Another ‘Teen Mom 2’ Divorce: Leah Messer’s Sister Victoria Splits From Husband

“Men? We don’t need no stinkin’ men!”

Leah Messer and her sister Victoria have a lot in common– including a shared history of short marriages!

Victoria, who has appeared on Teen Mom 2 since the show began, is divorcing her husband, Brian Jones, after just two years of marriage.

She has already made her change in relationship status “Facebook official” and has gone back to using her maiden name on her Facebook profile.

“Are y’all at least gonna still let me be on the ‘Teen Mom 2?'”

Brian, who has also made frequent appearances on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ lists himself as “single” on Facebook.

It is not yet known what caused the split, but it appears that things are relatively amicable (at least for now) between Brian and Victoria, who are the parents of six-month-old Cami.

“I just want to say thanks to the most beautiful woman in the world Victoria Jones she has been there for me when no one else wasn’t,” Brian wrote on Facebook after the split, which appears to have happened some time last month. “She give me hope even when I didn’t have it. She show me love even when I didn’t but the most best thing of them all, she give me the most beautiful daughter in the world when I see her for the first time I knew my family was completed. I will always love you Victoria and Cami.”

Brian and Victoria got married in April 2015, with Leah serving as her sister’s maid-of-honor. (Click here to see the wedding photos!)

The timeframe of Victoria’s marriage mirrors Leah’s two short marriages. Leah was first hitched to Corey Simms, but that union only lasted about six months. Leah’s second marriage, to Jeremy Calvert, lasted only three years.

(Photos: Facebook, MTV)



  1. God I’m glad we made America Great again. Good god, whatever part of West Virginia they are from is scary as hell. I guess all of the jokes are true.

  2. I could till once I seen her losing all that weight… he’ shall I say..not the brightest or cutest Apple on the tree! ?

  3. Didn’t he have a rumble with Grandma Sandy? Your husband fighting your grandmother is probably not a good sign for a marriage!

  4. I thought “she has been there for me when no one else wasn’t” was bad, and then I read “but the most best thing of them all.”
    Good lord.

  5. Just a question cause I’m not from America. Can you divorce straight after you separate? In New Zealand you have to be legally separated for 2-3 years before you can file for divorce. Maybe it would be better if America did the same. That way these girls couldn’t just get married again 6 months later. Anyway I hope her and her daughter are okay. Being in a abusive relationship (if that’s the truth) is never right and I wish them luck.

    1. I think it depends on the state. In my state you can divorce right away but my cousin had to be legally separated for a year before they could file for divorce.

      1. Thanks for the info. There must be a higher divorce rate in places like where Leah lives if it’s easy to just get divorced and remarried again fast

        1. I’m in Texas, once you file for divorce and get your temp agreement (usually 60 days after filing) you have to wait at least an additional 60 days until your court appt to finalize the divorce in front of a judge. At least that’s how it was 10 years ago when I did it.

        2. Interesting fact:

          Las Vegas was originally the divorce capital of the US before it was the marriage capital. Women would move into hotels built just for that purpose. After they established 60 days of residency, the could file for divorce with no waiting period and without having to prove anything other than “irreconcilable differences”. Up until the 60s, they were lengthy waiting periods and “no fault” divorce didn’t exist. While states gradually adapted “no fault” divorces, they had long waiting periods. Some are still as long as a year, many are 6 months.

          1. Are you confusing RENO with Las Vegas there?

            Vegas is where you headed to get married, as three generations of my family have done. Same chaple too.

    2. In Illinois, if you want a no fault divorce (filing “irreconcilable differences”), you have to be separated for two years before you can divorce. If you choose a fault (adultery, bigamy, cruelty, etc), then the law says you have to be separated for six months BUT the couple can agree to waive that waiting period or if you can prove that you’ve been separated for six months prior to the divorce filing, then you can get divorced basically as soon as you want.

  6. “I just want to say thanks to the most beautiful woman in the world Victoria Jones she has been there for me when no one else wasn’t.”

    Shouldn’t it be, when no one else was?

    1. Is it weird that he’s referring to her as Victoria Jones when she’s divorcing him? I know it’s still her legal name but I just thought it was a little awkward, to say the least ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  7. If he was really abusing her, thank God she left him. It’s never okay, but there’s a child involved now. Best of luck to her going forward.

  8. Bang! (sound of a relieved grandma Sandy throwing her lead pipe in the skip).

    (For those who don’t understand what I mean: Leah and Victoria’s grandmother Sandy came to Victoria’s house with a lead pipe to beat up Brian, after she heard Brian had beaten Victoria. It all went on Facebook; grandma Sandy on one side promising Brian more lead pipe when he would lay his hands on her granddaughter ever again and… surprisingly, Victoria on the other side actually defending Brian saying grandma was wrong, it was not her business that Brian had abused her.)

  9. Seems like there’s not much to do down in the holler except get pregnant, get married, get divorced. And then do it again a few months later.

    1. Well, that is an exaggeration.
      The Messers don’t catch on fast, thus their marriages last a bit longer then a few months before they figure out it is not meant to be. After that, there are the months of going back and forward to an ex and let’s not forget trying to hook up or actual hooking up with the ex. The whole process takes years, not months ;-).

      Leah seems to have left this and other family habits behind her, good for her.

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