EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star David Eason Gets Full Legal Custody of Daughter Maryssa: Get Details of the Court Ruling

Maryssa is now a permanent resident of Casa de Jenelle…

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans may have lost her recent custody battle for her son, Jace, but her fiance David Eason, came out victorious in his quest for custody of his daughter.

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that, as of Wednesday, David has sole legal custody of his nine-year-old daughter Maryssa. David and his ex-wife (and first baby mama) Whitney Johnson agreed to a permanent custody arrangement for Maryssa, who is frequently shown on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ According to the custody order, David now has sole, legal custody of Maryssa, while Whitney was given a specific visitation schedule, provided she follows certain parameters spelled out in the agreement regarding drug and alcohol use.

Back in February, David was given temporary emergency custody of Maryssa (for reasons not specified in this custody order). This week, a North Carolina judge decided that it is within Maryssa’s “best interest” to “promote her health and welfare” to award full custody to David.

“Just to clarify, I’m not gonna hafta raise any more of these kids, right?”

Whitney, who has never appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ will get visits with Maryssa several times a month, provided that Whitney’s mother supervises the visits. Whitney is also required to remain drug- and alcohol-free while visiting with Maryssa, and to submit to hair follicle drug testing. David is also restricted from doing certain things around Maryssa, per the custody arrangement.

“Neither party will use drugs or excessively consume alcohol while caring for the child,” the custody order states.

David’s custody agreement with Whitney for Maryssa is very similar to the one Jenelle agreed to with her mother, Barbara, regarding Jenelle’s son Jace. David is restricted from speaking ill of Whitney in front of Maryssa, and both parents are required to communicate with each other in a “businesslike, respective tone.” (Jenelle’s custody agreement with Barbara states similar requirements.)

The custody agreement also restricts Whitney and David from bashing each other’s significant others, and from having Maryssa around people who bash the other parent or the other parents’ significant other. Should either Whitney or David violate the terms of the order, they could be held in contempt of the court.

With Maryssa living with David and Jenelle full-time, and David in the process of working out a visitation schedule to see his son Kaden, that brings the amount of kids who could be at their home at any given time to five. (David has Maryssa and Kaden, while Jenelle has Jace and son Kaiser, in addition to Ensley, the daughter she shares with David.)

David’s custody win will no doubt be discussed on the upcoming eighth season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

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  1. HOW IN THE HELL DID DAVID EASON GET FULL CUSTODY OF A CHILD ?????????? The poor child’s mother must be an absolute horror to lose custody of her child to David! Why in the fuck do these people have children if they can’t ( or won’t) look after them properly! It makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Maryssa’s Mom must really be a loser, no morality, no redeeming qualities to lose custody to two people who should have their own children taken away from them. Maryssa and Janelle’s kids should all be removed from the Eason home. Janelle and David are so abusive and ill-equipped to be parents. I’m ashamed our court system allowed this to happen.

  3. And this was all made possible by your viewership translating in to big MTV paydays for these barnacles of society. I cancelled this show from my DVR because I cant stomach the nonsense since I grew up.

  4. Is anyone else thinking about the paycheck that the ”mother” probably gets for allowing her daughter to be on MTV? It reminds me of my only issue with Gary’s wife Kristina. She treats Leah amazing and seems to be a good mom to their baby but she doesn’t fight for custody of her daughter to be on tv.

  5. that poor girls mother has got to be a real piece of work to lose custody to LURCH…..that being said….i can totally see maryssa and jace being catelynn and tyler: the next generation

  6. J and David are toxic people..Please replace them with a teen ..they are toxic adults!Horrible Role Models…Remove…abusive to elders!

  7. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when a court order is needed to compel these dunces to not get f’d up on booze, pot, pills or whatever else they are ingesting and not bad-mouth each other when they have their kids around them.

    But, I guess we should at least all give Lurch the benefit of the doubt for seeking full custody. If the birth mother was messed up on drugs/alcohol/whatever and he was able to convince a judge he can provide a better home, then good on him.

