‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Graduates College with Bachelor Degree

Congrats to Kail!

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry has accomplished what no other star of the franchise has done: She graduated college with a Bachelors degree.

On Saturday, Kail walked across the stage to receive her degree from Delaware State University in Communications. Her two sons, Lincoln and Isaac were in attendance at the graduation ceremony, as was a ‘Teen Mom 2’ film crew.

“Guess what today is!” she wrote in the caption of a photo of herself and a friend dressed in their caps and gowns.

Kail, who is currently pregnant with her third child, has been excitedly posting about her graduation over the past few weeks. Last month, she posted several of her graduation photos to social media, showing her holding up her cap, which had been decorated to say “Mom x 3 plus a degree.”

In a recent blog post, Kail opened up about why it took her six years to complete her degree.

“If you follow any amount of the show, you know I’ve been struggling to get through school and earn my bachelor’s over the last 6 years… Yes, 6 years. Between teen motherhood, financial hurdles in the beginning, then moving to a new state, marriage, babies and divorce… and then of course just wanting to give up, I (barely) held on,” she wrote. “This has been an extremely long and emotional road for me and for my family. “There are a select few people around me that have helped make this possible for me, they know who they are and I’m so thankful for them. I love you!”

Baby lo and I graduated today!!! ???‍??

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To date, Kail is the only ‘Teen Mom’ cast member to earn a Bachelors degree. (To be fair, Farrah Abraham states that she has at least two Bachelors degrees but…this is Farrah we’re talking about. She does, however, have an Associates degree.)

Very few girls from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise have even gone to college, let alone graduated with any type of degree. Maci Bookout holds an Associates degree, and Leah Messer is currently taking classes at West Virginia University. (In terms of the entire ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast, the only other person to hold any college degree, other than those named above, is Simon Saran, who earned his Bachelors from the University of San Diego in 2010.)

(Please note, The Ashley is not including ‘Teen Mom’ grandparents here. Also, there have been several girls from 16 and Pregnant who have graduated, but they are not included here because they were not on a Teen Mom show.)

Kail’s graduation will be shown on the upcoming eighth season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

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  1. It must be really difficult to finish college if you are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for cameras to film going about your daily life. Because most single moms going to college dont get to go on vacations, dont buy new cars and get plastic surgery because they dont have the time nor money for it. Kail can afford to have daycare/nannies watch her kids so she can go to school or study, she need not worry about working a minimum wage job and coming home on the bus. Lets not pretend this is your average single mom struggling and beating the odds to graduate- if you are one of these moms I commend you and your accomplishment

  2. I do think it’s a commendable accomplishment that she finished school with a 4 yr degree. With that being said, in my opinion it’s kind of tarnished due to her third pregnancy with yet a third man. It’s kind of like when Amber got out of prison and seemed to be on a good path. Then she started dating Matt and it made all of her good decisions irrelevant. I know nobody’s perfect and people will make mistakes but Kail has made the same one 3 different times. She’s smart enough to earn a college degree but she wasn’t smart enough to learn a lesson from her first unplanned pregnancy? I guess one could argue that her last 2 children were planned but she still made the decision to bring them into messed up situations. I thinks it’s great that she has goals and achieved one. We all have goals and try to achieve them, but if our kids end up severely screwed up along the way, then achieving the goal doesn’t really mean anything in my opinion. I’m not saying her kids will be screwed up. I’m hoping they don’t do that Kail can look back and be proud of the things she’s done despite her poor planning or lack of planning.

  3. And it only took her 7 years. That’s pathetic considering she didn’t have to worry about working, money, babysitting, things that the average person has to deal with while trying to finish college. Well at least she isn’t as bad as Maci, who took about 8 years to finish a 2 years degree. All these lumps come down on Boobraham but at least she buckled down and actually finished her Associates and it didn’t take 12 years to get through

  4. She got her degree by using Javi. Spouses of members of the armed forces get military grants to go to college. Notice on her last semester she then decided to divorce him? She uses people to get what she wants how is this degree any different? I get that it takes people more time to get a degree. It not uncommon but honestly she has no excuse. No job, hefty paycheck for doing nothing and Javi’s military grant. If she was working 40 hrs a week making a moderate wage, paying for school, and being a mom then I would have more respect and understand the “it took me six years cause my life is so hectic”

    1. GI bill pays for college tuition for the enlisted person only not for his/her family members. So Kail did not use Javi at all to get her BA. University of Delaware is an excellent school and it is not an easy/fluff school. Getting a BA requires a great deal of work and effort, in addition to her raising 2 young children and maintaining an immaculate home–not easy. Kail has had to work hard and fight for every single thing in her life. She has overcome some horrific things in her past, she deserves a great deal of credit, imo.

      1. You CAN give the GI bill to your spouse or child. I was a “military brat” so I know this for a fact. I know several people that have done it. I have seen the paperwork for all of it. When I was in school a few of my classmates were doing that. Javi has said that the Air Force is a career not just an enlistment for him. While in the armed forces if you do certain training you get receive trade degrees so it very common for spouses to use the GI bill.
        Obtaining a degree while you make $250,000 a year for not having a job isn’t some accomplishment to me. Screw the GI bill someone who has that much money and time on her hands to go out partying and getting knocked up by some guy she barely knows is no excuse to take six years. A lot of kids have been through a lot of crap in their childhood and have kids young but don’t get $250,000 a year to do nothing so that’s no excuse.

