Ex-Husband of ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Declares His Undying Love For Her on Twitter

“Take me back, Jenelle!”

Courtland Rogers just can’t quit Jenelle Evans.

The Teen Mom 2 star’s ex-husband took to Twitter late Wednesday night to declare that he’s still in love with Jenelle. His tweets, which seemed to come out of nowhere, made it clear that he wants Jenelle to give him another chance.

“I can’t sleep and I have a confession to make..I miss Jenelle so freaking much…like more than anything in the world.. I MISS MY WIFE,” Courtland wrote. “I MISS JENELLE LAUREN EVANS SO MUCH THO .. no matter what has happened in the past…ughhh I have to sleep…goodnight.”

Courtland was Jenelle’s soulmate during the fall of 2012 until early 2013. In December 2012, they made their love official, marrying at a North Carolina courthouse right after Courtland was charged by the same court for a felony. (As you do!) The couple celebrated their marriage with a fancy lunch at The Olive Garden.

Just months later, the couple split, and Jenelle would go on to abort the child she had conceived with Courtland. (Click here for the full timeline of Jenelle and Courtland’s tumultuous relationship.)

Courtland was released from prison in March after serving 16 months behind bars for various charges. He has stated that he is now sober and working a recovery program.

It is not known whether or not Courtland has met up with Jenelle since he was released from the slammer. (He did, however, confirm that he ran into Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, recently.)

Jenelle has yet to respond to Courtland’s tweets. Unfortunately for Courtland, Jenelle has moved on. She is currently engaged to David Eason, and recently gave birth to their first child together.

“I see her living her life with David and she looks happy,” Courtland told Radar Online in April. “At the end of the day, that’s all I ever wanted for her.

“When we tried it out, we were both high,” he added. “If I loved her that much on drugs, I could only imagine what it’d be like if we were sober.”

It looks like Courtland is doing his best to find out!


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    1. I am amazed, proud of her and glad that she could kick that. So many users can’t, many talk about it as a struggle that never fully goes away.

      She needs to keep him out her life.

  1. I’m sure Courtland, who now might want to “own” a Cadillac instead of just having one tattooed across his Adam’s Apple, realizes that by publicizing this long lost burning desire for Jenelle, it’s sure to grab MTV’s attention to push him in front of the Teen Mom cameras. So he and Uncle Creep Show Dave can perhaps punch it out amongst the snakes in the swamp muck on THE LAND for boffo ratings next season.

    Cameras, Former Penis of the Month, and Present Penis of the Month = Big Paycheck.

    Courtesy of Ms. Jenelle Evans, a.k.a. “Penis Fly Trap.”

    1. Can you imagine how he feels, he’s the only soulmate that never got on the tv show!!! He must be so pissed…..Keiffer got more screen time, and he married her!! hahaha

  2. Payback time for David! He went after Courtland’s wife after he told Dave about the benefits of being with Jen when they where jail mates, now Court opens the hunt to win her back.
    He is just disrespecting Dave and calls her his ex WIFE on purpose, she still has not married Dave. It would have made their custody cases a lot easier. Courtland won her over quick while Dave hasn’t yet.

    Did Jenelle marry Courtland the same day he had to go to court, for real???

    1. Jenelle married Courtland because she was a heroin addict. I think she will still marry David, but now she cares about having a perfect instagram account. So she’s trying to make it look like she’s doing everything right this time. She wants a proper wedding for attention and photos,

      1. And she just needs a lot of preparation time to squeeze al the possible sponsors and money out of her wedding. Ah, true love.
        She had some issues finding a sponsor for just her engagement ring when she wanted to marry Nathan.
        Luckily MTV sponsored that unforgettable engagement ‘surprise’ holiday with their friends (pre-holiday friends, like
        ‘Im going to whoop your ass Jenelle’- Candy GodBH).

  3. WTF how old is this guy? This is something a 16 year old boy might post, and even then it’s still pretty pathetic. I highly doubt he actually thinks something like this might make her come back to him…clearly an attention grab, imo. But still funny as hell ???

  4. What exactly does he miss? I mean, take away Teen mom, money, attention,sex and drugs…what does she offer? ZERO personality, dull eyes, drama,​ and a monotone voice. It’s not like she is nice, funny, sympathetic, giving, smart etc…no endearing qualities.

    1. I didn’t think he ever got money from Teen Mom 2 because I don’t remember seeing him on the show. I remember her talking about him and I thought they get married when it was an off time of filming.

    2. Money = for her mostly
      Attention= 200% 24/7, for her
      Sex = she was kind enough to inform the world sex is painfull for her… so again…
      Drugs = okay, I’ll give you that but I bet, most of it… 😉

    1. I heard David was courtlands cell mate to. It makes me wonder if he talked about Jenelle and her MTV money to David and that’s why David hooked up with Jenelle in the first place. Like he purposely sort her out, cause he knew he would be able to live off her money and get to go and do cool things.

  5. Seriously I mean we all know the teen mom $$$ wagon is an incentive for these guys, but I get the feeling guys acting this way has been a thing with her, even before the EmptyVee bucks. Does her vag play the Star Spangled Banner for them each time they stick it in?

  6. Dude you don’t love her.Dude you love the drugs. Dude she aborted your child. Dude you loved the money.

  7. **Eyes rolling into another dimension** trainwrecks like Jenelle are a dime a dozen, although most of them don’t have a bankroll, which is what I’m sure this skid is actually missing.

    1. Then has baby number four. Eventually jenelle moves all the dads into her house for a drug filled, horrible parent version of sister wives. It could be brother daddies.

    2. You know what I see when I think of that? Court and Jen mourning ‘the loss of their child’ on the day she had it aborted, on social media, of course. Something along the lines of: I did not know back then that ladidadidah.
      We all know they are both capable to do it.

  8. 1) how could you ever love someone who murders your child?
    2) I’m so pissed my name is her middle name. Makes me wanna change that shit. Gross.

  9. actually it’s the other way around dude- it’s much harder to love someone when you’re sober compared to when you’re on drugs. when you’re on drugs, you can easily fall in love with anyone or anything (like dead beat moms who are compulsive liars that shit in your bathtub and abuse and abandon their children and pets) ?

  10. He must be back on smack and looking for drug money! Courtland and David should battle to the death for the love of their sugar momma.

  11. WHY do all this guys want her back?! Didn’t Gary say sth similar? The only one who said would never get back with her, is Nathan. (But there it is the other way around, I think she would get back with him if she could).

    Oh yeah, I forget it is the ‘charm’ of being on Teen Mom 2, Leah’s exes also kept coming back, LOL.

    1. Jenelle makes a lot of money from Teen Mom and whatever tabloid shenanigans she’s always getting into and these dudes need their drug money…

  12. Courtland was the only one of Jenelle’s fiancés to ever actually marry her. That’s got to count for something right?

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