‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Explains Why She’s Considering Doing an Adult Film: It’s Just “Business”

“But my sex tape will be more classier!”

When TMZ broke the news yesterday that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt Baier are considering making an adult film with Vivid Video, ‘Teen Mom’ fans were obviously skeptical. However, Amber herself (as well as Matt) have confirmed that this is very real and that an Ambie-and-Matt Skin Flick could be coming our way!

In an interview with E! News, Amber said that, while she doesn’t really need the money, she’s considering stripping down on camera in the name of business!

“It’s in consideration. I still have not made up my mind,” Amber told E! News. “I am not strapped for cash. I have a nice house, a nice life. I have everything I need. But I’m a business person.”

She says the money she makes from the film could help with her “opening rehab centers all over the world.”

“I would hope my fans wouldn’t judge me for trying to make more out of life,” Amber, who as ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, judged her co-star Farrah Abraham quite harshly for doing her 2013 sex tape.

“I better go get waxed!”

The offer on the table is quite slim, though. According to Matt, Vivid is offering them only $85,000, but 35 percent of all of the net revenues. Matt said that the chances of him and Amber taking that deal, though, are “slim.”

“We are considering it, we look at all offers,” he told E! News.

“We took that meeting with [Vivid CEO] Steven [Hirsch] because we’re business people and people want to meet with us, and if they’re legitimate people, we’ll take the meeting,” Matt told Us Weekly. “What I can tell you about the Vivid meeting is that it was incredibly professional.”

“Both of us were extraordinarily flattered to get such a generous offer from Vivid,” Matt added. “We never envisioned ourselves as being adult film stars, especially me in any way shape or form.”

Amber said that she has called most of her family members and discussed the “pros and cons” of her humping on camera, and they “told me they love me no matter what.”

The Ashley can confirm, though, that Amber’s beloved brother Shawn, did not know about Amber possibly doing a p0rno. In fact, he assumed that when the story surfaced yesterday, it was fake. As The Ashley has previously reported, Shawn and Amber are not getting along these days, due to Amber sticking by Matt, despite his recent cheating scandals, and the lie detector shenanigans.

“Shawn is devastated that she would even consider doing such a thing,” The Ashley’s source says. “He doesn’t even want to imagine what will happen if she does a tape. He’s sickened by it.”

Matt and Amber said that Amber’s eight-year-old daughter, Leah, would not be affected by their sex tape in any way.

“Leah would not know about it until she’s old enough. She’s in elementary school right now. I would hope no one would even think to tell her. It would be something I’d do when she’s the right age,” Amber said.

Amber and Matt told E! News that they did not know what kind of tape they will make, should they decide to go through with it. (Let’s pray that there is no “Backdoor Matt” tape in our future!)

“We wouldn’t be doing anything illegal. It’s just sex,” Matt said.

Of course, Amber and her ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars have been criticizing Farrah for years for doing a sex tape. In fact, Maci Bookout pulled her son Bentley off ‘Teen Mom OG’ for a few episodes because she didn’t want him on a show with “someone who did p0rn on TV.” Maci and the rest of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ crew have remained silent on the topic of Amber doing a sex tape, and have not indicated if they will support her decision.

“I’m sure there are people in the world who are going to judge us that we even took the meeting,” Matt told Us Weekly. I can tell you just from having that meeting, Amber and I gained a whole new respect for that industry that we didn’t have before.”

Yesterday, The Ashley spoke to Farrah to get her thoughts on Amber doing a sex tape, and Farrah was less-than-kind in her response. (Click here to read what she had to say!)

“It bums me out that Farrah would say negative things and come at us like that,” Matt said. “When she made her tape, MTV kicked her off the show. Amber and I were the only ones to support her and to this day we stand by that. Our issues with Farrah have nothing to do with her tape.”

The Ashley has reached out to Vivid to get more info on Amber and Matt’s potential sex tape, and she will update this story when she has more information!

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

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  1. I would just think this entire possible sex tape thing is just hype for publicity, but she did just go through some surgeries, didn’t she? To slim down, and someone said a boob job, although I don’t remember if that’s true. It’s difficult to believe that she is this stupid, except that well, she IS still with this nasty creeper… So she IS stupid.

