‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Confirms Breakup with Matt Baier in Late-Night Instagram Video (Exclusive Details)

“Buh-bye Matty…well, for now anyway…”

Amber Portwood took to Instagram Live late Saturday night to try to help confused Teen Mom OG fans understand what is currently going on in her life.

Amber, who has been surrounded in controversy over the last few months, mostly thanks to her fiance, Matt Baier, basically confirmed in her Instagram video that she and Matt were no longer together, and provided some details about a few other things.

The Ashley reached out to a few insiders who provided even more info on what’s currently going on with the ‘Teen Mom’ couple. Matt has been completely silent on social media since last week, when he ditched out on his Indiana book-signing.

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of what Amber said on Instagram Live on Saturday night, what Amber reportedly said during the recent ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion taping last weekend, and what The Ashley’s insiders are telling her about the state of “Mamber.”

Did Amber and Matt breakup? 

Amber seemed to be trying to tell fans that she and Matt have split, but had to hold back a bit, most likely due to her MTV contract. When fans asked Amber if she and Matt are together, she tellingly said, “Do you see him in my bed?” When fans asked her if she wanted more kids, she told them that she does, if she can find the right man. She told a fan she was single but wasn’t sure she was able to talk about it. She also told a fan that she currently “had no man.”

According to a person who claims to have attended the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion that just taped last weekend in New York City, Amber confirmed on stage that she was no longer with Matt, and that they would not be getting married. (Please remember that The Ashley is labeling the Reunion information as ‘report’ because she has been unable to confirm that the person did attend the event. However, many of the details provided by the person in their post are consistent with how the Reunions that The Ashley has attended/had eyes at have run.)

The audience member and The Ashley’s source confirmed, though, that Matt is still living with Amber. She reportedly showed the reunion audience, though, that she is no longer wearing her engagement rings.

Will Amber and Matt get back together…again?

The Ashley’s source says that Amber is hopeful that she and Matt can work things out, but that “even she admits that it is not looking good for Matt.”

The Ashley’s insider added that, up until he went radio-silent earlier this week, Matt had been trying to make it seem like he and Amber were doing just fine.

“Matt is making it look like everything’s hunky-dory but it’s really not,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “Take everything Matt says with a grain of salt. Amber realizes now that he’s a chronic liar and that’s been one of the biggest reasons why she’s considering leaving him for good.”

Why the hell is Matt still living with Amber if they broke up?

The Ashley’s insider provided more info on this.

“There are a lot of legal issues between the two of them that would have to be worked through first for Matt to be formally put out,” the source tells The Ashley. “There is some stuff that would need to be wrapped up before they can officially call it quits. More may come out by next month.”

Since Matt has lived with Amber for several years (and may even be on the paperwork for her house), she can not just kick him out. She would likely have to go through a formal eviction process.

Amber seems to still have a soft spot for Matt, though. When one fan called Matt a “weirdo” in the comments of Amber’s Saturday night Instagram Live video, Amber told the fan, “He’s not a weirdo he just has problems.”

Is Matt in rehab? 

Since Matt has been MIA lately, some fans assumed he was shuttled off to rehab to deal with his alleged drug relapse. The Ashley’s source tells her that is not the case, though.

“Matt is not in rehab right now,” the insider says.

Does Matt still have access to Amber’s bank accounts? 

The reunion audience member reported that Amber discusses Matt’s drug use during the upcoming reunion, and stated that Amber claimed that Matt stole $120,000 from her. The audience member claims that Matt (who didn’t attend the reunion taping) was called during the filming, and that Amber was screaming at him over the phone on-camera over $30,000 that Matt allegedly took to Vegas and blew. She did reportedly confirm that, at that time, Matt still had access to her bank accounts. (Again, The Ashley advises that you take everything attributed to the audience member with a grain of salt until The Ashley can officially confirm it, or it is shown on television.)

Will we get to see any of this on ‘Teen Mom OG?’

The Ashley’s insider says absolutely yes! The crews have been filming Amber in recent weeks, so that footage will eventually make its way to the air.

