‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 Episode 18 Recap: Baby Boy Fever & Birthday Parties

My face while watching this whole episode…

Gather ’round kiddies for yet another educational episode of Teen Mom OG! The moms are here to teach us fans important life skills including (but not limited to): how to open a can of beer with your teeth while changing a diaper (a la Maci); how to master the perfect slicked-back bun-and-bang hairstyle (courtesy of Catelynn); how to terrorize an entire generation of people, one ugly-cry at a time (by Farrah); and how to find a fiance on Twitter in five days or less (a la Amber).

Let’s get to it! The girls have so much to teach us!

This would also make a great title for Gary’s tell-all book….

The episode starts off with Amber and Matt, who are meeting up with Gary and Kristina to discuss the surprise birthday party they are all throwing for Leah. For the occasion, Gary has finally sandblasted off his “DadBod” T-shirt and replaced it with a tee of equal hilarity. He is now sporting a shirt that reads “Bad Decisions Make Great Stories,” which, honestly is what they should change the name of this show to.

They go to some sort of arcade/pizza place thing to check out their party room.

“People could even, like, sit if they want…and stuff…”

“There’s a lot of room for…adults because they can stand around,” the guy in charge tells them.

Something tells me that he’s not the establishment’s Salesman of the Year.

Amber and Gary examine the party room (while Matt is almost certainly in the arcade area, checking the coin return slot of each game in hopes of finding loose change.) While the room is the typical kids party venue, it is not up to par with Amber’s high falutin’ standards. (Every since she ‘moved on up’ to the fancy neighborhood and got herself that jetted bathtub, she’s a first class passenger, y’all!)

“No chair covers? Next you’re gonna suggest PAPER PLATES for the pizza!”

Amber suggests that they purchase chair covers to put over the chairs in the party room. Chair covers! Half the kids in attendance (and possibly even Matt) are probably going to pee their pants while sitting on these chairs at some point during the party, and she’s worried about making the chairs look fancy!

Gary, who is still thinking with “steerage” mentality, suggests they forgo the chair covers and put the money toward a better gift for Leah. Meanwhile, Kristina tries to comprehend the idea of what a ‘chair cover’ even is. (Gary probably has her wrap their plastic lawn furniture in red Saran Wrap and pull them up to the dining room table for special events.)

“Oh sure, no problem. While we’re at it, do any of Matt’s other relatives need a place to hide from the law? How about a ski mask and a gun?”

After the chair cover problem is figured out, Amber just slips in the fact that Matt’s [former?] addict son, Chris, will be occupying one of those uncovered chairs at Leah’s birthday party. You can almost hear the record scratch to a halt when Amber tells them.

Kristina looks concerned and Gary looks like he wishes he had brought his “DadBod” t-shirt to gnaw on while Amber talks, in an attempt to keep from saying anything about Chris that will piss Amber off.

Meanwhile, it’s Christmas time in Austin. Because it’s the holiday season, Farrah has passed out brand-new shoe cover to all of the peons in the ‘Teen Mom’ film crew. No, seriously.

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“Help me. No, seriously, help me!”

Since Farrah bought her daughter Sophia a mini horse for Christmas (as you do), she’s worried that her neighbors will get upset, what with all the braying coming from the horse Starburst, in addition to the usual screaming, crying and berating coming from Farrah’s House ‘o’ Horror.

Farrah is convinced that her neighbors have taken to stalking her social media accounts so that they can find things to report to the authorities.

“This just how the #1 reality star in the country lives her life. People are just gonna have to understand that.”

I mean, who doesn’t have a random horse in the backyard of their suburban neighborhood tract home, am I right?


Farrah says that she may be forced to move out of Austin (and the state of Texas) to get away from her hater neighbors, whom she’s apparently also allergic to. She’s considering moving to San Diego, California, which just happens to be where her fiance boyfriend ‘Teen Mom’ cast mate, Simon, lives.

