Surprise! “16 and Pregnant” Season 4 Star Lindsey Nicholson Reveals She’s Expecting Twins

“We’re adding two more!”

Lindsey Nicholson recently announced that she is pregnant, but the 16 and Pregnant alum just got some additional surprise news– she’s having twins!

The Season 4 star took to her social media to announce the big news.

“SURPRISE! We prayed for one god laughed and gave us 2!” Lindsey posted on Twitter.

Earlier this month Lindsey, who is already the mother of five-year-old Aniyah, announced that she and her husband, TJ, were expecting. However, the couple just learned that they are having two babies.

In an Instagram post, Lindsey revealed that she had been dreaming that she was pregnant with twins since she found out she was expecting.

“I couldn’t figure out why I’m showing so fast,” she wrote. “Literally starving every hour…”

Lindsey said she found out that it was twins after she went to the emergency room after feeling faint.

“When the ultrasound tech said she would be right back, mine and TJ’s hearts dropped,” Lindsey wrote. “I told him ‘something’s wrong.’ She came back in and said, ‘Y’all are having twins!’ We are so thankful they are in different sacs (less complications).”

On Twitter, Lindsey explained that her pregnancy with Aniyah (which was shown on her episode of “16 and Pregnant”) was high-risk, and this pregnancy will be too.

“This is going to be a very high risk pregnancy and an anxious seven months,” Lindsey wrote. “We can’t wait to meet our babies.”

Lindsey’s husband TJ, who has legally adopted Aniyah, is also a twin, according to Lindsey.

“Found out from my grandma that twins do run on my side of the family,” she later tweeted. “So with them on Tj’s side & mine it was just inevitable.”

She stated that if the babies are two boys, she plans to name them Jameson and Jackson.

After appearing on “16 and Pregnant” in 2012, Lindsey moved to Texas and became a real estate agent. She made headlines last year when she received very large breast implants from Dr. Miami.

Nearly all of the 12 girls featured on “16 and Pregnant” Season 4 have gone on to have at least one more baby (and in the cases of Mackenzie McKeeJordan HowardSarah Roberts and Kristina Head, two more babies!) Lindsey is the first one from the season to have twins, however.

(In case you’re wondering, Alex Sekella and Sabrina Solares are the only two girls from Season 4 who still have one child.)

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15 Responses

  1. Wow I thought the little girl looks JUST LIKE her dad… I can’t believe some are saying she doesn’t!!

  2. Not sure why but I clicked on the link to the article about her implants. Jesus god, Leah those things are huge! Here I am with my small Bs. lol

  3. Jameson and Jackson Nicholson?
    Do people actually say their kids’ names out loud before they name them or…?

      1. Not just tacky but hella inconvenient. Doctor’s offices and schools will store their info as Nicholson, J. with their DOB. Major pain in the butt for her and the kids as they get older.

  4. But it also ran in her side. That can be genetic. The fact that his family has multiples too just made it a funny coincidence and worth a mention.

  5. I’m proud that she seems to have a relatively normal, healthy, and happy life. She has a marriage and a career and is now welcoming new children into the world congratulations to her. Anyone else ever think that Forest was not her daughters father? I always got that vibe especially as her daughter gets older… looks nothing like him.

    1. I never even thought of that. I wonder if that’s why he’s never sold “the real story” or something to any media ? Maybe they just parted ways amicably because he wasn’t the father. No one in his family seemed that interested in Lindsey or her pregnancy or baby Aniyah during her 16&P episode.

  6. I’m glad Lindsey is happy and doing well. Seems like a very happy relationship. Does anyone know why her ex Forrest gave up custody? Curious..

  7. True! I laugh when people say “twins run in my family.” No. No it doesn’t. Do your research!

    1. Instead of laughing at people, maybe you could kindly and reasonably educate them on the topic? It might make you seem like less of a jackass.

  8. The fact that twins run on the mans side means LITERALLY NOTHING. Identical are a fluke, and fraternal can only Happen if the mom drops multiple eggs.

    1. Genuine question – wouldn’t dropping multiple eggs be a genetic trait, and therefore making twins run on the mothers side be a thing?

      1. No. Lots of things can cause someone to ovulate two eggs like age (older women are more likely to produce more than one at a time), IVF or just coming off birth control.

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