Matt Baier Says a Pill Relapse Was to Blame For His Vegas Rant Shown on ‘Teen Mom OG’

“It was the pills! Yeah…that’s it…the pills!”

Last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG showed Matt Baier getting caught on camera saying horrible things about his fiance, Amber Portwood, in addition to cussing out her brother Shawn, after Amber refused to marry him on the spot during a trip to Las Vegas.

Of course, the scene (which is pretty disturbing), did not go over well with ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans, and Matt tried to smooth things over during an appearance on Monday’s ‘Teen Mom After Show.’ However, now Matt is claiming that there’s a reason he acted so atrociously during that scene: he was allegedly all hopped-up on pills!

Matt, who claims to be a former addict (although many people from his past beg to differ on this fact), told People that he relapsed on prescription pills at the time this scene was filmed, and he [conveniently] doesn’t even remember filming it.

“I had a drug relapse this year for the first time with prescription pills,” Matt told the magazine. “I fell back into my addiction for about two months around December. I was taking a good amount of pills and I was killing the pain. Before I knew it I was back in the cycle again and completely off my program. I was still convincing myself that it wasn’t as bad as it used to be but it was.”

“When I saw that piece of tape I had no idea that even existed — that wasn’t me,” Matt said. “I completely blacked out. I was selfish. I was rambling. I was not remembering something we had filmed just 20 minutes prior. I was in a really, really bad place.”

Matt says he was able to turn off his newly rediscovered addiction when Amber’s daughter, Leah, came to visit.

“I did not use when we had Leah. I would never. I never did drugs around my kids,” he said. “Having Leah around was one of the best things that ever happened to me because it preoccupied my mind. I had to take care of her and I didn’t have to think about all the negative stuff.”

As The Ashley exclusively reported earlier this week, a person who was in the audience for the “After Show” taping on April 19, said that Matt did state that he didn’t remember filming the scene (and that he cried when he watched it for the first time). He did not, however, ever bring up his pill “relapse” while filming the After Show.

Matt claims that he has been off the pills for about four months now, and that Amber demanded he get back “on his program.”

“One thing I can’t do is lie to Amber, so I said listen, ‘I’m in a bad place.’ She told me to get help immediately and you need to get back on your program,” Matt said of Amber who is a recovering addict. “She really kind of got in my face about it. I was afraid at first to tell her, you just never know how people are going to react. Amber is supportive, but she can be stern when it comes to stuff like this — she was pretty firm about it.


“I spent a lot of years sober and I was disappointed and ashamed that this happened but I am also going to grow from it. Now I have zero desire for it,” Matt told the magazine.

While Matt may not have be popping pills anymore, he is finding other things to occupy his time. This week it was reported that Matt and Amber are in talks with Vivid Entertainment to do a sex tape. The couple has not made up their mind if they are going to go through with the tape, but both Amber and Matt have admitted that they are considering it.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. He was drinking beer and talking about drinking beer while on vacation in Puerto Rico (Mexico!!!). Dude is a fraud.

  2. That man is such a liar and control freak. He is an insult to those people who really are in recovery. I don’t believe for a minute that he is or ever was an addict. People who have substance abuse issues refrain from everything including beer and that man likes to suck down the beer while being filmed!

  3. Well Cait and Tyler can perhaps add Matt to their list of baby sitters. They already have April and Butch…why not add another drug abuser to the list.

  4. Mooch really, really , really is full o’ shit on so many levels! I caught a brief recap of their trip to Vegas, Piggy’s refusal as well as Mooch’s rant. I then saw another scene where Mooch apologize’s to Piggy for putting her on the spot and pushing her to marry without her family. Why would he apologize then and there is he was on drugs and had no idea what he said? Doesn’t make sense Mooch. Could you please devise another lie to attempt to make this lie more plausible? I know you can do it. Just pretend you’re talking to ?.

  5. I kept thinking why would they leave their child with Butch, but then I also thought the alternative is April. I think I would choose staying home.

    The white trash on this show is over the top.