        1. Lol your info is so wrong it’s not even funny. You backtracked thinking she used mycaa, and now you’re rambling about the gi bill which javi would need to sign off on and most likely reinlist again for.

      2. A service member can transfer their GI bill to a spouse or a child, but I don’t think Javi did this for Kail. At least, I hope he didn’t. The military is a great career, but once you retire (usually around age 40), you need a degree to get a decent job outside the military. BTW, Kail went to Delaware State University, not University of Delaware.

      3. The acceptance rate is close to 70%, not the most selective school so lets not make it out to be Princeton or Stamford, it is an average school. I wouldn’t exactly say communications is a rigorous area of study either, but she definitely deserves credit for finishing up.

    2. Wow, that is not how the GI bill works. I get that these girls do a lot to hate on, but every once in a blue moon when they do something worth celebrating, why not celebrate? Sometimes it’s good for the soul to stop hating for one second. Don’t worry she’ll do something worthy of criticism soon.

  5. Honestly good for her. It took me 5 years to get mine, so 6 really doesn’t seem that bad, and now she has it and can hopefully put it to good use.

  6. I may not be her fan or a fan of her life’s choices but congrats on being the first Teen Mom to get a degree!

  7. Congrats to her….with the amount of money those girls make, it’s really easy to be lazy, sit on the couch, collect animals, and not get an education….quite the accomplishment for Kail. She knows this isn’t going to last forever, and what better way to spend that MTV money than to make a positive investment in her future….She’s got the degree now and no one can ever take it away from her…Gotta give props where props are due!

  8. Did she really say “struggling”? Is that a fucking joke????? She paid her schooling, supported her kids, added shitty tattoos, bought houses, bought lavish cars and purses by SPREADING HER LEGS!!! NOT BY HAVING A JOB!
    Ok girl, pop another one out
    By the way, CONGRATS on 3 kids from 3 different dudes. NOT

    WHITE TRASH that hit the lottery

    1. Pretty sure she means during that first year before the Teen Mom money started rolling in. Remember her car broke down and she was crying on the phone getting quotes to get it fixed, etc.?
      That year was the only “real life” year of Teen Mom. Back then teens might think twice before having babies if they watched the show. A bunch of them were struggling with money and other issues.

  9. I do NOT believe Maci ever graduated. There’s never been anything to prove she finished, no pictures in a cap and gown, no pictures of her degree, no nothing​, including her actually saying she graduated.

    Farrah’s a huge liar too. At best all she has is an AA.

    Leah will never finish a semester in college, much less earn a degree.

    1. Right. There’s no proof anywhere that Maci earned an AA, nor is there proof she ever held down a real job where she actually had to leave the house and punch a time clock lol. I think the girl Izabella from 16 and Pregnant finished college years ago.

    1. @Jaime– My apologies, yes Debz and Michael both have degrees. I was not including parents but will amend the story to say that! Thanks! -The Ashley

    2. I think OG actually has a MBA. I think. She definitely has at the very least a Bachelors but I think I remember her telling her spawn she knows a thing or two about businesses because she has a Masters

  10. She hasn’t ever had a job (sorry, letting people film you while you carry on at life is not the same as a 9-5) so even though I want to say it’s great for her to graduate she really had no excuses. Her kids were in school/daycare, she had tuition covered….I mean congrats I guess for doing what you’re supposed to instead of laying on the couch all day smoking weed and lying under a pile of blankets (cough* Caitlyn)

  11. I haven’t always agreed with her decisions but I do think it’s amazing that she did complete school! Without a doubt it’s something to be proud of regardless of how she feels about how long it took her it’s quite the accomplishment!

  12. I don’t think she should feel bad it took two extra years, there are plenty of people who don’t finish in 4.

    1. Didn’t it take Maci like 8 years to get an associates that should’ve only taken 2 years to get?…You’re right….the 2 extra years is nothing. Kail did juuust fine lol

  13. What’s her degree in?

    Didn’t that one girl, Isabella (?), wasn’t she getting a degree in something? Wanting to be a nurse to doctor? I can’t remember.

      1. She wants to work in tv/radio. Which usually is a pipe dream, but she’s got MTV connections, so I say she might as well go for it. She seems passionate about it and I think it’s good that she switched to it from the dental hygiene thing if she wasn’t feeling the dental thing. Hygienists’ work is stable and they make good money, but I feel like it’s probably boring af. Better she dropped it when she did rather than get her degree in it and then end up hating it.

    1. I think Izabella and maybe Ashley Salazar have degrees as well, but this article says Teen Mom alumni stats.

  14. Who cares about Simon he’s not even a cast more like a castaway!!!

    Congratulations Kail you did it be proud of your self and the things you have accomplished.

  15. I haven’t always agreed with her decisions but I do think it’s amazing that she did complete school! Without a doubt it’s something to be proud of regardless of how she feels about how long it took her it’s quite the accomplishment!

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth. I can’t figure out if the tattoos are actually awful or if they just look bad on her.

    2. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the tattoo artist she went to was blind. I don’t think a good tattoo artist would do that kind of shitty work. She probably paid in blow jobs. ??????

    1. The thing with Simon, he IS smart. He knows he is a lot smarter than his on/off gf. But he is ALSO a fame whore and craves attention. They are made for each other.

  16. Huge accomplishment for someone who spends a lot of time getting random cock.
    Of course a degree doesn’t mean anything unless you get off your fat ass and get a real job

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