The Ashley will update this when she gets more information.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)




  1. (Just saw last night’s episode) Matt: “Give me five minutes with the press, and I’ll tell them what she’s really like…” – Yeah, Amber, this man is going to talk. And maybe that’s why you’re still with him, but that’s not worth hanging onto this trashy guy. Let him talk. Who’s going to care what comes out of MATT’S mouth?? And I’m sorry, but him giving medicine to ANYONE, doesn’t that make him a drug dealer?!? He admitted it on national television! (Also, Amber, you should have higher standards for yourself: Don’t lie. Don’t do that. Be a good person. Don’t let MTV affect you this way. Just my two cents.)

    Why did everyone but Maci look high in that episode? Ugh.

    1. Oh, I meant to add: The hilarity that is this charade that Simon can’t get over Farrah….HAHAHAHAAAA! Does she genuinely think we believe that? lol

  2. What the WHAT!?!! I’m traditional and somewhat old-fashioned, but even I would never have put a fiance’s name on my bank account! Over $100,000 (allegedly) stolen? And you still ‘hope you can work it out’? Are there no limits to the excuses you’ll give him? I really feel like this is banging my head into a brick wall. The. Man. Is. A. USER! Evict him, you’ll probably never see your (alleged) missing money, but evict him. Get him OUT.

    I wish I didn’t have to say this, but I don’t think Amber is over Gary, and I don’t think Gary is over Amber (which really pains me, because Kristina is such a sweet girl and clearly loves him). Amber seems jealous of his new lifestyle and the choices he’s made, and Gary is so intent on shoving that in her face – the only reason for which would be because he still wishes he had her.

  3. For the love of god Amber, take your money out of your bank accounts and either open a new one alone or give it to your brother to hold for the time being. Money might not be important to you now because you have so much extra, but someday you will be kicking yourself for not protecting what you have!

  4. Matt’s name may very well be on Amber’s house, the same way Jenelle put David’s name on THE LAND.

    Along with buying new cars, expensive handbags, pricey vacations, etc., when you’ve done nothing else with your life so far but pop out babies so that a camera crew can follow you around — I guess you tend to feel that “buying” a man’s love is just as easy.

    It’s not.

  5. I have been where she is, being hurt constantly, devastated, hopeless, lost, etc. Im also waiting on my Taylor or Cole. Amber has to realize that she has someone very very special that loves her unconditionally and that’s Leah. Relationships will happen eventually but her time with her little girl should never be on the back burner to any guy. Amber needs a good wake up call, someone not willing to hold her hand but give it to her like it is.

  6. I don’t think anything has changed. I think she’s gotten too much negative feedback and this is an attempt by her handlers to rehab her image. She’s not marketable as a moron, so I think they devised this scenario hoping that she can gain some respect. But she is a moron and she is more than likely still fully involved with parasite Matt.

  7. I just watched a video of them fighting when he didn’t realize she was wearing a microphone. There might be nothing creepier in this entire world than that man referring to himself as daddy. Yuck.

  8. It must be so hard to be broken up but still living in the same house. Before a divorce or after a breakup, most guys are honorable enough to move out but not Matt. He will stay until he’s evicted or until she takes him back. And he’ll keep doing the chores and taking care of the dogs and cooking so that amber will feel like she just can’t keep things up on her own. She might even do something stupid like say they’re broken up but are just going to live together and friends and roommates, or maybe “friends with benefits.” And we all know that will end with them back together. He is such a leech. He will make it impossibly hard for her to get rid of him and he will not go quietly or honorably. And all the while he will be working on her, manipulating her, crawling back into her head and heart. It’s not like either of them works, they’re alone together 24/7 in that house.

  9. Matts like a cockroach infestation that Amber can’t get out of her house. This is only the tip of the iceberg for her. I hope she’s ready, because Matt is a total scumbag and is about to make her life a living hell. He’s going to throw her under the bus, and run over her a few times. I hope she had him sign an NDA before she let him move into that house….but we’re talking bout Amber here….we know she didn’t.

