‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 Cast Revealed: A Review of the Castaways

“Thank goodness there’s like nothing else to watch during the summer or I’d be out of a job!”

UPDATE! This post has been updated as of July 29 to reflect the cast changes, post-scandal!

Good news, fellow Bachelor franchise junkies! We are about to be given the gift that is Bachelor in Paradise!

Back for a fourth season, ‘BIP’ brings together male and female rejects from past seasons of ‘The Bachelorette’ and ‘The Bachelor,’ puts them on a beach, and pumps them full of alcohol, sunlight and the false hope that they aren’t destined to be Forever Alone. The previous seasons of the show have produced plenty of drama and dysfunctional couples (and even a few marriages)!

For Season 4, the producers have gathered an assortment of the most-dramatic, most-ridiculous and most-fame-hungry former cast members. Once again, Chris Harrison will be back to host this tropical trainwreck!

Let’s take a look at who will be hitting the beach in ‘Paradise’ this summer…

Amanda Stanton: (Ben Higgins’ season)

Best remembered for: Spending the summer smoochin’ sweaty Josh Murray, whom she eventually got engaged to in ‘Paradise’ last season; being the mother of two young daughters

Raven Gates: (Nick Viall’s season)

Best remembered for: Being the orgasm-less runner-up on Nick’s season; getting into small-town hi-jinks and rolling in the mud with Nick during Hometown Week.



Alexis Waters: (Nick Viall’s season)

Best remembered for: Two words: Shark.Costume.

Kristina Schulman: (Nick Viall’s season)

Best remembered for: Her heartbreaking childhood stories about life in Russia

Ben Zorn: (Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season)

Best remembered for: Looking like a modern-day Thor

Lacey Mark: (Nick Viall’s season)

Best remembered for: Riding into the Bachelor Mansion on Night 1 on a camel and telling Nick she “likes a good hump.” (She will fit in nicely here in ‘Paradise!’)

The moment that Nick found out he couldn’t go to Paradise anymore, because he’s engaged…

Danielle Maltby: (Nick Viall’s season)

Best remembered for: Being soft-spoken among Nick’s other loud-mouthed suitors; seemingly being too good to be on any of these crappy shows

Jasmine Goode: (Nick Viall’s season)

Best remembered for: Being a former pro basketball cheerleader; getting oddly aggressive and sloppy with Nick on the day he sent her home, telling him at one point, “I wanna hit you in the face.”

Taylor Nolan: (Nick Viall’s season)

Best remembered for: Getting into the brawl in the bayou with Corrine; getting called fake and bitchy by most of the other girls

Vinny Ventiera: (JoJo Fletcher’s season)

Best remembered for: Being the barber who had his heart broken by Izzy during last summer’s season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Robby Hayes: (JoJo Fletcher’s season)

Best remembered for: Leaving JoJo’s season in second place and being brokenhearted; being a former competitive swimmer who makes odd fashion choices

Nick Benvenutti: (JoJo Fletcher’s season)

Best remembered for: Wearing a Santa Claus costume on his first night and frequently uttering “JoJoJo” instead of “HoHoHo.”

Alex Woytkiw: (JoJo Fletcher’s season)

Best remembered for: Being the Marine who was forced to go on the weird, woodsy two-on-one date with Chad and JoJo

Derek Peth: (JoJo Fletcher’s season)

Best remembered for: Having very blue eyes; getting to have a picnic on the Golden Gate Bridge with JoJo

Adam Gottschalk: (Rachel Lindsay’s season)

Best remembered for: Bringing a creepy doll that looks like him into the Mansion

Dean Unglert: (Rachel Lindsay’s season)

Best remembered for: Being a hunk, having one of the weirdest Hometown dates ever thanks to his, um, unique father

“Diggy” Moreland: (Rachel Lindsay’s season)

Best remembered for: Wearing glasses and bowties while on ‘The Bachelorette’

Iggy Rodriguez: (Rachel Lindsay’s season)

Best remembered for: Stirring the drama pot when his cast mates Lee and Kenny were fighting.

Jack Stone: (Rachel Lindsay’s season)

Best remembered for: Always going by his first and last names for no apparent reason; making really weird faces while on a one-on-one date with Rachel

If you still can’t remember who the hell these people are, click here to see their cast photos (although ABC only provided the photos of the people who will be featured in the first episode).

‘Bachelor guru Reality Steve is stating that Astrid Loch, Danielle Lombard and Whitney Fransway (all from Nick’s season) will also appear at some point, and Heavy reports that ‘Paradise’ Season 3 vets Emily and Haley Ferguson, as well as Daniel Maguire, will also return to the beach at some point this season.

Some of the ‘Paradise’ favorites will not be appearing this season, however. Josh Murray has stated that he is not going because he doesn’t want to look for love on reality TV anymore, while Chad Johnson declined because he is now in a relationship.

Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, who were involved in the scandal last month, will not appear on the season; however, both have stated that they will participate in the reunion.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 premieres on August 14 on ABC.

(Photos: ABC)

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  1. It makes me sad for Amanda’s daughters that she is going away for yet another reality show, and may very well bring another man from said show into their lives….

  2. Did you see that Reality Steve said 5 of the girls already have boyfriends, but are going anyway. The girls want more exposure and fame…

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