Farrah says that she has so many more friends in California (i.e. there’s at least four or five people who can tolerate her long enough to film a segment for the show).

When you pretend to be a throw rug so you don’t have to spend the upcoming holiday with your dad…

Over in Tennessee, it’s Thanksgiving time. Maci explains to Bentley that, for the holiday, Ryan and his family are heading to Alabama to see their relatives. Bentley says he’d rather go with Maci to Texas to see Taylor‘s family. Bentley is nervous that Ryan will get mad at him for his choice, but Maci assures him that everyone will be fine with the decision.

“And I asked Bentley, ‘You don’t wanna go down there to yucky Alabama and see all those strange, mean people, do you?’ And he said no!”

Maci is nervous to tell Ryan that their son doesn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with him. Meanwhile, Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, are busy preparing for Thanksgiving by…decorating their Christmas tree, for some reason.

See, people? This is why the stores start putting out Santa crap in September now! Because of this behavior…

Anyway, Jen and Larry are hoping that Bentley will spend Thanksgiving with them, since he spent the holiday with Maci last year, and many of Ryan’s relatives haven’t seen the kid since he was a toddler. They are sensing that Maci is planning to take Bentley to Texas with her, and that she doesn’t want to tell them so.

“I am absolutely over it!” Larry says. “There’s some kind of hokey-pokey goin’ on! I don’t like hokey-pokey!”

Well if Cate didn’t want to make a baby with Tyler before, she sure as hell doesn’t want to after seeing this…

Lastly, we check in with Catelynn and Tyler, who are preparing to throw their daughter Nova a birthday party. All of their relatives have been informed of the festivities, even Butch. Tyler is praying that ol’ Butchy doesn’t bring his usual, um, favors to the party: an eightball, a six pack of Mickey’s Malt Liquor and a crowbar (just in case).

Cate and Ty are in disbelief that it’s been two years since Nova was expelled from the Loins ‘o’ Cate. Since it’s been a couple of years, Tyler is now ready for them to have another kid. He expresses this to Catelynn by whining, “How loooong do we have to wait?” and rolling his eyes, all while wearing a Pretty Pretty Princess crown on his head.

“Um, I don’t see you squirting any kids out of your hooha. Have a seat!”

Catelynn is not so keen on the idea of having another kid any time soon, but Tyler doesn’t really care. He demands a baby boy by next year. (Um…who does he think he is, Henry the Eighth? Geez, give a guy a crown for two minutes…)

Catelynn is worried that having another baby will result in her having another bout with postpartum depression.

The next day is Nova’s party. The whole gang has gathered to celebrate– including April and her husband Rich (who is walking around wearing virtual reality glasses because well…look at his life…whatever gets you through the night, man!)

I mean, at this point…why not?

Nova is sucking on a knife full of frosting (as you do). Butch has still not made an appearance, but Tyler is hopefully his dad will come. What’s a party without Butch? (Plus, they are almost certainly using Butch’s cut-off rat-tail for the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game, so he just has to come.)

Butch finally arrives, ready to party. He’s followed by Catelynn’s dad David and Tyler’s mom Kim. Everyone sings “Happy Birthday” to Nova as she blows out her candles.

This is all The Ashley wants for Christmas/Thanksgiving/her birthday

Later, it’s time for Nova to open her gifts. Grandpa Butch has something extra special for the tot: a pink T-shirt with his mugshot on it that says “Free Butch.”

Do those shirts come in adult sizes? No…seriously…do they?

Soon, the party is winding down, so Butch leaves. Kim and Butch’s sister Amber ask Tyler if he’s worried that Butch will relapse again. They think that Butch has finally turned over a new leaf.

“I’ll count it as a win if no police officers end up showing up at the party.”

Back in Indiana, Gary and his brother are slopping down fried foods and discussing how long it’s been since the last time Amber threatened to beat the BeJesus out of Gary. They are getting along well, and Gary’s happy that they are finally able to celebrate Leah’s birthday together.

However, Gary is worried about Leah getting attached to Matt and then having him bail.

