Former “16 & Pregnant” Star Autumn Crittendon Marries in Surprise Ceremony

“We got hitched, y’all!”

Autumn Crittendon is a married woman–just one month after getting together with the man who is now her husband!

The 16 and Pregnant Season 5 star, who is the mother of four-year-old Drake, got hitched this weekend in a surprise ceremony in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She got into a relationship with her now-husband, Brad Oxley, in April.

The couple sealed their marriage with corresponding “King” and “Queen” finger tattoos (as you do), in addition to a set of wedding rings.

According to photos that Autumn posted on her Facebook page, the wedding took place in a church, and Autumn wore a white wedding gown. Autumn’s son Drake was front-and-center at the ceremony.

Autumn’s episode of “16 and Pregnant” was memorable for several reasons, including because she was pregnant by a man named Dustin Franklin, whose passion for “the weed” was almost as strong as his passion for Autumn and his son. (Who could forget Dustin showing up to Autumn’s hospital room for the birth of his son, with his marijuana leaf blanket in tow?) Fans may also remember that Autumn and Dustin had fondness for camouflage print.

After her episode aired, Autumn and Dustin broke up, but Autumn legally changed her last name to Franklin so that she would have the same last name as her son. It is unknown if Autumn will take her husband’s last name now, though.

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Check out some photos from Autumn’s wedding below:

(Photos: Facebook)


  1. Hey autumn….love your episode of 16&pregnant I got a neice was just like you and came out on top like you too….keep up the good work😉😇😇😇😇😇

  2. This episode was on here today and I went in her page. Why is both she and Dustins last name Oxley now? Did they marry sibling? So curious!

  3. Only thing that is missing is the pork rinds… Slim Jim’s… And the mason jars wine/beer cups. Thank you for keeping it classy people!

  4. Tacky tattoos

    She looks like she could do with a good scrub in the shower and he isn’t much better, both look grubby and dirty

  5. Oh and the blanket was autumns, Dustin is a great dad, pays support, 50/50 custody and has is own home. Autumn has no job and marrying a man 30 days into relationship. Tried to marry 3 different guys in the past and currently lives ina crackhouse located in alley known as “crack alley”. Oh and autumn has and is currently fighting for custody…can u say ugh!!

  6. This winner just couldn’t keep his shirt buttoned throughout the entire reception….who frigin poses for pictures on ur wedding day with ur stomach hanging out…trash…..and for Kaylee-sweetheart I don’t care if you went to school with the president. Trash is trash…

  7. I went to school with Autumn and Misty, Both Wonder, Gorgeous Intelligent Young Mother’s, who put their family first. What the publisher did not manage to say was, that she knew him for years, and that they fell in Love over time. But Ya’ll are all too quick to judge, when You don’t even know the truth. Just stop and Live Ya’lls life. Stop worrying about other’s relationships. Take care of Your own! They truly deserve each other, and I’M Truly Happy for them!!

  8. Wasn’t it Dustin who, during the episode, called and asked random places “Are y’all hiring?” while chomping down on an apple into the receiver? What a prince. Did he give up his rights?

  9. This has fantastic decision making written alllll over it. Her 16 and Pregnant will always be my favourite.

  10. I was hoping that first picture was of the wedding and then was disappointed to see the one of her in a dress…..then when I saw him with his shirt unbuttoned, the disappointment vanished.

  11. This looks like an episode straight out of “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding”. You know it’s a classy affair when the groom unbuttons his shirt at the reception. Good grief!!

    1. I don’t think that was legit. It always read to me like Milina was thirsty for attention, I don’t ever actually remember Autumn saying much about it.

  12. THIS APRIL?! What the hell is with these girls and rushing into marriage!! And you thought Jenelle was quick having a baby with David. Btw, wasn’t she in some sort of romantic relationship with fellow season co-star Milina? Or was that just a fake rumor?

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