Reality Star Courtney Stodden Confesses She Frequently Mixes Pills & Alcohol

“Thanks Ma and Doug!”

Reality star Courtney Stodden is speaking out about her issues with alcohol, pills and depression.

During a recent appearance on The Doctors, Courtney discussed her struggles with mental health issues and substance abuse. In the video clip, the former Mother/Daughter Experiment star discusses how she uses anti-depressants, alcohol and medical marijuana to cope with issues in her life.

Courtney first came into the spotlight when she married 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison at the age of 16. Shockingly, marrying an old man while you’re still a teenager can have damaging effects on your psyche.

The reality star told the show’s doctors that her impending divorce from Doug and the estrangement from her mother Krista Keller are at the root of her substance abuse issues.

“I feel like I’ve lived so many lives at such a young age,” Courtney said. “It’s exhausting.”

Courtney, now 22, also talked about her 2016 miscarriage, and how she needs medication to deal with her grief.

“I also have been taking anti-anxiety medication, otherwise I literally feel like I’m going to jump out the window,” she said. “And I don’t know if I’m coping in the most healthy way…[I’ve been] partying a little too hard.”

“Sometimes I have medical marijuana, but that doesn’t really help because I start having a panic attack,” she added.

Courtney admitted that she often turns to partying and drinking to deal with her depression. (As you may recall, we previously reported on her recent wild “Divorce Party” in Vegas.)

“I kind of missed out on the party scene and going crazy because I got married so young,” she told The Ashley last month. “I really want to go out and experience life now. I was married from the ages of 16 to 22 and those are the ages you really build your character and I kind of feel like I haven’t had a chance to do that yet.”

Courtney also talked about how strange it was that her mother allowed her to marry a 50-year-old man when she was just a teenager.

“My mother was the one who granted permission,” she said. “Now, when I’m explaining the story, it’s like ‘Oh my God, this is crazy!’”

Courtney said that, although she has a volatile relationship with her mother, she’s not necessarily angry with her for letting her get married.

“I do have a lot of hurt that I carry inside of me in regard to that relationship,” she said. However, she said that Doug is “a good man, so I’m happy that she signed off to a good person.”

Courtney and Doug and are legally separated and are in the process of divorcing. The couple was married for six years. Courtney said she feels like she never really had a chance to be out on her own.

“I went from my parents to another parental figure,” she said. “I just want some normalcy now.”

Dr. Stork tries to talk to Courtney about her depression and anxiety and the tools she’s using to cope with them.

“I literally feel like my coping mechanisms could lead to a disastrous, vicious situation,” she said. “I think if I seek the proper coping mechanisms, I could turn this around and be the young woman I want to be.”

Specialist Dr. Damon Raskin offered a warning to Courtney about mixing drugs and alcohol.

“Mixing various medications with alcohol, it can be a very dangerous thing,” he said.

The doctors ended up offering Courtney a complimentary session to look at the medication she’s on and try to figure out what’s the best road for her to recovery.

Watch Courtney discuss her substance abuse issues in the clip from ‘The Doctors’ below:


  1. This is a classic case of what happens when a parent exploits their child. This girl was sexually exploited by her own mother. What person would not suffer from depression and acute anxiety with issues like that. My heart goes out to her. Happy she is seeking help for her issues and hopefully will turn her life around. HER MOTHER IS A F#%*ING NUT JOB.

  2. She feels that at 22 she missed out on the party scene and is now making up for lost time? She does know that the drinking age and the age for getting into most clubs is 21, right? I would say she missed out on a lot of her childhood/teenage years and figuring out who she wants to be “when she grows up,” but I thought her saying that she missed out on the hard partying scene was a bit misinformed.

  3. That girls mother is a complete piece of shit that sold her daughter for fame. Shame on her. I feel really bad for Courtney and I hope that she gets her life together and finds true happiness away from perverts and opportunists.

  4. 1) That guy hasn’t worked since he married her unless it was reality TV. There won’t be some large settlement she can bank on. 2) I would take her more seriously about wanting to improve herself if she didn’t do reality therapy TV every chance she got. You want to heal yourself? Turn the camera off! 3) Mama, this is why you don’t sign off on papers to let your 16 year old get married to a 50 year old. No 50 year old is a “good man” that would want to do that.

    1. Didn’t her mom try (or want) to hook up with him?! Maybe that’s why she let her marry Doug, because she thought they will be in some weird love triangle?

    2. It is suspected it was her mom ‘romancing’ Doug online, then basically sold her daughter off to him for fame. As soon as she was in “Hollywood”, mom divorced dad and married some skeezy guy with cash, of course.

  5. First of all, I like Doug as an actor. I only saw him in Green Mile where I loved his acting. That being said, there is something really wrong with him if he wanted to marry such a young girl, a teenager, basically still a child since she just reached age of consent.
    Anyone know Courtney’s background? If her father is missing for all her life, she basically saw a father figure in him and married him cuz of that. That’s not the right reason to marry so young and I hope she gets her life back on track and finds someone else. I wish the same to him and that he stops dating teenagers.