“Leah don’t need a man going in and out of her life,” Gary’s brother says.

Don’t be ridiculous! Matt will at least stay until the MTV checks stop coming in! Obviously.

“People should just be happy that they are able to live next door to such a big star…and her horse.”

In Texas, Farrah is getting her hooves and claws done at the salon. Sophia is also having her nails done, while telling Farrah all of the things that she wants at her future house in San Diego. Sophia’s demand list includes a backyard playground, a mini house and an adopted baby sister.

The next day, Farrah’s fresh-from-the-Skinamax-channel pal Paola comes over to visit and meet Starburst. As Starburst goes over to greet them (and/or pray for someone in the film crew to call animal control to take him away), Farrah tells Paola that she’s moving to San Diego.

It’s hard for Paola. Usually when she’s on camera she’s not really required to, um, say a whole lot…

Farrah explains that her neighbors have “been, like, terrors” and Paola just keeps saying “What?” over and over again. (Perhaps that’s the only word she’s still able to squeak out, after that last lip injection. Seriously, there’s more fluid in Paola’s lips than there even was in Farrah’s backdoor at the end of her “special film!”)

Too soon?

“They’re trying to tell me that I can’t have Starburst in my own private yard!” Farrah says of her neighbors.

Go figure that people have a problem with Farrah bringing in assorted farm animals, a television crew and a large supply of Porta-Potties into their upscale suburban neighborhood!

“Did you think I was kidding before? SERIOUSLY, help me!”

The scene ends with Starburst  chewing on his carrot, wondering what the hell kind of bad horse he must have been in a past life to end up as Farrah’s pet.

Back in Tennessee, the Edwards clan is still trying to get Bentley to go to Thanksgiving in Alabama with them. Maci is nervous that this will cause a fight with Ryan, who she says was basically MIA for most of Bentley’s life, except for when his mom and dad demanded he step up so they can see their grandson.

“My life is so hard, y’all. So hard…”

Maci, ever the martyr, says that she will fall on the sword and take the brunt of the Edwards’ anger about not being able to have Bentley for Thanksgiving. She tells Taylor that this is Ryan’s fault for being a trashcan-of-a-parent 90 percent of the time that Bentley’s been alive.

In Michigan, Cate and Ty are cleaning up after Nova’s birthday party. Kim has stuck around and is chatting with Ty about when he and Catelynn will pop out another kid. Kim just blurts out, “Is she pregnant?” Tyler says “no” but then starts shaking his head yes. Kim is understandably confused: Is Catelynn pregnant? Is Catelynn not pregnant? Is Tyler just on angel dust or something and unable to control his head movements?

Catelynn: still not pregnant and STILL trying to make that hairstyle work….

Cate finally settles the debate, telling Kim that she’s not knocked up…yet. Kim tells her son not to impregnate his wife until Catelynn is ready because the moms are the ones who really do everything.

Kim’s being quite the little pot-stirrer today. She then asks Tyler what he will do if they have another child and–GASP!–it’s not a boy. Tyler doesn’t even want to entertain the idea of not having a boy to pass on the esteemed Baltierra name to. (I mean, if there’s no male child who can someday tattoo that name on his neck, why even bother having another kid?!)

Tyler wants a boy so bad that he’s done extensive research to find out how to make sure his next spawn is male.

“Can’t science go in there and say, ‘Eat more pineapple and you’ll produce more male stuff?'” Tyler says.

Come on science! Forget about all that global warming and stem cell stuff! Tyler wants a boy! Figure it out!

When your mom suggests you try doggie style with your wife…and you have to laugh in order to keep from crying…

Kim wants to help. She tells her son that she’s heard that doing “doggie style” while baby-making will help you have a boy.

Dear God. Thanks for that Kim. I will forever have the image of you and Butch bumping uglies, doggie-style while conceiving Tyler. Be right back. Going to go fill my brain with bleach…

Kim thinks her statement is hilarious but Tyler (and the rest of the world) is not amused.

