EXCLUSIVE! Inside the Custody Agreement of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jenelle & Barbara Evans: What They Can No Longer Do In Front of Jace

“Are we still allowed to scream at each other at reunion shows in front of Dr. Drew?!”

On Wednesday, The Ashley broke the news that a custody deal had been reached between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, who currently has custody of Jenelle’s seven-year-old son, Jace. While Jenelle did not get full custody of her son as she had hoped, The Ashley reported that Babs and Jenelle went into mediation and worked out a plan that gave Jenelle more time with the boy.

The Ashley can exclusively report that the custody agreement that was drawn up on Wednesday not only outlines how much time each of the Evans women will get with Jace, but also what they can and can’t do in front of the boy! Both Jenelle and Barbara are going to have to make some major life changes in order to comply with the new agreement!

The Ashley’s insider tells her that Jenelle and Barbara both had to agree to the following terms:

*That neither woman can restrict the other from having access to Jace’s school, medical or other important records.

*They are not allowed to call each other names or say anything bad about the other when Jace is present. They must also make sure that no one else (i.e. friends, soulmates, etc.) says anything bad about the other in front of Jace. They must be respectful to one another at all times while Jace is present.

*They are not allowed to use illegal drugs (including marijuana), or let anyone else around them use illegal drugs around Jace. In addition, they can’t be under the influence (or have anyone around them who is under the influence with them) while they are with Jace. 

*They can not drink excessively while Jace is present, nor can they allow others to be drunk around Jace. 

*They can not change their phone numbers or move without letting the other know. Also, if they take Jace out of the county, they have to let the other know where he will be.

*The only people who are allowed to physically discipline Jace are Barbara and Jenelle. The agreement specifically states that no one else may do so.

“What do you mean marijuana counts as a drug!?”

The Ashley’s source tells her that, for the first time, Babs and Jenelle actually laid out a plan for the money that Jace has made (and will make) from appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Barbara has to let Jenelle know several times a year how much Jace has from MTV,” the insider told The Ashley. “They also agreed that none of his money can be spent or taken out before Jace turns 18, except to pay his taxes.”

Jenelle and Barbara agreed to all of these terms on Wednesday.

According to The Ashley’s source, the judge ruled that Barbara will retain full custody, care and control of Jace, but the Evans ladies worked out a visitation schedule that gives Jenelle more time with her son.

Jenelle will now get Jace every other weekend, starting this weekend, from Friday night to Sunday night. She will also get Jace more on certain holiday weekends (including Mother’s Day) and during his school breaks.

The agreement states that if either person fails to comply with the agreed-upon terms, they can be held in contempt of the court.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle was devastated when the judge denied her petition to get full custody of Jace, and was in tears in the courtroom.

“I’m not restricted to when my mom says I can have my son anymore,” Jenelle told E! News. “At the moment that’s all I care about. [I] just want to spend time with my son. He will be home one day but today wasn’t the day, sadly.”

“I believe Jenelle really thought she was going to get custody of Jace,” Barbara told Radar Online after the hearing ended. “There are a lot of things that people don’t know about Jenelle. “She didn’t want to go through [a trail]. It would have been awful for her.”

(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Barbra probably thought if she let Jenelle off the hook for child support, than Jenelle would have less of a say-so in Jace’s life. I would never have let Jenelle off the hook. However, I think Barb makes a pretty good salary of her own on Teen Mom and she still has a full time normal job. She probably doesnt need Jenelle’s money at all.

  2. I think we’re giving Barb more credit than what has actually happened here. The Judge must weigh the consequences of the Court’s general attitude that child should be with the mother vs. removing the child from the only home he has ever known. This last part is bigger than Barb. It includes things like his school, his friends, his doctors, etc. And I think any Court would weigh all THAT against Jenelle seeking FULL custody & would deny her Motion & instead instruct the parties back to mediation to work out a custody arrangement where the biological mother would be entitled to further visitation under a Court order rather than whatever verbal arrangement they have. Which means as opposed to previously, if Barb doesnt comply, Jenelle can take her back to Court. Before, Jenelle had no rights or say if Barb didnt allow visitation. So it’s actually a win for Jenelle, not Barb.

  3. I think I KNOW why she thought she will gain custody. MTV tried to bribe the judge, I’m sure of it. (To have a ‘happy end’ because you know the show is dying). Didn’t work and she’s “devastated” her “perfect mother” image won’t be retained. (Despite never being there in the first place).

    1. I think it is really just that she has delusions of grandeur. She sees herself as an amazing mom and has no concept of reality. After her lawyer said it was an uphill battle, she got on the phone with David to say that her lawyer thought she had a really good shot. That’s someone who is not in touch with reality

  4. Thank God Barb retained custody! Those “agreements” made me want to vomit! May God have mercy on your soul, Jenelle, for the way you have treated that little boy!

    Nathan, are you listening??? Get your baby out of there! Save Kaiser!

  5. Have you heard the update? Drama already. Jenelle is mad her mom went to the media and now a video filmed by David is up of them accusing her of being intoxicated as she’s leaving a restaurant while they have the kids in tow while she was out to eat with friends.