  10. She is just as bad as him, IMO. First, she doesn’t even see “boo-boo,” when she’s allowed visitation. And she’s talking about wanting more kids? B*tch, take care of the one you have! She and Matt are both deadbeats. And let’s not forget, she said she didn’t want more because she’d have to go off her meds. Suddenly she doesn’t need them?? Second, she posted a pic at 4:00 am on twitter today (6/12), and she’s wearing her engagement ring. So, they’re back together? Third, I do not believe she is sober. She’s lost a bunch of weight, like she does when she’s using, and has been posting selfies in the middle of the night. They deserve each other. Let’s pray he’s been snipped.

  11. Well HALLELUJAH! She finally ditched him! Wouldn’t have let him move in in the first place but after he officially moves out, she can finally start acting like a mother to Leah! And I hope she will be single for long enough and not just satisfy herself with the first man who crosses her path like she did until now.

  12. I wonder, once Matt is fully out of the picture (assuming that could happen), if Gary would become more amenable to Leah spending more time with Amber. Is Matt the reason behind many of Gary’s concerns? Or, (and this makes me shudder to think), is Matt somehow the stability for Leah in Amber’s house?

  13. Hopefully he isn’t actually on her house. She really needs to keep her money separate from any man in the future. That’s the only way she will be able to know if they are using her or not. Matt is an oportunist and she fell for it. Sad.

    1. The signs were all there that he is an opportunist. I mean, AMPLE evidence… But she was young. Hopefully, this has taught her what some people are like.

  14. I’m more disgusted with Amber than Matt and I do not feel the least bit sad that Matt took her money. She chose Matt over her daughter. She could go weeks without seeing Leah , but not a second without Matt. I do not feel sorry for Amber she’s a shitty mom and deserves everything Matt did to her.

    1. Agreed! She needs to have a hard look in the mirror that does not involve taking a selfie. She made a lot of bad choices, if she doesn’t own them or acknowledge her part in it then she will be doomed to repeat them. Leah is the only victim here.

  15. Please. This scum bag got EXACTLY what he wanted, his hands on SOMEONES MONEY!!!!! They MAY be broken up for now, but WE ALL KNOW how this is going to end!!!! Amber just can’t see Matt for what he REALLY IS. I guarantee he’ll be back!!!

    1. She said he had to go to rehab to amend things. Ex drug addict living with a guy that needs rehab. Where is Leah in all this?
      This is so f-ed up. He is totally using all her vunarabilities to stay close to her and her money. Calling himself daddy and the ‘I’m an (ex) addict like you and you need to help me’.

  16. There’s something sus going on with Amber at the moment. She’s attacking fans on Instagram who are asking questions about Mooch and saying that she can do better. She’s currently doing one of those Instagram live videos, but surprise, not from the couch.. from her other habitat, her bed.. and she looks like she’s on something. She can barely read our people’s comments and a slurring her words.

    “Daddy” probably doped her up on something.

    1. I completely agree with you as far as she’s on something I’ve thought it for a while but then it became so clear when she was doing the teen mom after show it was like she was saying things that didn’t even make sense answering things she wasn’t even asked it seemed like she wanted to come off like she could beat someone up it was weird I’ve said it before but it’s true it was difficult to watch

  17. Hate it for you Amber but you know damn well not to share a banking account with someone whom your not married to.Plus why have a relationship with someone who brings nothing to the table.There were other red flags but these were the biggest to me.

  18. Could it be to bump up ratings since the reunion show is coming on? Now of course we all want to see. Worked like a charm. That is an unflattering pic of Amber, she looks like she is in a nod.

  19. If this is true, I hope Amber remains single for several years. She can give 100 percent of her attention to Leah when she has her. Maybe she can go back to school and get a degree. Unfortunately, as long as she is in the media and on the MTV payroll, she will attract the kind of man like Matt. There are many users and gold diggers out there. I just hope she doesn’t let her guard down and allow them into her life. Plus it has to be confusing for Leah.

  20. Amber needs to kick the lying, thieving cheating ass to the curb, a curb far away, like maybe North Korea. Once a lying, cheating thieving a/h always a lying, cheating, thieving.