The guy in the background is NOT impressed with the coverless chairs…

Meanwhile in Indiana, it’s time for Leah’s chair-coverless birthday party. Matt’s son, Chris (aka “Johnny Cool”) is sitting in the corner of the party room, wearing sunglasses and looking like he spent the night “getting slizzard” ’round back of a Walmart.

Everyone else is there– Cousin Krystle and her litter of children, and all of Leah’s aunts and uncles. Amber and Gary are really excited for Leah to see that they’ve managed to put their hate for one another aside long enough for them to down a couple of pizzas and pitchers of soda in her honor.

“Mommy’s prison ‘cellie’ didn’t come to this party, though, right?”

Gary alerts the crowd that Leah is on her way in with Kristina. She’s shocked to see everyone standing there, including both of her parents, singing “Happy Birthday” to her. It’s actually a really cute moment to see how happy Leah is.

Amber introduces Chris to Leah. (Wait…wasn’t he living with them for a while? How did Leah never meet this dude?) Leah can barely muster up a “hi” for Chris, an action that Amber attributes to her being “shy.”

Well, to be fair, you have a great track record of disappearing around kids, Matt so…

Next, Leah rips into her gifts, one of which is a cape from Amber. She also gets a present from Amber, Matt, Gary and Kristina, which makes her really happy. After the kids hit the arcade, the adults talk about how nice it is that they did the birthday together.

Leah comes in, dressed in a magician’s costume and promptly waves her magic wand at Matt, in hopes that he will disappear.

Sorry kid, but that’s gonna take a lot of alimony to make happen.

Next Gary asks Amber and Matt about their wedding plans, as well as when they plan to crap out a kid.

Matt looks like he was just told by Amber that he gets no more quarters for the arcade games…

“That way Leah can have a brother or sister!” Gary says.

Um…if Amber marries Matt, it’s safe to say that Leah will have no shortage of brothers or sisters, thanks to Matt spreading his seed from coast to coast throughout the 1990s.

Amber says she can’t have a child, and when Gary asks why, Matt gets a sad look on his face. Amber changes the subject and calls Leah over to say goodbye.

Back in Texas, Farrah and Paola go out to dinner so that Farrah can talk crap on her mom and Paola can make us cringe as we watch her attempt to read the cue cards the producers most likely have set up for her. They talk about how Farrah isn’t really talking to her mom, Debra, at the moment.

“It’s hard when every man wants you and every woman wants to be you!”

The next day, Farrah goes out to eat with her dad Michael. She tells her father that she’s most likely moving to San Diego and he’s less than thrilled. He suggests that Farrah get a manager for each of her Austin businesses. Farrah says she’s needs one person who can run all of her businesses who is “very dynamic like myself.”

Farrah tells Michael that she is not currently talking to her mother, and that the move will help her distance herself from the rap superstar that is Debz OG. Michael insists that he’s trying to be supportive and work on their relationship.

If looks could kill…

In Tennessee, Ryan and his girlfriend Mackenzie are discussing whether or not Maci will be “a punk” this year and try to keep Bentley with her on Thanksgiving.

Ryan texts Maci to see if a decision has been made as to where Bentley will be eating his pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Maci responds by telling Ryan that Bentley will be going with her for the holiday, and Ryan looks upset because he knows he’s going to have to tell his parents the bad news.

“Maybe pop your eyes back in their sockets and the kid wouldn’t be terrified of you! Just sayin’…”

Mackenzie is doing her best to keep Ryan calm, but he’s mad that, once again, it’s all about Maci’s wants instead of his.

“It’s so unfair, I just want to strangle her!” Ryan says of Maci.

In Michigan, babies are peeing on the floor, but that’s not deterring Tyler from wanting another child. Cate reminds Ty that she has an IUD, so there will be no surprise “oopsie babies” (a la Maci) unless she actively chooses to take out her birth control.

If only IUDs were available in Tennessee!

