Latest Drama: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards’ Exes Respond to News He Is in Rehab

The claws have come out in the days since it was announced by numerous reputable sources that Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards is in rehab. While Ryan is (allegedly) off getting treatment, though, his mother Jen Edwards and wife Mackenzie Standifer (who he quietly married before heading to the ‘hab) are busy sticking up for him on social media!

After E! News broke the news that Ryan was in treatment, Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Dalis Connell stepped forward to give ‘Teen Mom’ fans a run-down of Ryan’s alleged substance abuse history, and Ryan’s family was not happy about it! 

In an interview with Radar Online, Dalis revealed how Ryan allegedly began using. (The Ashley is using “allegedly” here because Ryan’s camp and/or MTV has not officially confirmed any of this yet.)

“One of his friends was on pills and he tried it one night when we first started dating,” Dalis, who appeared on early seasons of ‘Teen Mom,’ told the site. “He started taking those while I was in class. I ran track in college and would be gone all day and he was bored.”

“I have never been around drug use so I didn’t know the symptoms,” she added. “I was working and my co-worker asked if Ryan takes anything. She was like, ‘I went to rehab and he fidgets and scratches and has all the signs of someone using.’ I didn’t believe her.”

An awkward moment between Dalis, Ryan and Ryan’s baby-mama, Maci Bookout, at the ‘Teen Mom’ Season 4 Reunion…

Eventually, Ryan allegedly confessed to Dalis that he was using.

“I walked outside and caught him in the middle of a drug deal and he confessed everything,” she said. “It got worse and worse.”

Dalis claims that Ryan was addicted to Roxycodone and went to rehab for the first time in December 2012. (At the time, ‘Teen Mom’ was not in production and wouldn’t be back on the air for several years. This was the same month a drug-using Jenelle Evans married Courtland Rogers, so that scandal was keeping the attention of most ‘Teen Mom’ fans at the time.)

Dalis claims that Ryan’s first rehab trip was not successful.

“He wasn’t interested in rehab,” she said. “We had to drag him there the first time. He never said he wanted to get better, he just wanted the withdrawals to stop.”

Ryan’s mother Jen and Mackenzie were not happy that Dalis did the interview, and told her so on Twitter.

“And once again this one needs some attention and money!! Sorry honey but you have quite a bit of this wrong!” Jen tweeted. (Dalis replied that she did not make any money for doing the interview.)

“I didn’t go in depth about anything,” Dalis tweeted to Jen. “STILL to protect him/his family. I was asked a question & answered honestly. Plain & simple.”

On Thursday, Dalis and Mackenzie got into a Twitter spat, after Mackenzie accused Dalis of having her own drug habit.

“But keep running your mouth, remember who you and Ryan have in common… before and after you broke up,” Mackenzie tweeted to Dalis. “Let me refresh your memory, Drew, ya know the same guy that helped you get your own pills…is that why you need the money so badly…I guess that’s what drugs do when they go up your nose… eat away at the brain.”

Dalis denied that she took pills.

“Praying for you sad you feel the need defend him by lying about someone else,” Dalis told Mackenzie. “Your boyfriend is the snorter babe. Look where it got him. This is so comical & petty so I’ll stop-I truly hope things get better for y’all.”

The Ashley reached out to Shelby Woods, who dated Ryan after Dalis and appeared on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ but she did not confirm or deny Dalis’ claims.

“I feel as though none of that is any of my business,” Shelby told The Ashley. “If Ryan wants to speak in regard to it then that’s fine, but I don’t have anything to say.”

Mackenzie, who has had a lot of controversy come her way since a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ exposed Ryan’s alleged drug issues, recently told The Ashley that she is trying not to pay attention to the nay-sayers.

“I don’t feel like I need to defend myself to viewers,” Mackenzie told The Ashley. “When they walk in my shoes or pay my bills, then maybe. But I have absolutely no respect for individuals who choose to put everyone else down.”

To date, Ryan, his family and MTV have refrained from officially confirming that Ryan is in rehab or that he has substance abuse issues.