    1. I saw that Vid, looks like they set it up to make babs look bad, shame she didn’t stfu, but instead yelled as always, giving chinelle ammunition.

      Oh the hypocracy that is chinelle
      I bet it took all her strength not to cuss her mom out

  6. Just to clarify- how is this any different than what they currently have? Is it just putting in writing what Jenelle already had? Because it seems on the show like she only sees him once or twice a month anyways.
    Your move, Jenelle- the judge is giving you some rope to hang yourself by. Team Barb all the way!

  7. How sad it is that a legal document needs to be drawn up telling them not to talk badly about the other in front of him? How many times have we seen those two fighting in front of him? Breaks my heart.

  8. Honestly, the two most disturbing features of the agreement were the stipulations about physical discipline and Jace’s money. I have a sick feeling that Jenelle will find a way to manipulate Jace into ‘managing’ or ‘holding on to’ his earnings when he turns 18. And an even worse feeling that there was an incident to stem the disciple rule. I realize not everyone is of the same belief, but it nauseated me to think of anyone physically disciplining ANY child.

  9. “*They are not allowed to use illegal drugs (including marijuana), or let anyone else around them use illegal drugs around Jace. In addition, they can’t be under the influence (or have anyone around them who is under the influence with them) while they are with Jace.

    *They can not drink excessively while Jace is present, nor can they allow others to be drunk around Jace.*”

    Wasn’t this already a given? The fact that this was even needed to be said is ridiculous.

  10. The only time things are put into mediation is when there have been proven cases of it. So all of the above has happened in the past. I don’t think Jenelle so much wants Jace she doesn’t want to have to pay Barbara child support anymore. With her paychecks she probably pays her a lot! That’s what the issue is I can almost guarantee that. But, poor Jace I really hope the damage hasn’t already been done with him he has already shown signs of anger and it’s always after Babs and Jenelle fight or when another baby comes along. Jenelle is always “he doesn’t act like that around us” yeah cause he is afraid of your soulmate of the month. So I hope the poor kid doesn’t get perminatly damaged from all of this.

    1. I believe she stated recently that she no longer pays child support because Babs told the courts that she didn’t need it from Jenelle.

      I think she doesn’t want Jace as much as she wants to take Jace from Barbara.

  11. Trust me, with Barbara and Jenelle being the only two people authorized to discipline Jace, he won’t be visiting Jenelle, David, and THE LAND as much as this court order allows.

    Why? Simply because Uncle Creep Show David will not be on board with it. Period. He loves referring to Jace and Kaiser as little whiny bitches, etc., far too much to accept NOT being able to do it in the case of Jace.

    Just watch….

  12. You know something…Barbara really bothers me. I’m not exactly a fan of Jenelle, but Barbara is her mother for Christ’s sake. Why does she need to make comments like she did in this article meant to hurt her daughter? It’s not all one sided…Barbara has been in the wrong on MANY occasions. They BOTH use that poor boy as a pawn, and something like this should have been worked out years ago.

    1. Considering all the nasty, hurtful things Jenelle has publicly said about her mother, what Barb said is nothing. Jenelle did really think that she was going to get custody and we all know that a trial would have put her in a very bad light. Nothing Barb said wasn’t true. Jenelle, on the other hand, ran to the media before Barb and released a statement that was clearly not entirely truthful.

      1. SarahK, yeah, I guess you are right. I just find the whole situation so sad. For all parties involved. I think if Jenelle had been where she is now when Jace was 6 months, a year old…Barb would have given custody back to her. I really do. He’s almost 8 now though, and he has a life that he’s accustomed too. What’s best for Jace is to stay with Barbara, but I’m sure it’s hard for Jenelle to cope with that. She thought she would just lend him out for a while so she could live out her teenage years and get him back whenever she felt like it. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. I find the fighting in front of his especially devastating. I hope Barbara has that poor boy in therapy.

    2. Jenelle is literally a dangerous criminal who keeps the company of other dangerous, abusive criminals.

      Whatever Bab’s shortcomings are, they are NOTHING compared to Jenelle. Jenelle has proven time and time again that she’s an unstable, selfish person with addictive tendencies who is incapable of putting her children before her own selfish desires.

      Jace is better off forgetting his incubator even exists.

  13. There is no way Jenelle will keep her filthy screaming mouth quiet in front of jace. She will still be doing her drugs, nothing will halt that.
    I fear now it will be more difficult for Babs to prove what’s going on, until UBT and Jenelle get arrested or until it gets proven someone hurt kaiser, ie his latest bruises.
    But Thank God she didn’t get full custody!!

  14. This is the best any judge could have done for Jace I think, in these circumstances. The bio mother always has a strong case, the judge gave her as little as possible. The only thing that really happened is formalising the visitation she already had. This was actually what I was hoping for. Every other weekend, restrictions regarding behavior and drugs and alcohol around Jace.
    I do agree Nathan should have the same kind of agreement.
    The sad thing is that Babs needs to have proof Jenelle broke the agreement now, before she can protect Jace. Before this agreement, Jace’s word or what Babs heard or saw was enough.
    It is also sad that Jenelle and her current creep only have to follow these rules when Jace is at their house, as there are two other children in the house.