    1. Bravo for Shawn having respect for himself, at least someone does in this franchise. I bet he feels humiliated. You can bet Leah feels humiliated… If she doesn’t, she will soon.

  2. Jesus ever loving Christ ?? are they making a comedy p0rno? If they are they’ve hit the jackpot, can you imagine how funny the thing would be?! ? 85 grand for selling yourself out… Jeez

  3. I think there is a HUGE difference between Farrah’s sex tape and a potential tape from these two, who I like to call “Sleazy One (Matt)” and Sleazy Two (Amber). When Farrah made and released her tape, Teen Mom had been canceled and was not just on a break from taping between seasons. So there were no contractual conflicts or legal loopholes to work through with Viacom. If Matt’s “book” was drastically changed based on Viacom’s lawyers demanding parts to be removed, I imagine that there would be issues in what could be said/ done/ portrayed in the sex tape. Also as much as it DEEPLY pains me to admit Farrah makes sense- I think she’s right that Amber does not have strong enough self esteem to weather the onslaught of comments that people would make about how she looks when she’s naked.

  4. GROOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSS!!!!!! And Amber making a rehab center despite her not being sober herself, hahahahaha, tell me another one! Shawn is the voice of reason here but SHE TAKES HER BOYFRIEND’S WORD BEFORE HIS, that is not normal and some serious manipulation is behind this. I fully expect her to lose contact to Shawn, he will make her do it.

  5. I’m sorry. I’d rather see an Amber/Gary tape over anything with Matt in it. Fucking GROSS. Can you even imagine his O face? GROSS GROSS GROSS. She says Matt is a “badass motherfucker” but she’s a weak human being so how would she know? Why don’t you focus on gaining custody of your kid back instead of opening rehab centers? At least Leah has Gary and Christina to show her what a good example looks like. Good lord.

  6. She needs money that’s why she is considering it. If she really wanted to start a rehab center she could of easily done it with her mtv paychecks. But she blew it all on trips, the salon, spa, a $500 dress for Leah, a big house that looks like a Pinterest post. Before Matt she was I think the most modest of all of the girls (not by much) now she has a different hairstyle every week, a big house and a brand new Range Rover. She is running out of money. Oh and mark my word those two are pill popping again. The “recovered” addicts that brag it up to anyone who will listen all the time are always the ones still using.

  7. The offer on the table is quite slim, though.

    No surprise there, from what I’ve read, that’s not the only thing that’s slim. *coughsdickpicfailurecoughs*

  8. 1. Who the HELL would want to watch this??
    2. I would love to travel back in time to 2008 or whenever MTV cast for the first season of 16 and Pregnant, show them this article and go “Is this how you think your show is going to show people the true pitfalls and struggle of teen parenting?”. I mean, my god, what a sh*tshow. It just goes from bad to worse to horrific. Not one of them, in either of the shows, is a great example of a parent.

    1. It’s a shame because I know plenty of women who became moms between the ages of 16-21.. one’s a dentist, one’s a health insurance specialist, one’s the waitress manager at a local restaurant & one’s a social worker. Aside from the dentist, no one is pulling in 6 figures on a yearly basis, but they’re all doing extremely well for themselves. Some have married and had a second child, stayed married for years.

      I don’t know if it was the extravagant amounts of money MTV handed them without making them go to a few financial management and counseling sessions first? Or what? But something with this particular group of girls is not at all the same from the experiences of many other teen moms.

      Even those that do come in to money. None of the ones I know got into drugs, drinking during pregnancy, knocked up by 3 different guys, etc.

  9. I love the repeated, “We’re business people.” Anyone else think of Romy and Michelle? Next thing you know, Ambie and Matt will have invented post it’s and be asking if anyone has a businesswoman’s lunch special!

  10. Drugs,domestic violence, jail, a pervert, and porn….I’m so happy the point of this show was to prevent teenage pregnancy ….NOT!

  11. I am finding myself wanting to ask Amber more questions each time They Ashley posts a new story!

    Maybe I should send them to Nessa’s ask the Teen Moms pitiful excuse for an aftershow …

    1. If Kristina and Gary were in talks with Vivid, would you be concerned about the impact on Leah and use it for a custody battle?