Yet another fantastic T-shirt offering from Gary…

Meanwhile, Gary and Kristina are lounging in their lawn chairs randomly in the front of their house. They are chatting about Leah’s party and Gary discusses how there are “many types of Amber.” He says that the current Amber is one that he can work with and that their co-parenting relationship is moving in the right direction.

Over at Amber’s place, Amber is talking about all the “Gary time” she’s logged lately. While she had a good time at the party, she is a bit upset that Gary asked about her wedding and baby plans with Matt.

“Plus I think we can all agree that Matt needs another kid like he needs a hole in the head, am I right?”

Amber reveals that she was recently re-diagnosed with borderline personality and bipolar disorder, resulting in her having to take three medications for the rest of her life. Amber says it’s unsafe for her to get pregnant while taking the medication.

Amber says that if she stops taking the meds to pop out a kid, she will have “crazy mood swings” and could be back to her old ways of throwing TVs at people and kicking them down the stairs.

Until next week, kids!

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(Photos: MTV)






  1. Among the many things I find disturbing about this group of “adults” is their dietary habits. All I see them eating is takeout and fast food. No fresh vegetables, fruit, grilled or baked chicken and fish. The health of all the children is potentially perilous. If the quarter of a century or more “adults” continue their habits, they will have serious issues.
    It’s a shame the children have such poor role models.

  2. I remember watching something on MTV in my country here, about Ryan and his Family, cant remember the name, but Bently went camping with them in a camper etc.

    Anyway Bently looked so disconnected and afraid of Ryan, it certainly didn’t look like a normal bond between father and son, it actually made me sad, thinking this is your son and wow there is nothing at all there between them. So perhaps once the cameras have stopped rolling, Bentley tells his mother how much he doesn’t want to be there etc, and perhaps that’s why he didn’t go……….just a suggestion.

  3. From every birth professional ever- it’s not called “postpartum!!!” It’s called “postpartum depression”. Guess what? Anyone who has a baby gets “postpartum” because that’s simply a time frame. Just like “pregnancy.” Postpartum DEPRESSION, on the other hand is a clinical diagnosis of depression during the….wait for it…..POSTPARTUM time period.

  4. I have borderline and bipolar as well, and am on medications that I’ll likely take the rest of my life. And it was as easy as telling my psychiatrist, “My husband and I would like to try to get pregnant” that we had a conversation laying out potential risks of the meds on a pregnancy vs. the risks of quitting them, and then coming to the decision that after weighing risks and concerns, it would be okay things continue. I had a very easy pregnancy soon after, and a healthy baby girl, and no mental or emotional issues or impact on the pregnancy. And I like to think I’m a pretty great mother and functional human being. If Ambie doesn’t want another kid, good for her for making a responsible decision. But don’t blame it on a diagnosis and medication and make others in similar medical situations look like raging psychos incapable of responsibly carrying and raising a child.

    1. She’s a terrible mother and never wanted kids in the first place. Leah was an accident and she’s even admitted she was never ready to become a parent and never planned to be one.

      She’s using her mental illness and personality disorder on why she “can’t” have anymore children instead of just being honest about the real reason.

    2. You’re assuming that her illnesses manifest exactly like yours and that her medications are the same ones you take. Without knowing what her doctors have advised her, you’re making a lot of assumptions and sweeping generalizations.

  5. I get what everyone is saying about Ryan being a not great father (I won’t go as far as “bad” – that’s what we have Adam for), BUT I think that Maci guilts Bentley into not wanting to go with Ryan. I don’t remember exactly what Maci said talking about Thanksgiving, but in Sunday’s episode, it sounded like maybe Bentley wanted to spend Christmas Eve with Jen & Larry (and Ryan would probably be there because McKenzie would make him), open presents in the morning and then go home to Maci’s and Maci said, “But in the morning we’re opening Santa presents with Jayde and Maverick” in a whiney voice that I interpreted as “you’ll miss presents if you aren’t here” so Bentley was all “OK, I’ll stay.” Seriously – Jayde and Maverick are both too young to be so excited about Christmas that they can’t wait until Bentley gets home. Neither one probably understands Christmas yet anyway.

