Newlywed Joy-Anna Duggar Says She’s Ready to Start Having Babies

“It’s baby-making time!”

Joy-Anna Duggar has been married for less than a week, but already the 19-year-old Counting On star has babies on her brain!

We’ll give you a moment to get over the shock…

Joy, who married Austin Forsyth last Friday, told People magazine that, like her parents and all of her married siblings, they are leaving the amount of children they have up to God.

“We love kids and we’re excited to have a family. We’re just going to see what the Lord does,” she said.

The Duggar clan notoriously swears off the use of birth control, so Joy-Anna could find herself pregnant very soon. In fact, all of her married siblings have conceived their first child within the first six months of their marriages. (The exception is Jinger Vuolo, who has been married six months and has yet to announce a pregnancy.)

As for the number of kids we can expect Joy to squat out, the couple says that is also out of their hands.

“We want as many as the Lord thinks we can handle and we are putting it into His hands,” Joy told the magazine.

In a video interview taped during Joy and Austin’s wedding reception, the three married Duggar daughters– Jessa Seewald, Jill Dillard and Jinger–gave Joy some marriage advice. Although Jana Duggar is not married yet, she joined her sisters to reminisce about when Joy was a child (which, honestly, was just a few years ago).

“My advice to her for marriage was just to enjoy being a couple,” Jessa, who has been married since November 2014, said. “I know that they’re super excited to be getting married and it’s going to be amazing. They’re perfect for each other.”

Joy and Austin’s wedding will be the focus of the premiere episode of the upcoming season of ‘Counting On, airing June 12 on TLC.

(Photo: TLC)


  1. This is what happens when you’re locked away from socializing with society on the Duggar compound.

  2. I’m so torn about her statements. I support every woman’s right and ability to choose whichever path she wants – career, motherhood, both, etc. However, these girls don’t seem to have ever tasted anything other than motherhood and being little housewives. I hope motherhood fulfills her but if it doesn’t, I hope she has her husband’s support in finding something that does.

    1. I agree. She wasn’t taught anything else. She was raised for one purpose and one purpose only. Sad. Women can be a good mother a good wife plus so much more.

  3. I just can’t wrap my brain about the “leave it up to god” answer. What if they aren’t able to get pregnant? By that logic god doesn’t want them to have children. But they do believe in fertility treatment. It doesn’t make sense, on a logical level.

    1. I’ve never heard their opinion(The Duggars) on fertility treatment. That has been mentioned before?

    2. Nothing about religion and God makes sense on a logical level. That’s why it’s so easy to simply refer to the bible to answer everything and people will just blindly agree.

    1. It’s not like there’s any other option in their world. Have you seen their dating (they call it courting) rules?! It’s insane!

  4. Love that Jessa’s marriage advice for them was, “Just enjoy each other as a couple.” Kinda hard to enjoy each other when you’re popping out a baby a year.

  5. Yuck! Come on Joy. Why are they all in such a rush to start having kids? It’s like the actual marriage doesn’t really mean anything- it’s only for the purpose of conceiving. Not to actually get to know or enjoy each other. Free Jinger.

  6. A Duggar married before 20 and ready to pop some blessings for the Lord…what a shock!!!
    It’s beyond sad that these girls are raised as submissive breeders. They all say the same thing, I bet Jim Bob has a script that they all must memorize by age 9

  7. Wanting to have kids in all fine and dandy, it’s the “we’re leaving it up to God” bullshit that I hate. Stop overpopulating the world. You damn well know Josh can no longer support his family of (soon to be) 7 on a used car lot income. Don’t have more than you can afford!

  8. Something’s not right. These girls have the rest of their lives ahead of them and theyre so oblivious that they don’t even realize it. Real question….are they allowed to get a divorce? we see they’ll stay and make more kids after their husband cheats….but what if a husband beats them? are they allowed to leave then? or do they have to stay while their husband goes to a spiritual rehab for a few months and pray the evil away?

    1. Not allowed to get a divorce….basically the husband can do whatever he wants and be forgiven because “marriage vows before God” BS.

    2. I think they can divorce, because people have been wondering if Anna would be strong enough to do it. I think it has something to do with having proof your husband is not faithful to you, or that he’s not dedicated enough to his religion and that kind of stuff. I know this was the law a couple of centuries ago in Europe as well, but men could also divorce their wives if they didn’t produce children to him (since it was always the woman’s fault when there were no children *insert sarcastic emoji*). I wonder if the Duggars uphold that law as one of their rules as well.

      1. Infidelity is one of like three reasons when they will allow divorce and even then it’s a pretty big deal. Otherwise it is not allowed.

      2. We know they didn’t want Anna to divorce Josh, but I wonder what their take would be if one of the girls husband cheated on them.

  9. Their obsession with having children as soon as possible is not healthy. Statistically speaking, at least one of these (future) couples may be unable to conceive. With the pressure that they place on having kids, how will it make that couple feel?

    1. I don’t think they’ll care about that couple I think will focus on the ones having children there’s just something missing in their personalities I don’t know it’s like they don’t have genuine love for each other

    2. This is the really sad thing. Michaella Bates has been married for almost 2 years and still no baby. Infertility is painful no matter what but in a culture where that is your value it must be especially excruciating.

      1. And her sister Erin had trouble carrying babies to term. If I remember correctly before the were able to deliver their first baby didn’t she have 4-5 miscarriages?

  10. Every girls dream- a lifetime of cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and staring with worship at every word her husband says… It makes me beyond sad that Joys will never consist of finding herself or experiencing anything beyond her limited bubble of God and cloned peers and family.

  11. Does this honestly surprise anyone? Of all of the married Duggar girls I’m most concerned for Joy. He’s even in control of their Instagram … she’s not old enough to recognize how valuable she is. She will be pregnant before Jinger. I’m most excited for where life takes Jinger. Most afraid for Joy. And Jessa and Jill seem to be in reasonable relationships albeit a bit odd lol. They seem happy and loved and valued and respected by their husbands.

  12. Just for once, I would love for a Duggar bride to answer the question about children with an actual number like “2” or “4, 6 max”. The only fundie who said she doesn’t want a whole bunch of kids (I think her number was max 8, which is a lot but not fundie a lot), is Alyssa Bates.

    1. Or say right now I’m focused school as well as getting to know my husband down the line we will think about it

  13. OMG…She is a teenager! There is something seriously wrong here. Also, something is off about her husband. Who in their 20’s marries a teen?

    1. Pathetic failures with women who love to say things like “You’ll understand when you’re older” at least in my experience but he was even older than old rape face up there.

    2. She’s 19 and he’s 23. She’ll be 20 in October. It’s not like he’s 29 and she’s 16. There are alot of issues with the Duggars to complain about, but I don’t think this is the worst of them. Not even close. Furthermore….Ben was the same age (19) when he married Jessa.

  14. Sad that these girls can have no other career goals besides becoming a mother and good wife.

    1. As a stay-at-home mother & wife, I take offense at the lack of value I’m seeing people comment regarding mothers and wives. Most of all of YOU all disgust ME.

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