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53 Responses

  1. I do believe that Ryan is using. 100% believe that. However I think it was sort of trashy for Dalis to give so much information. She says she didn’t go in depth about anything but I mean she even named the drug! And she “helped” us fill in the gaps from when TM was off the air. That’s a pretty detailed account. I guess she could have given us the dates, times and description of clothing. It seems as if she’s taking advantage of an opportunity to get a few more mins of fame. I respect Shelby for basically saying no comment, ask Ryan.

  2. Dalia is so annoying, she posts all this stuff about how depressed and anxious she is and how mean everyone is but then starts drama like this and acts like she did nothing wrong! Like why comment on a super old ex boyfriends life?! Of course it’s going to be a problem. Jen and Mackenzie should have just ignored her atempt for attention and focus on the sobriety of Ryan. They are going to cause more stress in his life by this pettiness when they should be there to support him.

  3. Isnt Mackenzie confirming the whole drug abuse thing by saying that Dalis and Ryan have the same drug dealer? That seems like a massive oopsie moment if you’re trying to claim he’s not on drugs.

  4. Is this really a surprise to anyone? How many countless times have we seen him on the couch with his eyes popping out or half asleep. Why was Larry so angry with him and refused to speak to him? I remember him taking the trash out in one episode completely out of it. Why is he off limits but the women on the show are not? You are on a reality TV show after all.

  5. It seems so petty and tacky to sell Ryan out. We know he’s an addict now and he’s in rehab getting help which is a huge step in the right direction. There’s no reason for his exs to speak out. I hope all the best to Ryan and his family. I don’t know why everyone wants to drag him now he’s down. Hopefully he gets the help he needs and comes out a clean and better person for everyone especially Bentley. Dalis just seems to be grabbing for straws. I can only imagine the shame and helplessness his family feels I hope they also attend meetings for families of addicts and get help coping with Ryan’s choices.

  6. When producers asked Ryan what lead to the fight with Larry he mumbled something about power tools. Did Ryan steal/pawn Larry’s tools for drug money? Only speculating – but had to be something pretty significant to get that reaction from Larry. And Jen couldn’t/wouldn’t defend whatever Ryan did.

  7. So did MTV and Dr. Drew intervene here? I’m glad Ryan’s finally getting help but it also seems kind of staged.

  8. Nothing worse than a family who tries to put on a facade of being a perfect happy family. Every issue gets swept under the rug because of what – *gasp* – people might think. Well guess what, JEN, when you do that no one gets help, problems only get worse, relationships stay superficial, and you look like a fool when it all blows up in your face eventually.

    I’m sure she’s embarrassed for the world to know what her only son turned out like, but for cripes sake, 1) take advantage of MTV being able to send him to whatever freaking rehab is the best in the country and get over your pride. People would kill for that opportunity. and 2) anyone who ever watched this show and didn’t know Ryan was high on pills is a damn fool. It could not have been more obvious, so stop trying to do damage control on Twitter and go read up on addiction and how to help him when he gets out. Dalis didn’t even say anything bad or mean – she just answered simple questions and nothing was scandalous.

    Poor Bentley. For as much as Jen loves Bentley, you’d think she would’ve put him first and done everything in her power to get Ryan to get help so Bentley wouldn’t have to go through having an addicted or dead father.

  9. Ironic that his time in rehab coensides with when he was officially exposed on the show. Even though the show was filmed months ago. I wouldn’t put it past MTV saying “ok your are addicted to pills but and we are going to officially expose it on the show and when that airs then you can go to rehab.” If he went a first time Maci would know about it and she is acting on the show like this is all brand new news to her. True or not it seems a little set up to me.

    1. I imagine she had to have known about the first trip but probably didn’t want to talk about it on air. After all, what she exposes about Ryan eventually may affect Bentley – she probably didn’t want news of his dad being a drug addict all over the internet. But now that he’s probably hit rock bottom, she probably figured the only way to get him to change was to put it out there on TV (even though it was the WORST kept secret!).
      We all know Teen Mom is pretty much all re-created scenes (Maci taking a pregnancy test with a baby bump lol). Of course Maci is going to act like this is the first she heard of it – she doesn’t want to seem like the Mom who sends her kid to stay with a drug addict every weekend lol

  10. Of course the family and MTV are not going to talk about it now. They need to capitalize off of it later. They are ALL in it for the paycheck. They can’t say much because they are under contract. There will be a special about this in due time. Just raising public awareness because addiction is so out of control. Good job, MTV! It was right in front of them, what did they do about it? I think they are desperate for ratings. I just hope Ryan and his family get the help they need.

