‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Discusses Adult Movie Status, Matt Baier & More in Second Instagram Live Session

Was anyone else mildly disappointed when Amber said Matt wasn’t locked in her basement?

Amber Portwood took to Instagram Live for the second night in a row on Sunday to answer fans’ questions about everything from her relationship with (former) fiance Matt Baier, to pregnancy rumors.

The Teen Mom OG star, who did an Instagram Live for fans on Saturday night, also addressed where she stands on the sex tape she was considering making last month with Vivid Entertainment.

(Amber and Matt both confirmed that they had met with Vivid CEO Steven Hirsch last month in California about possibly doing a sex tape.)

In her Instagram Live session on Sunday, Amber told fans that she has decided not to film the sex tape.

“There’s no p0rn tape, guys,” Amber told fans. “I’m not doing p0rn, it was just a meeting.”

Here are some other interesting things Amber discussed during her Instagram Live session:

On the status of her relationship with Matt: “We are not together. Matt has some issues he needs to work on and then we can see what happens. I’m not with him, but don’t say mean things [about him].” (She also confirmed that Matt was not in her basement at the time she was on Instagram, which was something one fan hilariously claimed, and that Matt was not currently in rehab.)

On whether or not she’s using drugs again: “Why would people even say that? I’m not on drugs. If I were on drugs my pupils would not look like this.”

On the rumor that she’s pregnant: “I’m not pregnant! I don’t know where that even came from.”

On the possibility of her going to college: “I am not in school right now. I don’t have time… I would like to go to school someday, to go for sociology like I had planned.”

On money: [When a fan asked her if her net worth was really $280,0000]: “Hahaha no, that’s just one of my cars.” [She was implying that she makes much, much more than that amount.] “Money doesn’t buy you happiness…obviously.”

On Farrah Abraham: “I really don’t have a vendetta against this chick. I’ve never not been cool with her.”

Amber also stated that she was leaving Indiana in a few days to head to Los Angeles, where she would be staying for 18 days. She did not, however, tells fans why she was heading to California for such an extended period of time.

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  1. She….doesn’t have time for college? She has nothing BUT time, and money to boot! As a graduate student who is the mother of a much younger, therefore much more demanding child, I would KILL for her resources. Kick rocks Amber, and fuck you for duping me into rooting for you long ago.

  2. Thank you for not doing the porn movie. Money earned in that manner will bring negativity into your life. You are so much better than that!

  3. This whole generation is messed up If it wasn’t for mom n dad this generation wouldn’t have any where to live All this generation does is sit around n get high They don’t even care if the children get taken from them All I hear is marijuana is a plant it can’t hurt you Well if never owning anything doesn’t hurt you

  4. Ugh, the pupil thing. Yes, for the couple of hours when you are high on opiates, your pupils MAY be smaller and pinpoint. Or when you are high on some kind of upper or drug like mescaline, or acid your pupils MAY look much larger, but during the times in between, they go back to normal. One can be an every day user and yet still have “normal” sized pupils for 20 hours a day. I’m thinking even if she were using again, she would probably not do an instagram live while she were high. She’d probably check her pupils first anyways so she can use her “look at my pupils” excuse. What about “look at my life”? “Check out my behavior”? Best way to prove you’re health and not on drugs is to lead a normal productive life where you don’t freak on fans, and audience members at reunions, and cast mates, and interviewers.

  5. Smugness about how much money she makes will bite her in the ass when the show is over! ALL THIS GIRLS will get BIG reality checks when money stops rolling……

    And still so so glad she got rid of that leech. There is a glimpse of hope she make better decisions from now on.

  6. Supposedly Matt stole $120,000 from her account. About what she’ll make going to do Marriage Boot Camp. Only reason I can think of for 18 days in LA, and that’s the rumor. Sean Lowe said the amount they were paid was unGodly so I can see her not turning it down. It sucks that Matt will get paid too but at least she’ll get her money back and then some. Hopefully she uses it and it’s lie detector test to out him on Everything and not to try and fix anything to stay with him. Wouldn’t mind her being hooked up to one either lol. Visine works wonders and if you’re combining uppers and downers, your pupils will be whatever. There’s no textbook, set in stone version of how pupils do or should look at any given point. Light can make them expand etc.

