Jennifer Del Rio of “16 and Pregnant” is Expecting Fourth Child: Watch Her Pregnancy Announcement Video

Jennifer and her family announce her fourth pregnancy…

Jennifer Del Rio, who starred on the third season of 16 and Pregnant, just announced that she’s pregnant with her fourth child. While nearly all of the girls who have starred on the MTV reality show have gone on to have a second child, and many now have three kids, Jennifer will be the first girl from the series to have a fourth.

On Wednesday, Jennifer announced her pregnancy via her social media accounts and YouTube channel.

“I’m having a baby!” Jennifer said in a video posted to her YouTube channel. “Number four is on its way!”

Jennifer’s episode of “16 and Pregnant,” which first aired in April 2011, is memorable because she was one of the only girls from the show to have twins. (Her sons Josh and Noah are now six years old.) Fans also recall the episode because of the domestic dispute between Jennifer and her baby’s father, Josh Smith, that took place on the side of the road and was captured on film.

In 2013, Jennifer married Luis Guiterrez and gave birth to her third son, Sebastian, a year later.

Jennifer recently made a video in which she answered questions about her experience on “16 and Pregnant,” and about her life today.

“I’m now happily married for four-and-a-half years. I have a third child, his name is Sebastian…We have our own house and we are also moving because we just bought some land to put a house on,” she said in the video. “Life has changed drastically [since I was on the show].”

She also revealed what became of her the twins’ father, Josh.

“The twins do get to see their father,” Jennifer said. “He doesn’t have visitation, nothing set in stone in court. That will never happen. But the boys do see him and they do talk to him. Josh is in their life. He’s not full-time in their lives…his life has been a little rocky for the last couple of years. He’s now trying to get things steady and get his life together so he could work on having a bigger part in Josh and Noah’s life.”

Now 23, Jennifer said she is currently attending college.

“I have continued my education,” she said. “I had always promised myself that I’d go back and get my GED after I dropped out of high school. I did that back in 2011. I started college but didn’t do it full time until a few years ago. I’m getting my associate’s degree in criminal justice and criminology. I was a correctional officer for a little bit… but it did not work out with my schedule and my plan with the kids. As long as my kids are young and at home, that’s where I want to be.

“I’m almost done with school, so that’s really exciting…once it’s done I’ll go on to my Bachelors degree,” she added.

Jennifer has not revealed when she is due to give birth to her fourth child.

Watch her pregnancy announcement video below:

(Photo: YouTube)


  1. She is married, happily. She owns a home and land on which to build another home. She speaks well of a man that did not treat her well and has had some personal issues. She is working on her education and is also enjoying being a mother. What is there to bash? She may have had a rough start, but it sounds like she is on very solid ground! It’s great to hear of a teenage mom who is thriving.

  2. She’s been married for 4.5 years and has 1 child with that man . It’s not as if she has had 4 babies in that time . Smith is baby is due end of 17′ … so she has had 3 pregnancies in 6 plus years. Why is everyone acting as if she is having a kid every year ?!

  3. I remember her episode and she was just as crazy and unstable as Josh was. Josh was the original Nathan/Uncle Dave in terms of instability and abuse. Uhh, glad to here she’s doing better, I guess.

  4. In the domestic dispute where the babies’ father left her on the side of the road, he actually drove off with the twins when she exited the vehicle. He did not leave them on the side of the road.

    Also, this pregnancy seems to be her third, not her fourth.

  5. 23 and more adult, did not have the ridiculous salary or fame(whoring), has her own house, bought land, got a degree with three kids, who are her priority, no mugshots, no drugs, doesn’t complain about or trash the father of her first children, four kids with two baby daddies, take notes TM’s and TD’s.

    Congratulations on a job well done! Hard work I imagine but very worth it.
    Good to see some people in the franchise doing so well.

  6. I know of a girl whom had 4 kids by 17. If this girl claims to be well off and wants to bring her fourth child into this world then let her be.

  7. First thing: Isn’t this only her third pregnancy since the first two kids were twins? The picture says she is announcing her fourth pregnancy. Can someone clear that up for me?

    Second: Why is everyone bashing her for wanting four kids? My parents had 4 kids by the age of 23 and we all turned out just fine! I loved having my sisters to grow up with and we always had so much fun. Leave her alone about her decision to have more children. 🙂

  8. It’s nice to see she’s not trashing Josh after all the mean things he did to her! She sounds way more mature than most of her castmates.

  9. Didn’t Mackenzie have a child before Gannon? Cause if so that would make Mack the first one to have four. I’m pretty sure she had a boy. I think it was a stillbirth.

    1. Yes, and Leah had four pregnancies, and jenelle had five or six, and a lot of girls from the franchise had abortions and miscarriages as well. Nikkole fake a pregnancy( and is facing no criminal charges as of now)

  10. She sounds super slow. Her interview was all over the place and her description of her getting her G.E.D and a bachelors sounds like she did even believe what she was saying. The phrase barefoot and pregnant is getting new life with this teen mom and 16 pregnant cast.

  11. Where are they from??!
    Is there really nothing else to do but screw & make as many babies as possible by 35 or something??? Jeez man ?

  12. This was adorable! The bun in the oven may be a bit much I think it’s a lot to take on for kids at 23 and go to school as well as move so I wish them well

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