  11. It is pretty clear that the only reason Ryan is in rehab is because Maci came forward about his addiction. Mackenzie and Jen may think they are protecting him, but they are hurting him. How about you confirm rehab and stop focusing on Dalis. Talking to Radar about your ex is never a classy move, but Dalis only confirmed he’s an addict.

  12. Luckily Farrah does not have a lot of friends or ex-boyfriends to spill the beans when her time finally comes.

  13. Who would’ve thought that RYAN would be the most interesting news now?! But his current and exes (including Maci) are all desperate for fame.

  14. Mackenzie and Jen need to step away from the drama and just focus on changing so that when Ryan gets out they won’t enable him. I think Dalis was wrong and shouldn’t have said anything. If she was asked (and not selling the story) then she should have just said something similar to what Shelby said. Things like that can set people back and Ryan doesn’t need that. I reckon the only one who has a right to say anything like that other than Mackenzie is Maci as she is the mother of his child. I really hope this rehab works cause I think Ryan could be an amazing dad, husband and Son. He needs encouragement not people running to twitter causing drama and talking sh!t to “celebrity” news places.

  15. Dang, if they are this pissed off at Dalis, I wonder if they are upset at Maci for bringing this all to light. People will talk no matter what – they can’t control that. They need to focus on the root of the issue and that’s the fact that Ryan has a substance abuse problem. Stop focusing on all the other things that don’t matter.

  16. This whole mess reminds me of the whole Leah “I don’t have a drug problem I have anxiety” thing. I don’t know who these people think they are fooling, just be honest. Ryan has a problem and he’s in rehab seeking treatment, that’s what you get when you have a man child who pretends he has zero responsibilities, no job and no desire to get one and a mom who’s nice but enables her son to be useless and just turns a blind eye. Come on Jen, I know you love your boy but at some point he has to grow up. She coddles him way too much and now his life is a waste. He literally does nothing. Time to act like a man.

  17. His addiction is the worst kept secret. For years now you’ve been able to see something was wrong with him, simply look at his eyes which were always bugged open. Glad he’s finally getting help and his family needs to be involved in his recovery and therapy so they don’t enable him any longer. At least his one ex was respectful enough to not talk.

  18. I don’t understand Why Mackenzie wants to deal with ALLLL the drama. Ridiculous. He’s not prince any means! She’s kinda mimicking Amber…everyone can see it…she’s just to blind to see it. ?

    1. She’s a typical naive 20 year old, thinking she can “help change him”. But she looks 40. He’s basically married to a younger version of his mother. Weird.

      1. Yea I hate to take it their but she is one old ass looking 20 year old. From that soccer mom bob to those earrings to those middle age mom scarves. Nothing youthful about her at all. Very matronly.

  19. Wow Ryan really downgraded looks wise when he started seeing Mackenzie. She looks like a mid age soccer mom.

    1. I was thinking she looks like a nutra rat but I don’t think they have those in Tennessee. Looks like a soccer mom too.

  20. At this point, all the teen parents have come full-circle and are now no better off than they would have been had the show never existed. Congratulations, everyone!

  21. By the way Jen and Mackenzie are handling this you can just about guarantee Ryan is going to die.Please stop enabling drug abusers and addicts.You are not helping Ryan at all.

    1. Mackenzie is just so unattractive that marrying a druggy was her only way to get on TV. I dont know why she wants attention so badly she has no chin. Ryan’s mom looks way better that Mackenzie. Thats sad. MTV just needs to cancel this circus.

  22. Side comment: I looked at dalis’ instagram photos and I wish she would do a makeup free look. Her workout outfits don’t fit all that stuff she has on her face. Just my opinion

  23. I believe Dalis. McKenzie looks perfect but is married 2 times and has a kid at 21. She had no time to grow up herself. Jen is a loving mom but once your son is 30, never made something of his life, had nothing to do cause he was treated like a kid till dad finally kicked him out, telling him the truth and stop enabling him is the only way to keep him alive. Everybody knew anyway.