    2. Your intention to open rehab center’s is a great idea, is p0rn really the only option available to launch such a fantastic initiative?

    3. Given that the way you treated Gary years ago is still being held against you and people continue to judge you by your pre rehab actions, do you really think that a p0rn film will just disappear after the money’s been invested in a rehab centre?

    I could go on, but I really need to get a life!

    1. Answers ? Only if you want to slap them silly after hearing them.

      Look, she is DUMB, always has been. She needs to stop trying to be something she is not, especially partnered up with Matt and herself armed only with barely GED. If she thinks she as learned anything the hard way, she is clearly mistaken and still delusional on grandiose scale.

      Rationalizing that her daughter will not be effected is demented thinking. Is that what the porn company told you ?

      And, yea OK Amber and Matt, try and open a rehab center with $85k and 35% of net profits–taxes will take half of the $85 and 35% of nothing is nothing.

  12. Selling your nether parts for a video for $85k, 35% or even vivid increased in to 50% is it really worth it? Lifetime of stigma, possibly losing your daughter and dignity-doesn’t sound worth it to me..
    Also it’s a crock of shi* the fact she’s going to open rehab centers all over the U.S.
    This will throw her life forever in turmoil, not to mention there is a lot of drugs in this industry. Nothing good can come of this.
    One more thing EWWW!!

    1. I agree with what you say about forever throwing her life into turmoil. She is nowhere near strong enough mentally or emotionally to handle the fallout from such a deal. It’s obvious in the way she handles issues now.

  13. If Amber really thinks Leah won’t find out about it until “she’s old enough,” she is extremely ignorant. Kids Leah’s age may not watch porn but they have older siblings that do and the word will get back to Leah and she will probably get teased. And to be honest for someone like Amber who struggles with depression and has self esteem issues, it’s not a good idea. People will probably make really mean comments about her body because she’s a little overweight.

    1. same and they were brutal with her. I’m no Farrah fan i do believe her when said in family therapy that he dad and manger put her in that meeting had he sign up for a film but no one read the small print which is all the stuff she gets made fun her casted body parts, the horrible clubs they had her int here. She said in therapy that she thought it was films only and once signed she couldn’t get out of it without them suing her. Don’t get me wrong she agreed to the film but she wasn’t happy about the other parts. Sorry wamber you cannot retract years worth of you degrading her over a sex tape and say your doing its not the same thing. The only good part if they do it, will be listening to farrah go off on you for a change. because of course they don’t need the money (they why even meet with them because they do the money for her crack and his whores)

  14. The reason she is making a sex tape is, because she is broke . She disgusts me Amber and complete trash no one wants to see them naked. I hope Gary gets full custody because Matt is a pervert and Amber is obviously still doing drugs, She is probably only doing the sex tape because of Matt and if she doesn’t he’ll sell her secrets.

  15. First off, this will affect Leah. Even though she is only 8, I’m sure the kids at her school already know she’s on Teen Mom & they know who her mom is. I’m sure just these articles about the meeting will affect Leah. Some kid will have seen it on TV, hear their parent talking about it they’ll read about it themselves. Yes we can say a kid shouldn’t be watching gossip shows or seeing articles like this on the internet, but let’s face it, access to info is so easy these days. Kids can be cruel too heck so can some adults. A nasty parent or bully kid could say something to her if Amber or Gary aren’t their fave. My second question is in order to open rehab centers wouldn’t Amber need some type of certification or zoning? I’m honestly asking because I don’t know what the requirements are for something like this. She says she has the money so why not just start that process of opening rehab facilities now. I don’t see how p0rn plays a role in that. Also wouldn’t she need to be completely sober to open those?

