‘Teen Mom’ Stars Kail Lowry & Briana DeJesus to Have More Plastic Surgery by Dr. Miami After Having Their Babies

“Fix it, Doc!”

Teen Mom stars Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus will once again be going on under the knife of the Snapchatting doctor, Dr. Miami.

The gals, who are both currently pregnant, will apparently be getting post-baby nip ‘n’ tuck sessions with the good doctor.

In an interview with Radar Online,  Dr. Miami told us all about Kail’s upcoming surgery.

“Kail is scheduled to have surgery with me after she has this baby,” Dr. Miami said.

Of course, this is not Kail’s first time on Dr. Miami’s operating table. She already had a butt lift, tummy tuck and liposuction last year.

Dr. Miami didn’t specifically say what surgery the mom-to-be was having this time but he hinted that it could be another tummy tuck.

“There is a myth that you can only have a tummy tuck once you are done having kids,” he said. “But it’s not really true. You can have a tummy tuck after your first kid and if you get pregnant again you can have another one. The body has an amazing elastic.”

Briana DeJesus, the Teen Mom 3 star who will soon star alongside Kail on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ is also a former patient of Dr. Miami who will be coming back for more surgery after she gives birth.

Briana took to Twitter to brag about her upcoming surgery, tweeting a screenshot of a conversation she had with Dr. Miami.

“…I’m pregnant again so hopefully when I give birth. I would love to work with you again! Things are falling out of place,” she texted the doctor.

He congratulated Briana and said he would be glad to work with her again.

“This is why I love him so much,” Briana tweeted about Dr. Miami. “Got so many new ideas on what I wanna do! Stay tuned!”

On the same day as Kail’s surgery last year, Briana and her sister Brittany went under the knife, getting a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) as well as liposuction and a labiaplasty, all of which was broadcast to Dr. Miami’s thousands of Snapchat followers.

Both girls are currently pregnant due to have their babies this summer. This will be Kail’s third child and Briana’s second.

It’s not yet known whether Kail and Briana will have their surgeries shown on Dr. Miami’s new WEtv reality show, which is currently airing Fridays at 10 p.m.

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  1. This is not real life. Teenage mothers do not get to sit on their couches and carouse with their friends while a television show foots the bill. They don’t get rewarded with free plastic surgery for continuing to make irresponsible decisions. Teenage mothers do not get multiple book deals to tell their tales. I do think MTV had good intentions with this show but it’s lost the plot. Time to cancel. These girls won’t have any idea how to manage for real.

    1. I agree on your points. But I don’t want it to get cancelled because I like watching this trash lol

  2. All surgery has risks. Plastic surgery is a serious undertaking. There are many risks including infections and even death. Why do that especially being single mothers to multiple children why risk that for vanity sake. Now I know horrible things like that are rare but they do happen. I understand if there was a problem with how their body’s function that effects their life get it fixed but this is just so they can post pics next to skinny tea and waist trainers to get $$ not for their own health. I think it’s silly. Motherhood changes your body but this is what girls think now, if I ruin this body I can just buy a new one. Ugh.

  3. Because Kail’s surgery worked out so great last time? She looked awful! Hopefully after this time she eats better and exercises to Keep the results!

  4. Lol dumb whores. Stop getting knocked up by random dudes and then maybe you wouldn’t need tons of plastic surgery

  5. I have a hard time believing that any plastic surgeon worth their salt would continually be like “sure, get knocked up and come back we will fix it” over and over again. I get that the body/skin has great elasticity at their age but I’m sure their are other issues to deal with such as scarring. His behavior just strikes me as highly suspect!

        1. She switched to the Black/Afro-Latino dick after moving to Delaware lol. She’s obsessed with Black people now and it’s creepy as hell honestly

  6. Yes! Unless they’re getting their tube tied, I wouldn’t waste anymore time or money on PS. And they should really give their body time to heal after a pregnancy and not cause it even more trauma

  7. all these two buffoons are gonna do is get pregnant again….why not wait to have the surgery until they’re done being dumb and bringing innocent kids into the world with random dudes?….then again these two aren’t too bright.

  8. So the first operation was basically pointless?! Such a waste of PAIN mostly (not just time and well, they got it for free). I am extremely pain sensitive and cringe at the though of having to endure it just to get a “perfect body”. If you didn’t want to screw it up, girls, then maybe you shouldn’t get pregnant in the first place! Just look at Farrah (bad example but at least she is smart enough to not get knocked up again).

    1. Thats so true. I think the only redeeming “quality” Farrah has is that she hasnt got knocked up again. But with her horse face & horrid attitude, does any guy even want to have sex w/her (besides James Dean. Lol)?

  9. I think everybody’s entitled to have plastic surgery if they feel like it’s needed however I do question if they are paying for this? I read a comment once from kail that led me to believe she didn’t pay for it herself ( the first time) I just don’t think that’s right if that’s the case

    1. so you’re saying it’s okay to have plastic surgery if you pay for it, but if it’s free (or someone else pays for it), then it’s wrong? im confused at your logic

      1. I think they’re both in positions where they can afford to pay for it and they honestly should if it’s something they want to do and maybe if they did pay for it they would’ve thought twice about ruining their bodies only to have it done again I think you have to make a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle after having plastic surgery it’s not as easy as people think

  10. Legit question: I know the skin is flexible but don’t you run into trouble sooner or later when you have lots removed a few times? Does it not stretch to much?

    1. I think so. You can’t get a million tummy tucks. You can’t reopen old wounds over and over. Just like how you should only get 3 c sections MAX because opening the body up repeatedly can damage it horribly.

  11. Kail will never understand eating healthy and working out. To lose weight, she just goes and has plastic surgery. She has the money, so it’s taking the easy way out. I get having it once, but now she is having it again after the baby is born. Why would she want to have that much plastic surgery done at such a young age?!?

  12. I won’t even have a mole removed if there’s no medical reason for it (like it keeps going open or when cancer is suspected)! I really believe once you start cosmetic surgery purely to satisfy your self esteem, it’s a bad idea (not including the extreme cases where people get stared at as if they’re in a freakshow)… you never want to stop. The only thing that can really let you feel better about yourself in that way is therapy. I just feel sadness when I read Briana can’t wait to change her appearance for the second time. Again, just my opinion, feel free to disagree.

  13. Free plastic surgery. Again, not a real representation of the struggle of becomign a teen mom. I can only imagine how thin your skin would be after two tummy tucks and how jacked your vag would be after two labiaplasties. But kudos to them! They got their own show, ya’ll!

    1. Yes. Exactly why this show needs to end. I can’t believe they are casting a new 16 & pregnanrt ? Teens will get knocked up so they can be “famous” like the girls on teen mom.

    1. No matter what kind of plastic surgery Kailyn has or how many tattoos she covers up with, she is still fat and looks exactly the same. The last surgery did NOTHING :0

      1. I agree with you in that I don’t think the surgery made her look good at all ( it is not me trying to be shady) I just think it made her look Barbie plastic and her butt so awkward but don’t you think that’s more on the doctor? I’m surprised she decided to go back to him a second time I would think of it as more of a cautionary tale then my second option

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