Michael Abraham & Debra Danielsen’s Fiance Reportedly Got Into A Spat at Farrah Abraham’s Birthday Party

If they do end up brawling, let’s pray that MTV is smart enough to televise it…

Farrah Abraham has been known to get into spats, and apparently she’s not the only member of the Abraham family who’s not afraid to throw down!

Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, reportedly got into a fight with Dr. David Mertz, the fiance of his ex-wife, Debra Danielsen. According to The Dirty, the near-brawl went down at Farrah’s Gatsby-themed birthday party in New York City earlier this month.

The Dirty spoke with an “insider” who reported that Deb’s man was starting drama all night, and eventually he asked Michael to step outside.

“Once outside, Dr. David started arguing with Michael claiming he didn’t want Michael talking about him or Debra on social media anymore,” the site reports. “Michael denies this as it’s something he’s never done.

“Michael had a bodyguard present with him, but that didn’t stop Dr. David from continuing to get close to Michael, and even at one point placing a finger on Michael’s chest,” the source said.

(Can we stop here to appreciate the fact that Michael is taking bodyguards to his daughter’s birthday party?)

Anyway, “another source at the party” told The Dirty that Dr. David started going off on Michael about “how whacked out Farrah is and that she needs help.”

Michael was reportedly unhappy that Dr. David was trying to diagnose Farrah, despite the fact that he is not a psychologist or psychiatrist. (Dr. David is actually an infectious disease specialist, in case you care.)

“Can’t we all just get along?!”

“He said he wants him and Debra to be happy and leave him alone,” the source said of Michael. “Michael also told Dr. David to not try to father Farrah, as she has a father.”

The source said even though “Dr. David kept getting physically close to Michael, Michael didn’t react or touch him. Michael ended up walking away and going back inside.”

(It should be noted the “source” was probably Michael himself. He’s been known to speak to The Dirty frequently.)

After the spat with Dr. David, Michael reportedly took Debra aside and spoke to her about what went down. Michael also reportedly told Debra that if she would just take responsibility for things she’s done in the past— specifically hitting Farrah on camera—that would improve her relationship with their daughter.

Michael isn’t the only person in Farrah’s crew who has issues with Dr. David. Sources at the party said Farrah didn’t even want to speak to her mother’s fiancé, and Farrah’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, recently referred to Dr. David as “Colonel Sanders” and a “jobless punk.”

Don’t worry– camera crews were in attendance so we will get to see this all play out on Teen Mom OG eventually.

(Photos: MTV)

23 Responses

  1. Hahaha bringing a body guard to Farrah’s birthday party, I’m guessing he was knowing dear pervball David was thinking about putting on the fisticuffs on…what a big loser!! And diagnostician for psychiatric disorders, have a seat David!!
    Oh yes great gatbsy theme? Thinking she’s a kardashian, not an original thought in the bimbos brain!

  2. Like that is something to be proud of, when “Michael also told Dr David to not try to father Farrah, as she has a father.”

  3. Not sticking up for anyone in this whacked out squad, but did Simon really call him a “jobless punk?” And what is your career, Simon?

    1. He actually runs a successful business staging homes for sale. I’m not saying he’s the greatest guy in the world, but he does have a legitimate business and career.

  4. When he wanted to propose when they were filming MBC…. I knew this man was no good. He was hoping to get some airtime on his proposal….and that’s why he chose that time. I had his number right then … And I am convinced that Deborah was in on it . She was probably shocked that the cameras didn’t follow her ….that’s why she told Frank. She wanted to make sure MBC knew. Sick sick sick sick

  5. This story brings me to mind of the oldies song…its my party and I’ll cry if I want to. If you ask me; the good dr, Debra and Michael are all f’ing nuts

  6. I’m no fan of the Abrahams, but Dr.David is clearly insane. Granted, that’s a given. He’s marrying Deb, after all.

  7. I love Dr. David. I love anyone that calls out Farrah’s bullshit. And I don’t believe for one second that is how the fight went down. Michael is almost just as crazy as Farrah and he definitely wouldn’t act that mature if someone was confronting him in that manner.

    1. Dr. David is legit mental. His scenes on TM crack me up every single time. Farrah is a whack job, don’t get me wrong…but I have to admit, I side with her 100% when it comes to this dude. If some creepy old dude dated my mom for 3 weeks and then tried to get up in my business, I can’t say I’d treat him much better than Farrah has. Sorry, Dr.D, but you best keep your opinions (and your wigs) to yourself. At least reign it in for the introductory dinner, for Christ’s sake.

      1. Maybe that was the weird timing but I was just happy that someone finally told her to her face that she was a nasty spoiled bitch (in nicer language of course).

  8. Debs boyfriend is a legit creep(i really wouldn’t expect less for Deb though)….NEVER FORGET!!! He told Deb to dye her hair like Farrah’s in her backdoor porno. And what normal man wears hoop earrings?!?!

  9. Farrah better be nice to him because she seems pretty likely to develop something infectious in the near future. Also come on Michael! A bodyguard? Every single time I see him he reminds me of a cowering little weasel who will make everyone around Farrah seem worse to make her need him more, thus ensuring his gravy train continues.

  10. Well to be fair to Dr. Mertz, Farrah is an infectious disease we can’t get rid of!

  11. I really missed out on an opportunity to be a millionaire. I’d be a party planner for reality stars, offering my instant party set ups… Gatsby, New Year New Me, and 80s theme.

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