‘Counting On’ Star Joy Anna Duggar is Married! Get Details of Her Wedding to Austin Forsyth

That’s the face of a girl who just got her first kiss!

On Friday, 19-year-old Joy Anna Duggar became the youngest Duggar daughter bride to date when she married Austin Forsyth in Arkansas.

Joy, who got engaged to Austin three months ago but has known him for 15 years, walked down the aisle with her father, Jim Bob Duggar, wearing a white lace gown with three-quarter sleeves.

Her hair was kept simple– with half pulled back to hold a lace-trimmed veil. She carried a bouquet of orange and white flowers.

Austin wore a blue suit with a boutonniere of white and orange flowers. According to the Duggar Family blog, the wedding colors were orange and blue, and the decor was “rustic-chic and outdoorsy.”

Joy and Austin took a break from their wedding festivities to film a clip for TLC (as you do).

“I don’t even know, all about how it feels to be husband and wife,” Joy says in the clip. “So far it’s incredible!”

Austin described the day in a very strange way.

“The moment I said ‘I do’ was a huge burden off my shoulders,” he said. “Finally being married to her is just a tremendous weight lifted off.”

In an interview with People, Joy and Austin hinted that they will be taking a very long honeymoon away from the Duggar Family compound.

“We are going to be traveling for our honeymoon for awhile,” Joy said.

“A lifetime,” Austin added.

Naturally, they plugged the upcoming episode of Counting On that will feature their wedding.

“Watch our wedding episode on June 12!” Joy tells the camera.

Joy is the fourth Duggar kid to get married. However, her siblings were several years older than Joy is now when they got hitched. (For referenceJill was 23 on her wedding day, Jinger was 22, Jessa was 21 and Josh was 20.) Joy is still older than her mother, Michelle, was when she got hitched to Jim Bob at the age of only 17.

Jim Bob and Michelle made their own video to congratulate Joy and Austin.

“I can’t believe our little Joy-Joy is married!” Jim Bob says.

“She’s no longer a Duggar now, she’s a Forsyth,” Michelle says gleefully. “We couldn’t be happier for Joy and Austin.”

There will be another Duggar wedding on the way very soon. Joy’s older brother, Joseph, proposed to his girlfriend Kendra Caldwell during Joy and Austin’s wedding reception. (Click here for details on that!)

More wedding details will surely be coming soon, and Joy and Austin’s wedding episode of ‘Counting On’ will kick off the show’s new season on June 12 on TLC.

To learn more about all of the Duggar Family weddings, click here!

Watch Joy and Austin’s video for TLC below:

(Photo: TLC)


  1. I can’t help it but every time I look at the picture of the two of them I can’t help but feel like JimBoob just threw a thrift shop wedding dress at her (you know, buy used and save the difference) and told her to hurry up and not worry about her hair or make up as you know she just came from doing mounds of laundry, and just rushed her Dow the aisle to get it over with. Nothing about her says blushing bride. She looks like she just finished a day or hard labor before walking down the aisle. I just don’t know. Doesn’t feel right.

  2. “She’s no longer a Duggar now, she’s a Forsyth.”

    What a stupid fucking thing to say. she will ALWAYS be a Duggar. Marriage doesn’t erase your family history.

  3. I actually think Joy is one of the prettiest- in a few years this might have made more sense, but at 19? She hasn’t even lived any sort of life, other than taking care of her siblings. SMH

    1. What life would she have otherwise lived? She’s not allowed to do anything without her father’s permission so whether she got married now or in 10 years, her life would be the same before that.

  4. Dear The Ashley, I think you meant to say 4th daughter, not 4th kid, if I read correctly.

    It’s all about the show and the money, eh, Boob? Keep the gravy train a’rollin.

    Joseph proposing to Kendra during his sister’s wedding, so People would cover it? Beyond tacky, and I smell Boob all over that one too.

  5. Poor Joy. Her names an absolute misnomer of her entire life.

    He husband is not attractive, and I bet he’s dull as dirt.

    Anyone know what he does for a living, other than marry a reality “star”?…

    1. He mostly works at his family’s camp (Forsynths have a family ‘fun’ camp) so that’s prob it.

    2. Apparently he flips houses, but it seems like everyone flips houses these days. I guess it could support a small family, but not a cult like they’re bound to have. Ughh

  6. Her dress is very homely looking. Jinger’s dress, while still modest, looked beautiful. If I remember correctly, Jessa’s was quite lovely too. I don’t think either of them have any fucking idea what they’re doing! I seriously wish one of them would wise up and just take off. Nothing wrong with serving the Lord but this family is more into serving the men. I think they take things way too far. WAKE UP JANA! I’m talking to you. Jinger got part way to freedom, Jana needs to just go for it!

  7. I’m sure the huge “weight that was lifted off of his shoulders” is that now he can have sex with her whenever he wants and will have a live in maid to cook and clean for him because in Duggar world that’s all women are good for.

    1. So incredibly sad, but you know it’s true. I hope he shoots blanks. The last thing Joy needs is a baby at 20. At that rate, she’d be liable to have 10-15 since she’s so young. Poor girls life is over. It’s all downhill from here.

        1. I’d hope you’d love your baby forever Walk ? But I married at 18, bought a money pit house at 19, and had a baby by 20… I regret getting married & committing to a “fixer upper” home, but I never regretted having my son. Just wish I had waited until I was more stable in a relationship and life.

  8. A girl can get married in Arkansas at the age of 16 with her parents’ permission. I would not be surprised if Jim Boob pulls that rabbit out his hat eventually when he’s desperate for ratings or a magazine cover.

    1. Hey, Josie is 7 now! I bet in 9 years he will try to pull the “our miracle child found the love of her life at such a young age!” card.

    2. We’ve still got a ways to go with that one since the next oldest Duggar daughter Johanna is only 11. Viewers need to start caring about the boys. So good luck with that Joseph.

  9. I can’t help but think this was out of horniness (his mostly, girls can’t show any desire in their world) and in a few years or even months (prob not days) they will regret the decision (esp her) to get married so young. I bet she will be pregnant before October when she turns 20.

    1. Cause they want to have sex, every interaction between them has been supervised by a sibling so far, cause that is how you get to know each other. God forbid that they would really know each other before committing to a lifetime without any way to get out.

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