  6. The show is so boring now. After watching 20 minutes of the puerto rico trip, I deleted it from my DVR. This show is beyond jumped the shark. This episode made me realize that without the cute kids these adults are complete duds and losers and are boring af. Im done with TM OG.

  7. I’m starting to feel really bad for these 2 – Matt was so worried that he would be embarrassed if MTV showed Amber not wanting to marry him spur of the moment in Vegas, but he’s too stupid to realize that this is what is causing all the embarrassment, and Amber not wanting to marry him in Vegas without her kid was actually normal…

    I have a soft spot in my heart for the stupid and ignorant, they know not what they do.

  8. Matt and Amber are both full of shit. I don’t believe a word either of them say. No sympathy for Amber anymore she knows better and would rather be “right” in her mind then face the truth about Matt. And I hope Gary steps up and gets her only supervised visits because her thinking is severely altered and Leah will be the only one who suffers.

    1. Haha! As a yankee, I had to give this a thumbs up. I’ve always said I’m a southerner waiting to happen. Not too much longer…

      In other news, Matt couldn’t be more of a sleaze. Amber is dumber than a box of rocks!

  9. Wow, Amber, you’re just hellbent on messing up your life to the max, aren’t you. Eww. Seriously? A sex tape? Isn’t it bad enough that people have to have it randomly cross their minds that you sleep with this DISGUSTING dirtbag? We sure don’t want to see it, and I won’t, and I doubt anyone but perverts do! Stop doing this crap to Leah! You have to know she’s embarrassed!

    And no, I don’t believe Matt and his alleged pill-popping. Please. The douche was pissy at her for showing she had a brain at all and not wanting to marry him.

  10. He has reached ultimate filth level..

    There’s an alleged Mooch d*ck pic floating around the internet. God help us all.

  11. I honestly do not believe Matt is or was ever an addict, he’s using that as an excuse for the way he was acting. As for Amber I believe she started taking pills again after she got off parole…..Gary needs to keep Leah away from these idiots!

  12. he’s a liar, he never had a program, they both drink, he is seen on the show drinking all the time. He never did pills he’s just a liar that doesn’t or can’t get a real job. He sought fame and money with Jenelle and Farrah first, they were way too smart for his bullshit, loser Amber took the bait and that is the end of this story, as long as she has some money he will be there, when the money is gone so will he be!

  13. Maybe it’s just me, but when he talks about his “addiction” or “being clean and sober”, I always feel like he’s saying things he’s heard on TV or a movie. It’s always the cliche phrases- never true, legitimate knowledge or experienced information. “I was deep in my addiction to prescription pills”, “I was taking a good amount”, “I was back in the cycle and off my program”, etc, etc. Most people would say that they were taking opiates or specify what type of painkillers it was, not just “prescription pills” and say that it was “killing the pain.” ? I honestly feel like he saw the support people were giving Butch after his relapse and all of a sudden he was like-yes! Not only can I explain away my douchiness, but now maybe people will give me attention too.

  14. Such lies! Matt was angry because Amber hesitated to get married on the spot. She wants her daughter and other family members present for that horror show. He was ragingly angry and called her a bitch, declaring that he would NOT marry her. OOH – what a threat! Amber must come to her senses and cast him into the darkness~ he is, was, and always will be a TOTAL LOSER.

  15. The level of their BS I has reached the ceiling.

    Know what, both you clowns go for it. Make the porno and open up the rehab centers. Using pills ? No problem you both can handle what you use. Yea, Amber you should definitely fight Gary for 100% custody, Matt, you should totally have your adult kids move in with you so you can help them get there lives in order, just like you have. Oh, definitely you guys should get married, why wait, you both are perfect for each other. Don’t listen to the jealous haters, you guys are too notch business people, you are both are as sharp as they come, whatever venture you enter will be a smashing success and you’ll make boat loads of money. The other teen moms (Farrah) will be green with envy.