    1. No, she hadn’t reached age of consent. In Washington, marital consent is 18. Sexual content is 16. They had to go to Nevada to get married, with her parents signing papers to allow it.
      Her dad is just as skeevy. An alcoholic, he’s had a couple DUI’s, and had to sell their house in Ocean Shores. Mom went to “Hollywood” with her, divorced dad, who then bitterly claimed he should not have signed those papers (Gee, ya think, dad?), and mom married some slimy, fake-tanned, dude with loads of cash.

  6. Courtney has been doing this for awhile. Back during one of her first interviews with Doug, she was smacking/rubbing her lips together and slurring her speech. Even after she announced her pregnancy, her behavior was bizarre. Then the infamous “fall” pap stroll, then predictably announced her miscarriage… Then she shaved her head over her *grief*. I feel sympathy to the lost little girl sold off to the highest bidder, and I hope she can find her way out of this. Hopefully she’ll make enough in her settlement and future gigs to afford years of good therapy

  7. She has the eyes of a lost, lonely, little girl. I hope she can learn to love herself and remove all of those toxic people from her life.

  8. She talks like she left the marriage at 32 rather than 22. You missed out on the party scene? You’re precisely one year beyond the minimum drinking age. You haven’t missed anything, you just arrived fashionably late. You never had the chance to be out on your own? A lot of 22 year-olds haven’t, and they’re not getting a fat divorce settlement from a movie star to get their start.

    1. While I totally agree with you, I don’t think Doug is worth all that much money. Any time I’ve seen pictures of their home, I don’t instantly think “lavish lifestyle”. I think most of his money comes from the money they both made during their relationship. I sincerely hopes she walks away with a good enough settlement for years of quality therapy

      1. He was blacklisted in Hollywood due to this marriage. His family disowned him. She didn’t make all that much, and yeah, their first home was in a crumbling old mansion that was made into apartments. Someone who was their neighbour at one time said they had loud parties, were very messy, would have loud fights (Doug is an alcoholic, just like her daddy), and when they were evicted, they left a HUGE mess, including broken furniture. He doesn’t have money, at this point.

  9. I was done with her the moment she shaved her hair ‘out of grief’ but immediately wore wigs. Her stylist confirmed that her hair just broke of all the bleaching. If you lie about that..sorry: not supportive anymore. She fooled lots of woman that miscarriaged in that way. I am sure she went through hell but don’t lie to get media attention.

  10. In other news folks, the grass is green and water is wet…OF COURSE this girl is self medicating, you take a glance at her Instagram account and its very clear. At least she’s recognizing it, weather she’s actually trying to change or not…I’m not sure. Time for her to strip away that “persona” she puts on, the weird mimicking of Marilyn (lets just take a moment to remember she died face down in a sea of perscription drugs), and get to know who she really is. She has family in Oregon, maybe its time to take a break from Hollywood and get centered. Being surrounded by yes people, is not healthy. Hoping she finds herself, because she is a very lost girl. Her lunatic Mother, and creepy old man ex have not made it easy on her, but we are all capable of living a really authentic life once we put our minds to it.

    1. Her family is in Washington, and her creepy dad isn’t any better than her mother. He’s an alcoholic, and has taken, and been in, photos of/with her that were VERY inappropriate.

  11. Honestly, Courtney seems like a very sweet girl who was given a shitty hand. Saying Doug is a good person really says a lot about her character and in my opinion her realizing how crazy it was to be married at 16(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), means she’s making progress. I definitely hurt for her when I heard about her miscarriage and really do hope she finds the closure she desires.

  12. I feel bad for her, her mom basically sold er to a pervert when she was 16. I feel really bad for her and I hope she gets all the help she needs 🙁

    1. Gah! And her actually saying she was glad her mother “signed off” on a *good* man? That’s just heartbreaking…

  13. That is a rough looking 22.
    I looked 15 at 22. But then again i wasnt pill popping, booze guzzling & being pimped out by my own mother to spread legs to the dude w the biggest bank account.
    Poor girl

  14. Funny how all Marilyn Monroefans have the same problems. Older cheating guys, addiction and blond dead hair.

  15. I just want to hug her and slap her mother. This poor beautiful girl never had a chance at a normal life. She was pretty much groomed from childhood. Hearing the stories told like oh all these men were after my daughter when she was young. Ummm and you did what krista? Checked out their bank accounts before deciding who to give your child to

    1. I hear ya. I want to wrap my arms around Courtney and hug her as well. This poor poor girl. As for her mother, I want to kill her and rip her to shreds for what she did and failing to protect her daughter.

  16. This girl makes me so sad. She never had a chance to succeed. I hope she gets some serious therapy and cuts her mom, Doug, and Hollywood out of her life. Otherwise, I fear she will end up like her idol: Marilyn Monroe.

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