    It is fun bashing all these couch surfers, Matt, Amber, Jennelle, Lurch … but let’s not lose site that there are innocent kids, born to these under achievers, who have been damaged from their own wacko parents and upbringing.

  8. Wow!! How bad of a mother would one have to be to give Swamp thing one and Swamp thing two custody?
    Could anyone really even imagine?
    I sure the hell cant!!
    Knowing what Maryssa will endure and what the poor little honey has been subjected to already is such a sad situation all around..

    1. This is exactly what I came to say. Scary to think…if they put her in custody of a father who has a no-contact order with one of his children. I just hope the best for all these kids, they don’t have a whole lot to look up to as far as role models in their lives. At least Jace gets to get away from the chaos and be the only child at his Meme’s house.

    2. Exactly what I came to say too. How bad of a situation was this child in for jenelle and David to be better for her health and welfare. None of these 5 kids are getting a good start in life. We can only hope they will not become like their parents. There isn’t a stable parent among all of them.

    3. The mind boggles… SERIOUSLY! I’m at a loss for words. If a mother can lose custody of her child to David then what sort of life has that poor little girl been living? GET HER OUT , AND KEEP HER OUT!

  9. Wow!! How bad of a mother would one have to be to give Swamp thing one and Swamp thing two custody?
    Could anyone really even imagine?
    I sure the hell cant!!
    Knowing what Maryssa will endure and what the poor little honey has been subjected to already is such a sad situation all around..

  10. That mother must be a complete train wreck for that creature to get full custody. They will need a babysitter for Ensley though while they lay in bed with the door closed and the other kids play in he street

  11. So this all HAS to mean that David and Jenelle have completely given up “whatever” it is they do behind a closed bedroom door, as Maryssa dutifully fills the role of babysitter for Jace and Kaiser while they all play in front of the house.


  12. Serious question: I am NO FAN of Jenelle’s but has David ever been known to abuse drugs in the past? (Like Kieffer or Nathan’s drunken arrests). He seems very stupid but not terribly awful especially for a Jenelle Soul Mate. Granted I’m not fully caught up in the latest season yet, so maybe I’ve just not seen the asshattery yet. It sounded like he does have a job from when they showed Babs their property and she asked him “How ah ya gonna get ta work?” And they said it was 20 mins.

    1. I think compared to her other soul mates he’s really not the worst in certain subject areas but he definitely does have a temper and seems like he could get really violent.

    2. Yes, he has been arrested for drugs and domestic violence. He’s jealous and controlling, and he’s the one that’s going to ultimately give her the beating of her life. Just wait.

      1. That is just such a terrible thing to think about. I really don’t like Jenelle, but gosh I don’t wish that on anyone. So sad.

    3. He was arrested and incarcerated for domestic violence…..you can’t get much more awful than that, drugs or no drugs

  13. This is a nightmare for that poor little girl. Jenelle is the evil stepmother from hell. Why, why, why in the hell do they want 5 kids? Most sane people would lose their minds with that many kids running around, and to say that two violent dope fiends can’t handle it is an understatement.

  14. Wow. All I can say is this poor girl’s mother must be is REALLY bad shape to have sole custody handed over to this fucking creep…..that poor, poor child

  15. The first thing I thought of when reading this article was that these 2 clowns can’t even take care of THEMSELVES, much less 5 kids! Then it became clear why they wanted to build their house in a remote area…NO NEIGHBORS TO CALL THE COPS WHEN THEY BEAT EACH OTHER UP OR DFS WHEN THE KIDS ARE WANDERING AROUND, FORAGING FOR FOOD WHILE THEY ARE PASSED OUT! It’s only a matter of time, folks, before this implodes! Jenelle couldn’t be married to the good Lord, Himself and David is just enough like all the other sperm donors in her life to feel like he needs to keep his woman “in line” by dragging her around by the hair! The court should have ordered both of them to be spayed and neutered! The only thing that would have made all this any bigger disaster is if they had also been awarded temporary custody of “Kieffah’, too!