  21. Oh gee. If only someone had warned her he would do this. Call me when she actually kicks him out. ?

  22. I hope she can find the strength to believe in herself and stick to her decision I honestly would feel differently if I thought he was it all good for her but from what I’ve seen he’s done nothing besides bring her down and get in her mind and play games and make her think negatively about situations that won’t necessarily negative to begin with… I am treading lightly though cause I feel like we’ve all heard this before and I do feel like she sometimes she dusts this story off when she feels like there’s no way the negativity about her in the press

  23. Sorry, not buying the stolen money. By stolen, I’m guessing she means used from a joint bank account. That’s not stealing.

      1. Nope, unless he stole a credit/debit card or stole a check, it’s his too, no matter who put the money in it. If she agreed to have his name on the account, he has access to it and it’s perfectly legal.

        She’s a dolt and deserves every single miserable moment she’s experiencing. The only person I feel an ounce of sympathy for is Leah for having a “mother” who made d!ck more important than her daughter, numerous times, in front of the cameras to document and world to see.

  24. It’s all good. She’s young, she’s making the same mistakes a lot of us did on our youth, “loving the wrong person.” She’s just doing it in front of the cameras. So we trash her, knowing we’ve all been there, and if you haven’t, lucky you, or it’s coming around the corner & all your friends are calling you a dumb ass behind your back. Either way, she deserves to move on without the shame game.

    1. That’s what I’m saying.
      I stayed with a narcissist for almost 2 years and he literally bankrupted me in every way, shape, and form.
      Towards the end, I was even trying to “prove people wrong about him” even though that was a seriously stupid reason to stay. I was young,dumb, socially awkward and being manipulated. And yes, she’s 25 or 26, that is still young, in my opinion (I’m 26), and some people don’t hit the same points in their lives as everyone else. And before it I said, no, just because they did 16&P and TM doesn’t mean that they should be ridiculed for their dumb decisions that most people have made. Yes, she needed to dump him ages ago. She needs to concentrate on her child, I just don’t understand the people who are completely awful towards her about it. People do dumb sh-t when they think they’re in love. Sometimes you don’t see how bad/toxic the other person is. She was without a doubt being completely manipulated/controlled by him.

    2. She’s 26, not 15! She’s WAY old enough to know better. Not to mention the 4,000 red flags that people have been pointing out to her for three years.

    3. When Am[bien] became a mother (lol,mother, I use that word loosely in this case) her “passes” to make “youthful” mistakes became fewer and fewer. Could Gary afford to be the total mess that Am[bien] has been allowed to be in the name of youth? No. Know why? Someone had to raise Leah, and from almost the minute Leah was born, that sure as shit wasn’t going to be Am[bien].

      Enough. This crazed chick has carried on with the selfish shenanigans the entirety of her daughter’s 8 years of life. Beating her child’s father, choosing drugs over getting her shit together numerous times.. choosing to be incarcerated and out of Leah’s life because she couldn’t just use the numerous opportunities she’s been handed to get clean and stay clean. Shit, I know people who’d have made every single minute of the rehab opportunities that this chick was given to the fullest. Am[bien]? Pshaw! How long was she out and addicted to her newest drug (Smegma Mouth Sr) and Leah was getting the shit end of the mother stick, again? She was released November 4, 2013. By October 2014, she made the brilliant decision to get matching tattoos ( https://twitter.com/AmberLPortwood/status/525425553621651457/photo/1 ) Of course, we all know now that she’s already let him move in by that time.

      Her “youth” is no excuse. It’s a cop out and a sad one at that, given she habitually makes shit poor decisions that directly have a negative impact on Leah’s life.

      Yeah, call me “lucky” for not having been this stupid when I was young, but I’d call it common phucking sense. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I think for most people, jail would be rock bottom. For Am[bien], it was simply an intermission till she continued her merry route of destruction through her little girls life and she has no empathy from me.

      1. Wow. That’s a lot of animosity towards someone you’ve never met before. I surely hope you hold yourself to that same standard and have never been treated badly or manipulated by anyone in your entire life. Oh, and you have no empathy for her because she made mistakes just like every other person on this earth does. Empathy is not understanding why someone acts a certain way or makes certain decisions but still being able to feel bad for them when they end up in a bad situation. And calling her Ambien? Like do you even know what that is? That’s not even her drug of choice.
        I mean, it’s all good, you can have your own opinions and all, but I sincerely hope you never have a situation where someone you love or care about is being treated badly. All I know is where my first stop would be if I drove the karma bus. 😉

        1. “Animosity ?” nah, the truth hurts.

