EXCLUSIVE! Debra Danielsen Responds to Daughter Farrah Abraham’s Suggestion That She May Have Asperger Syndrome

“I’m basically a doctor, guys! I’ll take care of this diagnosis!”

Farrah Abraham recently suggested that her mother, Debra Danielsen, may have Asperger Syndrome, and Deb is not happy with her daughter (or Dr. Drew Pinsky, who sort of agreed with the Teen Mom OG star), for publicly diagnosing her!

“I’ve researched so much about my mother that I think she has Aspergers and has some other things,” Farrah said during a conversation with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest on the “This Life Podcast.”

Farrah’s comments came after Dr. Drew suggested that there may be something biologically wrong with Debra that makes her unable to get along with Farrah.

“I’m going to say something now that is a boundary issue and we can pull it out of this show if you want,” Dr. Drew said to Farrah. “I was just looking at your mom and have gotten to know her over the years too and I’m just worried there’s something psychiatrically going on there that’s not being properly managed. Am I on to something?”

Farrah at first either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to answer the question.

“I guess she dates a doctor so there goes that,” she replies.

“I’m thinking there’s something really there that you’ve been pounding against your whole life and your mom isn’t aware it’s there and it’s of a psychiatric nature… Not psychological but more like biological and you’re wanting something from her that she just can’t do because of this biology. Am I on to something here?” he asks.

Farrah finally concedes and gives the doctor the sound bite he’s wanting.

“That is what it is. That’s what I know now and I’m done with conversations and I’m done with fighting the uphill battle,” Farrah said before suggesting that her mom has Asperger’s, along with other medical issues that Farrah was unable to remember.

In a statement to The Ashley, Debra responded to Farrah and Drew’s comments.

“Generally, healthcare professionals, in particular, neurologists and psychiatrists are best suited to establish if an individual has Asperger’s syndrome and schizoaffective disorder,” Debra told The Ashley, adding that the doctors she worked with on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition have assessed her thoroughly.

“I have been totally mentally, physically and emotionally healthy,” Debra said. “Both Dr. Ish Major and Dr. Venus Nicollini confirmed that on WEtv’s ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition.'”

To be fair, Dr. Drew did cover his tail during the podcast and clarify that he was not able to actually medically diagnose Debra.

“I’m qualifying this. I’m not sitting in assessment of your mom,” he told Farrah. “I’m not her doctor but I’ve been concerned there’s something on the schizoaffective spectrum.”

Farrah asked him to clarify what schizoaffective means, and Dr. Drew did his best to explain it to her. The National Alliance on Mental Illness describes schizoaffective disorder as a “chronic mental health condition characterized primarily by symptoms of schizophrenia, such as hallucinations or delusions, and symptoms of a mood disorder, such as mania and depression.”

Also, for those wondering, here is a definition of Asperger’s from the Autism Speaks website.

“Asperger’s Syndrome was generally considered to be on the ‘high functioning’ end of the spectrum. Affected children and adults have difficulty with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and/or repetitive behaviors. Motor development may be delayed, leading to clumsiness or uncoordinated motor movements. Compared with those affected by other forms of ASD, however, those with Asperger’s syndrome do not have significant delays or difficulties in language or cognitive development.”

(Photo: WEtv)


  1. I personally think this is all publicity. Farrah is definitely the problem. Not saying Deb never hit her because we saw it twice. Once on 16&preg and the whole knife fast go on teen mom but I don’t believe Farrah’s “childhood” story. We all saw 16&P and how much she hated “daddy Derek” when she was like 5 months pregnant he kept calling her to ask if the rumors were true (her being pregnant) and she denied it and denied it. If Farrah really did have this super awful childhood she claims she did they why did Sophia go to live with Deb when Farrah moved to Florida for school? Why did Farrah rent out one of Debs homes? Remember when Deb tried to tell Farrah she’d owe xamount for a partial mouth and Farrah totally flipped out on her? Bed hit Farrah in her 16&P episode in the car because Farrah was being a brat about the car she was getting AFTER she crashed one. Obv Deb isn’t the worlds best Mom but Farrah isn’t innocent.