  16. Imagine your mom being such a trainwreck that the best thing for Maryssa is to live with David (and Jenelle). This poor girl is screwed. (At least she sees Jace every now and then, they seem good friends or maybe it’s just Jenelle trying to manipulate us that they are).

    1. I’m not sure they are. On one of the reunion shows (I think), Barb said that Jace didn’t want to live with Maryssa. At the time there was speculation that Maryssa might exhibit inappropriate behaviors.

    1. How is this “stability”?

      David and Jenelle are going to implode, sooner probably, rather than later. What does David then have, if not for Jenelles Teen Mom checks?

  17. Wow! Maryssa really drew the short straw when it came to parents if David is the lesser of two evils! At least in Jace’s case his dad is MIA and only makes a couple of appearances a year via FaceTime. Jace doesn’t have to see him drugged out or hear anything negative from him. He just hasn’t Jenelle and Babs. Now my question is, how long do you thing the agreements for each child will be upheld. I mean if Maryssa is with them full time and there is a no drinking no drug clause, then Jenelle and David are screwed because the girl will be with them 24/7. Can they live like that?

    1. Is Andrew allowed to talk to Jace via FaceTime?
      I know he tried to see Jace but Babs, Jenelle and the school made sure he could not see him again. He did not really think that one trough but it shows he is interested in seeing Jace.

      1. Not so sure I would’ve let him see Jace either, if it were me. That poor kid has no idea who that man is. No reason to hurt Jace and confuse him by letting him see Jace, only to disappear again.

  18. I cannot be the only one that finds it massively disturbing that custody orders have to spell out not to badmouth each other to your own children. It’s common sense, yet somehow people need the threat of literally being held in contempt in a custody agreement? I have a feeling this isn’t that unusual.

    1. It is disturbing, but non-disparaging clauses are necessary in custody order. My boyfriend’s custody agreement doesn’t have a non-disparaging clause, so his POS ex uses that as a reason to boastfully and proudly bash him and talk negatively about him to his daughter. His ex even showed his 10 yo daughter the custody order and lack of non-disparaging clause to excuse her negative remarks. Thankfully his ex only sees his daughter a couple hours a week at most, but it’s wrong. For the record, it always backfires. Her dad is that little girl’s hero and she won’t stand for anyone being mean to him.

  19. How the hell did David get custody​?

    He doesn’t have a job…

    Poor Maryssa. When Jenelle and David implode, she’s stuck with a unemployed penniless violent “father”.

  20. This is fantastic. It’ll speed Juhnell into finding her new soulmate because she can’t stand kids. She just likes incubating them.

  21. Why isn’t David subjected to drug and alcohol testing…I feel bad for Maryssa she has to live with David and Jenelle full-time. That poor girl…

  22. omg that is classic janelle doesn’t get custody which I’m glad but give the abuser and user full custody. sadly the judge had to pick tween two users and abusers

  23. I just can’t imagine how confusing this household is, shuffling 5 kids between so many parents, step-parents and grandparents all the time. I have two kids and it’s enough to keep up with their school and recreation schedules, I can’t imagine all of the extra visitation complications. In his defense, I think it’s at least nice that David wanted sole custody of his daughter- not all guys would do that, especially with a new little family he just created.

  24. Ugh, this poor little girl. It sounds like there were no good options for her. She looks utterly terrified of David and Jenelle, but she obviously isn’t safe with her mom either. I feel so sorry for these children.

  25. The mother must really be a train wreck if David won custody. Heaven help them all.

  26. Seems like neither parent is safe for poor Marissa. I don’t think David is much of an improvement for full custody of her. He looks like he’s probably the meanest drunk imaginable.

  27. “Neither party will use drugs or excessively consume alcohol while caring for the child,” the custody order states.


    1. I hope they monitor that maybe some unannounced visits/ drug testing would be a good idea in this case given the fact that everybody involved is somehow involved in other on going court cases

      1. I wish they’d do that with Jenelle as well. This whole situation is fucked up and there’s six kids caught in the middle.

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