          Need proof … and I assuming these quotes are accurate “Do you see him in my bed?” and “had no man” … street talk from an air head.

          They’ll be back, easy money is too hard to pass up if you’ve been sitting on your brains for the past ten years.

        2. I don’t know about animosity, but I’d say she’s played out the victim card with me, and I’m sure, numerous other folks too. Empathy and phucks given? None.

          I’m not perfect and to claim I am would be a bold faced lie, however, I can absolutely, with 100% conviction say that no, I’ve never, ever made the amount of “mistakes” in my life that Am[bien] has and I’m sure that many young mothers or women out there haven’t either, especially when it comes to our children being involved. She needs to pull up her very big girl panties and grow up. Her problems are what she continually makes of them and if she hasn’t learned by now, perhaps she will when her kid is yanked right out of her life.

          As far as calling her Am[bien], like, of course I know what it is. A sleeping aid, which is one Am[bien]’s favorite past-times. Seriously? Does it have to be “her drug of choice” for you to make the connection?

          If someone I loved or cared about was being an idiot time and again and refusing numerous offers of help/support/empathy/compassion/etc and “sending love..” in my general direction (as Am[bien] does on a routine basis when in denial about the truth), I’d tell her she made her bed, go lie in it.

          I’m glad you agree that I am allowed to have an opinion, however much you seem seriously butt-hurt over it. The good news is, I’m not looking for any rides on your karma bus, nor am I looking for your empathy or support in any situation regarding my life. I’m a grown ass woman who can take care of herself and whatever consequences there may be for my actions, or lack of action, and Am[bien] should be too.

      2. YES OH MY GOD YES! I hate that every single one of these girls are given the cop out of “they’re young” when they make mistakes! No one is perfect that is true, but literally ALL of this could have been avoided if Amber wasn’t so damn selfish.

  25. Did anyone see that sneak peak clip where Matt referred to himself as “daddy” to her? If you didn’t think Matt could be any more disgusting, I highly recommend watching it.

    1. LMAO yes, I saw it and almost died! Best part was how he had no clue he was being recorded and when she told him she was miced up, he flipped. Very telling of what kind of a person he is.

    2. Oh my goodness, I have heard about it! I nearly threw up in my mouth when I saw him referring to himself as Daddy ?

    3. I really wish they gave us a warning before showing that Preview so we could all collectively get our vomit bags

  26. Not sure what to say. Time will tell. Is it true? Is it MTV ratings? Is it to get better book sales? Who knows. It’s sick. It’s sad.

  27. I guess she can’t have her important stuff packed up, put in storage and wait for the legal hoopla to end in a nice hotel?
    It would be totally worth the money when you have it.
    Does she have camera’s or a body guard in the house to keep her safe? Matt is going to blow up big time very soon when she continues to end things.

      1. You and me both, that’s why I said ‘continues’.
        It will be very hard for her to face and admit the truth.
        With him living there, it will become very tempting to continue to live and defend a lie.
        Shane and his wife need to call her daily to get her out of this.

  28. I still can’t believe she allowed him to have access to her bank account. That is just insane. Regardless of all the stupid decisions she has made with Matt, I still kinda feel bad for her. She has been through so much in the last 10 years. Hopefully she will find happiness one day with a guy like Taylor or Cole. As far as Matt goes, I hope karma bites him in the ass really bad.

      1. Haha No, I’m not producer Heather. This Heather would never go within 10 feet of Farrah. She would get her teeth knocked out.

  29. So if this is true, he has basically done exactlt what the other women who came forward said he would because he did it to them! A creepy liar and conman! He basically lied his way in to her life, using the ‘addict’ story and stole $120,000 from her. Her family must be absolutely fuming over this and she must feel so silly after she ignored all the warnings. I wish to be a fly on the wall when eventually Matt gets his comeuppance. I don’t wish anyone ill but this animal can’t keep going through life ruining the lives of these women and children he keeps bringing in to the world. Hopefully he crawls back under the bullshit infested rock he came from!

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