    I get the Thanksgiving thing – it was out of state, not something that could be “lunch with Dad, dinner with Mom”, but it didn’t seem like such an odd request that Ryan* get him Christmas Eve into Christmas Day this year since they generally do share Christmas. I’m not even sure Jen & Larry try to put Bentley in the middle – I think they just talk about things and then Maci just flips about it.

    Also – on Sunday’s episode – I did feel bad for Amber when Leah was all, “Yeah, we only make 1 ornament in school, so I’ll just bring it to your house next year. Remember to remind me of that!” I’m willing to bet Gary would be cool with Amber getting this year’s ornament considering he has all the other ones…

  6. I have bipolar and borderline also. There’s no medication for borderline. She needs to be in therapy for it but obviously isn’t. She’s on meds for her bipolar. And there are medications that are safe for pregnancy. She could switch her meds if she really wanted to have a kid. She clearly doesn’t want to have a kid with Matt but wants to blame her meds instead of being honest about it. Not that I blame her for not wanting a baby with that shit storm.

    1. There is no medication for Borderline?
      Sure there are. Some people are prescribed an incredible shizload divided over three or even more moments a day.
      She could very well be taking something that is not allowed during pregnancy. As far as I know, there are no safe anti psychotics. I had to start using them no sooner than the day I gave birth and wasn’t allowed to breast feed with them.
      There are safe anti depressants, you can even breast feed with some.
      Im not sure about the medication to calm down, or sleep medication but I don’t think those are adviced during pregnancy.

      1. There are no medications for BPD. There are medications for acute symptoms but that’s not a long term solution. My bipolar meds help with my mood swings but don’t control them. And my bipolar meds I was on the entire time I was pregnant and breastfeeding. I was actually switched to them when I found out I was pregnant because they were safer than what I was on.

  7. Can I just say kudos to Amber for not having another baby? She may be with a creep and make terrible decisions regarding other things but I’m glad she’s not like the others who bring more babies into the mess. Plus I’m sure she knows, despite the health issues, as soon as she would pop a kid out Matt would peace out before she delivered.
    I understand where other people are coming from about Bentley but I do think Maci made the right decision. If Bentley really didn’t want to go he shouldn’t be forced, if he wants to stay with his mom then he should. It’s not surprising Bentley didn’t want to go since Ryan spends very little time with him, Jen and Larry do all the heavy lifting for him and that’s not right. They shouldn’t be mad at Maci, she does include them in everything. The whole Edwards clan was at her wedding! They should be mad at Ryan for continuing to be an absent father.
    Also, Cate and Ty having a baby would be disastrous. They barely take care of Nova and Cate cannot handle it. Ty says he’s “exhausted” from dealing with everything but wants another baby? I’m sorry what?!
    Farrah disturbs me on multiple levels and always has.

    1. I have never understood how on earth Gary and Amber got so turned on from each other to turn to saran wrap. That must feel and sound sooooo eh…
      Too lazy to buy some condoms somewhere. You just go to a bar you know has them in a vending machine when it is late and the shops are closed.

  8. (Btw, thx for the recaps, I greatly appreciate it so that I don’t have to watch it myself!)

    Leah trying to make Matt disappear speaks volumes. She is a smart kid and usually kids tell or say what they think so if even her own daughter doesn’t like him……..she should leave him. She doesn’t want him for a stepdad.

    Farrah, Farrah. I’m just gonna say one thing. She is ruining her kid. She is already a diva.

    TYLER, F*CK YOU! DO YOU WANT YOUR WIFE TO KILL HERSELF?! If she had such bad postpartum after Nova, she really shouldn’t be popping out another kid. BUT NO, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU AND HOW YOU WANT YOUR BOY!! Not what SHE wants. I still think he is secretly closeted but tries so hard to be ‘manly’. If they ever break up, I won’t be surprised if he comes out.

