‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Amber Portwood & Matt Baier Didn’t Show Up to Their Own Indiana Book Signing

“Next stop is…clearly not our own book signing!”

Teen Mom OG fans who waited in line at an Indiana book store to meet Amber Portwood and Matt Baier on Tuesday night were stood up after the controversial MTV couple no-showed at their own event.

Matt, who was appearing to promote his about-to-be-released book, had been posting about the event on his social media accounts just a few hours before he and Amber were due to arrive at the Barnes & Noble book store in Greenwood, Indiana. Matt was supposed to be signing copies of his book, while Amber would be autographing copies of her memoir, Never Too Late.

‘Teen Mom OG’ fan Amie Ping arrived at the book store after Matt had tweeted her just an hour before the event’s 6 p.m. start time, telling her to “Come say hi” to him and Amber at the signing. The event’s scheduled start time came and went, and soon Amie says the book store employees came out to talk to the waiting fans.

At 6:10, the book store employees told the fans that Matt and Amber were on their way. Fifteen minutes after that, another employee came out and said that Matt had cancelled on his own signing.

“When they said Matt wasn’t coming everyone went ‘Yay!'” Amie tells The Ashley, adding that she was only there to meet Amber.

Fifteen minutes later, a book store employee came out with a tray of Starbucks coffee for the waiting fans, and informed them that Amber had also cancelled.

“The employee said that [Amber] was crying and that she was confused and there was a conflict with filming,” Amie said, “which makes no sense since they both knew about it and advertised it along with Barnes & Noble.

“The guy said ‘Amber’s crying if that makes you feel better,'” Amie added.

Amie suspected that the event’s very light turnout (less than 10 fans showed up!) could have been the reason Matt no-showed, but the bookstore employee insisted that wasn’t the case. The fans who had purchased Matt’s book for him to sign were given refunds.

Amber and Matt have been uncharacteristically quiet on social media since cancelling on their event. However, Matt did post an Instagram story showing that he was at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport a few hours ago. It is not known why he would be there, considering his signing was less than 30 minutes from Matt and Amber’s Indianapolis home.

Amie said that the fans who did come out were pissed that Amber and Matt had wasted their time.

“It’s really rude,” she said, “especially in their home state.”

UPDATE! After a late-night rant on Twitter (aimed at The Ashley for writing this story), Amber explained why she missed the event. In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Amber stated that she had been told (by someone) that the event had been cancelled.

“I would never ever just not show up to see my fans. I’m very hurt that I was told it was cancelled and that was a lie,” Amber tweeted. “I will make it up to everyone for free!!! Free books or a meet anything! I would never do that on purpose!! Please know that!”

She added that both she and her publicist were not happy with the situation.

“Do you see anywhere on my social media saying I would be there..no because I was told it was cancelled babe. I’m honest I promise!” Amber tweeted to a fan. “Its my publicist and we were horrified. We do not work this way and it’s not hers or my fault. That’s all I can say!!”

So if it’s not Amber’s fault…and it’s not her publicist’s fault…that only leaves one other person involved. Clearly someone (whose name probably rhymes with “rat”) purposely lied to Amber to ensure she didn’t show up to meet her fans.

While Amber has defended herself on Twitter, Matt has remained completely silent about his book signing no-show. A ‘Teen Mom OG’ fan left a comment on Matt’s Instagram, stating that she saw him and his friend, Jeff Bruno, in Atlanta at a poker tournament yesterday. Jeff, was, indeed, playing in a poker tournament yesterday (per online results), so it’s likely that the fan is telling the truth.

DUNDUNDUN… Stay tuned, there’s clearly a lot more to this story!

(Photo: MTV)




  1. That makes a lot of sense that she isn’t over Gary. She was beyond devastated when he got Kristina pregnant. That was the perfect time of vulnerability and Matt pounced on it. Ive been there. Trust me. Watching someone you still love move on and have a family with someone that’s not you, watching other women spend time with your child and make memories. I think that’s why she settled for Matt. She is trying to justify his behavior because she can’t face being alone. Ive been single since my ex and I broke up years ago because I know I deserve to be happy and so does our son. I refuse to just bring any and everyone around him just so I won’t be alone. I wish Amber had at least one good girlfriend that has been there and could tell her she deserves better and has to do right by Leah.