  24. Just wanted to clarify that I was in NO way defending the Edwards’ or Mackenzie by saying that about Dalis. I think mackenzie is handling the situation totally wrong and I think Jen is a total enabler. I just always thought Dalis was in the relationship with Ryan for the fame.

  25. Well, if there IS a textbook wrong way to handle this situation, McKenzie is nailing it. I agree completely with the other comments, she needs to stay off of twitter and not do any interviews, especially ones where she is so off putting with her misplaced anger and wasted defensiveness. If she really wants to tell the viewers to go take a hike and mind their own business, then she needs to stop cashing those MTV checks. We all know that is what alllowed Ryan to become what he is today. No structure, no demands on him in any way, no challenges to rise to. She wants everyone to stay outta their reality show, bill paying business, but that wont happen until you live your life like the rest of us working suckers.

  26. Mackenzie shouldn’t be so defensive and neither should his Mom. Stay off twitter. Sounds like he has an addiction and is now in rehab. So just leave it at that and hope he gets better. Dallis probably shouldn’t have said anything when asked but what she said was not that big of a deal. Mackenzie made it worse by getting defensive and accusing her of things. Mackenzie should worry about herself and Ryan since they are now married. Hopefully he’ll get the help he needs. He was a pretty hands off father but you can tell he loves his son. Don’t make things worse. Hopefully he’ll become a better Dad after this.

  27. I’m glad I don’t pay attention to these people on social media. Honestly, the show is quite enough. My opinion of Mackenzie fell through the floor when she ratted on Maci. I felt like she needed to have handled that more delicately; she’s going to have to help co-parent with Maci. It wasn’t smart, the way Mac handled it, and normally Mackenzie is three times as smart as Ryan. (I do think Maci crossed the line with what all she told Mackenzie, but the fault was by far on Mackenzie’s side, in my opinion.) Jen behaves as though no one knew about Ryan – are you kidding me? In fact, I doubt it was just pills he was on. I’ve never seen a pill make someone’s eyes bug out of their head and make them disappear for most of the day!

  28. Mackenzie needs to stop defending herself on social media. It doesn’t calm things down, it just fuels the fire. Just ask Donald Trump.

  29. Nobody needs their confirmation that he has addiction problems. He’s always asleep and when he’s not, his pupils are dilated and bid eye balls are about to bug out of his head. He has the classic signs of a tweeker. Hope he gets help, it’s enough that this is around for Bentley to see for the rest of his life.

  30. Ashley can you confirm that Mackenzie lost custody of her son!? This whole family is a hot mess & in total denial! This will lead to Rhines demise. Mackenzie run & focus on your child! 21 already married twice and divorced once (soon to be twice). She is no better! Poor Bentley has an addict dad and alcoholic mom. I hope therapy is cheap down home in Chattanooga!!!

    1. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that she did. If i had an ex who married someone going into rehab immediately after the wedding, i am sure most of us would be in court asap.

  31. Shelby handled that the classy way. Dalis always wanted fame and attention…probably needed more $ for botox and lip injections

      1. me neither. Ryan probably told Mackenzie that as a way to discredit Dalis, and of course she believed him. All of them need help

    1. LOL but seriously can we talk about the baby hooker comment it was made more than once!!! Why would that be things that would even come out of your mouth let alone in a loving way to your daughter so much confusion in one scene Leah’s therapy bill is going to be out of this world

      1. I really hope that all the children of the teen mom’s grow up without any major issues. I would hate to see any of them become teen parents, have drug or alcohol issues or end up in jail.

        1. The only well adjusted kids I think will be Aubree and Bentley sadly to say. Im on the fence about Leah because she may resent Gary for not letting her be with her mom and she may resent Amber for not being around as a small child. So Leah is a wild card. The most fucked up will be Chinelle’s kids, Sophia, Isaac, and Aleeah. For some reason I see her being a tramp like her mom was.

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