  2. I hate Drew and Farrah equally, but do think Deb has some sort of problem.
    She flips out about Farrah’s Anti-Christ attitude, there’s proof that she hit her own kid, and remember the incident with the knife and the police? Yet acknowledges none of it. Not even in a “I don’t want to talk about it way”, but more of a “I genuinely don’t believe this happened even though it’s on film” way.
    I think she does need help, as does Farrah, as they both seem to have massive mood and behaviour swings, but Drew certainly isn’t qualified to try and make a diagnosis (and Farrah can barely string a sentence together, let alone identify anything medically).
    I had similar symptoms (bouts of rage/sadness, followed by inability to remember what had happened, manic highs and lows, pent up energy that made me constantly on edge and so susceptible to picking fights / taking things the wrong way, constantly craving any attention both good or bad, etc) and was eventually diagnosed with BPD.

    That being said, they’re still both shitty people regardless of diagnosis, and I have zero sympathy for either of them.

  3. One: is he ever qualified to make that diagnosis WITH extensive testing?
    Two: isn’t that malpractice? Or is he just a “doctor”?

    1. The short answer to both those? No and no. He’s just a Doctor who has traded a lot of irresponsibility for his second job, which is to be a celebrity & bring ratings. Kinda like Dr. Oz.

  4. This idiot is going to lose his license someday. He’s not supposed to go spouting off to someone’s daughter about what possible diagnoses a person may have. And he’s suggesting serious psychiatric issues too, not just something like allergies. And especially on national television, where a future employer or someone might see it. My dentist got in major trouble for telling my father that I hadn’t been in for an appointment in a while (I was an adult at the time, not a minor). And this is a much bigger deal than that, obviously.

  5. I think many people will agree with me that it’s Farrah who has the problem & is driving her mom crazy.

  6. I think Debra has something wrong and Farrah being raised in the environment definitely developed the way she is because of Debra. I’m thinking more narcissistic personality disorder instead of asperger’s though.

  7. That show was ridiculous from the title to the disturbed ‘theraputic exercises’ the patients endured with very unproffesional health care in between. But sure, they are reliable Debs

    1. P.S. Holy cow, I just saw her response to what Simon had to say about her.
      Honey, you need to grow up.
      When your daughter’s sick boyfriend insults you like that, you don’t argue back and forward with the snotty kid online. You are a grown woman. You should stand above that and make it very clear to that con loser where your boundries are.

  8. Come on, Debs OG DOES have some kind of mental issue going on. That blank, zoned out look. Violent outbursts, then she completely denies hitting Farrah when she got arrested for it? She’s delusional. I can see how Dr. Drew and even Farrah think she has schizoaffective or Aspergers. People have different symptoms at different levels so it’s quite possible.

  9. I’m sorry, but isn’t Dr. Drew an internist? As in, not qualified to make such a diagnosis, especially for someone he has never evaluated. He is the worst. How does he still have his medical license? It is incredibly irresponsible to spout off bs pseudoscience as if he knows what he’s talking about. I’m glad Deb pointed out that usually a psychiatrist or psychologist would make a mental health diagnosis. Not this tv fake.

    FWIW, I think both Deb and Farrah have serious issues. But Dr. Drew is not qualified to make that assessment and clearly doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

    1. Remember when Matt & Amber went on his CNN show or whatever, and he proved Amber isn’t on drugs by shining his iPhone flashlight in her eyes? Doctoring at its finest.

  10. Why didn’t Dr Drew going into all the things wrong with Farrah, how she’s incapable of having conversations without crying, is completely irrational and blames everyone else for the issues she creates. Let alone the horrible way she treats everyone and acts like she’s a saint.

  11. So… I’m obviously not a doctor, but NONE OF THIS SEEMS RIGHT.

    If ANYTHING, Borderline Personality Disorder or… and I know I’m reaching here, guys, but bear with me..,.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    Someone throw these gremlin looking monsters into psychiatric care where they belong. I just cannot comprehend how these “women” are allowed to behave this way. I’m younger than Farrah and just sickened.