    1. This is exactly how/what they think, and when you put it in writing like that you can see how utterly RIDICULOUS it all sounds!! But that is exactly what they are claiming! They’re going to be sober, while drinking & open rehab centers after very recent relapses and to open those houses, they’re going to use the money from a video of all of their intimately private body parts being shown and exploited and then after that, they’re going to gain full custody of a very small human being who will solely rely on their guidance and support. Yeah, sounds legit!!!

  16. I think that’s crap. That may be what he told Amber, but his “addiction” seems to be his excuse anytime he’s caught doing something wrong.

  17. Now if gary doesnt want his daughter going over to ambers house, he’ll be labeled as a bad father…even though i think he’s the best one on the show

  18. Unless he’s popping steroids, his behavior is totally inconsistent with a “pill popper.” Just look at Ryan and Leah who were half asleep most of the time. Not going on rants with sharp undertones and clear words. Amber being an ex drug addict should know that. Especially since she’s as “intelligent” as Matt repeatedly claims she is.

  19. If this guy backtracked anymore, we’d be watching this crap in rewind. Also, why can’t anyone on Teen Mom keep their ding dang glasses clean – quit pitching teeth whitening and hit up Lens Crafters, damn.

  20. After reading this un-carefully crafted nonsense, the only rehab facility Matt should ever consider opening with Amber is one for recovering bullsh*t artists.

    He and Amber are SO beyond a damn joke.

  21. Yeah right. An addict can sober up any time a child’s around. That’s exactly why Jenelle was able to overcome her addiction when Jace was around. Oh wait, no.

  22. He is so full of shit!!
    First of all I’m not proud to say this but I was addicted but overcame my issues thank God. That being said at no time was I ever incoherent that I didn’t remember what I said or what happened.
    He construes his story at the time to make himself look like the victim!!
    I believe he was never on drugs or an addict, it allowed him to get in ambers pants and on TV.
    At this stage of the game I don’t feel bad for Amber as I did when the story of his proved cheating was posted.
    He’s a championship loser and that’s all he’ll ever be!!
    Oh ok ya when Leah was there he wasn’t on drugs, that’s because he never was!!
    So now he’s back on his program? I thought as stated on the special with dr drew he and Amber didn’t follow a program??
    Anyway she gets what she has coming, rant over…

  23. Nah, I still don’t believe he is a former addict. It’s possible he is doing drugs now with Amber but I doubt he did them before. He is a compulsive liar!

  24. I’m sure that’s why they are thinking about making a porno. They are both high on drugs.

    I was always team Amber but it’s getting difficult to root for her and the sleaze bag. I hope she doesn’t do a sex tape.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought as soon as Amber said she was entertaining the idea. She seem to be so proud to have turned the first offer down that this seems completely out of character. Her self esteem must be incredibly low and/or drugs to keep putting up with Matt and believe a porno (which Leah would find out about) is a good “business” move

  25. I like how he said he never used around his kids.

    Ya dumbass, ya haven’t even met half of them!

    I noticed yesterday that this gronk was “liking” everyone’s abusive comments towards him on his Instagram page. That’s what makes me wonder if this whole sex tape bellshit is all for attention.

  26. How the heck do you relapse on something you never had a problem with in the first place?

    Alternatively: you have to be sober in order to relapse and this greasy gramps is always drinkin. Wake the hell up, Amber.

  27. Gare Bear..If you’re reading this, stop Leah from ever being around this despicable piece of s#*t!

  28. This guy doesn’t understand that we’re not as stupid as Amber is. Obviously Amber will believe whatever he tells her but he the more excuses he tries to make the dumber he looks. He might as well just tell Amber he said those things and meant them because she still won’t leave him.

  29. Yea Leah came and he sobered up. He didn’t raise his own kids but his girlfriends got him clean. Ehh what a jackass. He was never addicted to anything but fame.

  30. This dude is so full of bull sh!t
    I hope Gary doesn’t let Leah go over to Ambers anymore. This dude just admitted to being back on drugs…thanks to “his”? MTV money. Gary should go for supervised visits when Amber and mooching Matt visit her. Neither one can be trusted.