    I mean, yes, Ryan was an absent father but I think they are always making Maci bash him just cuz she has no other story line. Same with Chelsea and child support from Adam on 2.

    ps. Does Gary sell his shirts in smaller sizes or did he ever say where he gets them?! They always crack me up! He may look like a blob but he has great sense of humor.

    1. I think Cate doesn’t want any more kids and is using the postpartum as an excuse. She was trying to argue with Dr. Drew last season about it when he told her she would be fine to have children. Especially since they know that she has suffered postpartum in the past, they could treat it a lot quicker.

      But yes, Tyler is completely selfish. Remember when he said that he can’t wait till Nova was born so he could just forget Brandon and Theresa (and essentially Carly) The prick!

  9. I totally forgot that Farrah said she was going to adopt a baby a few years ago. Then she said she was in school to become a plastic surgeon. I wonder what she’ll declare this week? I’m glad Amber has decided not to have anymore kids. She’s the Disneyland Mom and likes it that way. I honestly think she doesn’t want the responsibility of the day-to-day stuff with Leah.

  10. I think that Bentley is too young to be put in the position to decide where to spend holidays. He is a sensitive, very intelligent boy – of course he is going to say what Maci wants to hear – especially on camera! Maci should have done the right thing and had Bentley go with Rine’s family – especially since Jen and Larry supported her early on, have always been there, and are the de facto grandparents for her other kids as well!

    I felt that Amber was very raw and vulnerable talking about not being able to have kids and I felt for her. I also had a sneaking feeling that Matt is emphasizing both the risks of not being on the meds and the dangers of having another kid – he has 25 children already and having to pay Amber child support after the divorce is contrary to his plan to collect community property and alimony.

    Can we all just chip in and pay for Farrah to move to Mars? Maybe I’ll start a Go Fund Me! 😀

  11. If Bentley doesn’t want to go to his father’s family for a holiday he’s old enough to speak for himself and he should’ve done so. Furthermore he should say “dad, you were NEVER there for me, it’s going to take some time for me to want to spend time with you, ya a-hole”. 🙂

    1. What? He’s 8. Way too young to confront his father about being absentee. That’s a conversation adults struggle with, let alone a third grader.

      I have mixed feelings about whether Maci did the right thing. On one hand, I don’t think Bentley should be forced to go with his dad. Ryan isn’t a present parent even when he is physically there. Bentley going to Alabama would have been about Ryan’s parents, not Ryan. And ultimately, it’s Ryan’s fault that Bentley doesn’t want to spend more time with him. But, Maci doesn’t exactly speak highly of Ryan (not that I blame her). She is in a position to encourage Bentley spending time with Ryan’s family.

      1. I agree with you
        It is up to maci to make the best decision for Bentley.
        Not sure Bentley should be making the decision himself @ this age…

        I also think that Ryan, IF HE WANTS MORE TIME needs to man up & take Maci to court for it.
        That’s the least he could do.. show the kid he actually wants him..

      2. She sure hasn’t minded Jen and Larry taking Bentley and Jade when she wants to attend weddings or other social events. Heck, she’s even said that Jen and Larry are like second parents to her. So why does it feel like she’s looking for a reason to not send her son to him?

        1. It seems to me that Maci realizes that this is really about Jen and Larry wanting Bentley when it should be about Ryan wanting Bentley. While Bentley will have his grandparents’ attention over thanksgiving, he will not have his dad’s. I feel bad for Jen and Larry, but this is more on Ryan, their loser son, than it is on Maci. I get their point, but I can’t really fault Maci for not making Bentley go just so Ryan can get high and ignore him over the holidays. The question is what is best for Bentley, not what is best for the adults.

  12. I really appreciate Amber’s decision not to have an other baby. Let us pray she sticks with it.

    1. It’s Matt that doesn’t need another baby. That guy has created and abandoned more than enough kids.

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