  7. All of this is for $$$$ They are going on Marriage Boot Camp Again following in Farrah’s shoes All this crap is fake fake fake

    1. Called it told u they did all this for money n to get on marriage boot camp I was n moderation for some reason

  8. The “look at my pupils” shit makes me laugh each time. My dad was a cop and growing up, I remember him quizzing me when I’d come home, giving me the “follow the finger” test to check my pupils.

    Not sure if it was my genetic gift of gigantic wide eyes or the fact that the pupil test proved squat… but I was higher than a motherfucker as a teenager back then, and always deemed “sober.”

    1. Thanks for sharing, I’ll get the pee tests when I think something is not right when my kids are older.
      I hope you and your father have found a way to deal with all this. Your dad must feel awful that he did not see that you needed help while he had been trained to see the signs and I’m sure it has not been easy for you. I hope you are sober now. Not Amber or Jenelle sober but really sober.

      1. Well my dads dead, so I guess we’re at a stalemate in regard to my being high as a teenager. Spoiler alert! I grew up to be a functioning adult just fine.

        1. I’m sure most of us got high when we were teenagers. There is a difference between experimenting and being an addict. That comment was delusional.

  9. No idea what she is going to but I do think it is a very good idea to remove herself from Matt and let her legal team deal with him.

    1. Oh crap! The word is, it is 18 days not away from him but working on their relationship together. Marriage bootcamp.
      They have been talking about it for a while already. This is either a really bad idea or we all have been fooled for a while.

  10. She called off her engagement to that creep and she’s not doing a porno. Good, Amber. You’re using yourbrain now. Good girl.

  11. Again with the “look at my pupils”, just like when she got Dr Drew to do it “Am I on drugs Dr Drew?”

    It’s amazing that both Amber and Dr Drew have found a way to eliminate the need for drug tests, this will save so much money for courts and the police, all they need to do is look at the eyes! So accurate…..

  12. Amber is a sweet girl, setting an example by not doing porn and having forgiveness for Farrah after all she has done. Amber truly deserves to be admired and loved by all of us, her devoted fans. Super!

      1. Bruja, I’d rather have egg on my face than be a meanie. Positive thoughts and actions have always seemed the way to go, for reals, to me. Sorry my comments aren’t negative enuff for your thinking and/or liking, but I think you’ll understand I can’t change for you and produce the negativity you seem to want in others. Have a nice day.

        1. Well Lilly, you’re a real trooper. I’m sure the Duggar family (one of your favs!) and any drug addicted, pregnant beer guzzling, lying for the money Teen Mom star adores your troll.. err, I mean, positive outlook, egg spattered face or not.

          You’re the real hero, Lilly.

          You’re the real hero.

  13. I’m sorry. This chick is super GHETTO and super CREEPY just like Matt. I never understood why Gary was so protective of Leah around her until all of this. Now I get it. She is very unstable. She is trashy and embarrassing. I feel bad for her daughter.

    1. I completely agree with what your saying last season I could not figure out why he wouldn’t give Amber more time with Leah because I thought she really was making an effort but this season has been so hard to watch she had to go to Mexico please you made the decision to go on vacation he then does not owe you extra time and so in order to prove a point when asking for more time with Leah she did not take Leah the very person she wants to spend more time with to Gary’s house.. her logic does not add up and then to not be happy for the father of her child for getting a nicer house for giving that child a better future I think it’s just ridiculous and selfish I think she tries to be ghetto but she’s not really if she was ever faced with it she wouldn’t know what to do she talks a big game

  14. I want to thank the person who said that Matt was in Ambers basement. The visual I got from that alone was priceless. Living down there with the dog they always lock down there.

    She’s back to abusing fans on Instagram live. Yelling and swearing at people and rambling about “fake news”. Someone asked if she was high or drunk and she went off on them.. and zoomed right in on her eyes and screeched “do I look high?!”. Her pupils were the size of dinner plates. It’s like watching a car accident, you know it’s bad, but you can’t look away.

    She also said that she owns a franchise worth “a couple of million dollars”, so she’s a self made woman. Okay drunk-a-rooski, whatever you say! She’s making herself look like a bigger moron as the days go on.

    1. Lol,so true,and she always look high. Just like the segment when Leah,her daughter wanted THEM to get the Cat down,she is torally ignoring her,it is disgusting!!!