  31. Ha! I’ll bet that dude has never been a drug addict. He used that storyline to get Amber’s defenses down (which clearly worked). I honestly don’t know how he has swindled so many people. I guess he just targets the absolute weakest people he can. He is not a good liar. Everyone is saying Amber needs to run and she deserves better. Does she really, though? She’s a shitty person too. She is an abuser. Shit attracts shit.

  32. Pills don’t make you call your fiancée’s brother a faggot and accuse her of wanting to marry said brother……..what planet is this loser living on?

    I don’t even feel bad for Amber’s stupid ass, she’s been given ample proof about this creep’s lies and still continues to stand by him. She’s just as much of a loser as he is at this point.

    1. Agreed but coming off of pills will do that to you. If you get habitual to pills he was high as hell around Leah. Having her around wouldn’t matter. Or he is just making up a BS claim to stay in the news I could see that too. If he was doing them Amber was for sure too.

      1. His “relapse” story claims that he was high on the pills as that scene was happening and didn’t even remember filming it. Someone high on pills would not be irate like that. I know from personal experience with pills, and his lying ass is just fumbling for any excuse at this point.

        1. I know I used to be a pill popper myself and I would get that irate when I was doing into withdrawal. Or an upper would do that to you not pain pills. I think he is just trying to come up with a sob story to try and cover the fact that he is a class A douche.

    2. Matt’s next lie:
      He was confused. What he meant to say was he was a fa***t and he wanted to marry her brother. The pillzez will do that to ya.

  33. He is so full of shit. Does this guy seriously think people are idiots? My dad was a pill popper. When he was high on pain killers, he did not go on angry rants. He would look very sleepy and he would slur his words when he talked.

  34. I. Just. Can’t. If he thinks people are that dumb as to believe him! I don’t believe he was in pills at all. He does not know how to accept responsibility for his actions. Neither does Amber. It’s always the fault of something or someone else. If he was using drugs he didn’t just shut it off whe Leah came over. Gary needs to re-evaluate Leah’s visits.

  35. What a crock! What’s his program? Drinking? Lol. What addict drinks all the time? He is so full of crap. Why would Amber jeopardize her kid for a scumbag like this? How disgusting. Matt is scum and if Gary were smart, he would make sure Leah were never around him! This man is full of it and a ticking time bomb. Amber is no better. I used to feel bad for her but obviously she cares more for this loser than her own kid. The most despicable type of parent is one who will put a man/woman over their own child. Amber deserves whatever happens to her. She is allowing this.

  36. OMG not even two hours ago I commented on their “sex tape” article that they were still pill poppers!! I SO called it!!! “Recovering” addicts that brag out being clean are ALWAYS the ones still doing it.

    1. I think SHE’S using.

      I think he’s nothing but a lying liar who lies, cheats, steals, and cons everyone he comes​ in contact with.

      1. Oh she is!!! The bragging about how clean she is to anyone who will listen. If he really relapsed they live together she would know right away. So either he is lying or she is still pill popping. I think Amber is doing what Leah did. She was prescribed “chill pills” again and she is over taking them thinking it’s ok cause she was prescribed them. That’s why the sex tape she is running out of money.

  37. I am so sick of of the two of them As soon as they are out of the tabloids for more than two minutes they find a way to get back in maybe they should focus on their own sobriety and not worry about opening rehab centers for fellow addicts they’re clearly not clean and as a human and somebody who lived in Boston for years I was offended by what he said not only on teen mom but also on the after show no accountability no remorse just lies

    1. I know right! I’m pretty sure he did not mention his kids or the extent of how many kids he had for years he kept a lot from Amber than and I guarantee a lot from her now she doesn’t want to see it that’s fine but don’t expect the rest of us to think it’s normal I understand that he was/is an addict he was in a bad spot he was thereby not in a place to parent them but according to them at that time he met Amber he was clean so what is wrong with you that you cannot acknowledge just the mere existence of your children they deserved better

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