EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer Have Moved Up Their Wedding Date

“The wedding bells are about to ring, y’all!”

UPDATE! According to public records, Ryan and Mackenzie did already get hitched. The couple was married on May 15 in Hamilton County in Tennessee!

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards has been surrounded by controversy since the most-recent episode of the show aired, with his ex, Maci Bookout, hinting that he had a major drug problem. Many fans wondered if the chaos and rumors would cause Ryan’s fiancé Mackenzie Standifer to postpone their wedding (or call it off entirely) but The Ashley can confirm that is definitely not the case!

The Ashley can reveal that Ryan and Mackenzie’s wedding is still on– but will be happening very, very soon (if it hasn’t happened already!) A source tells The Ashley that the ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars applied for their marriage license at the end of May. The county in which their license was issued requires couples to marry within 30 days of the license being issued, which means the couple is definitely not getting married in November, as they had originally stated.

They would have to get married by the end of this month, according to the county’s rules.

Mackenzie had said that she and Ryan would be walking down the aisle at the church that Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, got hitched in. Now that the wedding date has been moved up, though, it’s unknown if Ryan and Mackenzie will still get married there.

Despite all the rumors and controversy surrounding Ryan during the current season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Mackenzie has been supportive of her future husband.

“Here’s a thought… maybe instead of making assumptions and tearing people down, you could spend that time praying for us instead,” she tweeted recently.

This will be Ryan’s first marriage and Mackenzie’s second.

The Ashley will update this story when she has more information.

(Photo: MTV)



  1. I’m already sick of this little girl. She trues to come off as the best thing that’s ever happened to Ryan but she’s just a gold digging mooch. No other reason to marry a guy you haven’t even been with that long coming off the tail end of a divorce right before he goes to freaking rehab if it isn’t to sucure your spot in his life, this show, and the money. People see right through you. I don’t think she’s pregnant. They wouldn’t be hiding it if she was. She’d make a big fuss about “baby edwards” and whore herself out for attention, and jen would just be so excited about her new grand baby (like she was for macis kids that aren’t even Ryans)

  2. Her divorce went thru in November…when did they start dating? I believe she may be pregnant. Also, what is going on with Ryan and the trouble he was in last summer where he was shooting cats on his parent’s property? I think Ryan may be using meth…his eyes are bugged out. Hopefully he gets the help he needs. His son deserves a better life.

  3. Don’t want to be a sap.. I know we readers of The Ashley keep it real and don’t piss in anyone’s pockets.. but if he’s gone to rehab (a bit of post elopement “me” time maybe..) I hope that he is able to kick whatever habit he has.

    Hopefully Ryan makes the effort and gets help.. and for once decides to make his son a priority!

    Positive note of Ryan getting married (eloped..) maybe Maci will stop carrying a freaken torch for the guy!

    1. I know I joke and stuff on here, but at the end of the day I really hope that Ryan is ok. He’s not the best father on the show, but he’s definitely not the worst….he just needs to get his priorities straight….and I think this rehab is a great first step….Bentley is such an amazing kid and he deserves to have both of his parents happy and healthy.

  4. Mackenzie loves to stir the pot. Maci tried to talk to you as an adult and you ran back to Jen and Larry to stir. Grow up!!

  5. Jen! Please stop sleeping in bed with Bentley. This is going to DAMAGE him! WTH is WRONG with you, hillbilly?!!!

  6. On twitter I saw the marriage license search screen shotted. The officiant was listed (James McNair Ramsey) and I looked him up. He works for Chattanooga Wedding Officiants. On their website, it says “We are elopement specialists and are available on short notice” and then list the “Courthouse Special” for $200. And it’s the courthouse they got their marriage license in. I think they got married quickly for some sort of legal reason- either to force him to go to rehab, or that she has more legal rights to tend to his affairs while in rehab, etc.