  16. my god they are not strapped for cash but are considering it wtf? Why then if they are ok money wise? Why should Farrah be kind to them after what amber has said about her? I hope she does it, I hope it tanks and I hope Gary takes leah and get full custody. She thinks she is all that, a tough thug, and mtv star please fire this heifer and pervert what a bunch of pigs never thought I’d be on Farrah’s side

  17. I’m sorry, I know I’ll keep leaving comments but I’ll stop after this one. Do you know why the video of matt in vegas scared me so much? I was 18 when I found out my dad had cancer. I had to wake up at 4 a.m. to drive him to his surgery to have it removed. My boyfriend went with me. When we finally got to the doctors office I began to tear up, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. My boyfriend asked why I was crying and that I better pull it together because he wasn’t going to listen to my blubbering all the way back home in the car. Said his grandma had had 4 heart surgeries and he didn’t cry about it so I had no reason to cry about this. He complained the whole time my dad was in surgery that he was hungry and that I didn’t bring him money for food. He wanted money out of my dad’s wallet for food. Thinking about it all now I’m heart broken I let him do this.. treat me that way. When matt threw that fit and said he’d never marry you simply because you asked your brothers opinion I saw a coward who would rather make you think you are wrong no matter how right you are. Run before he has a hold of you, with a sex tape, a marriage, a child. I’m lucky that all I have a bad memories, it could be a whole lot worse, don’t let it be amber.

  18. Amber I have been there. When I was 17 I dated a 30 year old man. I thought I was in love, and every time I tried to leave I just couldn’t stay away. He is everything my ex was. He was decent at hiding his colors for a little while but I can not tell you how scared I was when I saw tell clip of him in vegas. He only cares about what he can gain from you. These older men that date young women like what happened to me, they’re babies. My ex would go crazy when he didn’t get his way. “But people just didn’t understand him” “I didn’t understand how being an adult really worked” “he loved me” he was obsessed with me and would do anything to keep me, and thats not love. He is close to exploding amber. Stop and realize before you become a casualty of his issues.

  19. Okay here I go. What in the absolute hell has happened to amber? Just last week we were hearing matt got sent back to pack his sh*t and get out and now she’s broadcasting that her and matt are together because she a “strong woman” and they’re considering a sex tape?! I can tell by the interview she gave of “we fight, we get back together because we’re truly in love and im a strong bitch!” that she is far more concerned with her reputation of being a hard ass “jailbird” than she is this f*cking bozo taking her for all she’s got and messing up her whole life in the process. He. Will. Ruin. You. But instead you want to act like the people trying to help you see that don’t know how “bad of a bitch” you are. Fine, take that route. But for the love of god, listen closely amber, do not make an adult film with this man. Because if he ever leaves, and he will, there is no going back. He can be afraid that if you guys break up you’ll take the house, the money, the cars, the fame, but you CAN NOT TAKE BACK THIS SEX TAPE! With him being in it I’m going to guess he will make money off of it well after you two split, and he will hold it over your head for the rest of your life. “Look, I got Amber from teen mom to f*ck me on camera and it’s smooth sailing for the rest of my life.” This is not a sex tape for him, it’s a weapon. Beyond the fact that you all ripped into Farrah for her sex tape and now wanna claim you didnt. You say you don’t need the money, it’s just business, “we’re smart business people”, he has twisted your mind to make you believe it’s the best choice for you both when it’s really just his opportunity to put the final nail in your coffin. Just like in Vegas when your brother stopped his attempt to shotgun wedding you and have rights to half your sh*t and when you didn’t follow through he said those nasty things and made you feel responsible, he’s doing the same thing here. DO NOT LET HIM!

  20. How much money needs a person to be happy?She never will open any rehap centre,every penny will disapear in Matt’s pocket.

    1. Even if she did open rehab centers, this is not a good way to fund them. What kind of example is she setting for the people that are using her rehab services? That it’s ok to sell your body for money? Her logic makes zero sense. This is so shameful. She used to be on this path to being a classy businesswoman. What the heck happened?

      1. Amber and opening a rehab centre or centres is a joke, there are already rehab centres worldwide, and her past with drugs and a criminal record, that pipe dream will never happen

  21. So, if this has to be a thing (and I’m still severely nauseated at even the THOUGHT much less having to watch it), there is a silver lining here – it isn’t Gary.

    And I actually snorted out loud at the “I better go get waxed.” caption. And threw up in my mouth a little.