  2. I don’t agree it is all Matt. Amber is acting like a brat lately and I can see her not wanting to show if not enough showed up. She also appears to be on drugs again and making stupid and childish decisions which is why I can see her pulling out of this with very few fans to adore her. She chose to go on vacation forfeiting her weekend. So when Gary says no and bring that up she gets pissed and refuses to drive her daughter back. Nice take it out on your kid because you wanted a vacation. She needs to dumb matt get back in to rehab and get over herself. Her and her hooker makeup nice way to talk to your young daughter. Her stupid clothes are ugly and look like they are made for hookers she need to get her shit together fast

  3. ‘Teen Mom OG fans who waited in line at an Indiana book store to meet Amber Portwood and Matt Baier on Tuesday night were stood up after the controversial MTV couple no-showed at their own event.’

    Anyone that finds them self in this situation, please, don’t tell anyone.

    1. Wait what what did say?? and honestly what are you thinking this is one of the most credible websites around and she’s always she’s fair to both sides the problem I’m sure was Amber didn’t like hearing the facts no one I’ve seen including Dr. Drew tends to ever hold her accountable

  4. Amber is a liar. She has zero credibility. She is going to let Matt run her into the ground. You can already tell what her future is because of being with him. Her businesses will ALL FAIL, she will probably lose any custody she has now of her kid and she has herself to blame. Matt is a loser taking her down as far as he can. She makes excuses for him and it is old. She needs to just stop lying and admit that he uses her and she’s okay with losing everything rather than being alone!

  5. I don’t find this explanation feasible why would you listen to anybody but your publicist l when it comes to events your scheduled to be a part of

  6. And I know this is mainly about Amber and Mooch but I can’t help but flash back to Cate and Ty. I give MAJOR props to Dawn for keeping the straightest of faces and acting as if she bought the line of bullshit when Cate and Ty spoke of turning profits from their children’s clothing line into a foundation for pregnant girls. Nothing against a foundation for pregnant girls but Cate and Ty can’t even take care of their own child or clean their own house. I caught a glimpse of Ty’s clothing sketches. Any first grader could do that. Cate and Ty have failed in doing pretty much everything they swore they were going to do since they gave up Carly for adoption almost 8 years ago. I don’t know who they think they’re bullshitting but you need to get off the sofa first!! Hell I could see it on the face of the producer when they were explaining what they wanted to do. They continually come up with great ideas they never follow through on.

  7. These two dolts are on a slow burn right now, it is actually will be fun seeing them implode or really do something f–king stupid. It is just a matter of time at this point.

  8. The picture says it all, they look truly miserable together. I don’t blame Gary for not wanting Leah around them too much. They look toxic. She always has a puss on her fat face and she is quite childish. Acting soooo jealous of Gary’s new house. Grow up!

    1. I also liked how in one scene when Kerthy was talking to Amber and Matt, they showed a chewed to hell window sill and frame in the background with a baby gate right in front of it. They close their dogs behind the gate and let them gnaw on the frame and sill, totally phucking up a house that isn’t even theirs.

      I screen-shotted pics of it so that when Am[bien] denies the massive damage she is leaving to all of us when she gets sued, I can post them to her, lol.

  9. I think Amber has been acting erratic and delusional for a few weeks now… I hate to put it out there… But I think there something more going on. Could be her personality disorder but something seems off to me

    1. I think she was definitely drunk on that after-show after the Vegas episode. She was slurring her words and wasn’t speaking like she usually does. I mean I’d drink too if I was watching that episode of my fiance acting like that. But she is on major meds for her bipolar so she needs to watch it with how much wine she drinks.

  10. It’s obvious to me something’s going on with Amber. Drugs?Break down? All she does is complain she doesn’t see Leah but gives up her weekend to go on vacation. She doesn’t care about her fans.

  11. Well, it could mean they are broken up and that’s why BOTH didn’t want to show up to avoid being asked why the other is not there……..but at the same time they are both lazy and fame whores (esp him) so they prob thought it was not worth it for 10 people. Hope those 10 get their money back!

    1. I was thinking they were on their way but got in a big fight and that’s why they didn’t show up in the end. Maybe Amber planned on still going but she was crying/a mess and eventually she cancelled too. I hope they broke up once and for all. I have a soft spot for Amber and he is going to drain her of all her money. When he bragged that he handled their finances on the after-show I wanted to vomit.

  12. Anyone else find it odd that Gary didn’t want to tell Leah they were moving? I mean, she’s not a tot. She’s 8. She deserves a little warning that the house she knew is no longer going to be her home.