  7. Okay, so pushing all drug use aside, supposedly she filed for divorce from her husband in July 2016. So she hasn’t even been with Ryan for a year? I could see making a rash decision like that for a first marriage, but not a second one (especially when there are kids involved). I honestly hope it works out, but it doesn’t sound like a good idea. Mix drug use in and it’s an awful idea.

      1. Oh, I didn’t know that!

        Also, never apologize for grammar/spelling, especially if it’s not your native language 🙂 I would never correct or look down on someone who took the time to learn another language

  8. I knew she would waste no time getting pregnant. Enjoy that honeymoon in the rehab facility, low self-esteem loser! Oh, and have fun sitting on the front lawn in those adironack chairs with Jen, while you bemoan the lazy sleeping turd you are bound to forever?

  9. Fifteen years from now: So mom, you and my dad were famous when you got married, where are the articles they wrote about you and dad around your wedding? Well, uhm….

    Same question to Ryan: “I don’t know and I don’t care (closes eyes and pretends to nap).

    I do hope Ryan’s issues are long forgotten by then, I really do hope that for Ryan and his children.

    1. Oh cr.., I had not seen the news that Ryan really had to go to a rehab facility.
      With all the extra drama often created on one side and the downplaying on the other in the TM francise, I thought the news of Ryan going to rehab was just as real as the recent news Maci went there.
      Please forget what I said.
      Darn, you don’t wish a honeymoon destination like that to anyone and especially not to someone who is deep down a very good guy.

  10. Did he spend their honeymoon in rehab?? How weird to get married on May 15 when he has now supposedly been in rehab for 2 weeks. It seems so shady on her part!

    1. Maybe it was planned a long time ago secretly to keep the press away from their wedding or maybe they knew he had to go to rehab and she did this to make sure he knew she would stay with him nomatter what.
      If anything shady was going on, his family would have made sure it wasn’t happening.
      Her ex on the other hand, was pretty quick to go to court to make money cause he knew that she would be married or was to be married to Ryan soon.

  11. She clearly has that teenager mindset still. People suggest that maybe she shouldn’t marry Ryan or at least delay the wedding, so her response is to move the wedding up and get married right away. As if she is trying to prove that she is an adult and no one can tell her what to do. This is going to blow up in her face because Ryan is not ready to be anyone’s husband or step-father.

    1. Do you think he’s even aware that she has a child or do you think he will wake up from one of his naps and realize there has been a kid sitting on his couch watching Yo Gabba Gabba the entire time she’s been living with him?

  12. I’m happy for them I guess. But come on guuurl! Moving in with and introducing your child to a guy who’s deeply into drugs? That doesn’t sound very mature to me. You’re a mother! And stop with these “why are ppl commenting on our lives” bullshit. Hello, Ryan’s on a reality show on MTV. With cameras, weekly episodes and stuff.

    1. I also don’t like that she moved in with him and introduced her son to him so quickly. I mean Ryan isn’t some crazy murderer or molester but the same can’t be said for other men. Id have to be serious with a guy 6 months or longer to introduce him to my son. If he turns out to be crazy Is rather not have my son ever meet the guy at that point but that’s something you find out before introducing them to your kids.

  13. This girl said she doesn’t like media attention and regrets being on Teen Mom OG but in the same breath she answers every little rumor about them. Which one is it?! Hypocrite.

    I think Ryan is in no way fit to marry another chick right now especially since it seems he still loves Maci. (He even told her about his dream about her! That’s not normal for a guy who is getting married to another girl to dream about his ex) But Maci is married to Taylor now so what can he do.

  14. I honestly think that Maci will always been who Ryan should have been with and I think they will always love each other. I kind of hoped that he would get himself together and then they could be together. Mackenzie is nothing like the chicks he’s pervious dated, but maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know but I just don’t see her and him together forever.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I think if Maci didn’t get knocked up by Taylor TWICE, she would leave him and get back together with Ryan. There is clearly still chemistry between the two. Maybe Taylor even realized that so he made sure she “miraculously” gets pregnant. Both Taylor and Mackenzie seem like huge fame whores.

