Arrested! “16 and Pregnant” Dad Josh Drummonds Thrown In Jail On Domestic Assault Charges

Josh and Nikkole in happier times…

Former 16 and Pregnant bad-boy dad Josh Drummonds has been arrested on felony assault charges!

Starcasm broke the news on Friday that the baby-daddy of Season 2’s Nikkole Paulun  is in some serious trouble with the law. Josh was arrested near Katy, Texas, and charged with “Assault of a Family or House Member: Impeding the Breathing or Circulation.” (So basically, he allegedly choked someone he lived with.)

Because the victim was someone he allegedly lived with, that makes it a domestic violence charge. The charge carries a penalty of two to 10 years. Josh has a long list of convictions behind him, but none for domestic violence. However, because of his extensive rap sheet, he could be looking at close to 10 years if convicted, according to Starcasm.

It is not yet known who Josh’s alleged victim was, but it does not appear to be Nikkole or her children, as they currently live in Michigan.

Josh’s most-recent mugshot…

As of Sunday, Josh, 25, is still in custody at the Fort Bend County Jail. He has not yet made his $5,000 bail. In his mugshot, Josh can be seen wearing a safety smock. A safety smock (sometimes called a suicide smock) is a device that is commonly used in prison on prisoners who are considered a suicide risk.

Josh is the father of Nikkole’s seven-year-old son Lyle. He has been in and out of trouble seen he was a teen. We saw him fight with then-15-year-old Nikkole and her mom, Rikki, all throughout her episode of “16 and Pregnant,” and Nikkole even mentioned during the episode that Josh had a drug problem.

Since the episode aired in February 2010, Josh has been in and out of jail, and in and out of a relationship with Nikkole. She has a daughter, Ellie, who was conceived with another man while her and Josh were broken up and he was in prison, but more recently they’ve been back together. Last year, Josh was posting photos of himself, Nikkole, Lyle and Ellie all over Instagram. He captioned one photo of Nikkole and the kids, “My life. My kids. My wife.” (Josh and Nikkole were never legally married, however.)

Although Ellie is not Josh’s biological child, Nikkole has told fans on social media that Josh treated her  like his own.

In April, Nikkole updated fans on their most recent break up.

“When things are good with me & Joshua it was soooo nice to have help, and be a team,” Nikkole tweeted. “ It really sucks that it didn’t work out. It wasn’t his fault. I wanted him in my life. He just has issues that can’t be dealt with here. Nothing bad happened between us as a couple. He’s in Texas but he FaceTimes the kids.”

She later stated on Twitter that Josh was in Texas because, “he had nowhere else to go and family in Texas offered to let him live there so that’s where he is now.”

Nikkole has yet to mention Josh’s recent arrest on her social media accounts.

(Photos: Instagram, Fort Bend County)


  1. I remember her episode on 16&preg because she was the one who was a spineless meek “i dont know” idiot while this asshole walked all over her & just so disrespectful to all around him. You could tell drugs were playing a part already. If she still allows him around her, theres no self respect there and i feel sorry for her son

  2. I don’t like to be rude, but the whole episode of 16 & Pregnant this girl seemed dumb as a bag of rocks…like…hellooo? Is anybody in there?? I wonder if the charge was with Nikkole or someone else he’s living with? Look at that sunken face…definitely looks like he’s got a drug problem. Lets hope for the sake of his son he can grow up and show him what a man SHOULD behave like.

    1. Nicole was a complete and total space cadet on her 16 and pregnant….and there hasn’t been much improvement in recent years….remember when she got that tattoo of the name of her tanning salon so that she could tan for free for life?? Then all those crazy pregnancy stories?? Honestly I’m shocked she wasn’t picked as one of the teen mom girls. She is a HOT mess.

  3. Wow. He looks TERRIBLE. He was this clean cut looking kid on 16 and pregnant, but they always said he was on drugs….looks like its finally caught up to him. He’s been in and out of trouble for a really long time. Shame he couldn’t get his life together….hopefully this will be a wake up call but i highly doubt it. DRUGS ATE BAD KIDS!!

  4. Does her Mom still have custody of Lyle? I knew she’d go back in him in a checkup episode when she said she’s been talking to him behind her Moms back while he was in jail… What a shame.

  5. It’d be great for Nikkole to grow a back bone and get rid of him for the sake of her kids. He was so mean to her during their episode

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