  13. Amber..youre to young to think about serious relationship! Meet my son Robert…he would treat you with respect and encouragement…you need friends not an anchor..live your life..you are a beauty!PUT your foot down with Gary…

  14. What is with Amber doing hooker baby make up on Leah. I realize every mother has different views on experimenting with make up and that’s really not the issue. The issue is how Amber was referring to it. Especially when Leah really had no clue what she was talking about. Is she priming Leah for her own sex tape. I mean after all it’s just “business.” I mean seriously she was putting hooker baby (or whatever she called it) makeup on Leah while asking her if she knew all of mommy’s “businesses.” Was sex tape one of the businesses she was alluding to? Just sketchy if you ask me. No, Gary is not the perfect father but then no man really is. Moms are not perfect either but Gary does a great job and Kristina is a great asset as well. Gary needs to reel this shit in, quickly! Amber needs to let Leah be a child. Amber is looking for a best friend relationship with Leah. She doesn’t realize Leah is just an innocent child and Amber is supposed to be the mother!

  15. Speaking of odd Amber behavior……on last nights’ ep, I found it irrational when Amber threw a fit over lack of time with Leah and chose as her form of protest to have Matt drop of Leah at Gary’s new house? You don’t get what you want, so you give up your remaining time with Leah? I’m sorry, but girl needs to grow up! I’m not a huge fan of Gary, but in my opinion, he’s a good dad. It’s interesting that Gary seems to want what is best for Leah, while Amber thinks about what is best for Amber (at least when it comes to parenting Leah). I rolled my eyes hard when Amber tried to argue with Gary that she deserved additional time with Leah because she “had” to go to Puerto Rico with her friends. Girl, you went on vacation. It was your decision to make that trip and to choose the trip over your child. We can all see this–why can’t Amber?!?!

    1. I agree. And it’s obvious that she is really jealous of the things that Gary does. It’s so obvious!

    2. Well to play devils advocate, this was more likely a work trip put together by Mtv to film for the show. But Amber could have told them this falls on her weekend with Leah and they could have moved it up or back a week. It’s not like we would have known it wasn’t actually Cate’s bday.

    3. Amber acts more as a selfish child and Leah is her toy. She treats her well from what we can see but she’s so interested in getting new days and getting more time and stuff she doesn’t use what she has. Ok you can have sleepovers on school nights so maybe you spend less time filming yourself complaining about it and play with Leah while she is there.

    4. I think she’s still in love with Gary and it’s hard for her to see him with his new family, new wife, new baby, new house. She has zero chemistry with Matt – they are like brother/sister. I’m sure she’s comfortable with him, but she’s too young to settle for only that. On the ep with the Halloween haunted hay ride, she and Gary were majorly flirting and you could see the spark in her eyes again. I think she skipped seeing his new place because she couldn’t handle seeing him move on any further.

  16. Not really surprising coming from those two..
    Dumb and Dumber.

    I bet Amber will post some late night selfie on Instagram with a lame explanation and her usual crap line of choice.. Sending love.

  17. That’s 10 people more than I expected to show up at Matts book signing, especially with a cover photo like his. No thanks! Wonder what excuse he will come up with next?

  18. I bet when Amber finally kicks him out, and he writes a Tell All book (cause you Know he will),there will be Alot more than 10 people show up. I have a feeling even though he’s a creep, she’s no Angel. They’re both whack jobs in my opinion.

  19. Amber was crying so it must have been bad right because that never happens. How dissapointing for the people that made the effort. Filming got in the way? It was posted to their Facebook prior to the event. Those pesky filmers always keeping people from their obligations! Couln’t they film them at the signing?

    1. I’m sure if that was really was the case and they were filming the film crew would’ve loved to show up and have one of their signings filmd I mean producers have got to know we’re all tired of seeing them sit in the car or the couch I mean good God enough is enough no shade just fact

    2. Amber was only crying because she had to face the realization that she and Matt only had 10 fans between them.

  20. It’s almost sad how everyone else is able to see that Matt is a manipulate fame whore and overall terrible human being….but Amber goes along with everything he says and does because she’s so insecure and dumb and wants to prove everyone wrong. But then I remember that Amber is a grown woman and needs to take some initiative and go get some real therapy instead of looking to Matt for some sort of validation and letting him medicate her.

  21. Guys, chill out! He couldn’t find his stupid ass scarf and he wasn’t about to leave the house without accessorizing.

  22. The two of them are just ridiculous and for some reason feel like it’s the world according to them Matt had to know there were NOT going to be a lot of people interested in his book so I don’t care if there is one or 100 he should’ve been there he’s not going to ever get the huge audience I don’t know what he’s expecting I agree I can no longer give Amber the benefit of the doubt either I’m sure they knew this date for months and months on end so to say there’s a conflict I’m sure this was the first thing to go

  23. What a flake. I’m so impressed but these two. Maverick definitely doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore from me. I can’t stand these two.

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