    2. Maci is who Ryan should be with but Ryan isn’t who Maci should be with. She always tried to make him a better person and stood by him through a lot. But he didn’t appreciate it or try to step up. Taylor actually steps up and is an active father to all 3 kids; Ryan could never do something like that.

    3. Does she not remind you of Jen in every way?! It freaks me out when I see the two of them together

      1. Mack and Jen. That was one of the first things I said, how similar. And creepy. Then the fact she looks 10 years older than she actually is doesn’t help the weirdness.

      2. I completely agree. Mack and Jen are so similar it’s weird. How old is mackenzie? I thought she was old compared to him.

      3. Absolutely! She is taking over for Jen because Ryan can’t function on his own. He NEEDS someone to do everything for him. This will be so draining to their relationship.

  15. What is his addiction?Drugs or someting like pain medication?I find it so hard to believe that he’s on drugs,i don’t no…He seems like a nice guy.I whis him the best for the future.

    1. I think it’s definitely something like pain meds. Don’t see him shooting up heroin or smoking meth

    2. You can be the nicest person in the world and be an addict. And pain medications are drugs.

  16. I’m worried she was the reason behind moving the wedding close and that maybe she did it so that an un-drugged Ryan wouldn’t be able to leave her. Maybe she was worried he’d get clean and wouldn’t feel the same about her as drugged Ryan does. Pregnancy does seem like a possible. Jen and Larry are very big on getting married before having a baby. Whatever the reason I just hope Ryan gets the help he needs for himself and Bentley

  17. I wouldn’t marry someone struggling with a drug problem especially if I have a child. If they wanted to get help, I would stand by them and support them but I definitely wouldn’t marry them until they went to rehab and remained sober for at least a year. Being married to an addict is no walk in the park. I would know. My mom went through it with my dad.

    1. Sorry for the down vote. Meant to up vote. This is so true. I wouldn’t marry an addict either unless he was actively seeking help for his addictions or making the effort to stay clean.

  18. Hmmm unless she is pregnant this is a shady and irresponsible move. Doesn’t she have a child? Isn’t she concerned about marrying an addict before they have made significant strides in their sobriety? Wouldn’t she want him to be sober at their wedding? Very strange.

  19. Apparently, they’ve already gotten married on the 15th of May.

    And he’s now in rehab…

  20. Hurrying up to marry the addict while he’s still out of his mind? I’m not liking Mackenzie at all.

  21. @TheAshley did you see the report Ryans in rehab? I do not understand why someone would willingly marry a drug addict…

  22. Yeah, I used to make excuses and cover up for guys I loved as a defense mechanism too. Easier to cover up than admit there was a problem ??

    1. I totally agree, Diane! Not a good sign at all that she’s rushing the marriage. Obviously, all Ryan cares about is drugs and Mac doing whatever it is she does for him. Cuz there’s def something behind this, people!

  23. Ryan has got some serious issues. Ryan has always been an ass but I cannot get over how different he is compared with the early seasons. He barely even speaks in complete sentences and always looks half asleep.

    1. I’m thinking so. I truly can’t think of any other reason to move up a wedding that was already in the process of being planned.

      1. I think there could be other reasons for them to do a hurry-up marriage. If they are married, she would have some legal rights to involuntarily compel him to go to rehab. In some states if you have 3 “family members”, they can sign papers to get him in a psych ward or rehab. Not saying that’s what happened- just offering other possibilities.

      2. I didn’t know about the rehab thing, so maybe there is no baby on the way.

        If it was to get him to go to rehab, she must really love him to marry him. I don’t know that I could put up with Ryan’s crap to even date him. The MTV money won’t be around forever and divorce is a pain in the can so I definitely wouldn’t do it.

    2. Well, it would make sense. Larry and Jen got married because she was pregnant, and Mackenzie is Jen 2.0.

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