What Shut Down Production of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4? More Info About the Alleged ‘Misconduct’

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ may be over for good…

News broke on Sunday that production of the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise had been shut down, just one week after filming began in Mexico. Details were scarce on Sunday as to what caused the shutdown, although Warner Bros. did issue a statement that confirmed that ‘allegations of misconduct’ were to blame.

After the news broke, ‘Bachelor’ guru Reality Steve revealed that the ‘misconduct’ reportedly involved cast members DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. By Monday, more details about the allegedly incident that caused the shutdown had been revealed, and they are quite disturbing.

According to People, the shutdown took place after a field producer reported witnessing DeMario and Corinne getting down and dirty in the pool, while Corinne was allegedly “too drunk to consent” to the sexual activity. Producers allegedly continued to film, despite the fact that “[Corinne] was out of it,” as one cast member told ET.

TMZ reports that Corinne is now saying (off-the-record, at least) that she was in a state of blackout-drunk and does not remember being naked in the pool with DeMario.

“The day after the swimming pool incident she claims fellow cast members began telling her stories of what went down with DeMario,” TMZ reports. “She says several cast members told her they had voiced concern to people on the production crew that she was in no position to consent to sexual activity, but the crew did not heed their warnings…Production sources insist other cast members did not complain to anyone that Corinne was too drunk to form an intent to have sexual contact with DeMario.”

Earlier, TMZ reported (in graphic detail) what actually their sources say went down in the pool that day. The site’s sources say that, while DeMario and Corinne didn’t actually have sex, they did basically everything else, causing the production staff member who reported the incident to reportedly liken the incident to “softcore p0rn.”

TMZ reported that, after a full day of drinking, Corinne allegedly ended up in DeMario’s lap and the pair started making out and engaging in “intense rubbing.”

“DeMario says Corinne then suggested they retreat to the pool, with the cameras rolling. They took off their clothes, started making out and ‘rubbing, touching and fingering,'” the site’s source reported. “He says she put her genitals in his face and he began licking, but we’re told this allegation is a big point of contention and others disagree with his account. He says he was not able to engage in intercourse because of the alcohol.”

A field producer felt “uncomfortable” and eventually filed a formal misconduct in the workplace complaint.

People reports that producers eventually shut down taping and placed all of the ‘Paradisers’ on lockdown. Since many of the contestants had not seen the incident, they had no idea what was happening.

“We were told to stay in a certain part of the [resort] while they figured out what the hell had happened,” one contestant told the magazine. “We knew something bad had happened; there was a dark energy that came around the house.”

“We’re pissed that this whole thing happened,” the contestant said. “[Production] could have stopped this before it got this far.”

Corinne is also angry at the show’s production team, according to TMZ. While she “doesn’t fully blame DeMario because he too was drunk” she is angry at the producers for letting things get so out of hand. TMZ reports that she has hired a lawyer.

All of the media outlets are reporting that it is extremely unlikely that production of the season will ever resume. There is also no word on whether ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ will ever come back for another season after this.

So far, DeMario, Corinne and the show’s producers have not spoken out directly about any of the allegations. The show’s executive producers, Mike Fleiss and Elan Gale have not provided any statements to the media or addressed the incident on social media yet. The show’s host, Chris Harrison, has also remained silent.

UPDATE! Click here for the latest update on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Scandal.

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25 Responses

  1. Mmmmkkk but if you are out at a bar drinking and get like this is it the bartenders, wait staff, business owners fault because you drank too much??? When do we take responsibility for our own actions instead of “How can I do what I want and when I make a fool out of myself who else can I blame and make money off it at the same point….” sad world we live in now

  2. I don’t get why the producers of bachelor think we want to see sex scenes anyways. Those scenes always make me feel really uncomfortable especially when there are secret cameras in their rooms and they don’t necessarily know they are being filmed.

  3. Wow seriously? They were too drunk to consent, which is a legitimate legal defense, but sure let’s call her a wh*re who got what she deserved. Rape culture really is a thing, even on a site dominated by women.

    And, before people downvote me, I’m not blaming him. He’s a victim too

    1. I am also very surprised by the amount of people victim blaming here.
      They are both victims of production, which sucks. These people are encouraged to drink in excess as it is ‘incentivized’ with TV time which leads to press/endorsements/followers. They know the more they drink the more TV time they will get generally. IMO production has a responsibility to make sure they are always safe/consenting if they ply them with this much alcohol.