  15. Ashley, did you learn what will happen to Jenelle when she inevitably violates the agreement? Is that grounds for re-evaluating custody?

    Is it cruel to start a pool as to how long it takes for this whole thing to be shot to hell? From everything we have seen for the last 8 years of this show, I truly believe Jace is better off with Barb. I just wish poor Kaiser had the same option. I would image (or maybe hope) child protective services is familiar with Jenelle and her house of horrors.

    1. I’ll put 20 on Jenelle for 8 weeks. Can we do a week/point spread?

      It may be much sooner though with Memorial Day coming up. There is the usual “oh S%$# better fly straight” period but we all know the call of xanny bars and a few cool ones is too much to turn down. Things will start out fine as Jenelle will be too busy with social media to notice anyone else around her. Then she will yell at some girl named Kristy, that pronounces her name Krishdee and has ramen noodle hair, for backing her KIA Optima into the ditch and getting exhaust fumes in Jenelle’s general direction. After a quick back and forth with Krishdee, a box of Zaxby’s will be thrown by someone else entirely and the two will try to bludgeon each other with their phones but in a manner as to not crack the screens.

  16. I’m glad jace is still with his grandmother,I’m also glad about the stipulations that they have especially the one about not being disrespectful to one another in front of jace which mainly is jenelle being the disrespectful one maybe before it’s all over with jenelle will learn to be grateful and respectful to her mother.

  17. Honestly my heart breaks for Jace. I just hope that they can stick to what they have agreed upon, because Jace is so worth it and deserves so much. The phsycial discipline thing kind of has me worried tho. Like does that mean Jenelle let/lets David and past partners discipline Jace that way, Especially with the whole Kaiser being all bruise up allegations that just came about. I think Jenelle and Nathan need to get a custody agreement like this one for Kaiser. I worry about him more than I do Jace. At least Jace has Barbara. I think David and Jenelle treat Kaiser like crap. David doesn’t care cause Kaiser isn’t his and Jenelle doesn’t care because she hates Nathan and also she now has the girl she’s always wanted. Kaiser is an after thought.

  18. I feel so bad for this child. It’s a shame it had to come to this, that they need a court order to outline proper behaviors in front of Jace. This poor kid has been manipulated and forced to choose sides. They’ve already put him through so much (Jenelle especially) and it just breaks my heart.

  19. Sounds to like Barbara got the better end of the deal, as far as these conditions are concerned. She’s far from perfect, but most of these are Jenelle failings.

    I’m glad Jace may find some peace….

  20. Some attorneys just became very rich over a mediation agreement that states that neither custodian can be high or excessively drunk around the minor child. Jesus gawd (Leah). I have a theory that Jenelle and David are going to be April & Butch circa 2013 in 15 years.

  21. UM!! ……”The only people who are allowed to physically discipline Jace are Barbara and Jenelle. The agreement specifically states that no one else may do so.”……UMMMMM!!!! Who else was hitting Jace!?….and WHY would either of them (**cough** ***cough**Jenelle!!) allow that??

    1. Honestly I completely agree with you from the wording alone on this it makes it sound like Jace’s life is miserable I still can’t figure out how he can not have visitation for one child but can go forward have more children and be involved with other peoples children it does not make sense

    2. I have no doubt that David has physically disciplined Jace. Note that every time Jailnelle has met a new soul mate she always says he is good at disciplining Jace, which is so odd. Who lets their new boyfriend discipline their child? David is a violent hillbilly, he’s just simmering with rage. I fear for the poor kids in that dream (nightmare) house.

  22. Happy to know that neither one got full custody. They both have mental issues.I don’t think either one can handle him full time.Hopefully this works out in Jaces best interest. I am very concerned about Jace the boy has had a tough ride to go down.

    1. Barbara retains full custody. Someone has to have full custody lol that’s not the way it works

  23. That kid is going to need A LOT of therapy to undo all the crap that has been heaped on him since he was born.

  24. I’m glad to see that both of them are no longer allowed to fight and curse if front of Jace. He doesn’t need to be involved in adult business.

  25. I’m glad they put in the discipline clause because Jenelle seems to allow people to parent her children once they move in together or after a week of dating. Whichever comes first

  26. I do not like Jennelle and I don’t think for a minute that she will abide by any of this, but I’m glad there has been some forward motion into planning for Jace’s future and for creating a more stable environment for him.

  27. Mtv, see what you did? If MTV stopped loading them down with money, Janelle wouldn’t have any interest in Jace. She would stop dragging Barbara to court.

    1. I think it’s telling that Jenelle was so curious about how much MTV pays Jace. A lot of people wondered if that was one of her primary motives in seeking custody.

  28. I think it’s sad they had to come to an agreement on the fact that they cannot talk badly about the other in front of the child they been doing it since he was a little tiny baby ( I think Barbara was more aware of it and trying to prevent herself from saying anything but it didn’t always work ) so sad I hope they can make the life changing changes needed to make Jace’s life better he deserves that

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