Farrah Abraham Says She’s Done With Reality TV–After She Does One Last Reality Show

“Move over, Angelina! I’m coming for your movie roles!”

Farrah Abraham says that we won’t be seeing her [surgically enhanced] mug on reality TV for very much longer!

While walking the red carpet of her recent 26th birthday party, Farrah told The Sun that she is leaving reality TV behind in order to become a serious actress.

We’ll give you a moment to process that…

“I will always have a place in my heart for reality TV as I [have] history in reality television and for social issues time and time again-– but I must continue creating in a different way in my free time,” Farrah told The Sun (in her trademark Farrah-ism style.)

It’s been eight years since the world first met Farrah (and her “belligerent anti-Christ attitude”) on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. Since that time, Farrah has gone on to appear on Couples TherapyTeen Mom OGCelebrity Big Brother, Million Dollar MatchmakerBotched and Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition. (She also “got real” in her infamous 2013 sex tape with James Deen, of course.)

Although Farrah claims she’s leaving reality TV behind, she is planning to do one more unscripted show for the road. Farrah has confirmed that she will appear on a new dating show for MTV UK called Love Socially. The show, which will also star UK reality stars Marnie SimpsonChloe Ferry and Scotty T, will revolve around Farrah and the others using their social media accounts to find love with their fans, while traveling around the world…or something. (Click here for more info on the new show.)

After production for that show wraps, Farrah will be focusing on her acting career. (As you may remember, she did appear in a horror movie a few years back called “Axeman II: Overkill” so this will not be her first crack at acting.)

It is unknown whether Farrah will continue to participate on Teen Mom OG once she becomes a serious actress.


  1. You know what they say when she closes a window she opens a door… a backdoor. who needs reality tv stress when she can have some more “leaked” sex tapes for more money. Plus now she doesn’t have to have that ugly porta potty on her lawn anymore. She can share her toilet with her adult co stars and blame the need for antibiotics on the toilet seat

  2. Hahahhahahaha OK Farrah. She says she’s going to do something new every week and very few of these materialise. Besides, did that Axman movie ever even get released? I was looking forward to ripping into her ‘performance’!

  3. Why does she keep appear on our UK shows – with all respects – you can keep her! We have enough of our own z listers

  4. Let’s be real, this whack job would be lucky to get cast in Sharknado 12, so let’s not hold our breath for her “serious” acting debut. For her to think that ANYONE would take her seriously enough to get a legitimate gig is laughable, spoof movies maybe. That mouth slinging incoherent insults would get her booted before filming ever started. I would however pay an absurd amount of money to watch her audition because I’m 97% sure that she’s illiterate.

    1. The Ashley-Why are both of my comments still awaiting moderation since yesterday? Did I break a rule I didn’t know about? ☹️

  5. I hope she does leave and move on. Teen Mom must be over soon. That’s why she moved to LA? She will do well if she tones down the look a bit ,her craziness, the attitude,her mom etc…. Well ,lets just wish her well.

    1. Not a chance.

      I live in LA. Farrah isn’t even a 6. She’s over Botoxed, plastic, and hasn’t got the chops to do more than “star” in more pornos.

      You, let me Farrah, are WAY overestimating her skills, looks and likeability.

  6. She has done every reality show that would have her. There is nothing left. So, of course she will say acting is her next move. Next it will be directing….

  7. Thank God for that, she is the absolute worst person, the way she treats her Mother, and acts like her spoiled daughter is an adult, while claiming her bad image is because of teen mom, bitch please! Your bad image is because you think you are better than everyone! And, you would not be where you are today financially if not for MTV! I like the other girls, but cannot stand this fake ass bitch

  8. Let’s be real, this whack job would be lucky to get cast in Sharknado 12, so let’s not hold our breath for her “serious” acting debut. For her to think that ANYONE would take her seriously enough to get a legitimate gig is laughable, spoof movies maybe. That mouth slinging incoherent insults would get her booted before filming ever started. I would, however, pay an absurd amount of money to watch her auditions​ because I’m 97% sure that she’s illiterate.

  9. Maybe she will make another sex tape.. except this one will have some kind of back story or character arc so she can showcase her “professional acting skills”.

    I mean, lets be real.. she has enough personalities to make a film out of it.

  10. Not gonna knock her. At least she’s trying to do other things instead of solely relying on teen mom like the other girls

    1. But why does she get props for hustling to make money, while at the same time she’s a really mean person, treats everyone she meets poorly, screams, swears, and trash talks everyone in front of Sophia, cries or flips out anytime anyone disagrees with her or gives her any advice……I could go on forever.

      For me, I’d rather be like ANY of the other girls on these shows than Farrah, even if it meant I was lazy and stuck to a couch instead of signing up for everything thrown my way. I’d rather be a good, nice person than a raging lunatic, even if it meant people called me lazy. So she “tries to do other things”? Who cares? She’ll wind up rich but incredibly sad and lonely, with no friends, no family, and a seriously troubled child. Poor Sophia’s going to be so incredibly screwed up and it’s ALL Farrah’s fault. Plus look how she acts – she’s 8 years old and acts like she’s 1. She hits, smacks things, talks baby talk…..my child has mental retardation and autism and still acts more mature and social than Sophia. It’s horrifying to watch.

  11. A youtube video of her inside of a giant microwave oven with her plastic parts melting would suffice…

  12. A reality show of Farrah going to auditions would be hilarious! I will miss crazy old Farrah but hopefully this means the end of OG is coming!

  13. I’ll always remember on 16 and preg when she apologized to the drs and nurses for having to look at her vagina

  14. I’m sure many of us will not miss seeing her. I’m just so concerned for her daughter growing up with Farrrah as a mom. Not a good example!

  15. I honestly hope she sticks to Her word she said a million times she’s gonna walk away I just don’t know if that’s really her calling to be an actress but good luck to her I won’t miss The baby talk they still use when talking to Sophia it’s ridiculous I think if she does walk away she’s going to realize how hard it is for her to make a name for herself honestly if you’re a mean person and can’t get along with people and you’re going into a people run industry I just think it’s going to be so difficult

  16. Oh really? Is that a promisse? 😉

    That moment when you start to read something Farrah said again and you are like ‘Oh wait, it isn’t me, never mind’.

  17. THANK JESUS GOD, LEAH! She will never land an actual acting gig, so this would be amazing news. I’ll believe it when I see it though!

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