  22. All grossness aside.. can we throw around some titles for the potential sex tape?

    Feral Felons Caught on Tape
    The Nasty Brown Couch
    Indiana Amber


      1. Cooch on the Couch for the win!!! They will film it on the couch with their dogs crawling all over them and doing who knows what!!!

  23. Who wants to bet that it was Matt who cajoled her into reconsidering vivid’s offer? She was so proud of how she turned them down when Farrah’s tape came out, like it was beneath her to even consider such a thing. Matt figured at this could be another way to milk Amber’s Fame for his own gain – his so-called memoir is one. I can’t imagine Gary and Kristina ever being okay with this. How in the world is he going to explain this to his daughter Leah? On mad makes my skin crawl. There is just something sinister about him. He is cunning, malicious, manipulative, and shady as hell.

  24. This shouldnt be reduced to a business decision when there is an impressionable young girl who needs to be raised To respect herself. Amber is making all of the wrong choices if her desire is to be a good mother to Leah.

  25. Also…FYI…Farrah made $10,000 plus 30% of the revenue, which amounted to well over a million over the years but was initially a $10,000 deal. At least according to the five minutes of research I did (I.e. Fox News). Would really love The Ashley to investigate be give us the deets ??‍♀️

  26. Amber, you fought SO hard to earn back your respect in the Teen Mom franchise. There will always be haters, but in large part you succeeded. And now this? It’s NOT “just business”. You have a daughter who loves you, a family who loves you and every opportunity in the world to make money and make a name for yourself. You don’t need to do this, and I can promise you will regret it when Leah starts asking you about it. There are other ways to earn money for your rehab centers that don’t involve spreading your legs on tv.

  27. On an unrelated note, the selfies she posts on Instagram always look terrible lol. They’re so over-edited and make her look like a clown

  28. I’m not bothering to read all the reasons or excuses you are putting out there, your a fool if you think anything good can come from it, seriously??? Think of the message you’d be sending your daughter, if you want to be seen helping others or contributing to a rehab, do it, do it without lowering yourself to porn, there’s no glamour or respect in that, look at what a person Farah is, I’d not want to be her for any amount of money, she is a joke.

  29. Amber, you can bet your ass that someone has already told Leah that you are thinking of doing it. Nothing about your life is private.

    1. Exactly!!! You are PAID ( and very very well I might add! ) to have your life broadcast over every form of social media …. YOU signed your life away to MTV…. leave the program or deal with it ….

    2. Exactly – just because she’s 8 doesn’t mean she’ll never find out. Little pitchers have big ears – one of Leah’s friends will overhear their Mom/Dad/Guardian talking about the Skanky and the Tramp and will say something to Leah.

  30. “Our issues with Farrah have nothing to do with her tape.” Yeah and you don’t have a soccer teams worth of children ?
    God these two are absolutely terrible.

    1. No age is “old enough”… I’d hide under a ROCK to escape thinking my mother had a sex tape given over to public revenue. And I’m in my early FORTIES.

  31. $85,000 is such an insult, I’m laughing so hard. Especially when Farrah got at least a million out of hers lol

    1. $85,000 plus 35% of the revenue…forever. She would get 35% of whatever Vivid makes off that video. Now, think about how much the company set off to make if they were willing to pay Farrah a flat fee of $1,000,000 up front. That company is in the business of making money- they will make a crap load of cash REGARDLESS of which TM stars in the video. I say 35% of the revenue is worth far more than $1,000,000. #justsaying

      1. Vivid is only going to make like $5 off the video if they’re lucky!! They will more than likely lose money and Piggy and Mooch will have to pay them! Who want to see chunky and hairy awkwardly bumping uglies!!??

        1. Steve Hersh or whatever his name is, is not in the business of making bad business deals. Just “speaking the truth.” I think the whole thing is utterly ridiculous TBH, but don’t understand the need for you to be so cruel and childish in your commentary. Sounds like someone is getting a tad too personal. Clearly the company thinks they will make a boatload of cash if they’re willing to shell out $85,000 to Farrah’s 10k. That, plus production and advertising is certainly not cheap. Vivid won’t put up an offer like that without being nearly certain of a huge return. So next time you “speak the truth,” perhaps you could do so with a shred of intellect? ??

