‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Goes On Epic Instagram Rant About MTV & Exes Leah Messer & Brooke Wehr

When you’re a 12-pack in and realize you have access to over 400,000 people on Instagram…

Teen Mom 2 fans can always count on Jeremy Calvert to deliver an epic rant!

Leah Messer‘s ex-husband did not disappoint last night when he started an Instagram live video. Jeremy, who appeared to have been, um, “nipping at the cooking sherry” a bit before logging on, proceeded to bash his ex-fiance, Brooke Wehr, as well as MTV and his critics.

(Jeremy recently told The Ashley that he and Brooke are done for good this time.)

He didn’t, however, have anything bad to say about his ex-wife Leah Messer during the broadcast.

The rant, which one follower recorded and later put on YouTube, contained a lot of information (in between cuss words and references to Jeremy’s junk, naturally), and it was viewed by a large number of Jeremy’s 403,000 Instagram followers.

Here are some interesting things we learned from Jeremy’s rambling rant.

  • He’s tired of people thinking that he and Leah are back together just because they get along now: “Me and Leah, we co-parent great. Our daughter comes first. And she knows that I know that no matter what Addie comes first. For Christ’s sake, quit talking about me and [Leah] getting back together. It is f**king ridiculous…We co-parent fantastic even though MTV never wants to share that.”
  • MTV wants drama between him and Leah: All they want is the negative editing, arguments, fights, disagreements so they can f**king make a show. If you people are that g**damn stupid to not see that, what the f**k is your problem?… It’s not f**king hard to put two and two together, people…Yes, MTV just wants drama, people!” 
  • His daughter, Addie, is doing just fine, despite any rumors you may have heard: “She has a perfect life. And anybody that don’t think that they can go jump off a motherf**king bridge and die for all I care… I’m not perfect by no means, but I try my best. I work hard Monday-Saturday and I try my best to be available for my daughter. If she needs something, I’m there. If Leah needs something, I make it happen.”
  • He can’t just ‘stop filming’ for ‘Teen Mom 2’: “Everybody keeps saying, ‘Oh you can stop filming… at any time you want to.’ No motherf**kers you can’t. You signed a contract. So no you can’t. You don’t know anything about the contract.” [In Jeremy’s interview with The Ashley earlier this week, he admitted that he is filming for Season 8 because MTV offered him a lot more money to sign on.]
  • He claims that Brooke was cheating on him with a married guy: She’s trying to stay on her 15 minutes of fame. She can f**king hit the g**damn road. It’s pretty bad whenever you keep getting text messages and Instagram messages from people saying she’s been f**king somebody since January that’s married with two kids.”
  • He did hook up with Brooke’s best friend, but it was retaliation sex…or something: “Did I hook up with my fiance’s best friend? Yep. Sure did. Was I single at the time? Yes I was. 100%. Was she f**king another man for about two-and-a-half months before me and her friend hooked up? Yup. Sure was. F**king his brains out every day. And guess what? The only reason me and her friend hooked up was ’cause her fiance told her that him and Brooke hooked up so she was pissed off. I was pissed off. I was single. So we hooked up.” [As you do….]
  • He doesn’t like the show’s fans very much: “F**king people think they know everything. They can f**king f**k off and jump off a f**king bridge and die for all I care.”

Jeremy left us with this quote:

“I’m me, and I ain’t changin’ for a motherf**kin’ person in this world!”

If you would like to watch the video of Jeremy’s full Instagram Live rant, you can do so below. Just be forewarned that the video contains massive amounts of foul language, so be sure to pop on your headphones if you’re listening while at work!)

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Jeremy loves the drama. He once DM’ed me on Twitter, asking me to send a story about him and Brooke to one of them Teen Mom fansites.

  2. Alternative fact #1: Jeremy hates ‘the drama’
    Fact: He sure as hell loves fueling the flames.

  3. If you co-parent so well, maybe you shouldn’t embarrass her and your own daughter on social media. Doesn’t he know what you post online, stays on forever?! And one day Addie will find this clip *slow clap*
    And again bashing his ex. How mature for a man with a child.

  4. How cute, a ‘how to’ video.
    How to make
    Convince everyone, future employers or decent partners included, you are a dumb a-hole with an alcohol problem.
    He should thank MTV editing on his bare knees for not showing the real Jeremy often by the looks of it.
    Drama queen

    1. Seriously? Yes, this is obviously how all men in West VA act since one particular one is acting this way.

      It’s the same way that I know that all women in Austin TX are really stupid, slutty, delusional, ego maniacs, since that’s how Farrah is. And after all, she lives in Austin, so they all must be that way.

      It’s also how I know that all the people in the town where you live must be super smart.

  5. Wow….what a rant! He is right about MTV, but he is the one who signed the contract. No one forced him. I only pray that he did not drink and drive after that rant.

  6. Jeremy, you choose to be on the show, it’s not just the “contract”. The contract wasn’t a one and done you signed your life away to from 2012 – infinity lol. They renegotiate them every so often and obviously you kept resigning. I love how he signed on because they offered more money but he also said years ago he doesn’t need Mtv’s money. That’s pretty scummy of he and Brooke’s best friend to sleep together. That is a stab to the heart for anyone. He’s such a dirtbag all the way around.

  7. He’s starting to sound like Adam. I don’t understand why these people sign these contracts to do this show and still complain about the same shit that they have been complaining about for 8 years. If you do a reality show, they are going to focus in on the drama because that is what makes good tv. It’s not just Mtv, Jeremy. That’s any network lol. And Leah has a tendency to get back with her exes so can he really blame people for thinking they’re back together when they post a picture right after his breakup with Brooke? But whatever.

  8. Lock up the social apps before hitting the sauce. Or at least film then re watch sober, or get so drunk you can’t post.

  9. Yucky. I’ve given this guy side-eye from the beginning. He knew exactly who Leah was when he pursued her, hard and fast.

    1. Love your name! With you campaigning and me coming up with a Prison Break-style plan, we could maybe save those kiddies! Oh man, I wish we could…

      1. Haha, thanks, back at ya! And oh yes, I created this name before poor little Ensley was an illegitimate twinkle in her “mother’s” eye, but she can definitely be added to the cause.

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