered him up to $5,000 to appear on the show but Chris had refused.

Earlier today, The Ashley emailed Kail a request for comment on her baby daddy reveal.

“I wish Chris the best,” she replied. “I have nothing but positive things to say about him and it just felt like it was time to reveal that he was the dad.”

Kail has stated that she’s waiting until she gives birth to find out the sex of the baby.

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  1. Well good for her for finally nawworing it down. Only she knows how much random strange c@$k has been in there and done

  2. “Stop with the headlines already” Kail shut up. You kept it a secret because you loved the drama and attention more than anyone else. If you don’t want headlines like that written about you maybe you shouldn’t have slept around while you were married, gotten pregnant and act all coy when you’re asked who the baby’s father is. “Who am I pregnant by? Tee hee it’s a secret! Omg you guys are so obsessed with me! Leave me alone! I don’t want all this attention for my mystery pregnancy that I could easily put all the rumors to rest for!” Grow up.

  3. Kail is just flat out gross, and this loser that gave her his fluids probably doesn’t want to go on because he has warrants and or a criminal record, that would be the only reason, all the other losers on this show beg to be on for the money!

    1. Just curious but a) why do you think he has a record and warrants and b) why do you think he’s a loser? We literally know nothing about him other than he’s 23 and goes to her college. I don’t think that’s fair to assume. He probably doesn’t want his life dissected, maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to be on the show. If anything it makes him look less of a loser because he isn’t banging on their door asking for his closeup and check. Kail probably chased him off and told him he couldn’t be a part of the child’s life, like she always does. Let’s find out more about him before stereotyping him because that’s exactly what you did. Because he’s black you assume he’s a loser with a record and warrants.

  4. So someone mentioned on a teen mom reddit thread that Kailyn ripped his dreads out and scratched him and some people saw pics. Anyone else hear about this?

    1. Omg lmao what? That’s not a shock at all. Hulk is capable of any kind of violence against men. Funny we never see or hear about her jumping in women’s faces because she would get stretched out like a mattress.

  5. Is Chris the guy that Javi was upset she was texting while they were married, and the guy whom was seen in her house after she and Jack separated?

      1. Bebe Buzzer, I think “Jack” might be “Javi” after autocorrect.

  6. You know what gets me though? Not that it’s her third baby daddy, but the fact Kail (and her fans) were so quick to frame Javi as controlling and manipulative when Kail would go out with friends or she would text people behind his back. And then what happened? She fooled around with “friends” while he was deployed and got pregnant by a “friend”. Yet Javi was the paranoid one. That’s what kills me. Javi smelled the smoke but Kail continued to lie and say there was no fire. Yeesh.

    1. Was Chris actually the guy she was texting the day of the concert that javi was so uncomfortable with? even when it happened I thought he had every right to say what he said and feel how he felt

      1. I had same thought but couldn’t remember which season or episode to go look and see if they mention him by name

  7. Seriously, I think she likes all the drama in her life. I applaud the father for not wanting to be part of the show. The baby will provide ratings for the show. It’s time for MTV to put this show to rest. These people are not “teens” anymore. Plus, they are showing the production crew chatting and getting personal with the cast. The kids don’t have a say, but they are getting older and it’s time to get the camera out of their face. Just let them be kids without the media.

    1. I agree. I remember Maci saying Bentley gets a little freaked sometime when strangers come up to him because they recognize him from the show. That’s not fair to the kids to have their personal space invaded. I wonder how they will adjust as they get older.

    1. If he’s smart he’ll refuse to allow the child to film. They live in a state where he’ll receive 50/50 custody if he asks for it, provided he doesn’t have any nasty skeletons in his closet. Likely a family court judge would prohibit the child from filming if he filed the paperwork.

  8. I guarantee she got pregnant on purpose and never cared if he was involved or not. She is so transparent.

      1. Maybe not so much sympathy from other people, but having 100% control of the parenting. Nobody to have to share the time with your children with, nobody to have to come to an agreement with. I’d just wish she could see how incredibly selfish that is of her. If you really want to have a child without having to deal with a baby daddy, go get yourself a sperm donor, don’t involve your child in the mess that is going to be your co-parenting with a man who never wanted a child with you.

        1. She has a “single mom” fantasy, and I’m not sure why she is romanticizing the idea.

        2. Also she’s going to be real upset when she doesn’t have a baby daddy/baby daddy’s family to drop the kid off at when she feels like going on a trip/to a concert/college classes/Mtv business/whatever other reasons she always decided to drop her other two off already and do whatever she wanted. Kail isn’t even close to as self made as she thinks she is and what’s more is she’s so ungreatful.

  9. It’s so frustrating that waiting to be in a serious, committed, stable relationship to have babies is harder for these girls than listening to Debra’s rap song, which btw literally raped my ears. Every child deserves even the chance to be born into a loving&working relationship. Kail is a selfish bitch.

  10. Kailyn new baby daddy is not that bad looking, plus he is college educated all, kailyn or not I don’t know why any guy would risk have sex with a woman who has two different baby daddies and is known to treat her men like garbage. Jo and his family treated her like a queen and look how she repay them and honestly she was probably one of the reasons why Jo’s parents divorced.

      1. Yeah they actually divorced I think about two seasons ago it’s too bad because we don’t get to see his mom anymore I really get the sense she genuinely cared about kail

  11. Damn, I had my money on Jo… lmao jk no surprise, she gave it away herself awhile ago repeatedly referring to the baby as baby Lo

    1. Well her last name also starts with Lo so that wasn’t what gave it away. One of her friends said that meant little one but either way both Lopez and Lowry start with Lo.

  12. His twitter is interesting. I’m not even on twitter, I just go to observe the drama.

    My gut instinct says that he referred to it as a “miracle baby” because she didn’t think she could get pregnant and that’s what she said right before they did the dirty. Another infertility miracle on this franchise!

    I doubt Javi is going to go on a rant. This is becoming just way too sad and pathetic. He’s in a good spot right now.

  13. I thought this was already known why was she trying to keep it under wraps? I wish her all the luck in the world because this just seems like it’s going to make her life so much more complicated she’s a great mom for sure but a of things ( custody co parenting issues) will come with the baby when you’re not necessarily with the father or significant other

    1. And why is she a great mom?She sleeps arround while she’s married.Her childeren have no stability.She is selfish

  14. Soooo…..He’s a long time friend….were they “friends” while she was married to Javi?…..ooooo the scandal! I’m betting a rant from Javi is coming in …3….2……

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