    2. Lol,so true,and she always look high. Just like the segment when Leah,her daughter wanted THEM to get the Cat down,she is torally ignoring her,it is disgusting!!!

      1. Omg, that was so funny/horrible. “The cat wants to be on roof” cue cat looking petrified on the roof. I wanted to laugh but I felt so sad for her poor cat. I feel sorry for all her animals. Why do these douche canoes get so many house pets and barn yard animals (pigs, ponies) when they can barely take care of their kids?

  15. Hmmm… after reading all “The Wedding’s Off” articles today, I’m actually starting to think this is all to keep a story line going for Amber, as without Matt, you have Amber and her 27 dogs laying on her couch all day. Just sayin!

    1. I mean it’s more like a petting zoo in there then anything else do they rent the home or own it? I can’t imagine any landlord would be OK with that amount of animals in the home I love animals too I own my home and I still would not want that amount of animals living in it I mean literally even the animals are trying to escape last night the cat was on the roof I’m sure he was trying to flag a cab down

  16. I honestly don’t know what to think anymore. Amber has too many issues for me to figure her out.I don’t understand how this show is helping anyone. I can’t figure why Catelynn and Tyler are even on the show. The MTV money obviously made all of em crazy as hell.

    1. Cate and Tyler are still on the show because they’re going to start a clothing business and a Carly foundation. Haven’t you been following? ??? Well, as soon as they get off the sofa and put Nova in daycare

    2. Nova is so cute. The way she talks is so precious. 5 head and Gayler are worth putting up with just to see Nova raise her little eyebrows, purse her little lips and cock her little head like she is wondering why she was born in this insane family.

  17. I was really pulling for Amber after she came out of rehab. She was was always a terrible mother to Leah when she was younger and I was hoping in rehab she saw the mother she was and would change her life (and Leah’s) for the better. Yes she’s off drugs now but she is still the same sh*tty, lazy mom she’s always been. It UNBELIEVABLE to me that she has NEVER pursued custody of Leah. She hasn’t because she simply doesn’t want to. She wants to sleep and eat all day and play with Leah every other weekend. Gary is no saint but his wife Christina has been a very positive influence in his life and they have made a happy home for Leah.

    1. When Amber first got out of jail, she talked about her internal struggle of wanting to be with Leah all the time and wanting Leah to remain in the stable home she had come to know with Gary & Christina. I agree that Amber loves a good couch-sitting sesh, but maybe she hasn’t pursued custody for the right reasons. It’s only selfish to try to rip a child out of the home they’ve grown up in-I genuinely think that Amber (unlike Jenelle) realizes that, and that it’s the source of a lot of her depression, etc.

  18. She doesn’t have time to go to school? What? All she has is time…she doesn’t have full custody of Leah, and all she does is sit on the couch in her living room and complain about how mean everyone is to her.

    1. At least that’s what she does for the 10-15 mins we see of her on our tv screen every week. You know the staged scenes where she has to sit down and talk about the things the producer asks her to talk about. Of course that represents the full reality of her daily life. There’s no way she does anything else with those other tens of thousands minutes we don’t get to see, right?

    2. I thought the same thing…she has literally nothing holding her back and everything completely in her favor if she wanted to go to school. Leah’s got three kids on top of the same obligations as Amber in terms of teen mom filming, and she seems to think she has the time. How does Amber not have the time…am I missing something?

  19. So she won’t see Leah for at least 18 days? Start the “cry session” about how she doesn’t get enough time with her in 3, 2, 1….

  20. Really? Don’t have time?? I haven’t sat on my couch in like, 5 days from working 2 jobs and school. Don’t tell me you “don’t have time,” you LIVE on your couch ?

  21. So sick of amber ? She act like she the bees knees when she ain’t even the fly’s thighs ???

  22. How does she “not have time” to go to school??? She has no job, doesn’t have her daughter and does NOTHING all day!!!!

  23. No Amber. It’s 28 days and it’s called rehab! Good luck with that. Would my pupils look like that I were in drugs? Yes. They would. That’s the go-to for druggies. Look at my pupils. ????

  24. Thank god there’s no porno coming. Nobody need to see her puss on HDTV. Or any tv.
    She probably asked for the million Farrah got, but got turned down since Matt isn’t a porn star like James deen.

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