    1. I agree with BPD for both Deb & Farrah. Been saying it for awhile. So I don’t think narcissistic personality disorder is a reach. Unfortunately, Sophia seems to be next. Sigh* and the cycle continues….

  12. I think it’s incredibly unprofessional of Dr. Drew to go around saying things like that. Also, like others have said, Debra doesn’t have Asperger’s. My brother has it, and he tends to avoid social situations, and when an argument starts, he just disengages and goes off to his room until it blows over. Completely the opposite of Debra.

    Also, if Debra really had schizophrenia she wasn’t being treated for, she’d likely be wandering the streets talking to imaginary things, or something like that. That condition is pretty hard to cover up.

    So yeah, bullshit on those claims. I’d easily say both Debra and Farrah have personality disorders. Histrionic or narcissistic seem pretty close to me.

  13. Sounds more like Farrah should be diagnosed.

    It’s always everyone else who has some issue but the root cause to ALL of Farrah’s problems is Farrah. If you blink at her the wrong way you “have an attitude” and she blows up.

  14. Oh dang…Drew has no right to pull this kind of crap.

    I’ve always wondered why they don’t just pull the plug on this relationship? I’d have 0 fucks to give after a certain amount of time trying to make the relationship work. I’d just cut ties and count my losses…wonder why Farrah doesn’t do that?

  15. Alright, I think we’re all aware of how awkward Debz can be, but Dr. Drew is a fucking joke. My older sister has Aspergers, along with developmental disabilities & bipolar disorder, and for either of these fame whores to “qualify” this on a podcast while she isn’t there to defend herself is sick. It’s ironic that they have such insight on Debra, but neither of them can talk about what a deluded psychopath Farrah is. Dr. Drew is spineless & can’t just tell Farrah that she’s batshit crazy. I do think Debra could possibly have some underlying cause for her behavior, but I’m damn sure that there’s something deeply wrong with Farrah, morally, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, down to her soul, just hateful. She has ZERO self-awareness, empathy, true feelings or shame. It’s like she is totally blind to her behavior & no one can get it through to her that she’s the worst, it’s baffling really. Farrah is going to end up miserable & alone, wondering why she can’t find a perfect man to verbally abuse who’s willing to propose on the first date because she totally rejects the idea that she’s the problem & needs serious help of some kind, no joke. She’s so bitter that Deb is getting remarried before Farrah’s ever gotten a proposal that she acts like a lunatic about it. I just can’t with these people, stick to your reality TV day jobs & quit playing psychiatrist on the radio. Sorry for the rant. ?

    1. 100% agree and no one brings up how she romanticized her relationship with Derek. She obviously has some major guilt on that issue. But she is so delusional and emotionally stunted she has not dealed with it.

    1. Oh.. if Drew heard you doubting him, he’d make the saddest saddy sad face you’ve ever seen!

      *whispers* Drew is full of shit.. his “rehab” show was a monstrous failure and now all he does is placate these dolts when they clearly need real psychiatric help. He does nothing but enable their issues, whether physical or mental.

      1. Oh but he’s a real doctor. I mean, he used an iPhone flashlight to prove Ambie wasn’t on drugs. That’s some top notch doctoring going on…

        *eyeroll* ?

  16. Wow, come on Farrah. I highly doubt Debs has Aspbergers. I would go insane if I had to deal with Farrah 24/7 too. Honestly, they are both messed up, but she does not seem to have Aspbergers. They both have argumental personalities, both are self centered and think the world revolves around them, they have a disfunctional family relationship, put all those together and of course they aren’t going to get along. Farrah is no better than Debra, and is just as insane as her mother…

    1. Agreed! Back in the 16 & Pregnant days, they both had such different personalities really. But, I honestly think Farrah may have pushed Debra to some psychological break or something (maybe). She used to be tougher​ & a little more coherent & now she kind of acts like a child at times, it’s strange. But, the way Farrah tears into her over everything is painful to watch & I think fuels her behavior. Farrah goes off on both of her parents & she goes straight for the jugular everytime, it’s gotta be mentally exhausting to be her mother…

    2. But that’s the point,Debra does’nt have to deal with Farrah 24/7.Farrah is an adult and have her own life.Debra is too much involved and need to take a step back.

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