  4. Ok so get rid of both of them and let production continue. I want my show dammit! And why should the other contestants who didn’t get so shitfaced that they can’t ‘consent’ be penalized? I mean they could have actually found love:)

  5. This is the first time I’ve heard of a reality show halting production because of sexual misconduct between cast members and I was very happy to hear it was being taken so seriously. Anyone who takes a different stance should reexamine their morals.

  6. So the producers are at fault bc two adults drinks and rubbed , licked and fingered each other and now they regret it ? Give me a break these ho’s go out there looking for nights like this to happen . Also drinking all day doesn’t lead to good stuff . Why did ppl watch them lick and finger ..voyers if you thought something was wrong step in and don’t wait for a producer

  7. she is an adult not anyone elses job to stop things. Also her actions got her there she sat in his lap rubbed his etc. she was a drunk on bachelor who said she would do whatever it took to have sex with him i have zero sympathy

    1. That’s awfully rude. Imagine if you were the one being assaulted and people watched it happen but did nothing because you were an adult.
      I bet you’d reassess your thinking.

    2. Victim blaming, that’s fun! If you saw a woman in a bar too drunk to consent bring assulted you wouldn’t try to help her?

  8. Here are some suggestions for the next reincarnation of Bachelor in Paradise;

    A) Hook Up Island
    B) STD Island
    C) Sexual Assault Island
    D) All of the Above

    The production crew is disgustingly manipulative, it must be the worst job in the entire industry, at least with porn the participants are consenting, get tested and get payed. Finding love? what a load of BS. Although the contestants are not victims either; they know what they are getting themselves into, but still, the behaviour of the production crew is borderline criminal now.

  9. I know when I drink all day then black out I always blame production for my bad decisions . . . oh wait

  10. If Corrine was too drunk to know what she was doing, and DeMario was too drunk to get it up, is he not a victim here too. They never had actual sex. But is it because he is a guy (of colour) that he is completely at fault? If anyone is at fault, it’s the show for supplying endless amounts of free alcohol, then doing nothing when they see something inappropriate happening. DeMario is being called a rapist on other sites, when the two of them never had sex. She was shoving her platinum vajay in his face, he’s not only at fault here.

    1. I think this article is saying that production was at fault and the misconduct was by production bc they didn’t stop things that were going on. They push alcohol all day, they push raunchiness, and they are constantly giving g little ideas or hints for what would make a good storyline and they don’t necessarily allow other contestants to stop it. I don’t think this article or this site is trying to say that he is a rapist.

  11. If several contestants saw what was happening, why didn’t they step in themselves to see what was going on? If I saw my friend looking uncomfortable, I’m quite sure I’d check on her…

  12. I’m confused. I thought this show was all about getting drunk and doing sexual things with people you barely know in front of cameras??

  13. Normally, I’d be skeptical of Corinne saying she was “too drunk to consent.” Being drunk doesn’t negate the fact that you may have verbally or physically gave the other person the go ahead. Maybe the other person sincerely misjudged how drunk you were? It’s a very nuanced issue.
    HOWEVER, the fact that a couple contestants voiced their concern about Corinne’s well being AND an assistant producer came forward to admit they were very uncomfortable with the situation makes me think that this case is much more clear cut. Many witnesses saw what was happening and knew it was not okay. Corinne must have been in an awful state to rouse such concern. DeMario should have known better.

    1. Also, let’s not forget how much the producers make limitless alcohol ready at every single moment of the day on these shows. Yes, as an adult you are responsible for your own decisions but…jeeze. It sounds kind of like a trap, doesn’t it?

    2. While I agree for the most part I must say he was also allegedly very intoxicated. There’s a chance they were both far too drunk to make good decisions. I would hate to think this man could be labeled as a rapist if he’s innocent.
      The issue is the entire premise of this show is to get drunk as possible and make shit decisions in the name of love. Especially these more recent groups. I think it’s way more about the fame than finding love.
      Sucks that it might not come back because it’s my favorite guilty pleasure.

  14. At this point she almost has to take it further to try to “save face.” In life there usually is not a production crew to step in so it’s important to make good decisions for yourself. This whole thing is unfortunate for everyone.

  15. Good producer, there should be more of those in reality TV.
    They should all be obliged to report all forms of abuse; child (neglect incl), physical, sexual, drug or alcohol, everything.

  16. You can’t drink to oblivion then be angry that production didn’t stop you from engaging in sexual activity. Unless she was passed out, how was anyone to know if she was “blacked out” or not. She needs to take personal accountability for her choice to drink that much.

    1. Yes!!! They didn’t force drinks down her and a lot of the times, reality producers aren’t allowed to step in.

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