Estranged ‘Teen Mom’ Couple Amber Portwood & Matt Baier Heading to ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

“Hey, at least this means I’ll have a place to live for the next 18 days, so there’s that…”

Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are reportedly going to attempt to milk even more TV time out of their trainwreck of a relationship! Radar Online reported today that the previously engaged couple, who recently split up (again), will soon head to California to film a season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars!

The Ashley‘s source confirms Radar‘s report that Amber and Matt are going to appear on the relationship counseling show. The Ashley’s source also tells her that this has been in the works for a while (not just since Amber and Matt broke up).

“They knew for at least a month they were going to do it, and were telling people when they were in Los Angeles for the MTV Awards that they were coming back to California soon to film the show,” the source tells The Ashley. “Amber’s manager arranged the whole thing. Most of her clients eventually end up on a ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ show so it’s not really a surprise.”

Amber even hinted during an Instagram Live session on Sunday that she would soon be heading to California to work for 18 days, but did not reveal the reason for her extended trip.

Although Amber and Matt are not together (for now), Matt hasn’t officially been kicked out of the home they share. As The Ashley previously told you, there are some legal things that need to happen in order for Matt to get the boot.

The Ashley’s source for that story also stated that Amber & Co. would know more in about a month in regard to the status of Amber and Matt. The trip to ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ was what that source was likely referring to.

Amber and Matt certainly won’t be the first ‘Teen Mom’ couple to get televised couple’s therapy on the show. Their ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars Farrah AbrahamDebra Danielsen and Michael Abraham are currently starring on the special “Family Edition” season of the show, and Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin taped a season of the show last October. (That season will air after “Family Edition” ends.)

Amber and Matt have not officially confirmed that they are going on ‘MBC’ (likely because of their show contract), but it is for sure happening!

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  1. Are we sure this didn’t already get filmed? It makes sense that the lie detector test that he took in California would of been for marriage boot camp, since they always have a lie detector episode.

  2. You hit it on the nail….yes, she has so many resources offered to her that other would love to have!! Instead she chooses to air her laundry on Marriage Boot Camp. IF she was serious, she would have used those resources and had the counseling in her local area. She is continuing the drama and being paid for it. Maybe Amber and Matt are laughing at this all the way to the BANK. The media is forever imprinted on the Internet for life now and poor little Leah will eventually be exposed to all of this. I guess Leah is the only one I am concerned about, but I think she will be O.K. with Gary. Maybe Amber and Matt are gearing up for “Housewives of Teen Mom OG” in a few years. I am done with the show!

  3. Gag!! Barf ? gag!!
    Anything to try to stay relevant!!
    I forget she’s from Indiana bitch!!
    I do hope he takes her for everything she has, I’m done having sympathy for Amber especially after that rant the other day!! How hard up is she really? Does she really think the son rises and sets on that creep?
    Forget it I answered it myself YES YES she does and ewww!!

  4. Thirsty much?Makes since why the beak up rumors have been going on for months..?Just cash the checks Matt.

  5. Okay so I’ve defended Amber up until this point because I know how it is to be young and manipulated by someone who you think loves you, but now it’s just getting ridiculous. I still believe she’s being manipulated, but at some point there has to be a limit to the madness. While I’m not directly going to bash her, and I still do believe that she doesn’t deserve THAT much, I’m rolling my eyes/ignoring the rest of their fake break up/make up antics for $$$.

    1. She’s making it really difficult to even like her at this point, let alone defend her. In the beginning I thought for sure she’d gotten manipulated by a predator…since he had been creeping on all the other Teen Moms…that should’ve been her first red flag. But since then, all the other stuff that’s come out about him…and she continues to not only stay, but defend him to the media. Bragging about how much money she has, thinking she’s some big time A lister, her trashy outbursts on IG stories…clapping back at “haters” who are just telling her things she doesn’t want to hear. She’s got so many resources at her disposal that so many women would KILL for… Blaming your crap behavior on your anti psychotic meds isn’t working anymore…

  6. This girl is an idiot. Taking 18 days away from spending quality time with Leah, to spend more time on a relationship that obviously shouldn’t be continued. No love for this girl when shes crying to Gary about how she lost her weekends cause she choose to go on a crappy show to work on a even crappier relationship. Fuck this fat bitch, hope her and matt get married and he takes half her stuff.

    1. Here is the thing, being a reality star is her job. I travel a lot for my work and am often out of the country more than 18 days. I don’t have children yet, but when I do I won’t give up my job because I love it. I might leave for 3 weeks at times. I don’t think working makes someone a bad mom.

      1. You may change your mind once you have kids, maybe not, but no one knows that until they are in the situation. It’s like the people who don’t have kids giving parenting advice!

    2. She doesn’t spend quality time NOW! She is to “depressed” sometimes to get her visits, yet her reason for being depressed is supposedly not getting time with Leah. Its insanity.