          1. Don’t you have like….a life? Or do you research porn deals all day? Hmmm seem spretty suspect to me

          2. What’s up Amber? Lol you sure are defending this “business” deal with every last breath, aren’t you

          3. Actually, I didn’t. If you read my original comment you’d know that. Just the opposite, in fact. I do find it funny that you keep responding to my comments and taking so much time out of your life to do so, while simultaneously mocking me for doing so. That hypocrisy, coupled with the multiple inappropriate comments, and I truly wouldn’t be surprised if it WAS Simon making these comments. I’d say Farrah, but the spelling and grammar are above that of a first grader so it’s just not possible.

      2. Nah, she’s still getting a terrible deal. People aren’t buying porn like they used to. And this one will certainly be pirated and put up on free sites. $85,000 and 35% is a slap in the face.

        And cute comment implying I’m Simon. Farrah is annoying as hell and had some major personality issues, but she’s made legitimately lucrative business deals in the past few years. None of the other girls have even come close to the money she’s making.

        Amber ain’t shit and she knows it.

        1. Don’t you have like, a life? Or do you research porn deals all day? Seems pretty suspect to me…


  32. Clearly Piggy and Mooch can’t find any reputable businesses that want them. $85,000 is quite laughable and I’ll guess that’s inflated a bit. ??????

  33. Selling your body for money does not make you a business person it makes you a whore! I don’t give a fuck how you slice it and dice it…you’re a whore. So is Kim Kardashian. Taking this route and trying to say its business is laughable. Trying to say you’re not hard up for money is a lie. Saying you have a nice house is also a lie because you RENT it. You don’t own shit! They only business you in is that of a whore. A desperate one at that. Is the what we are to get out of 16 and Pregnant that sex is just “business.” Is this what MTV is promoting now? MTV is slowly sliding down the skank hole. You’re desperation is disgusting Amber. Go back to rehab and get yourself straightened out. And please stay away from Leah. Gary and Kristina are raising a wonderful little girl. Don’t mess up their hard work.

  34. I wouldn’t judge her for doing a porn but I do however wish someone would educate her yeah she’s probably going to make a lot of money but not as much as she’s has to have if she is thinking it’s going to be enough to help her jumpstart a rehab center it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than that to not only open it but keep it operational my gut feeling says one of two things is happening she’s not getting all the information or she just really doesn’t care… I honestly don’t think there is a huge fan base of people that are going to want to watch a tape like this

    1. Also usually when your life is going well like she said hers was you don’t even entertain the thought of doing a porn there’s so much more to this that we don’t even know yet

  35. Matt’s stupid face makes me want to puke, I cannot even begin to imagine him in a porno…. These people are delusional and disgusting.

  36. I don’t care if Amber does a porn (pls not with Matt). I care that half of her torso is covered in a tattoo of toddler Leah’s face, surrounded by flowers. Seriously, it’s huge and not porn-appropriate.

  37. A “business person”? Seriously?

    I am an actual business owner, I work for myself and I work my ass off to earn a living.. I don’t understand why making a sex tape is a “business decision” to her. She’s an absolute idiot and a hypocrite. If those two losers go through with it, it makes Mooch pretty much her pimp.

    I am actually repulsed by this and Ambers choice to defend her option or doing porn.

  38. Us? Omg Matts going to get in. Why talk about it if it’s a slim chance? My guess is there’s one already floating around

  39. I’m sorry but that is just gross! Who would want to see this? Also, if she thinks this tape wouldn’t affect her kid, she is insane. Why would you do that to your daughter? How disgusting. Listen Amber, kick Matt to the curb before he steals all of your money and talks you into doing degrading things for money. Its not juts business, it will kill your soul.

  40. Can you say addiction?

    They shouldn’t need the money but obviously they do. Why?

    Gotta wonder about a relapse…

    God I would never watch it. Gross.

    And hypocritical. Farrah at least did it when she probably did need money cause teen mom was off air.

    1. Thinking the same thing…I wanna puke every time the MTV camera just catches Matt’s face. Gross.

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