  7. Said it before and I’ll say it again, the only “rehab facility” these two famewhoring ass hats need to open with the money they earn from all this ridiculous shite — is a rehab facility for recovering bullshit artists.

    I have no further use for either one of these damn fools. The only thing that I can say TRULY makes me happy is the fact that according to Amber there won’t be a porn movie starring these two.

    Thanks, Amb!

  8. Amber is definitely following Farrah footsteps … Can’t hate on that… Well I can… But I won’t… At least she’s off her ass and making money. She’s milking this for all those apps were exactly as there is… And I think she sees how Farrah is successful is in her our own right and is trying to emulate her… It’s sick but again it pays the bills.

  9. If Amber really had common sense she’d realize Leah > going to LA to be on a reality show to “repair” a sick relationship. All her crying about missing Leah & Gary keeping her from Amber is fake! Time to grow up, get on some good psych meds, get a REAL job like everyone else, be single for a while, and put your daughter first.

  10. Matt is the only person on Instagram I can bash and no one attack me lol…Anyways I won’t be watching this shit!

  11. and this is why I’m done with the show. First they get rid of hosts your use and bring on losers who just want fame done over it

  12. Hard pass.

    Hey Amber, not for nothing but if you’re so hell-bent on sticking by a such a shameless golddigging lying liar who lies, they are a dime a dozen these days so I’m pretty sure you can find one waaaaaay hotter and younger. Just sayin’.

  13. Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

    There’s no way Amber deserves any pity or sympathy anymore. She’s made her bed with this dirty loser, now she has to lie in it. She is honestly NO better than Moochs fame seeking ass. She honestly disgusts me now.

  14. I’m starting to believe that maybe this girl really IS trying to be Farrah??? Maybe because Matt was hitting on Farrah before he got ahold of Ambo??? first the porn stuff, now the on off relationship like Farrah and Simon, plus the plastic surgery….the same reality shows/network Farrah has been on….i am in NO WAY a fan of Farrah…but what’s reeeeeally going on here Ambo???

    1. Her manager used to be Farrah’s manager. Not a very creative one with a large network it seems.

    2. I was just about to post the same message as The whole thing is a sham. Their breaking up b.s Its all just a ploy to watch the up and coming boot camp show. These two deserve each other. While I’m NOT a Farrah fan by no means…I believe she’s right that these two idiots are following in her footsteps. It’s time to put an end to these whole Teen Mom series.

    3. Yep! And the Farrah act is not working for her. Everything she does seems to be a Farrah want to be case.. The crazy blonde hair, putting all that make up on her child, etc. comparing the two of them I’d have to go team Farrah as Amber is so foolish and transparent

      1. Everyone needs to avoid watching her on MB. If the ratings are down on her the Hollywood pigs won’t be ringing her for more smut. She and Matt are making money being TRASH, neither can hold a candle to Farrah … Pretty sad. Maybe when they finally do break up Amber can hook up with Butch!!

    4. exactly she hates her but does everything she does. she trashed farrah for the sex tape yet there she is. stupid gold digging junkie

  15. Look like a total dumbass idiot or make a porn when you are in need of money, ah, the burden of 15 minutes of fame. Good luck with the money guys, sending wisdooooom.

  16. Amber is faker than Farrah at least she’s honest Amber big fat fake lier go get high with yr old man

  17. In a shocking turn of events that literally everybody saw coming it’s another break up for publicity but this time it’s not just for one show but two

  18. OH PLEASE!!!! Seriously, at this point they deserve each other!! YES, they are doing this for the money. Why would they want to go to “work” or get a “job” when they make this amount of money? Neither one of them want anymore children and they appear to be very co-dependent on each other. Look what MTV has created!! Plus they are showing the camera people on the show….isn’t that kind of crossing the line?? The best predicator of future behavior is…..past behavior. Wake up Amber. Everything she put Farrah down for, she is now doing.

    1. And I hope Gary keeps Leah the heck away from these two. Amber may have given birth to Leah but Gary’s wife is more of a mother to Leah than Amber. All Amber cares about is mooching Matt.

    1. Not that I don’t feel the same way but you know Mooch and Piggy are just sitting back on their old dog pissed soda just laughing their asses off at us! ?

  19. The Marriage Boot Camp show would be better if there was a faster turnaround. By the time it airs, it loses a lot of suspense when you know who’s still together and who broke up.

    1. Right! Such a mystery how the upcoming season of “Marriage Bootcamp”with Kail & Javi will work out, NOT!!

  20. This ‘break up’ ‘lie detector test’ ‘p0rn tape’ were clearly just ways to get their relationship back in headlines so when the show premiered it would generate more viewings. Can’t blame them, this is their life now; prolonging their 15 minutes into 15 years.

  21. Get the fuck out! Seriously?! I’m beginning to think everything they do is for attention/money. They’re famewhores. Why does anyone give them the time of day?

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